Mistress Carrie Side Piece Episode 7: Shaun Morgan from Seether

Thursday, June 29th

Mistress Carrie talks with Shaun Morgan, lead singer of Seether. 15 years ago, Seether arrived in the U.S from South Africa, and onto the airwaves of WAAF. What a strange, and crazy 15 years it's been. Carrie & Shaun talk about moving to the US, and deciding to live here full time. The writing process on and off drugs, what it's like to finally sober up in a Rock 'n Roll band, the pressures and dangers of the digital age, social media, and texting. Shaun is also very candid, talking about the loss of his brother 10 years ago to suicide, and his commitment to suicide prevention. They also talk about Seether's new album 'Poison The Parish', touring, American Football vs. Rugby, The Patriots, the Red Sox, and baseball in general. If you love Seether's music, you will love this interview, and if you've never heard of them, this will make you a fan!

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What what is that what that fiber but yet it Stearns you'll drink Metamucil and so yes he's amid an equivalent of the in the end it yeah. Do you I'm not sneezing coop regularly. Shawn Morgan from either a my daughter. And now. This is Gary's side piece podcast she's a woman should first check on WB AS dot com. We'll. Welcome episode seven of the Mistress Carrie site he's podcast Miami's Mistress Carrie thank you so much to check it out if you're new podcasts. Thank you there's six other episodes never really know what you're gonna hear on this bank if you don't need maybe discovered me through the podcasts thank you. He didn't know I'm on every mid day from ten to three on Boston's rock station WA out. You can check this out and listen online at WA AF dot com live. You download our free app and then you can listen to is anywhere you can even tell Alexa and all your Smart speakers set. Play WA out and all of a sudden boom more in your house as we live in the future. And if you found this episode the podcast you wanna subscribe. You can check it out on iTunes. Google play stitcher just subscribe comment on the podcast try to be nice to canned. Every episode the podcast try to bring it something a little different so. You know we we've interviewed musicians. Retired generals Navy SEALs. Plastic surgeons say it's a little bit of everything and when I found out that Shawn Morgan from cedar. It was going to be on I was supersize it is he's been. Around the radio station for like fifteen years it's been since he came to the United States and we've known a long time. Has some great times and crazy times. And he's a fascinating guy. And it's a very exciting time in the band right now and I was really really excited talked to him about the new music. Just about how his life is going in general. And there's just so much to talk about. Including American football. Being from South Africa he's a rugby guys I want talked about all of that and more so thank you very much checking out episode seven Mistress Carrie side piece. Shawn Morgan from seat. She and well how are you down. I'm dead and over that and you feel there and relax a little bit. I. I appreciate you being a site piece for me on my new pod cast. What bode well our our I am I welcome the opportunity and thank you are having. You say arrested so the first thing I always ask with you guys because year old is out on tour is T even know where you are right now. Yeah how old thank you I know where I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm well a couple of weeks landed back. Just just we just need to get them. The take a break in the middle of the two it went well thank. It's important that it was a export them on the fourteenth of July. And then we'll go away city. Brought about in the orchestra. You know another step in the weeks. You say home you don't means South Africa. We are now living that's okay yeah that's where. That's what I try. Was gonna say I don't even know what time it is in South Africa but I appreciate you calling me on time. Now publicly over the reaching the terms of or that the that the the mountains you. It went back in a big topic on the planet or the terms and congress you know. So you try to get back there every every year. Well that's why government needs what you want to have a problem coming up on multiple collecting. But you I I it's and I've I've I was there. I'm okay and then lost just about that in our moment our I got back out to be two years to Jupiter. And friend for. This is. Income and have come that's what could unemployment in the long trip to the third. I can take anything from I don't know thirty to forty of the house. It it's quite a long way. You have to go back at least once every couple years to keep up the accent because now that you live in Nashville you're gonna start talking black a southerner from America. We are an element of both of them are public market on the south I think if they have on the six months he. Make sure I don't down like that where I don't give up much suddenly you get exposed the exit too much I'm I'm I'm kind of a kind of in the for the most part of our. When you go back to South Africa did they tell you that you sound American as you've been here for awhile now. Yeah all right you know it's it's one of the day they sat on American ones they have people get it and the next and sometimes in. Yeah I didn't because I think honestly your mind and my excellent group it's a developer connects with a great bit about including the green was called proper and my accent will be closed that is probably the British on their product of one arm. But. Yup that depicted the vinegar did not give up I