Mistress Carrie Interviews Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wednesday, February 8th

Mistress Carrie spent some time with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers back stage at the TD Garden, or as Flea calls it "Enemy Territory". The Chili's are DIE HARD L.A. sports fans, and being in Boston on Patriots Superbowl parade day was a little too much for them. Listen to the interview, and by the end, Flea HAD to congratulate Boston and the Patriots!


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Hi this is free from the Red Hot Chili Peppers his teachings are wanted to say one was. An advocate. And other one was you're listening to Mistress Carrie on W 88. And she is beautiful intelligent and wonderful woman power and strength and fortitude. And as a mountain of goodness and beauty. And thank you listening to hear back. It's just scary we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. He's scheduled like WA AF dot com. The first question I wanted to ask as we sit here in the basement of hallowed ground here in Boston and you're wearing your lakers shirt is enemy territory as you have purple had a management lakers actually have. Actually it's Laker purple it is red white and blue for the patriots and that makes purple but I appreciate your theory down. I I follow you on your social media council last semi guys turned down war I I was gonna ask you about that but last time you were here you put up pictures. In their dad is Celtics dressing room wearing your lakers stop. Cal maker opera to go into enemy territory. The kind of referred the matter percent it's not just you guys as I'm walking around your whole crew that were from LA. Well you know it's it's it's. Exports. And it's such an emotional thing. And I grew up as a kid love and lakers and following. You read movement and I missed it like for me ever since I was. And I'm so emotionally attached and the Celtics or extremist like Darth Vader evil empire capping the details on the people. And right and so. For for me where she's like taking joy and when they do well. It's just so birds are slightly. Strange natives from the other was armed and just you know hit it to. Me up. You know purchase poem. It's wild you know. But but there also has to be a mutual respect there is totally respect Pia I respect people who love sports and in an eleven and are knowledgeable about it you know. You know Paul Pierce's Benedict Arnold. Now eleven workers he was just here the other night in his final game at the guy down close it out with a three. You know he's a great player. I I forgive him. You know whose loyalty whose team. But the thing that really pissed off about him and I came here to the red eye flight and came here and lakers played last experts in the files for game I've watched it. Lakers lost but it went on to win six and 72 in the championship really the area you but. When I was here Paul Pierce has done his quote. And and they put it up on Jumbotron. Thing about people room and Al I don't know anything about basketball instruments liberties and stuff. And you know they don't there's just. They're not real fans like Boston. And not. I think it is that's unforgivable thing to say and I know more about basketball in person that ever walked to street in Austin. What's was it when you were a kid there. That attracted you to the game because you are there are a lot of people like you're saying and that they get into the playoffs you by the New Jersey whatever on broke. Out so I'm a sports fans in general they're not happy there and passing fancy what was it we view as a kid. That made you love the games so much. Are really got me an accurate. I was born in Australia. When I was four years old enough to Chile went to New York City. When I was eleven years old my parents opt and we moved to Los Angeles it was a formative years and years and moved to LA when I was eleven. I didn't know a soul my new school. And it played a lot of basketball the school that was one of the few white kids in school if Obama's plan passed a law. And they love to make yours and it was no way and I was like my way and to start making friends to get on that court. And start play involves I was at school every day two hours early shouldn't plan ball staying after school plan ball. And I just loved and I fell in love with the game and became Lanka social thing for me. And nicer playing music around that time Q and I just kind of went together like basketball and music and I'm jazz. And funk. And basketball and that was I'd love when I was a kid and its us journalists are things have always kept me sane and and given something to believe and great vehicles for human potential people working together. Making something beautiful. You know hold regional. And it's fun. It always seems I I I describe it like the recycle symbol. That like actors wannabe athletes athletes wannabe musicians musicians wannabe actors. You now and it it it always seems that those all travel together and you've done a little bit of all three are a lot bit and some more than others yeah. Yeah I guess just. Cute stuff I do I just love seeing people from all different walks of life. All different varieties of intelligence. Coming rated stuff like developing a craft and really much in architecture. And some literature and anything. Yeah I mean. There music and groups when you're in the right town and on the right day will have victory parade for the super ball. So we're. Sitting yours dichotomy of emotions sitting in my hotel room. Watching your pictures are amazing comeback and bombing. On the live and now an opposite and pictures where I'm here. At the department. Literally like thirty seconds later. I'm going to and the street is just teaming with people overjoyed. Knowing offering easy to. And all and I couldn't help you know the form it was a hell of a game. It was amazing numbers you know I'm I'm I'm here tree this year. It where you talk about those formative years and you talk about how you were introduced with sports and music at the same time. And I wanted to talk to you about the conservatory. Because it's such an amazing place I was watching on YouTube videos of the design of the new building. And is is that something that you're thinking about expanding outside of LA which for anybody that doesn't know what the silver lake conservatory has won. You sit at the nonprofit music school that I started in silver lake in Los Angeles and it's just you know I grew up in public schools and I was kind of a wild history cared my family and how much money. And I was able to go to public school and get a good music education and for someone like me was pretty wild not a control it was like. A place to really have discipline something to policemen and and something that I just love to do and it kept me go to school otherwise. He could do construed election. And and and and then you know reaganomics. To pass proposition thirteen in 1980 which is here I graduated has