Mike Hsu's Nerd Report - Oh Captain, My Captain

Monday, August 6th

Mike Hsu searches the globe for the nerdiest news, this week we learn that Captain Jean Luc Picard will be returing to the USS Enterprise in the brand new Star Trek series!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com which. Why so. Time for our breaking nerd news and here is our chief murdered officer wins report. I'll warning on them across the streams here but maybe on Saturday. As a tricky you clutch your chest and said it's as if a thousand. Voices of a thousand nerds cried out in joy. And then later you realize what a joy it was all about. And John Luke the card okay the captain from starch or the ball edition yes the Baltic and is going to come back or a new. Star Trek CBS series are. Not a reboots and not a reboots. A brand new series and he will star and how they just think that's we're over there for contact your show well why don't you might even alluded to that in a statement saying I thought my Iran as a historically captain was over but apparently not I now forgive my ignorance. How many captains of a starship fleet. A ship Starship Enterprise I am how many how many captains have their ban in all and wizards it was a captain archer. And there was there's captain plight and then there's inside furious hurt of course and then I believe it was. But it was John Lou card I see all right yeah all right and how do you wanna go into via the alternate universe that the Romulus mural created an abundance that spurred the JJ Abrams sentenced I don't know what it is but I don't think I wanna dwindled down and Jack yes yes and do you want to do I hear what it's like for a thousand yards to lose their minds sure all right here's just the card making the announcement. This could have been dangerous at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. I have never ever grown tired of hearing from people who stopped me in the streets or in restaurants well no I don't like being interrupted while I'm. But who say to me you'll shoot changed my life. Without Star Trek the next generation. I might not be here. And that life is at the very center. Of what I have to tell you know. John Cooper cod. Is back. Thousands of under ruse became monster at that moment it's passes Erickson you know was no release date no schedule yeah no title yet on this news see obvious to us some of them probably were late getting home to their plan. Parents homes where they I'm sure there whether you're calling. Now I think today let me ask Daniel about this is com but I think it would probably echo your thoughts honest. When is it time free female. Other ones out here now a captain Jean way I believe that was archer Voyager that she crashed the thing here hollow yellows so she's putting makeup on. Ask for directions. I'm so there's only been wine female captain Ozzie enterprise so far okay. I feel it really need to do with that record leading. She had did have to airship like area that she was she loved her tee I think I cut that and coffee you can't use caffeine jump. That's the be the only convention in Vegas. Where prostitutes are wondering when the phones are gonna start their own children and I mean I Scott Peterson the prime time for pause play as well like when the trash guys go out there the the the you know the eggs the gaming industry as it jazz guys stick it's going to be it's little green paints you can take a lot of money. It. It's well less than they're redeployed and get ready for yet another Star Trek series thank you issue.