don't anymore I get into it. In the side I I know I don't sound American. And I know I I I I I go on to African Americans but. Yarder everywhere sort of steep especially on the bump into that partner beat somebody in the state that certain anchored it a lot stronger. A receipt of them around my people. I. Last time you and I talked I had just come back from South Africa I finally got to go there on vacation a few years ago. And it's one of those things that. I literally. Fell in love with it and want to go back tomorrow if I could. I'm I'm not on the low II I'm I'm my favorite part of the country Cape Town. And allocate the cape region it's on the unpredictable and I think that's just let people. People kind of laid back in Cape Town but I like that than me to get it and has been just you can you can almost as in any other big city. And everything in between that kind of did it you know the city. Don't know what's been the thing but I mean really. Any little given caper I would say that but until at Cape Town political you don't yet know you've got. Pretty much anything you wanna do that you got the beaches are beautiful city that amount and you've got. Chart pattern that looking at lucky if he wanted to but what do great like intermediate. To beat up when you got the winds of one country out there. I went there that the wind is amazing in South Africa. You know and and you were allowed on my favorite as well like over the have been you can see the people that run the opinion that the using that excuse seventy's at that point. They look like they're about nick forty. I think that in some sort of unspoken secret but if you drink problem grade wanted to. You came to not agents on I think bigger I think than that maybe just to Cape Town area much local. I've done a member once I was back about five particularly determined there was a woman and I honestly thought it was an athlete achieved that and turned it cannot do that 68 summer. And you would never would have the talent and again our I attribute their 100% to massive consumption number one. Well it might even just be red wine it could be two kilos or run because like let's look at music. Has anyone else found the fountain of youth better then Jimmy Buffett and Sammy Hagar. Yeah that's true actually Libby Libby to keep them secret. Didn't know you are our corner I'm repertoire implement an updated its units are murmured and then he picnic and make it slowed down. Well maybe I should just become doctors. A exactly when we found out of you are the secret to longevity. I think I think or what that riddle has been told. See there there is erosion proximity to the ocean in really good red wine tequila on rock and roll that that pretty much sounds like heaven to me. Army and were well you really aren't I don't know I really don't now. I'm amazed and yet I am not amazed that coming from South Africa and finding the success that cedars found in the United States. That rather than go to New York or rather than go to LA. That you found a home in Nash Ville. You know I'd probably about nine years and it it or could that. We estimate that it at a and in Kirkwood apartment building on and on screen about sixty all of them. And that was all we knew LA video maybe in the Spain along armored or are they edit or maybe it would onions that was about. Eight years. And the united cup ticket I'd occur and the ethnic and then the people. And that I really didn't like it that that he. I'm hoping all of the LA but like kind of are conducting a let them do that and triple car. That they are a couple years and I like that about the moment. So kind of like can I grew up owns. Well me being out of the room about how and when I was in New Hampshire I think the climate. The Cold War Moore was forty odd that there was it was a it was a really sort of bite out there. And again it's an injury it. And financial have been so many times in homes and out. I kind of I originally being. And other than there. Here. Them out of the that he appointment of Mark Warner our parent term I'm I'm not there and quiet here in the backyard orbital and it's great that because of the lot a muted. And the blackbird here are starting to hear him in the year record humor you know we had to be in the day aren't there in the as far as like it being that great at bat. And the other cool things that trip like I don't know why did you get a return woke up about. But competent leader of the optics are out and that target or are a target to weigh in on the property where. My frequent flier miles on climbing much that you Ebert OK what I'm not muscular and applying these days anyway. Be able to give but much like that while we need to access. Yeah it is at this giant pain in the ass going through security in everything nowadays. You yet. It is in the all important because the actual growing so far they have become the template with that does that part of the importance certainty at saint. I don't like the border and an excuse. You'll have you know you have that and the hundreds of people trying to get through security and a near three year great agent we have like eight or nine states that are close. But some real pain and our I get. I can if I can only apply the paint at B side and it'll but the other thing in the Google abandoning it in which is I mean I know I'm a political guard Libya and are there must spend it here. And our well they'll all get put you know. I mean. I think that that the idea that country music capital kind of shifting more just being I think it's kind of like a Hollywood music to be honest it's becoming quite a you know it's not and it's not uncommon it to have Justin Timberlake