Michele McPhee: BREAKING NEWS about Hanley Ramirez Investigation

Friday, June 22nd

Former Red Sox infielder, Hanley Ramirez is being looked at in connection with an ongoing federal and state investigation. Friend of show, Michele McPhee, calls Matty and Nick with the breaking news story!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. What if I told you that a friend of show one of the finest reporters and storytellers in Boston the great Michelle McPhee. Had just recently tweet it out. That she may have a little information on a lingering. Now potentially huge Boston sports story and she was willing to college and and maybe give us a couple of little hint action as to what's going on on the framing imports stimulant. A. I wouldn't be surprised at all because she's the best in the business you'll be. I'd be super excited. Another chance talked masonic beaten CF a little guilt exit still or dinner but oh my god she's on the framing import studio line right now if you been following Twitter sportsmen are all you know. That there is a story breaking and we have got our favorite reporter. Here or anywhere Michelle McPhee welcome back to Matty and neck. Let it I am totally being I had better. Yeah okay. The Michelle let's say right now this did it just went to like L meet you for pizza and Beers to. You Colin now why you might be able to go revived cabernet and army. Well again they're real outside the right. Sorry if I know you don't want it actually in the swirling around. I immigrant parent of why he barely got you know dropped from a lot. And I started getting called the perhaps him he had issues with the law. Now. I I can't argue part of what I will it took out. But Burton told me that you know his removal from Atlanta had nothing to do whatsoever. But what is being called ongoing investigation. And you any. Very large. And you know distribution. Date. Entered and Lawrence Massachusetts. Well OK art so. Just walking with his real quick so Hanley gets released. Cash couple weeks ago from the Red Sox a lot of people think. He was under performing they didn't want his contract to the Tony nineteen. Vote this year to kick in Dexter twenty million dollars for the thought OK we can't let him get as many at bats this year so. Best best to just part ways for them now that's what most Sox fans reporters and pundits were led to believe you're telling me it might be otherwise. Well all of it I don't know what you have been pardon me I'm a big data each near. But. He made he named in the court records speaking to a search warrant. Involving our car got. Where a man who would later arrested iron drug trafficking charges. They got the Red Sox infielder. Steering that car stop that later led cue the heater significant Monica. Wow. You know you look at the way this season start with him to. He was in such great shape the TV 120 really like audio you know gosh yeah Brady he's motivated he's engaged diesel thirties going to be into this and now if this is true Michelle what do what do. Fall from grace man. While while. And it and yet let and that is just one guys where in. And we don't know why he was able to big time at the Red Sox infielder. Probably doing all that that you know the pocket and him being I investigators as part of this big massive sweeping case. And if I distribution. Under partly in that they feel are. Now Michelle you've done this so many times your career you've broken some resource we just had John last week about MS thirteen thing. You did that unbelievable piece about the marathon bomber still at large or at least the guy who built the bombs. You've got to tenacious. Unbelievable ability to dig these things up when you sink your teeth and a story you know you've got it how I know your being careful to not saying it's fact but like. What is your sense of of how accurate this might be like you feel like he alive all right. And then you're a union fully aware of it. And god you know I got lucky that chronic back. A sharp kofia united auto lock you don't want or are down a road weary of written a check that you did you know your sources can't cash. But how does that did it could it is did this sort of lake. This facetime did this happen around the time or just before his release. I think I believe it was. Possibly two days before. En route offend at all it's and it's going to your it is just like I thought maybe. Whose emotions of steroid I think there's some things to eighteen jurors are. How it got to admit it but an important hate our armed. Police can track here because of me now you know across the nation 20000 people have died. Because the act of overdoses. Look like you're alone. That's about stagnant to get dull. And it it sacked egging your debit card number and alarmed about strange night packets because it it can be lethal yet. Coming into contact them. Well listen you know Hanley was officially released June 1 which means that this are sort of he would add to clear waivers. And it's just all we can say is again where connecting node dots but at the same time. It's a little curious as to why. Hanley hasn't been signed by any other teams because the Sox would have to pick up the freight. They would pay the veteran minimum pro rated half a season about 300000 dollars and you get equality right handed that their plenty of teams they could use and an Allen AL so. And didn't read our that the eat 159 a contract sure how it struck me and god they got bit I think there is Smart enough guys of their. And about our organization and they really and I. Just swallow fifteen no. Well that the great Michelle McPhee thank you so much for checking in if you're just joining us again we're getting some sex. Wow. Breaking the story potentially that him or Mir is involved in a fentanyl sting quite possibly Michelle thank you so much I I it looks like he might have been caught red Handley. Oh boy. Geez I'm Sosa. And I just I just ask you the batteries Tariq Ahmed Ben went armor and popular derail growth personalize it. You can be you know like you can even have dessert on us. Love yeah thank I thank you thanks Michelle thanks to the are the blow him you gotta buy. I did the whole you know most of most people would have taken that I the whole resort to the story is struck listed just next to that. I I can I get what we I thought I was like oh my god I don't lest we had our first. Real quality breaking news that and we got to caught red handed out beyond I.