Mistress Carrie interviews Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath about The End

Thursday, November 16th

Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath called to talk about The End, the end of Black Sabbath, and the release of their final live performance, where it all began in Birmigham England. 

Geezer talked about retirement, and what's next for him. He also talked about what it's like to look back on a carreer with a band, that changed the face of music... forever.

He talked about the legacy, the inspiration, and what it all means. He also gave me an update on Tony Iommi, the state of music today, and vinyl.


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The delicate flowers. Boston radio. Oh man are you serious sorry there's there's no way I can say there with a straight face the it's scary show with a delicate little flowers she is. On WNBA yeah. It. How are you know good things Theriot. I'm really well thank you so much for Colin. I am impressed you are exactly on time is that what retirement does. Yeah. Well congratulations. On the release of the end it comes out on Friday and said this is the icing on the cake right. Yeah yeah the last. You'll ever hear from Abu. I think it's a little ironic that when you started. Your music was coming out on vinyl. And an eight track and then cassettes and then CE's in the MP threes in the its streaming and now you're releasing this whole set on vinyl again. Yeah on an island they gave in. Blue ride in you know. It is kind of awesome that vinyl has come full circle again. It is yes there. By mail records began. As somebody who spends as much time listening to music as you do. There's just such superior listening experience with. Finally my Romney. There expose. It's it's probably got a very direct quote mom and separate from back in England over goods. Operative played much on. In the past couple it is and looking forward to breathe. Find in its. You traveled so much with lax to habits over the years is that what's your plan is to to go home go home. Well I was gonna ask if it was Birmingham but I wasn't sure where where home wasn't. Is that is that can be a permanent thing you. Look like it have you fallen victim to the fantastic weather. That's fit and so got my. If it wasn't for the weather then I'll probably about three months that's slope and let. Well and looking back at the career. Of black salve if you chose to record and perform your last show at home in in Birmingham what. There could have been another option write the show had to happen where else. I guess coming rock from the start that we will we'll tradition Birmingham medical started the whole thing full circle. And it just felt like that. That's where it should. And. I know there's been a lot of talk about their reason for the the end of Black Sabbath and a lot of it had to do with Tony I only is health can you give us an update on how he's doing. Always kind of is in remission at the Marlins so he's doing. It's doing really well. But someone who's on series didn't breathe you really trying to do all the travel and it was not wasn't the actual plane that was Pollard and then match. There's little traveling in the hearts also in Norton a lot. And at least six races have to go back through England's Mora treatments and I'm. Is check ups and so so on this is getting too much for him so. That was the mine race market saw identical Addai. When you look back and a career that spans five decades and all of the traveling. In and all of the records in the wars. Now that it's time for you to move into the next phase of your life. Other places Sabbath never went that you wanna travel is there is there something you haven't done in all of its wearing it now you can't wait to do. Yes so on the we have had been to Africa and mr. Mubarak's. Just. Like went on the safari over that say the animals ninety city's incredible so. But what to do that as you know we've we've animal activists. The months ago and actually say them in Africa freight. I went on safari and in South Africa and spent a lot of time researching. To make sure that I went to a reserve that did a lot of work for protection of the animals and conservation and there really is. Nothing like it you look at things like zoos. And the circus and all of that in a completely different light when you go and experience animals in their natural habitat. Yeah yeah. What sort like position cities in the mines and. Does the end of blacks Abbott now return you to Terrance does anyone call you better have you permanently become and he's now. Last time someone called due to act. Terrence. Probably less weight and Lou that Alphonse. Born Serb very complex very in development like Bruno payrolls. From non model sort of on them but most definitely it's parents that. Still white ecology geezer. You know she dies okay. Law. When you look back at the start of Black Sabbath and the inspiration behind the band and the sounds. The music of that air and England always lends itself back to the blues in America. Is it possible. For heavy metal or grunge or any any other genres of music the Black Sabbath inspired. Could that have ever happens. Without the blues. Not on things such as. Brutal blues band. I say months. And before that before black so obviously you rooted various bands have your plight blues. And very old stove and stuff for. Whatsoever that the police not it wouldn't of happened. I grew up a die hard Beatles fan always was it was music that was constantly. In my house my mother loved than men. You know I've done that Torre Steve king of going to England and getting my picture taken and almost run over an Abbey Road. Did you ever do any of that stories tees up being The Beatles fan and I know you are in the rest of the band is. Not yet it's something not kept a candy I know them because. I will warn you that the neighbors are not sympathetic to use the bucket list photos that you're looking force to be really careful. But there really oh. And now that you spent so much time in Los Angeles I would warn you that you have to look at the other way for the oncoming traffic he might be harassed the Americans derived now. Yes and Gloria are older and remember that one. Do you drive in LA yeah. You're a brave man. Well draw this much Buchanan ally of the boat