Mike Hsu's Tribute To Neil Peart

Monday, January 13th

Last week the rock and roll community suffered a big loss with the passing of Neil Peart. As we all know Mike Hsu is one of the biggest Rush fans. Unfortunately Hsu learned of Neil’s passing while on the air. Mike Hsu turned the rest of the show into a tribute to Neil Peart and the music of Rush. Rush has meant a lot to Mike Hsu and has been pretty vocal over the years about how much he loves the band, so as you can imagine it was pretty hard to break the news on the air to everyone that we lost one of the best musicians and writers of all time. It wasn’t an easy show for Hsu to do. But who better than Hsu to be the one to break the news to his fellow Rush family and to pay tribute to Neil Peart in a way that Rush fans can be proud of and in a way that Neil would have been proud of. RIP Neil Peart.