Mike Hsu Nerds Out With George Takei From Star Trek

Monday, January 30th

Mike Hsu talks to George Takei about hosting the screening of Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan at The Boch Center Wng Theater.


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I'm sure you've dealt with thousands maybe even millions of very enthusiastic. A Star Trek fans or we have and he has I've. I'm sure some screaming crying shaking what. What is if you could give a little guidance to some folks who may be may meet you at the show hour or CU. What is the way not to approach George decay when you when you see him. But you know the way and love to have people approach me is as soon as they talk. And it was excitement. They're usually. Young girls you know just trembling as a little nervous but then there are others that try to be your old buddy from. From television that it but the they know who do well. And the economic and keep calling these issues that we yeah. But. I bet that's how they see me I will accept them and eventually try to get them to know me as July and George securities. No I don't have any. Guidance for house approach. As long as they're not. Screaming bloody murder something like I think Bono I would were remembered. At and it is. Actually do you is there a victim of very memorable moment when you Wii U with with a Star Trek fan that you can remember something that may you and completely awkward. Well I have. The and I get requests for autograph as. And has some of them are rook on their bodies you know there are door. There rednecks. But there have been requests over. My daughter you have to be on some rather private parts of that he. Possibly a photon torpedo or a a yes that could get awkward very much so well. It that in you are coming to Boston on Friday you're going to be at the boxed center Wang theatre and they're gonna be showing Star Trek wrath of on and you'll be hosting the you'll be doing little more than that I guess you're going to be doing the Q&A. Exactly telling us. Sounds like GM talking certainly about. The in amazing fifty year journey that we the and some of Leo wonderful things that happens some of the yet challenge and challenged the things that have happened. And also to you know primarily to thank them for the support they've given the over half a century and now and some of them have been around that but well and most of them in my era. Actually. From the rerun generation. That's that would be subsequent. Will be generations so look it it's banned. The and an amazing generation. But as bad. The stark. I was reading mark Altman's. Fifty year mission book which I really enjoyed and and you know William Shatner DeForest Kelley and a James doing all kind of describe making the wrath of Khan the most fun it was fun making them movie. Do you do you agree with that. It was fun but I wouldn't call it the most in the Jimmy called of that I thought it would have been the Star Trek four or whether where we went on location to San Francisco. Yes with the way yes the whales yet. In that a lot of people call wrath of Kahn dubbed best. Yeah Star Trek well as far as any original series. The F bans have been the best judge of that and very intriguingly date selected all the even numbered. Star Trek to the graphic on. Start for a war. The voyage home and Star Trek six the undiscovered country all the even numbers to force. And a I must agree with them because. Some of the atom. Odd numbered ones are aware awed that. And I. What what of missiles for second talk about Star Trek four you said you had the most fun making now one what what made that the most fun. Well to be on location in San Francisco. And that's where they've revealed that that Hitler salute to the board. And just incidentally that that was my father's hometown. And I'd love happens Iman and Toledo I was born here in Los Angeles. But my parents were there northern Californians. Amateur was born in Sacramento. But they met and married years in Southern California. And despite the famous. North south. Tensions in the in California. I ate embrace the whole state. It's I'm that the second generation Californian. And I love the uniqueness of all of the various areas. California at San Francisco it was a singular dazzling they're being in place. As Sacramento courses are the national pirates seek capital. And it's. A charming. Midsize. Cities. My you grandparent my maternal grandparents and farming in that area. And nice you'll have a lot of relatives in that area although my father's side of the family all came down to a Los Angeles so. I have no family there but I have a lot of friends in San Francisco and of course Southern California. Is. Apparent Disco place so I'm a Californian I embraced the entire state. North and south east and. It's so if I could divert for a little bit there is this a risky saying this stuff on FaceBook and Twitter about people wanting California to secede from the union are art is that people that well at its various sources CI saw something I think it was on Huffington Post they said that there's a fitness of a petition going around or something or. You know I how do you feel about that. Well that that's always been in it it just like there is north south tensions in the there have been people and particularly now with. And you Donald Trump administration. There's a strong. The feeling that the are not represented. By way that president. And that's of their is that. But that there's always been that feeling because. We are well I think the fifth largest economy in the world and we. That we are. Would not independently. Are a part of the fabric. Of the United States but we are the strongest