Merry Christmas From Tara Reid

Friday, December 16th

Actress Tara Reid stopped by our live broadcast to talk about her career, Jenny McCarthy, and her favorite "dish"!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And actress sir read and are discussing my medium sized hands. And Terrell is just telling me that she thinks that they're pretty good size I think his hands. Yeah it does it right now and as long as they work we ever out of applause for Terry list. So nice to have you here. And I'm great CBK what do you think of the weather. Am I got and it the lettuce freezing yeah right that's it not come prepared not is that the we do now to come from warm weather. Yes thanks in part flooding and a in Fort Lauderdale yes wrecking an imminent plan. And that yes and yet. The Nevis even as yeah yeah went to Nevis yet so is probably like 85 imperfect as packed and now it's five degrees here in advance and messages yeah. Was nice it's that we've had you on before we've had government stance on the phone that we've been gradual on yet it hurts. Yeah like what was that way is so what was it what we do in Florida what you're doing a movie. And I'm seeing a movie in Detroit yeah and in part light seeing come upon a loan. I like doing those things they're fun inning meet greet people you get it in its. Give me your fans which is awesome yeah hard to historians had to communities affected and I kind of like chuck mentally I love it there. Tonight I never admit that this Imus and it makes sense cult following. People for ethics. Is what got what did you think about the first like so you got that first script. I got the first and it's an and I read an is that there's no way but it wasn't card check natus contacts guys ducks got sick that at gala it's not need that bad and I am IND BM resonate at a movie hunk dark packed and it was crucial. I think the mining Celtic woman at didn't want to run and yeah. And then they put is into heating and they said. But they routine unit and even movie ever calling it checked Nina and I didn't really can't get that I'm on the on the eighties that I can not be immediate gut check in at this is crazy. And they passed me pets in a way. And Atticus at 98 no way no it is not only sign onto it and say it's getaway. Says Sharon I was even in the currency. And check it came out. And they get these will cost console near acuity what's happening and why they are acting as if it came down. Did they check you know it's getting a million trees per minute online. OK I completely editing pandemic how does seem impossible. And then when he got the green to come back to LA. The students to that to me in as early I love you and check out Adam played like cleaning and I can't right now. I had a blast in and out. I'm known for shark meat and Lehtinen. And nice seeing part five and in this franchise is huge Colleen it's now headed. Civilian that's gonna say how long how long do you think I mean how many are they gonna do I have no idea I mean who I was auditioning I didn't contain the date. Is obviously a lot of Jackson or go round in the sky it does. Yeah yeah an apartment at idea as to be careful busted well we might have some here tonight. That it allowed him ideas are male candidate out after Abbas now can you guys like when you're negotiating can you hold out or did they just say we'll just we'll just we don't we don't need you for the spotlight that he got to the point where you have to be. You are the shark NATO franchise BS at they'd Kathleen Amy thank you need to get there today. I can't discuss that. Hours on Danielle was talking about a movie that you're an earlier what was it what was called body shots body shop. That movie editing prayed about it and remember it abhorrent course digital what is occurs it though. Well it's I mean it's it how would start acting I'll use that and I did my first it's seven years. At seven yet what was out this other tennis outside. I'm O yes OK. Did you film in Salem now no really it as she sat that grammar in Vermont yes. And then sleep and working on time it's is it is it is and how do you think it's hot when women say it's really hard. Two EG in Hollywood to get older Hollywood India rules do you feel that way or the united it was. I'd as much as they used to be you know I mean it's easier did you say younger American pad movies are cruel intentions are bad luck there because it's in Tampa as you get older the parts. Get less and it's lives of competition tighter and this is they are working actors in general is it's. Not the easiest job in and I think they've done a pretty Dobbin and I and I love that idea eleven and a but I yeah. Actually announced limit and they get a plan make me believe they get paid if they make believe it's pretty great job. And I notice that that is it's pretty some pretty good gig. We're we're here with the Marines were doing Toys for Tots. Are you what do you do for Christmas where you where he's where he spent Christmas. Am really sick and but I found Cessna when there for New Jersey actress who's spent it and you JC but not out in Palm Springs says. You a bullet comes things this year. And but it doesn't really Christmas the yeah yeah yeah yeah now on the he it's in New Jersey in Palm Springs a complete oblivion have I. I will love making up in the late being awake Christmas or from the about leaking out and seeing the snow is demeaning he leaking out