Mike Hsu Fashion Shaming David Pastrnak's Suit

Monday, October 14th

During today's Columbus Day show, the Boston Bruins had a matinee game at home against the Ducks. David Pastrnak scored the Bruins only four goals in their 4-2 win. After the game Pasta was on the TV wearing a "Pink Suit" as Mike Hsu called it. Josh Dolan was in love with Pasta's suit because not only did he think it was an amazing looking suit, but Pasta can wear whatever the heck he wants! Hsu and Josh were debateing the color of his suit so Josh texted Bruins analyst and former Bruin, Andrew Raycroft, who was interviewing Pasta at the time on NESN to ask the man himself what the color was.. Listen to hear what color Pasta said it was and if Mike Hsu will being wearing one if he endied up jinxing the Bruins with all this Fashion Shaming!