Mike Hsu Talks To Director Rob Reiner About "This Is Spinal Tap" Turning 35

Thursday, January 23rd

Rob Reiner has many moments of true greatness to his credit.  He played Archer Bunker's liberal son-in-law, Michael "Meathead" Stivic, in the groundbreaking television series "All In The Family".  He's directed some of the greatest movies of all time: "Stand By Me", "The Princess Bride", "When Harry Met Sally", "Misery", "A Few Good Men".  But some think his crowning achievement is "This Is Spinal Tap".   A "Mockumentary" about a fictional hard rock band's long career and attempted come back.  It was done so well that upon it's release people started looking for Spinal Tap's albums, and musical artists like Tool, U2, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others hold it in high regard.  Reiner is bringing "This Is Spinal Tap" for a screening and Q & A session to The Hanover Theater in Worcester, MA on April 16 for it's 35th anniversarry.  In this interview he talks about some of the real life events that inspired certain scenes and if the band will ever get back together.