Beagle in America yeah its a lot of our current on your situation. And it doesn't that is built on live performance music I mean you can go out any night of the week and have yet dozens of choices to go and check out live music not necessarily. Just live country music. Well you know what it Dexter and also with the thing is that national stop almost a lot of them the mean. IR Bartow would Ebert burn and Herbert stern everyday yeah juggle them. I would usually. Play and and and what it was just cheer on Tuesday. I think the band's bus caught fire under it and I'm under the band unfortunate but yet our. You know it's it's kind of it's. I like it it it it it's not our turn at the thought I don't know that I loved their own as far as. Living here and the humidity and the heat and the already there are our I never had ever even 120 years and they're like dark opal and I read only natural that the top ten worst city in the country and the widget on the net about it. Oh technical about it. In jail quiet about it under the pretty secluded by like. And now that you live in one of the allergy capitals of the world. Now you have to go to CBS and I suited bedding you have to show three forms of ID get fingerprinted just to get that stuff. Right I mean you know those out time to change I'm not talking about island eat in either. Roll that's how exciting mullah become so that you know. What what what and he's averaging an indication that they are. You are now part try to inspect it while we're on the topic I think the spray that the government you know the Florida I'll I know other flown heinous. Yeah and I could control law and you know what are a lot what do it and that's pretty bad reaction to go straight year and anxious. I think at the battled through a just on a couple of I don't have the option that you didn't indicate. Maybe you're one of the union agreement gathering of maybe respond then be anything that's our community. And I are you know people say are you know I got to stepping knows allergies you know tough it out but when you're a touring and being end. You really especially in the age of social media can't afford to have a bad night casual never hear the end of it. Well and that's the thing we believe that mark we repeat our guard down in Florida particles court court well known being. Horrible. I would in space and an American general in that it will be long that he. So that I. Did. Are putting the like of that arena whenever it inside. And out. They it would wheel went down and we will immediately got there like an adult I I I you know you can't just got off Europe singing and playing president on the dock are down like he'd been doing it or not the expert. I agree in about oh probably a little bit and I think you know weeks recovering from that and we moved from Florida beat Utah a little eat it cold again and then you come back like the where it's warm again in the emirate you made an opinion between represented an important like. It and it's weird that. I get. When you know I don't spend my in my life or all kinds of recovering from block art party which is great about what it is now are now he'll every little thing you know now like a Nicole. When you you know paid union using as much blows like minded and lectured and when I think. At that point YouTube audience such recovery majority and the standard is and how long you because when you can feel the pain of the political and what you learned in the corporate recovery. Now that unlike older YIR ago. And we expect them. I can get you were true about apple but now I get from these are responsible adult life I haven't thought it didn't look like warming up in particular spoke like that like the arm but. In heaven her arm and I'd accurate sort of take care mark forget that you get beat duke beat him that he really cute but these are forty days. That's a lot of small purple shirts you know if you have some sort of maintenance and taking pictures of an unpopular to agree that there. Talked to me about the creative process and how it's different. Now that your clean and sober and healthy as opposed to when you're in the throw his of you know this stereotypical. Rock and roll lifestyle. We're. A while a lot while it was a it was a lot of back and political experience because it was it was the kind of thing better. I dropped to my little my little accordingly there every day and that there aren't paying out ideas of what is it about is bad and and and some days like old balls and other days like nothing because that you just liberty human inspired by. I did didn't he have an understanding of what was happening with the the direction of the elbow radio was going which way it'd. A lot earlier on than bad you know and and you know I think the law probably did. We were a corporate America about what went our inimitable cool but they weren't a lot. Basically we we went in and we had. I. We had about eight songs. So. We we have finished writing part of that I'm getting much targeting and the beating heart it wasn't pretty technical pictures to be so that we are prepared. Where at this time the united fit he bombs which is on the pared down fifteen and then ultimately twelve ideal and so I felt like. What I had created was at that people all the time you know I had a I'm on what was the music's I bet he spent a lot of public harmonies and about the guitar part in the drum part that it went into the studio department will map out and that's why they're hoping an expert in been it was because. Where were blocked for two reasons I'm probably the party decides not to play it cool the Obama people because down but I need in the mines in that I'd. Trees