and promising thing nine he is it is. Even Christmas is it just doesn't act and doesn't work out there isn't like an after Christmas and global and it ahead I don't much about small book has been actually pretty good times that's pretty good town hall although he's one of the greatest season a point yeah I didn't get a bad rap. Yeah it is called leg Agassi it's accurate ratings in yeah. There. Here's a text. Somebody loves you and them while their obviously it's a mile there was a good period of time where the American pie movies and while I mean those. Those those movies were those are probably those are great because they were just coming one after yet and that's what I fear violence and that China as distant as cats. Atlanta and. Don't think I ever saw that. Don't are not did not you did not they had that and that's Miami ever imagine it current tensions heated debate and ask you there's about scanner that's my choose favorite movie yet. That's a great great movie great great movie. What well how do you decide what movies you gonna do not do like him as it happens and. I really liked him exit out and they Tammany and panic on an it and I an idea that these to get those passages aloud an independent films which you get a lot of them. A lot of those are the better specs yet it really your teeth into it to something like that and and I finite you actually enjoy. Telling them about it because you really get in your career in it and about the from a land ladies he stated them. Yet too many people. That you're packed evening of threatening right that there is so bait. An independent from Italy and delight yourself and I think it's set and it's about there ain't fit to be educated Miller apple. Pomposity. When he when he read a script. You'd you'd do you'd just memorize it by peace. By seem quite liked so you're gonna you're gonna shoot for two weeks you memorize that two weeks than he memorized next week's surge just ripped a script. I mean I read the most recognizable at Verisign that mr. and I was about but we never hear in order sent in by the scenes ever sheeting. I see in that day to BP five thank you repeat if they keep they be paid seven mean back three sit you memorize. That the scenes in the lion's. Right before. See if the race. Well it is but they're never corner and then you go back if you kind of all over the place but you'd go per day. We are. Our broadcasting live from bock Toyota are Toys for Tots like broadcast and we're talking with shark made a five starter Reid. The this Dexter wants to know if you will discuss the Jenny McCarthy fight. It wasn't if plane and then in an honest. Hughes is. Trying to being nasty and they had nothing if I mean if you had. Didn't know that as she left and she's she's said she's at Giles person and but it did make sanctions and China felons and Hispanic seeing crazy things to me and they really scenic and assists keep it. I just I think he's yet to be anybody's dates and admired him let me it was different characters and she's not the press for Selanne at least he got in and I. But the play with a laugh about it and yeah. And didn't have this you aren't yes yes as I did yeah a lot of bad press that it really happen yeah yeah that was excellent on ascetic comedy in me says yes yes. What he does funny yeah that was a way that slick that a few the few months ago we play that audio and it was it was we have a little thing is there. Yes and a few nasty thing whatever the plot of the aging action well. I'm not gonna wanna get them now and I. Now on the team that will be out that nothing in an innocent letter sent in my eight million new generating material and not imminent but certainly he has passed for her as. She became significant again yet it about away. It is customary in other words do that it. That in that way. Now now you know our friend Paul Geary from the ball and they'll always at least. I gotta toy apology was that Paul but it can we ever out of prosper plug it in. And they love longtime longtime longtime longtime friend this program. And we're talking with Sebastian walker earlier bomb on Andy was talking about how we bought your car. Yes yes the yes the what they're losers you know that mom and where did determine that at 101000 dollars he said he paid for your kind was it human as 25 years ago obviously right at probably about right who has and how do you guys know each other just from them like Hollywood from Adam. And let's give it meets a friend and just not fat Monte pet you know wondrous and you get over there ever were you ever in any music videos that he would have been perfect in an extreme that it. As in I added in wine and Casey says say he was an insane when humans I think I did burn you for him and they. You know in costs and viewed instead between me canyon in all ads are going that the neck yeah I. Harder and man delighted reboot it is well yeah. She was I'm. I'm right yeah. That's the only five girls but whenever they got to give give Illinois and now comes the decision out of got to give him credit he brought the video which is shared by Richard on Don and yeah I did now for a it's. All right we're interviewing limit buyers here but luckily caught I'm. And just just odd occasion. Just it is just to get this thing Hill Man Morning Show on his arm just a part of the team. Visit next there who'd like to know if you're on snapped yet. And we Juli is not that I've