school. And pretty much took out all the arts out of schools in Los Angeles so. I mean I ended up making money later in my life and I just put a big effort into trying to fill that void make school for kids. A nonprofit music school and it just grown and grown and right now we have a different at 900 kids while I'm studying music and about half of them go for free. And we just it's not about being famous are being a rock stars just about studying music in the tradition of teaching music you can you know wanna get a place for teachers to teach as much as for students to learn and then just try and Q. You know addition to get my energy. Well let's talk about the latest album because it was definitely. Kind of a different course for you guys. Each change producers. Which I think a lot of people were kind of surprised by because you would had so much success. What was it creatively that you were kind of looking forward to get away what direction where you guys just trying to find. Really just fun. You know we're just trying to have fun playing music and right before we get it I had hurt my arm really bad snowboarding and couldn't play affliction excellence and that was so frustrating for me and I I was so grateful to be playing him we got going and we've been working with recruitment for a long time. And it just felt like we needed to just get out of our. Things had become kind of like how we're working in after election process. To mix and a for a variety of reasons are we over Brian you know Danger Mouse yup it is studios and Iraq and in. And it was economy the record we made me you know I feel good about it I feel like it's. You know an emotional. Beautiful record. I know that you play a lot of different instruments when you hurt your arm and couldn't play base anymore did you pick up something new that you could do one handed them was so much and she's human. Don't know it's it's. If you knew me feel like that's only makes cents. I didn't it all really. Smart. And. I just I crashed my motorcycle your half elderly. And smash my face on the highway so I understand watchers yeah I had to have it all rebuilt we've really got to hospitals in Boston you may not like our sports teams. But our doctors are awesome. And so I understand the whole idea of like you wanting to do. Something anything you literally just on the couch yes dot you know on painkillers. There's short as possible but I really couldn't play. And once. Trumpet. The race. Did you have a chance to maybe read any scripts we kind of touched on your acting. A little earlier because do you laugh when those means gore on the Internet. That everybody falls for about the big look Boesky sequel deals lab that because and every once in awhile this thing just goes across the Internet like crazy that. They're making another one and you're the first person I've actually been able to ask that would legitimately note that was happening or not I have no idea I've never heard about it and I'm not. I didn't want to ask you speaking of developing a new craft. Did cocoa inspire you to made wanna learn sign language I'd loved that video and you know that. You know for my meeting with cocoa butter. Coker award has inspired me. The ability to communicate compassion and kindness and gentleman's. Verbally. With a giant gorilla who put their head off with one arm. It's a room with a gorilla for hours and just talk about stuff was unbelievable because even though I didn't know that many times. Local understands English perfectly. So anything that she she could respond back TI yeah she could respond and then hurt Eric it would help. Shoes. She's like like if you were related to human intelligence I can find something that's like a five year old incredible Hulk yeah. Yes I don't incredible Hulk but I mean you know. That's a that's if you compared choose human intelligence compared to real intelligent stuff where she happens to us. Understand you know and I mean right. On the that was just a beautiful doctored. Coco again. So beautiful what what did you leave there with something that she said. That you just like I can't believe in a gorilla just said that to me. Shocked me the most. Words a day and when I was getting ready to leave and we had been hanging out playing insurers and tournament days old shorter parts where plates. Here. There's center. Caretaker pennies contained errors and she since Coco was elevated. That's your opinion I got again played him. In congress or give me names who coached. A I was just like it blew my mind that if she missed flights flight times and stuff. She's really goes into the subtleties of everything I'm saying. And prepare. And just seeing. Me weren't talking to shooting next currently. And the only feeling. Connected. And canyon. It was amazing an amazing amazing. Actors never ever ever it. Was the experience of social media and kind of the vial. Tendencies that humans have on social media part of the reason why you took your your pages down. I. Yeah yeah this. Decided that I don't want my life that energy and no. I don't want. Do you part of that. So much like a shot that like actress trying to do something beautiful with my life and and I don't feel the need to Phillip and every second went under and not that it anyways I tried to share art music and. And has it changed you every day because you disconnect that's you know yeah I mean I'm yet managed. The last thing I wanted to ask you about just isn't such a massive fan of it yet. I loved the carpool karaoke. I just when we need to that the first time I thought it was amazing and I was waiting to see how we was gonna pull it off with a rock band. And I was happy that they he didn't just inviting Anthony like I was hoping the whole bit and was it just gonna climate and that car. Israel fun I think he's just great James cordon is just that lake and it comes from just being really generous spirit is just a real like. You know he's just such a happy fun and guys hit and show inclusive. About people that it made it easy you know we just had a great time and I think they tell me that I got a girl. You have a minute left that's my minute not partner so before I let you go. Give me an idea because people would hear this before the second show that. I give me an idea of what people that are on their way to the show tonight can expect. And they can expect us to everything we've got callers and beyond to show grateful that people care about what we're doing. And every time wished upon the stage. An effort for a second ticket for granted and never for a second formed an and sweat blood. And poured Mazzola you know we were done and we really really care about it misses a mission and we're just grateful for people can earn enough to come. And also. This is a super grudging. Trump he is it. Congratulations. And. Their victory. It's taking so much for your time I really appreciate it. It's just scary we both attended three until. Podcasts are always online. He's scheduled like WA AF dot com.