Mike Hsu's Nerd Report - Check Out My Umbrella Sword

Friday, January 19th

Mike Hsu searches the globe for the foremost nerdy news, today we hear about a guy who shut down a hospital after his umbrella was mistaken for a sword!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Here. Or her again and make you pay. All right. Time for the nerd report this morning we our own. Head nerd here at WA AF. Mike Hsu. Greg if you're like me your fascinated with the weaponry from dungeons and dragons and lords of the ring Lord of the Rings death I didn't. You'll love this story OK it's and I gotta get me one of these it's takes place in the Washington State and Kirkland. A hospital had to get closed down because someone was caring what someone else thought was a rifle. So they called police shelter in place rice and there was doubt the shelter in place orders the whole blues evacuate the hospital but apparently it was just a a person. That had an umbrella. That looked like us so far. Oh I'm so. If I ask they got him on camera yes they set it looked like a rifle but then when he's on social media they were looking form. He wants the police that now that's the. I rounds my umbrella here. Here's on as the police spokesperson there are looking for ads served himself hi dad doesn't yet. And he was able to contact us and let us know that. Where I am the person that you know the keyboard at the I index at you guys think I as a great hope is actually an ornate and Ellen there's smile on my face now just because. I am so thankful that I wasn't a rightful and that it was just an invalid but obviously opera passions and protocol was taken to ensure the safety of the public. He was not hearing at the right way strapped to his back soon easy access over the shoulder I can refer. And it's obscure reference yes the avengers. Yes it's was named Steve Steve did you secure it and everybody knows it and he is everybody jerk you've. Yes no word I know you're wondering what kind of soared wasn't Greg. An incident that was and work as this Gabbert of our. I'm a product. Our food was the sort of king Alison hello Al I'm guessing it was and slandering the sort of bug on dop top of the opens it up when it's raining he says. I'm. And just speculation on my. And I think that happened at the Burlington mall a few years ago they put. Yeah. Hold placed on lock outlook and I don't remember that it was it was just some random IT dude with a number brawler and they thought that was it that was quite well after a Concord chick filet. It's it's it's I'm going to leads to grab at him an American patriots. In the your sword.