and most populous state in the United States we are the most divers both. Geographically. In the populations. And in the the geography of our state so we are unique and we do these. The produced some unique people that we are actively engaged populace and nobody in their whole spectrum from the arch. Conservative to the wild. Extreme liberals and so would you do there's there's that old. Spectrum of political feelings but. I'm I'm someone who abilities in a seamless global society. Yes we use California is unique. But part of that uniqueness comes from the fact that we. Our part of the United States which is a unique nation a singular. Nations. But weird that singular nation because we're part of that global society. Tola. I consider myself. A person that loses citizen of the world. Much like the federation and all all all species all kinds all welcome yes absolutely it global. Civilization. So getting back to wrath of Khan. So you you almost didn't didn't do that movie right you. I don't know I would look he could really important I think some of the ban chit chat says that was the one that I was or elected compact it was actually Star Trek off. And this is all that you know will be going into this and I'm sure in the Q&A. There in Boston but. It was stock at five because. I had been lobbying. For the captaincy for news because. You know. The star fleet is supposed to be a meritocracy. And over the years from our television news to. The movie years. We kept getting tidal changes you know I was ten in the beginning and and I became a pathetic commanders. And the commander. But I was always change to that Dan don't call. That's the same thing I had a terrible three you know and I said that it is supposed to be a meritocracy it's got a actually have AM advance and that the person's career and Sulu was supposed to be the number one opera star fleet academy. He also was reputed to be the best helmsman of the star athlete. And it and so there or should the show. You know advance in this career and advance in his duties. And nobody certainly should at least be the first officer and so we night. I would but no gene Robb Berry or. Any of anybody in the U riding the or even the M. Directors which change regularly in the on the television series and as a matter fact is with the movies as well although we have nick buyers. The most consistent. Movies do director. And writer so look. I lobbied everybody. And in Star Trek. Two or three was that I can't remember. There was a scene that was written in and he. A very brief scene where. Or Korea announces. To meet privately. That. I got an advance. But that scene didn't work out. And it landed. Because the cutting room floor and so you know I kept up the lobbying that. When it. It came time for Star Trek. The final frontier. You know have done it letter to directed to of these Star Trek movie yet Star Trek three and four. And or was enormously successful both in terms of the reviews. Box office and certainly the fans some enthusiasm. And billed as a very bill Shatner is very competitive guys better get directed to them in a rule and he was getting all these this sort of event. About. Directing Star Trek four and so bill insisted that he's got to be at the directives to market pop. And I was not that keen on Joni hunt at this. And so I had passed out. But then met. There's hard Bennett. Tried to court in I loved a hard because it. Wonderful producers net a writer as well as a general. Shepperd for the franchise. And and so and I told our yacht I you know I loved soccer and I'm I'm grateful for Leah. Enhancement of micro the year but. I'm getting a little targeted in this I don't know whether. I gave it to work with me working with. Bill Shatner and so. He accepted that but then. I got a call from the additional Nichols was. In their very seductive voice as the very need back to show. As it turned out she was calling me remote builds. Living room they're having tea. They. Breed and drive read the script it is living. And ability and ask shelves to vote probably because he knew that we friends and and I did well on this show you know we'll we'll talk it over product and the it lunch and know that you're in an uncomfortable situation there. And then that the bill came on and I said you know I just. Can't do it. I'm gonna have to pass. But. You know they are called back called back again he said in the we have an ensemble and that's so important that the success of Star Trek and so I finally signed. Now it was a Star Trek to that you know who still fresh but mullah. Doing. The Star Trek movie and I'm very excited about the start to the wrath of god particularly because regard it was going to be coming back. Yes and got a remote that about gas and I want to. How how how was it working with him he seemed so I don't yet the presence there assists. He uses well you don't come. We had no scenes with them but Ricardo. Dropped in on the set periodically as a matter of fact. He had some voters sessions. They're the times that 10% as shooting got. Enterprise scenes. And regardless that would stop by. And you know he really is legendary figures in the in film history because he started out as Asia. Contract player at MGM studios. Which was the leading studios the most glamorous most lit glittering media. Most successful studio in Hollywood debt in the forties and fifties and sixties. And he was a contract active. And them working with all of the legendary yet. Stars that MGM. Had. And then of course by that time of and the Star Trek movies the contract system went out but. Ricardo was groomed in that stars' system and he was. A bigger than life character and very theatrical. And so it