the he's also produces. The deputy pretty cool that they're firm. And the great producer to -- market that pivot between those of the public at like eight or 9 in the morning. And go to parent of that but there were a lot of party of like started noodle Y and go to about it at all a minute ago arm and we did a lot of work in in. Thirteen days I think we you know everything that included two days of the work but what about about it all the parts and and and having created. And not showing up the Ian. That you're having it's thirty minutes in and try to do your job. How it changed the dynamic in the the end. Well I mean. It I think anyone. Want you to the chill is not much going on that. The you know. Regard we've got Clinton at that point without problems is really what he brings a whole different side in the pre in the unit and he though he W Miller that are earning an article I drink I just thirteen drug and and I I try not to think too much either in the pain in the court panel in them. There yet keeping it real. I think I think they'll consumption about all of that increased that your secret but you know what that heated the machine. Well that somebody represented there are no longer you know that the current course of kind of didn't need to. But yeah I mean I think it was colder than that there's been noted that the integrity. Of each. But now there's really no issues at all because it's. Nobody's. Rankled belligerent goal in three days in Britain and then go around in the year I think it is such a real. Real we have a drug it is. Or in the earlier in the year real you know we go along the great year so often and for the pulpit without any other thing at that point you know. We'll guilt you know been an advocate. You talk. An and you know you've talked about it in the past just about being inspired by the Seattle grunge movement growing up. And you talk about the rock and roll lifestyle. And spit them with the role that addiction plays in all of that. Obviously. With what happened with Chris Cornell in the news that comes out every day just about what had led up to all of this. I mean. It's still such are shocked to have lost. Someone that we really thought we were gonna have for a long time. Yeah I mean I I I I that the in a couple of months of the Chris and we did you obviously anchored the typical bar and I. I think it's the big lock for the musical IR IR bar like on recorded any kind of speculation it would not include up to that I'd I'd have an idea about it. I I just I I cannot subscribe to that theory that you in the spotlight is on that's not in any way to make it in the I'm the you know target to have enough on but it it yet or decline of course but you know the department we have a debate that we're gonna visit me. To have the mall if you get the cooler. You know fortunately for the for the most. I think are a lot of in the two genes got what's a dad and I think partner support up to fifteen years of being I'll arm. I go to Michael manner that. But unfortunately you know that this report attention on abrupt and what they drink the cool weather at all you know it's like the rocket collapsed while. It started to look at Roland and you know everyone lived in and some banned by the first of the pants and eat in grand Geneva eased back out the other aggressively but I mean. You know we came into the country into space that if the ground running in and spent fifteen years what animal and come out the other side of that I look back and I meant by a need and paying attention to. They were a whole bunch of things we might have been done different. By. And it purity really. It's very few other professions lately we went out drinking and exits of doing well on our conduct excessive is kind of incident. Our. Cliche you know I mean. Debt debt and that that in itself in the law and and the I'd said that the but I I I embrace the cliche 1010 you know all ought to be 100%. You know what the art you know you look back at Uga optical while. So they do on the cheap apartment offer and there if I'm even more that there. Well it's yeah I mean it. And I did that we will get on the band for the coming out that that like to say that the current and go oh well your arms repeat that quarter. Under normal band waking up with a you know cranking it expect Obama. Partner. I guess that that that that the tickets on its I go back to my 21 year old opened and then. Don't do it are probably would and I I haven't had a opium and and public what went by what by the way out lol it was clear full and just. It suddenly magically plate everything on the floor and I'd put my system over the park ticket. And that's you know that's being conservative that's been longer than that. Cisco support for the ought canyon the bike to it it magically like the -- could appear in the bottle of articulate here and every other kind of bruised and appear in the bigger than that and and there are and that and most of the drug I think the drug problem. If you think about. It would get old does appear in one big natural lump on what you've done such a career. Here are an America that senator that I'm I'm I'm out the other side of the positive and and there there are about it myself going back down there that were in terms. Use sound better. Than I have ever heard you and I've known you a long time. Use down so happy and so filled with a lust for life that I have not heard from you. In I don't know and and when you talk about the dark times and you talk about. You know the mistakes that you think you made in your career in and things that you would do differently. One of the things that you did. That is amazing and that you continue