Mike Hsu's Nerd Report - Nerd World Record

Wednesday, December 6th

Mike Hsu searches the globe for the nerdiest news, today we travel to Brisbane Australia where a 15 year old Nerd Record has finally been broken and in a Nerd Report exclusive, Mike is auctioning off tickets to see the new Star Wars movie the day before it's released. The auction takes place Friday and nerd costumes are required!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We heard horrible owner. Ladies science. That's pretty. I'm moderately popular news segment show and it's Mauna. I don't know that I love it than their report and Mark Shields and there's a new partnered world record would. Just been set Greg this is so outstanding that several thousand gamers actually stood up and got their ass off a couch. They couldn't believe what was going on. A man in the Brisbane and Australia. Broken record that stood for fifteen years. On the game goldeneye. Buffalo seven Korea breaking up he reached the damn level course you know that is a yes now fifteen years. It took 53 seconds that was the record 53 seconds to get through that for fifty years that record if you know in years all right nobody can break that record for fifteen years now there I mean fifteen years and hot pockets even invented. The ethics are crying out loud. He beat that record. 52. Seconds and this I was pretty psyched about his name's Carl yields of Brisbane and Australia. And we got a little Marty from Carl you wanna hear it mirroring out yeah about his record of papers he's waiting for the game to tabulate. Oh yeah no doubt that he knows that he had a he's got a neared the program has a plan. Huh. Water on. Opulent. And had to snap hook those the best and earned one of the prisoners and dozens and her daughter now is incredible. But it's totally mostly done with snacks which is does I don't know in the hands you would have thought that the guy who literally are you would've thought that Mika Kelly just lucked out Poland's Adam and I am and have sex you for one random night and you thought Andrea Yates was in Atlanta fifteen year old record that he puts it seniors get a good night. Levee guess how much time it took for him to break that record and I'm guessing forty. Oh how oh how long he's been trying Walton or what his time wants to know this time was fifty to say okay how much time he spent trying to get that to beat Houston five years its own borders 7250. Hours truly my fitness drinks. Crude what are the hours it doesn't get the details on the open their bathroom breaks and I'm sure there are you know pizza bite rates. Oh like luncheon seeing mom do consumed here our way you know while he was doing that but yeah so congratulations to Carl you hopes of Brisbane and Australia ask Eric Holder I. I'm sure he's yelling and Adam Myers mom especially if did you get to give your work all for the third time I'm sure is John Cook up but I'm sure she could just favorite male foreign and I wanna get a home. Where they live together. I was Mac and cheese. You betcha. Setting was probably and rookie at Texas says on the guys credit bureaus on Asian doubles yeah and then real quick. And that's what I mentioned something there were doing on Friday. Because. We're gonna raise some money for the Greg Hill foundation and I want to thank angry Marc shoe lawyers suggesting this we have. Obtained. Thanks to a friend of the show. Our pal Mike Brooks. We have obtained. Passes. To go see the new Star Wars film. Movie the night before. It. Premieres Al. Arnold we're paying like OK then ninth to Egypt's priceless yes and if you are that we're gonna do this auction on Friday during Friday shows throughout the whole show. And if you win that bid you have the highest bid at the end of the show. You'll get four passes. And you'll hand in costumes with Mike Hsu. You're going cut that was. The library as a different elements you know it's going to be cost it's got caught fire costs in the fifth. They got a I have ever again you know look the probably around months. You probably have like a double X on my DN a everywhere in Orlando Patterson have not yet they're not an act you know. Though and I don't know they stormed through brown fits and that's not that waist size. That's a big utility bills what is the I mean is that. Are they sure I mean has anybody seen the film in there early reviews. It's it's highly in this area Gregory secretive very secretive about it via. Via a variety my costume ready you're gonna join me. For yes yes it is December 14. And that's when that I think the movie comes out on the fifteenth on the Friday night so you'll go on the fourteenth. Before and annual general Mike Hsu and we'll do that auction on Friday show there will be no re editing. During the apparently looked at enough that's can be a joy to prove that.