was always kind of fun to sit chit chat with them because. The the grass and as. The big has he been. You know this is it was visit this set but he dress or he had the courage that. He was stressed that it it is did he. And it was the media kind of about the opportunity to go back to the yeah. Glamour days and Ali. Yeah he's meet you know. I love Benedict comer batch and when he came back and in the in the news in the darkness I was like. He's good but. That's not Khan that's Ricardo Montalban. Yeah I've I've been victim a government that's bad news but. You know there's well JG. JJ Abrams who got franchise. With Leah. The last three films. He really doesn't understand structure. He'd never met gene Robb Berry and he did know about. Padilla them. Jeanne very idea of using science fiction. As a metaphor right or commentary on current days yeah issues. And was certainly did that very ship itself. The Starship Enterprise was a metaphor for starship or. And he's he would it reminded this constant is that the the various. Diversity of this planet the starship. Was the strength of the starship and that's why you saw. The makeup of the cast and certainly here leadership crew on the bridge we would we were from all parts of this plot. And Spock who was from another planet as well right. And that diversity is what gave strength to this. A starship. And they JJ didn't understand that need. Hebrew he didn't understand how my character that became to have been named to news because. And he have. And is not it's called 1 morning when they were preparing the first two JAG's. Movies and they ask me to have breakfast with. With the JJ that buckled. Tuesday because recently heard that. Mattered anymore. Was. Invited back to do a cameo on that's darker so and I thought maybe there might be. Cameo brewing for me to the until I hate eagerly went to that practice said. I followed that JJ to be very interesting guy that's lot of ideas you know and quit talking area and energetic guy. But the reason you wanted to have breakfast with neighbors he. He told me yeah. He was. Trying to find a Japanese American inactive because I'm Japanese Americans that the soon. But. He found the actors that he's very interested in casting news soon. That's not Japanese Americans. And he asked me what I thought of that night I well is is to your to looking at. Asian American Andy said yes and I told them that's all that matters because Jean rotten Berry. Wanted us to represent different parts of this sort of earth this planet. And I was to represent Asia not Japan. It and Asia is made up of many many different countries and and as well and is that that they did get back to that you are looking at. Is Asian that's all that matters. And I have to do you know how to the game Kane the name's Susan Kane the attached to the Asian characters signal. And I I told them how deep I showed him how deeply. Jeanne rob Berry. Thought about that yet characters and he was creating. This character was supposed to represent Asia but Asia in the twentieth century. Was turbulence that. Warfare. And colonization. And in Japan colonized Korea. And got a Korea as a colony of Japan. Or about. 3040 years. And then Japan. I do its Second World War. Invaded. China and southeast Asia. And he didn't want to suggest all of that he wanted a nickname that suggested all of Asia rather than the the attention of turbulence in the conversation. Rebellions that. Who it was for a Asia it was right. And to sign that app name because you know the Tanaka is Japanese name longest Chinese name Kim as a career. And he didn't want to suggest national specific at specific specifically national identity. And he at a map of Asia Japan have been known as the law. And he was as staring at it. And he found obstacles to the Philippines. Pursues the and it's not. Are the waters of the C. Touch all shall words and that's how he came up with the name soon as salute you know. JG who has. Very impressed by the depth of Jeanne thinking. But it is you know is looking at all we have the yeah. JJ Abrams as the star treks in the you don't find that. Metaphorical use of the science fiction. In in terms of the issues of like. And certainly in our times today we have a lot of issues that could do the translated into politicized fiction stories oh yeah certainly just the past week you know. We've been turbulent with the demonstrations and opposition and resistance and so look. I think condemn. The pass. Three years films have not been true gene Robb stark they'll. Now would that being said if JJ Abrams came do you sit hey. We'd love you to be in the next on what would you do that. Of course just a little darker I love the darker than. And I hope I'll have that opportunity did try to make that contribution. To it. That. That philosophic dimensions that jima bury it. Well George decay it's been a pleasure and you can see George he will be at the box and are weighing theaters this Friday here from Boston. Hosting. Answering questions telling stories and showing Star Trek wrath of Conn. And out one more final question about wrath of Khan before before we go. Who had a better Wigan wrath of. A part out Ricardo Montalban. Or William Shatner well. At that time not very unbelievable one was of the bills. Yes but eight spectacular blood was gone and an economy. Absolutely. Oh that's great joy George CK thank you so much as a huge fan I appreciate your time today. And really best of luck to you and also. Thank you for doing what you do mostly now and that's speaking up. And our values are very important yes I really appreciated. Via so thank you very much for doing that but great caddie review may you live long and prosper.