to do. And I bring it up because we have a common and shared interest in it is. Working on the suicide prevention problem. He and yeah you do it to carry on the legacy of your brother Eugene which I can't believe has been ten years. And part of that there. That you that you do is. With veteran suicide which is something that I worked very closely wet. So when you look back at the crazy times. You also have to look back at a legacy of of the good it wasn't all that. Because you started something with the rise above this and and yet you know you really have done some powerful work tot talk about. You know at the inspiration. And and keeping your brother's legacy and all of that. While there it. Ten years ago and ordered that he that he committed in the partner in the that was that was one of the long term that would sit in by by. Solution to that problem was to dive deeper and deeper into bigger and bigger bottles and out of balance the power on the like and feel that they need to. What WQ of unhealthy but it Pitney is it would mean an end which which now in contact eagle it was ridiculous but you know it's it's everybody can't be interpreted. And it or Turkey it or at least something good that was positive and and we could say look with such as we turn it into something that can inspire the people. About cancer or open a dialogue hopeful people and maybe change some people's mind. But it. At the end of the data quality of the festival is is to sort of put out on a positive message on. On dialogue and being able to start conversations with people if you feel like you've reached the end of the line. I don't have. The ability to stop people from from from hurting themselves but I don't think anyone has that ability at the of what we can do that they offered an alternative. Whether or not the alternative works or will he choose to accept the alternative to individual. And I mean. You know RU ER I meet people one year that that they did it you know they've they've had a couple of attempt at a unique and a year in the late and it to them on a couple of attempts are even though we we do as much and they did something else that aren't on the that even with what we are doing I don't think is an. But I mean it into at least. In in in it. In my. What we are doing it and say hey this is this the real thing that we and we would mean it. Which on the most proud of I think it is is that we wouldn't force became like the hot topic among pop stars. The full Lady Gaga but it took about mental issues in and in a year ago it was you know in Nevada and and it sort of became like a cool thing I mean it was cool with a paper it was cool to go to rehab and come out the other side that sort of come and gone and out chronicled come on to gamble. I evidently you I think everybody has issued cute to some degree. You know larger or more obviously and I do depression allotment and out bedlam all the car. But I'd I'd I haven't been suicidal and long term. And I think not not in school part of that fact and what it's like when when you do it. Commit suicide what it's like the people that a crime that aren't and and and the struggle that you go through that and on that Christians the guilt that you feel arm and an hour and of course of the massive thing that you. Opal. So I guess it would without without. Teaching that in the content on what we've added that full and the market that's more about hate it Q do you feel like it to talk to somebody that just speak as somebody. And we got to change that that the social stigma of it's somebody curtail the mark so. Dark and only to a pretentious because it doubly bad law but it's not a negative thing are for change and but it's not negative arc well. Somebody to listen you have to pay why why do you feel this. It's actually quite hard. Yeah exactly in enemy enemy are cool can go be that opened their. All right it's kind of that they've been a lot of debate on meet the saddest part of it is just that they only give people. There are that the elected the way out and and and that card is it's terrible but it could now. Are the veterans what it would put this at that angle 122 Richard debate it's a lot that article yeah I don't work with. Twenty to kill which is an organization that. That is the purpose is is to her is to halt this and empower veterans and bridge the gap between the civilian. And the military and veteran community and here it's a staggering number and I don't even think it's 22 I think it's more they're just a people that are outside of the military and VA system that. They can't even track. Right to be you'd think about if you look at how are putting him being mistreated at a comeback in. How many of them all on the now because depending on what to do with them. Friend of mine that it document Jiabao in San Francisco about all we can do that under the present day that a mostly date. And the car the 2324 years old they came back with after peaking at the end of educated about them. And sort of society sand and you know thanks so much were getting out in in in in in keeping our country that that would everybody do we get back I think that's got. I think it is not enough support for him obviously and I think that everyone knew you know that it. I don't know apparently it's more as a kind of the prominent critic thanks a lot at the airport you know buying tickets it guard uniform environment via something out and just it's a big confidence. Because. Quality people quality people that have done a lot for and we we owe them. The the ability to to have a conversation about how they feel and and to not say are torture are going to be topic. You know we've we've laughed at it