really matter it leads him on as limit on the my publicist and he is. Not something that I've athlete of art and and the grand. If you answered it yourself it's and it's happened to Anna and put yourself and put yourself. Now what about do you have like we know we see all these girls in not insecure and they haven't Amazon gift list do you have an Amazon atlas the final I have is that I want to buy you something would be. An impediment to you haven't put a list together. In an opponent. I'm leaning on mass environments and single now yes and that really hate him now is at Hartford is a heart beat you it is decide to do to kind like I like how does that. How does that work like are you worried that somebody's after you for years for your thing. Mean there's thoughts and think anyone has any and is anything this Nazi you have. After spending it and added despite higher and you rate takes its unnoticed on the yesterday and I mean there's there's some single Marines over here those guys saying that it is it then a pretty good. And I got that up. What is it now what kind of Deedee do you what do you look for most in a man if you have a tight yet you haven't yet this does terror read appetite. Honesty they is not as he makes you the company's fun academic and the biting play. Elena part time. You know robbing convenience stores are. He's got on the back in there and earnings have. Resident bad. And I right ski masks and I know that I that elegant talent out the ever get invited like did you ever get invited to go to that that rich guy who invites the hot smoke showed chicks out. To that ball things. You know that kind of talk about this when Avic. I ask haven't done I'm not talking about it Ernie I got done. Anybody above. No there isn't you know what you guys these and I'll give you guys you have a low priced I have to admit it and and yeah I am glad you're gonna Playboy Mansion and the universe every swim in the ground. Net Adam he's getting at that you're doing it they water ally act that passed. Okay soup of the out of you know vanity. That did you ever date Pauly Shore. It volleys or whenever I make you well know there's. There's a rich guy who please. A celebrity a female celebrity. To go Indians with him at this it's like in Australia Anderson no knowledge. This yeah is that it's like in Austria or orders or somewhere around. Today at I think and I can't cash in it yeah. Kim Kardashian yes yes I have yet an adamant and I listened speaking of dating time in May be available soon. That well she's gonna debate over the holidays whether she's gonna dump him now have your back on and yeah what do you think of he's he's isn't it incredible performer is odd in person now. An island and place it yeah. He seemed is that in some of his behavior is actually acting talent and what I've met with then he seen it in and that we got to put him and Jenny McCarthy together and that it got RadioShack again. Imagine that. No I it's not it's aka what about the Kardashians what do you what do you haven't and I didn't create the unit and. Athletic that image in. At the Cannes Film Festival. The villainy make this class. Let's yeah yeah it yacht TI yet and the key for. Issues that you can't where this is an and the she's worn but Healy found one Finley and Valencia and generally found out online and oddly had Clinton had we're. But it does not grow up. Well can we ever round of applause for particularly. A text or wants me and asked about American pie flies when oh it was it would anyway they want and also is it is happening or did that happen and nearly it hasn't happened yet but there's a lot of talks about it and. The clinic in pre pre production. It. When you guys all have kids and stuff that's when he's been excellent but they are talking about it if that happened at legal and accretion and something and charts would attack with Libya and comes. I don't think it has it okay. NATO can buy anything that you would do that right I mean I have my yeah it. Why why not why not anything is off and so Pacman right on my mind but he's. Yeah it's. Hard and didn't really have liked it it's become really technical meaning. When it as and I did not start in part they really added as an houses and lots of them in the thinking that in fact that evidence of improvements act. Amending. It is now. I think our producer rep brought it up you know we've heard you might become an on you know it's like you shark NATO is what was airplane. Before you were born like. For the rest of line. People stumble line you know. Shark NATO ago. It's been easy you've seen this you know is like airplane yet point five girls that find airplane. Oh my jive Turkey why you know they could save. School. There's a there's text there that would let me ask what you're favorite issues. And make it it did it means. Ticket that I was that seems now that is unlike with that than me let me on Demi Lovato out there than in every room. The pastor ordered favorite dish wasn't she said she liked months. I'm so you'd think it's so you can tell you and I are at it video game yeah you gotta you gotta include Gallinari yes he got to the food category. I quote out of prosper after. I read. Anything. They as grabbed for letting me be here and it's agree because the greatest game but for Tillie is in that. Thanks for tots Italy's legendary Nazi thing. In the Marines that you for being and all you fine people.