Mistress Carrie interviews WWE star Finn Balor

Friday, August 11th

WWE star Finn Baylor called Mistress Carrie before the WWE LIVE SUMMERSLAM HEATWAVE TOUR comes to the DCU Center this Sunday! 

He's from Ireland, so of course he's got friends and family around Boston. Hear WAAF's 'demon' and the WWE's 'demon' talk about all that and more!


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It's just scary we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. You schedule like WA AF dot com. Saying how hard it is very barrier island hurry. Up the world get ready for what it is we. Yeah you're going to be it's not on Sunday at the DCU center Aaron and Imus saying that because you're Irish that you know someone or have family here because everyone that comes here from Ireland it's. Well your assumption is 100% correct. On wall I have probably. A lot of on the open ma Susan. And where I'm based in Watertown. And not. And when I was sixteen and I traveled to my first a lot of law in the war. So it's kinda looked a little bit of home columns from me because fixing you know going to be. And the crab walk in the fold and saw Michael. And then go on pummeled by one of the return and I are actually the enduring. That's pretty cool also emotionally. That's got to be amazing to go. From a childhood dream. In that building. To achieving that childhood dream in the same building that's pretty well. Yeah very very cool very soon realize that just can't come back with you all of the group of superstars on mindset column. Do you now broad. Slow. You know all guys involved and don't want to spend a lot of long war in Iraq will be used to actually it's going to be an ultimatum we saw. Some magical powers at the DCU center because when I was sixteen I saw Bon Jovi there. And that pretty much solidified that I want to work and rock and roll and now I'm here at WA AF talk radio. Whoa whoa the message war and the gas firing. You don't believe of these people. Maybe they should stop I didn't use Sokol a little bit out by market that you're gonna hope that. Follow your dream. DF they asked me to talk TU because they describe you is sometimes demonic and they basically say the same thing about me around here. And or. Yeah I don't know value but I'll certainly two sides of the story you won't match because my character up. Quite you know bumping that would let alone would share of them knows we all oh start that demon side. When my friends and family see me most times it's just scary and then when the mistress comes out they know that it's about to get real 030. You kind of a nontraditional. Route to the WWE that's taking you will all around the world. Yes through her. So all grown up and small town of marlin. Do we know that question Alter the long holiday peanut in his post Paloma moved to England I had sort of trying won't smaller clubs in the opening round. And that and looked a little bit confused go. I decided no law on the outgrown that little fishbowl right now and you'll notice from me to have a lot of little bit more. Actually I moved to at Watertown is still have put. As they were homeless. The water and hoping that she'll formal. And it goes picking up to go to and with him and they don't vote in Japan saw and looked. Don't the department's spokesman for three months ended eight years. And that another kind of hone my skills to a long time and I finally made it jumped to an excuse to see yourself as an excuse courses. And it doesn't believe. We're. You look good command and conquer are at least. Because that just moved into the system. And absenteeism and next week and then and then right around this time last year it got dropped on well. Coming from Ireland and then England and then to Watertown here in Massachusetts. Not that big of an adjustment going from Watertown to Japan. Culture shock the language barrier. You're there for eight years how before you actually. Felt at home and couldn't speak the language. Or very fortunate to have what I was made me feel very welcome by all Japanese restaurants and certainly kind of I was taken under their wing as what's called don't go boy which is basically like an internship and veteran. And then you know they were they were very kind to meet me model of a lot of things I'd never used chopsticks between all of brought up on mashed potato and you know they're broke the chicken. Soul and my lot of cultural differences let you know Susan I'm due to the food. And trying to win the language well you know. I wouldn't say ever so slowly home we'll always snow within a year true I was very. Can you still speak Japanese now. I can speak a little cast removed Japanese get my point across he's on this people try to say well. Won't know ways to enter. Or on my back. That's gonna help you when you get an elevator with some Japanese people and they're talking about the giant demonic guy behind him and you know what they're saying it. Yeah well. Looking from the album now armed both of eleventh is that we can kind of blend into the background although more so than some good you know this is what six. Where does particularly former and that's so does that we got it. They're repeat here in Boston. We know the answer to this but I would like to hear your answer to this question. What makes the Irish. Such prolific writers. Great question and you know from my hometown alone the network that great boxers. FE mailboxes on the power I'm you know. No actual boxes on the is Katie Taylor actually won the gold medal for us is trying to close despite all over the world. Altria common McGregor an incredible things. You actually those documents myself. All that home alive until you delete and then. I think it's just that never say die attitude. And the harm due to leave yourself. You know it's almost like a little bit. Moldaschi war. Finished talking you know. When we grown up at the DCU center watching wrestling in our teens. The girl's. Worked kind of they Eric. But they weren't bristling. And they weren't stars like they are now it's incredible. It's incredibly. You know do you do the you know to girls themselves. It is well known in the industry that the woman revolution. The way and look at school you know. I can before. This is what got him. Well you know to the woman's dress in the deep is not a non that was kind of let it slide back and now the woman but man after nationals. You know these English those sounds incredible matches. Position because you know their credit were actively and they're dedicated to try and just as partisan and and you know extremely well he. You know very hard to code which the war you know as much. I don't know much and right now because you know the skills and Hussein. So your touch not on Sunday and how many friends and family pass is are you having to dish out how luncheon guest list. Well you know. Bottle. What we saw last first seven on the ticket. Well not sure. Forget the old quote well the couple planned to bomb their Bushehr naturally come back we'll serve 7 PM. We'll see on Sunday WW we live summers' slam heat wave tour thank you so much then have a great match thank mr. beard there. It's just scary we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. He's scheduled let WA AF dot com.