took it to the to the the principal and we take care of for the weekend now aren't in Italy we take and we we we take them. They got that we take them to the united gambled put up and repel or negate and a spectacle bands. You know we make lows at the next statement with a went up by his rating and entered Harvard like it's as we just aren't sure that is something out there are people that care and and that's really all we can get them to give back a little bit later we appreciate what you've done for them and and there are people that are gonna look and went into the year. Well these are mistakes that the Vietnam generation made in this country. And we should've learned from them with this new generation of post 9/11 veterans and and somehow. Even though we know batter and even though there are more resource is and you know PT SD is a real diagnosis. And and their readiness and the recognition of traumatic brain injury. How much things have changed since the Vietnam era how much things are still the steam. Well in your head out of the other thing noted that with the Internet being deeply committed it so difficult that. I feel like it if they would not social media will be adequate law. Because often that somebody doesn't icky cute actually if you have an opinion about anything away. And you point that the Internet plug up because it will pay off politically if you. And you know it's about that experience I'm quite into the tech are out of read reviews at the prospect of that partly to bad coupons out. I can you imagine being somebody who's too I don't you don't reform that you think that you. The GE U determined to listen you know or will be edited from the tip of the negative view that one thing that they. And look at that that that innate skill that just told that got to get themselves. And happening here in message and it's. Right now was he our. And it'll be an account that happened and you know a lot of those kids that that that's there's other high school all the ones that are being egged on by (%expletive) his. Claw back and and and with the anonymity of the Internet page is that it is the lack of accountability. Which I think it's all so I'm out I hope that they are reluctant to go a long time because that that's what you. Would be incredibly. RB. Or she was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter but we don't know what the sentence is going to be she's. She's out right now until the sentencing which I think is like in a month or so. Yeah I involuntary mental than it is in this populate at. A slap on the list it's like that that that particular comparative tools that video clip which killed and so there were clause might linger and yeah nobody reached out and he noted. Stated that she hasn't it and it to the the world kind of chemical plant and they've ordered more concerned about it and go and the rich or in Japan and you keep model and they all about. Getting back society around them. And taking care of the people around I mean even in even in my neighborhood for example we have we have. We're neighbors on either side the one the one of the name of the great the other the other night at all. And it's like a but I expect every neighbor to come out and wave in the Nevada paper to each other that let that that that. I and I get that utopian fifty era kind of idea of all how America used to be probable human he'd come out kind of and it won't go by the loan. The other guys the unity during the expo the bar cup sugar electable sort of like. Spelled and has gone it isn't just seemed like everybody out themselves and improvement in the betterment of the world and that a case unit that all the what they say that and they don't care about. The repercussions of what it. And that everything. They that the power where it is is incredible and and used them incorrectly you can use a lot of them. And can do that either held accountable and and I don't. How something like that at least an out of it like that its audited by. You can't go on line. We're double and on line being that the only knew that the social media platforms being the most problem. You got to go there and say what you would you say something's caliper to do so. And that expected to walk away with with with no recourse and I think that there needs deterrent and we need to understand. How powerful who that is. And how much. It can ruin people's lives means yours if you think about that 11 points. If you think about it now are ridiculous but there that that little pebble and it was jumping around here is yours is here with a broomstick planning appear as all wars kid. And how the Internet to ridiculed and most of you that are going to be on school but it moves are different than you because or make fun of him. I mean at the end of the day it did in jumping around there secure lock in any way negative note but a lot about it. The reason to be being prosecuted in the mean you know Wimbledon Q yeah there I think we'll let that awkward young judgmental. But we didn't have a an international audience on line right. If you are gonna be a jerk you were jerk what your friends and it kind of stayed there and now you can go on line on Twitter and be a jerk to the entire planet instantly. And you know it's funny he can god be objective about it has been in about a week later that forgot about it they love you. You know it's just unreal. Or you can be tough guy behind the keyboard. But you do it but light like I asked the question like would that girl of told her boyfriend to kill himself if she were sit there in front of but she was all tough behind her own. Because it's important personal. When it's time being at its people