Mike Hsu's Nerd Report - The Force Is Fading

Thursday, June 21st

Mike Hsu searches the globe for the nerdiest news, today we learn that all future Star Wars spinoff movies have been put on hold after how Solo did at the box office!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Here are horrible or heard. All right time now. Real nice court today is their report why. Nice to get beat up by lacrosse players. Really I'd be there my uniforms. We'll tough market. Always it's tough for Cynthia come now you're very upset this morning this is crazy hasn't aired as a marriage yeah there there's there's. Breaking bad nerd. News it's shocking to me but Lucas films says that they are going to. Put plans on hold for any futures standalone. Star Wars movies specifically to solo. Didn't do was Wellesley thought award. Really yeah. This is that disaster for start this is terrible for Star Wars fans think that they were gonna have forty or fifty mormino Lyoto easily grey yeah yeah I was looking forward to the ball above that movie out and on the Obi wan movie we talked about so forgive my ignorance. But solo. Was the story. Of ponds so alone ponds have. I guess I'm famous Bavarian ace combat hi hands solo whatever you parents. Jay and I later hose out it was the story of hands so on. Caught it on does not pass now okay comments I can't believe on talked and you Han Solo. And just picture actually from a race and so he loses. Where he came from okay you know historic and how we got the Malayan thought if I thought as is not a modest like. On a trek guy but I like the star or stuff I was pretty good the only weakness and that movement that was the guy who they got to play Han Solo are there which to me now I don't know like Donald Glover was greatest land of ours Ian. I thought Cyrus fans would heated up but apparently apparently not not as much as rogue one so it is a separate who were they planning on doing one on Darth. Vader and all the Canon did that was one of the the the new ones about elevator came but. They were planning the mobile fell one the Obi won his time on tap to wean watch and over Luke Skywalker yeah I was hoping they would. They would do one and Amaral acts are not guy deserves his own story. Yeah dollar or maybe or documentary on the most Eisley cantina band. That was gonna see those guys apparently Alexander. You know at least when I'm are duplicate cheers type of Ceres HBO series on the most Eisley cantina. Well third bunch of characters in the Star Wars movies aren't the bar yeah that would have been great but there that it's this really scared him off apparently lost about eighty million. So far so all they get costs they lie all they are expecting to make a lot more and they via. I was like five bucks to look past. Well it's you know they have more money and gates the I mean that Jeff pesos to outlaw you know now that exists personally and lose him more money Monday some days those is the richest man on the plan and a what was the number a 140. Billion I think is a 1330. Man wow close any ones that created just takes some. Everybody in America million dollars and asks Jesse could what do you pension money little back to the rich people can battle. Hello works for you think pays those is paying his fair share when it comes to taxes on that 133 billion he's probably got tax attorneys. It. It pays the taxes pesos Jeff basis is now worth 141 point 901 ups and it doesn't so what I'll show you what's 50%. Of that yeah half. Realities. 1990. Mile ninety million and it now I don't know seven under the exact same amount of change that's enough in taxes. It's yeah I mean I'm sure he contributes to the right campaigns they don't win you know and it is the pain and his salary while next half Lyndon. He's not as popular over at the White House these days that he was last round writes for the Washington Post. Well here's somebody who says they were really looking forward to jar jar banks the search for clearer diction. Apparently that well me. I sure hope. LB loved that and I love though now cock disturbing is if I guess I'm not a diehard it's not hours not everybody it was a brilliant. Here's somebody says the problem with the solo. Is that the last jet I was so disappoint you the problem with solo is that the left and I was so disappointing. It is that true. We've people upset with the last and I. Wasn't the greatest and I mean nothing when resale value people on the and I was I was I was kind of just last hour or just as god created us albeit charger thinks died by going over the and magical wonderful would you go to funeral I wore it. How disrespectful to the scene of what we've we've we hang once a week. That's Reggie and it's on Anderson junkies if he's charger bent. Like that. Her. How premiere ears of soul. LB actually sounds like Jerry are examining how. Yeah I'd. Now this person is very disappointed in your disappointment. You know the movement like the solo wasn't as great as rove one. But it was still on it was a it was a fun movie announced reload unforgivable to about one now LTQ. Do you not go to the movies because you don't know anybody there. That is that why is that pleases just like funerals of U don't know anybody I don't go to. I think I'm I'm with you are not going to the movies and this is complete pain in the ass that you like to matinee at. I don't got to use when the movie goes wrong but under an hour heater and yet there he gets a plumber so all Brazilians snacks and charge or other zones and are more notes now is that no issue that literal snacks yeah. Oh yeah like. Not like here. A former friend and Brussels Dexia apparently it's not it's a totally because the fans heeded the last jet lies so much. There was a social media movement. Called hash tag boycott solo. This assists while some gasoline give the movies chance yet people are disgusting. But that's why you yes so much less than striptease. And I say god well no more bad news today in the near report no more. Solo character Star Wars films according to the Lucas people good news is hash tag boycott Hilemon. Has far more three weeks then hash tag boycott solo poker. All right that's it.