Mike Hsu Talks To Michael Rapaport About Season 3 Of Atypical And Getting back Into Stand Up Comedy

Thursday, November 21st

You know Michael Rapaport.  You've most likely seen him in one of the over 60 movies he's been in.(Higher Learning, Mighty Aphrodity, Zebrahead, Beautiful Girls, Copland) or television show appearances(Friends, Boston Public, China Beach) or talking sports on all the sports channels.(He's a basketball freak)  Hopefully you've seen him in the Netflix series "Atypical" with Jennifer Jason Lee playing his wife and Keir Gilchrist as his son who's dealing with the transition from high school to college.  It's a great show!  Rapaport is also delving into the world of stand up comedy with his "Disruptive Comedy Tour" coming to Laugh Boston on December 27, 28, 29.  We talk about all this and how much New York sports sucks right now.(which he humbly accepts)