into a cynic on the likes it like that on numbers and it's like a digital there's LaGrange. You know and you call you can yell and scream and let somebody. But it they pulled it should just open Bible. But I mean they are recourse but I think that the other things like that that people. I mean an end to talk about the near an inane garbage but EEC. You know people don't care on what you'd call that they are on the open they expect. If they I'd be I mean I've almost been hit my caught reports on the part six months because I'm can expect wallet dot. Not paying attention. And I I don't understand what is so important that might not yet he's yet to take because what you used you so report did it. You voice your opinion he beat her like now what you adopting. Yeah you're not a doctor on call to do a double lung transplant on a two year old phone now yeah. What exactly could you want on curing cancer or old or near you you are programming the next space missions. You know you're you're saying yeah our our driving toward it or whatever in. You were you have a driver. I. I have to ask you because you you know you've been in the states now long enough. You came from South Africa I know you are rugby guy there have we won you over to the American football yet. I'd like it I mean I I just about the honest. When I lived opinion that the patriot. That was to get in and commented that the titans and it's just that some. For a correct. I'll stay and you know this on the bandwagon for you. Well while Hamachi on the back and stand by our we're we're meant that or eat that are sent about a lot of games in fact I really gave it to them. I look at negate DirecTV from bucks even. Cute too watched you know the saints play sixty games legal. Oh. Did you become American or do you yeah. I mean you know our I like I like the type and are a bit what a couple of games and and Marietta looking dude that he's in an incompetent and and gated that some did rookies and I think they've they've they've been that it Slobodan things you know I'm a morning to hold on that but a lot united catalog into a deep packet you know the pet or likening it to about the big east and the I I couldn't really. I mean much of the game they can buy a Kia law. What caused games which Apple's audit what you feel you'll all day I'm not a big deal and since my open the big deal and so obviously I'm a lot of the people that are these people in them. Yeah but anyway yeah I need I collect our actual the pats but I I think what impact of the moment. I mean when you're in new when you're in New England watching the pat it's very exciting when I didn't even look at what he and. How everybody hates us they they're at the patriots that's what they are you are talking about clip from seven dies. I haven't even wanted to reach out to those guys since the Super Bowl because they're from Atlanta. An end and I don't wanna yell at me and it's been how are probably pissed. A. Well you know and other even that you take that there are actually I wouldn't I'm they're going to be our current report you don't you come out here. But I haven't had them in the that they could wait teachers here are are charting a credit there are a fantasy football league this year. And of course our eye on all my during the don't care about football and the government nobody Honda certainly in the upon having but I'm hoping to start of the this year. And can I have no idea what I'm doing obviously I'm gonna pick based on purely on on what you told by some guy and I'm keep each. And hopefully it kicks remarks but I'd I'd I'd feel Heredia and graceful old doubt that. The extent of it in and in the hole and the cabaret in the big show and powerful kind of it's the national production. And that it it's what it's been commute it would you go what you would be game it is that are posed the game for an ad break or particular date which yeah. You go watch a game at target not just camp on the flight. It and then. And inflicting on and that that accomplished that you could keep the ball in the park and it's kind of like you yen or. But I tell you what will go on to be at the day like our resolve or what the big baseball and it went watched that play. Now what was the Yankees play there that talks he heard talks and Kazakhstan you know big poppy. And they they kicked that she hit the Yankees and the look on the key to block and so I was trying to I was pretty happy to be available means of exit being at the game makes you. Ever more over the creek outpaced the way more chronic plaque absolutely absolutely absolutely would not have yet sort of article. Well now in those sort of what going on and in the background and I can I can have a bit more of a problem about. All the depreciation port and we have we have between their. Called the national term. And then cool little stadium the guitar shaped and then on in the school boards could tortured on the secret either need to be. So are you know they start game that the extent that our practices are at the front bunker and download a spot in the I'm I'm I'm like look at couple games this week in this sort of you know unwinding go what's that what some agree terrible grade school but. Yeah I was before that I'm I'm really hoping to sort of cover any kind of respectful for the content. But as of right now that are on our. Well if you're gonna start that fantasy football league you hit me out because I've been known to played Tennessee football on here in the opposite WA out. They are a few years ago actually may behind this is ten years ago or so. They were they were looking to put a fantasy leagues yet or in the office and they were short peoples of