Mike Hsu Talks To Donna Halper, "Patron Saint" And "Big Sister" To The Band Rush, About The Passing of Drummer Neil Peart

Monday, January 13th

In 1974, Boston native Donna Halper was working at WMMS in Cleveland when she received an import record from an uknown Canadian band called Rush.  She thought is was pretty good and gave the song "Working Man" a spin.  Becoming the first person to play Rush on the radio in the US and helping the band get on their path to success.  She has remained close to the band ever since and like many was shocked and saddened by the passing of the band's drummer, Neil Peart.  She was kind enough to speak to me about what Peart and the band has meant to her as a friend and a fan and how Neil was not just a great drummer, but also a great person.