traffic. Like about Travis again and they knew that. What are the other things I always talk about when I interview other bands is. The inspiration behind their music and over and over again when you talk to a band that. Is in any genre of rock music and they talk about their influence Black Sabbath is always in the guitar players will always say that they're so frustrating because they think they come up with a great rift and then realize. That it's Tony I Naomi riff that they didn't even realize they were copying while they were jamming on the guitar. How personal vengeance on these geniuses come and angry about address. How is it to look back on a career. And a and a band like blacks Savvis to know you're such an integral part of it. And so look back at the body of work that was inspired by your bands. It's a nice intimate as and I'm a first thought is that we knew we were given a chance by an about it. Glad to leave home because parents. It's totally against a pain in the patent. And we must supply to mr. audition for at least seven record companies before they originally tried to do. And the one particular record depressed in England just hike is just. As the like. Sign that we're copying craven a really bad position of Kareem and all on stuff that just didn't understand words and missed look at what we believed in and that that's the mind thing. One of the most sincerest form of flattery is is. It to cover another band's music I'm a huge fan of a band showing respect to a song they love. And covering it in their own way and there of ban countless. Black Sabbath covers. Who would you say has really done. Black Sabbath justice. But taken one of your songs and made it their own as well do you have a favorite. Operated like a pig it's still version of but. It's still. Yet tight. Type O negative there's no way that that they could have ever happened without the influence of blacks out. There oh look the world what it did through but the patriot. Box out of the song. Very impressive. And Charles thought trolls. Itself ballplayer. But did challenges to fold version of challenges. Oh really I haven't heard that warrior and I did. What you look back at the at all the songs you guys are gonna perform at a home your lash show you know you're gonna record it capturing it. And it's all getting released this Friday how do you sit down and come up with the set list for your flash you know. Well we have actually we have supplies brought up to the big east hit on the thing all I'm animal its power lines and on Thursday but rather. Very given. The can navigate. Not replied. I managed to decisive. Starting reversal. We think we ran into the back trying to songs men went through them and which several unsigned at the back in. My to prepare a set list that remembered. Obviously that's a show you'll never forget your last show your first show is a show you'll never forget but there are other shows that. Throughout your career that stick with you. There is quoted here. And remember playing Chile. There's like I fought some people. So I for an another completely. To try to boil. He's really. Memorable concert. The band has sold over seventy million albums to date and in an arrow where people are downloading. One song at a time from an artist. Do you think they'll ever come a time where artist will go back and put together. A start to finish creative. Project of an album again do you think that this whole cycle in the way we consume music will all come back to the album again. Yeah I also think opens or relevance. When could finalists were if this where it is broken all records. And cheaper help. And I think. Pre happy well happy Rocco apple patent. It there mine purposes to make an album. So. You know whether it's sell millions sort tends to but as to why you picked music across staple. So I'll open so it was going to be important. What do you attribute. The long jedi of black Savvis to win so many bands have reached that kind of success. And then just completely dismantled. Or they've lost a band member along the way and it broke the band or. I mean you guys were actually able to go out on your own terms. In your own way after all this time. Deadly nobody is in various. Lineups in the and so and so on. Which is common. Mean actual. Four original members. Launching its seventh season in the non non seemed like 99 season to sanctions. So. You know room to get the role of all the talk although Ford said it is it's. It's always been crichton I mean to me it did come together. Within this sort so much the Arctic experience. Cool things in no way to defend him. Playing together issues just comes natural to us because Clark. And it left off yesterday on defense. Now the blacks have it is over or reached the end I should say. When you get together with your band mates. What did you like getting into us. Up a whole earth like we're gonna do now if you're not taken together act. It didn't arts crafts but what. Is there any solid start. From a done so much of him anymore. And son is in England so I don't get saying much on that. Overruled you know we're older and things. While moving forward you've had your own projects in the past in an a lot of collaborations. With different musicians and artists. Are you thinking about doing something like that again. Well armed. I'm always brought to music that's that's one of the main mine copies to the economy professions it's benign hobby is also on bowl was. Bright and different stuff you know I'm not necessary vocal now also off court message about it electronic sources well. Over the next year I'm just gonna say well WorldCom operators and I think I'll go on the for a good album or put an album. We'll geezer I really appreciate your time congratulations. On the release to the end it comes out on Friday November 17. And I can't wait to check it out and can't wait to. See all of the extra stuff and the vinyl I'm very excited about the vinyl so I hope you get a better record player in California seepage and our. All the people Colombo left and English. Thank you so much for Cullen who really Prejean. Guy right thing. You're listening to mistress hearings his cousin amazing moments and whatever else you happen to be doing well it's your business when I'm sick anyway. She remembered he's my favorite character from this. Is WA AF.