the game to me and they were like hey you wanna play. And housing but I'm not kind of person that's gonna crunch numbers and they invited because they thought it was going to be easy money. Yeah so I sign if the team. I go to the draft. And I drafted everyone in the NFL with the last name Johnson. Just screwed up right and it just happened that that here everybody with the last name Johnson the NFL is awesome. And I made the playoffs and took a budget their money and let me tell you why. We UC people that are crunching numbers on a computer in taking its super serious. And they get beat by a purple haired bitch with a team full Johnson is they are not happy yeah. It was all done. But that the way to play it to you when you're not care at all yet when it comes to dark element and chip and weak link spotter ammunition. And indeed today so late just. The music business credit in the because I think the letter the. No it does it refer real for real Jerry Cantrell. Are you like he's unlike the ESPN's league like he expert he's into he drank the Kool Aid Vinnie Paul. What he'd they need any kind of you know that I'm a pride takes pride indictment and India and I mean here's how you got the cowboys. Pool table and and I mean I know that he could be the big fan I am I can it then I would never have thought that Jerry Cantrell would be a guy that big football guys yes but it comes across the public's sort of super sensitive and are keeping it out of a launch in the moment though it. Yeah yeah now he's a big old Bob guy. Arctic Cold War that the. Yeah they're. There you know I work from seven best it was a nice Hewitt at the super ball. I felt so bad just following is used to granted all of us appear we're light. I mean we couldn't have been happier if you try you know and I was like all Morgan just one hug you right now. The well I'm so happy doughnuts or reconnect review and you know wide. I I couldn't. Be more happy that you are doing as well that you. Have this new. Kind of lost the war and this passion in your producing the records and there's just so much great stuff going on we see there and and that the festival is coming back to me in the summer to pretty awesome. Yeah I'm banking and the you know everything everything I've. Went to take control of everything around you everything seems to learn a lot more revered in the you know that opportunity and and you so that you can you can see. But what you can use and eaten. Visualize what that what the end result will be and you could work toward achieving that deputy in the public was a big risk but it turned out pretty well and I'm proud of that not at that now you know I'll I'll do it again from now on I mean I Ecuadoran. But I need to have them and that a big deal or. That was a big Ripken. It paid off I mean that that again that that's speakers. You know I'm I'm I'm wasn't just handing over the reins to somebody out and hoping for the best which is which it was a diploma years there. Now out of Berkeley taking the reins my self and take control myself and Greg I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm just sick but the agent on the important. Q our world domination by the way you're right with the naming your last album you could remember but it was isolate Medicaid. What yeah yeah you're. So longer. Oh my god I you know I can't believe. It's fifteen you this year that's so long I've no use and since he came out with your first album and the first time became a half in fifty years a. I think I think in saying. 2002 when the singled him out that that's been executive immunity in return on on the on the radio and turned around at the that there are crazy I mean it it it. If you think back fifteen years that there that a lot of bands that come on come and gone informed by the late partner constable but the fact that we shall Iran and the relevant. To me is to also so I'm I'm I mean. I would never have expected and if you had told nick opinion we would be having this conversation on the what you audio months. A. And now your man is how well your ban almost all not to I've. I know whoa man and eerie eerie on. So well. The while how much you don't enjoy the rest you're time option on I really appreciate you checking in thank you for being aside piece Obama podcast. You know already. And are absolutely and I'll talk to soon may be LSU up in Maine. Are we allowed on the motors likely competitor arrived. Yet if they had to give time and that there is that it is it's a real great positive vibe and and most the band you know while these animals and that are on cheap (%expletive) are. They're they're on on I I think that the whole that this little this sort of like the preemptive tour to the room to I think. We just finding out eat a little bit now he's sort of getting back to agree with big couldn't take it you're an awful doesn't sound like a long probably is as or hindered. By. I know we are looking at at the tour that'll that'll be starting up very early next year and that could be a pretty excited for. But we will you know what if they come back to Boston but in the cricket player. Well I look forward to seeing you soon congratulations. On pulleys and the parents the album is on them and it. Enjoy your flown means. That's what you're burned on. Good to end this appeal to administering or you know. My got a rocket raw data flow and don't. Like. What nick like that. Right now what would is that what that I would not yet stern you're going out Metamucil and so yes he's amid an equivalent of the in the end it yeah. Do you I'm not sneezing coop regularly. Shawn Morgan from either a my daughter. I used in and it was great catch in Abu him.