Mike Hsu's Nerd Report - Gravity, My Greatest Foe

Thursday, October 12th

Ooh! It's Mike Hsu's Nerd Report! Once again we hear about a comic book theif, this one features a superpower of gravity!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You heard horrible or heard. Ammunition she's very very dangerous for me. All right put yourself away from the computer screen or the game screened for a moment. Because it's time for the nerd report which is hosted by the king of all nerds here at W. Mike Hsu I don't know if that's what title I really want your book is. I think he should kid am I the only one here in the studio that owns a uniform but that's right you have and so it's that's embarrassingly true. Apparently there's another case of nerves thievery or at least an attempted one going on this time in New York. Someone tried to steal something some guy from a comp bookstore and he tried to jump out of windows to escape unfortunate that windows on the second floor. Alone don't yeah I am. Eyewitness account how you do of the a governor who is trying to steal comic books from the comic books or jumping out and an eyewitness account. I think Chris. Wendell fallen down a couple incidents illustrate what total tonight. Big big big tough opponent to act. Really low. We'll try to call it that way worse so super villain. Ever. Whenever guys kick. That's right perfect but I Superman's cape did not appeal. I would like a refund. You know kind of a comic book new stratosphere it doesn't specify but if it's worth jumping on a second floor window on that in first issue maybe first run Microsoft's almost apparently I don't want him apologists on the boy's back in the eighties and it was a variance. They really wanted bearing cars look past. I'm telling me that's you really enjoy this. It's. Thank you shield your well Terry what well and that is today it's all partnered. Report.