Matty & Nick's Friday Night Flights

Friday, May 18th

Its a new favorite segment on the show called Friday Night Flights! Why is it a new favorite? Because BEER! That's why!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. It's the end of the week you're looking to kick back relax and enjoy a couple cold winds. But I hard day at the office. How is your job at the back very hard along now has a chance to hone your craft and tear what he'll lose you lose we'll. It matters to me that we get to the bar and let us billiard glass with knowledge free women make is back there. Clear eyes full beer. Can't lose welcome to Friday night flights within that he had me. Whitney Burk. Jason also. And my buddy Ben Kaplan from here advocate are in studio welcome guys Friday night flights the first ever there. That is an expert we love you being here now Ben you and I met. To our mutual love of the black crows correct your friendship with Chris Robinson. And for a rich Robinson we've come backstage we've hung with them back from a sexual we are crow bros with a term that I have. Come up with myself. I think we should make T shirts hash tag crow bro at least two yes OK we will do that job and excel but I you're here tonight not start with a black crows we could go oh we will. Osce and but nick here you have a beer advocate has a Belgian beer festival coming correct correct June 22. And third at the same courtroom so you and I were talking about oh let's when we had you guys gonna do the first you know fight and I flights. As you are the beer experts by the way your new addition of your at it fifty of the best new breweries is out right now go grab it. We said let's come in and talk about the Belgian tussle Belgian and nick hyped up and goes up. Not a fan. Really dig on the Belgian Beers now if there is anyone who's gonna possibly walk me through how and why I can learn to love. Belgian beer drinking its peer advocate real quick just in case at a in the audience doesn't know beer ads because I usual website all the time I'm a reader big fan. For the audience is on ten seconds beer advocate is. Ten seconds founded in 1996. By Jason tar balls from Jason's with us today. The magazine started in 2006. I mean it's your go to web site for everything beer. It's a tremendous resource to have to learn about beer beer styles to review Beers. They would advertise that fact Matty everytime I go to Pacquiao and I seed beer like him I wonder how this race. Percent due beer can type it resolutely tickets are for hire. The rotten tomatoes of beer bingo what we're about to we release are app. So you'll be able to go you want to look it up whenever our QQ code scanner. So you just pick up the beard ski in the bar code and and you review to pop right up for a while you make it easier if you if you took out. Let's show now you took the shells venues and I'm gonna convert knicks are gonna do that next when Emeka weighed on this flight on the other side but I will ask you one more question I feel like this is missing something. Between two programs. Much much better. So then. Before we get into the flight. Define Belgian for us to Belgian beer what are we talking about wells I don't know. Belgian Beers any fear from from Belgium. Put a lot of American breweries now or are brewing intelligence styles and and some do was very very well some not so what characteristics of a beer I mean. He's the you know finals. It's. And it's hard to describe you really get a taste to me in front of you guys now is is this season on from a local government side. Kate Cambridge brewing company that makes him yes they do our our body will Myers has been brewing beer. Think for over thirty years she's the first baseman for the San Diego Padres will Myers and her and I kind of have but but I think he's forgotten more about brewing and we can Evernote let's infrastructure like now like a big one on the game in Cooperstown correct reason by the way I go the other Baseball Hall of Fame. Go up there that makes him that's really good carriers as dry the first of our six right now normally and will be at the fast on the M 26 now so this is what again then this is assays on or otherwise known as a farmhouse they were actually originally route in the winter to be consumed almost saw. Oh my god. Nick c'mon that's good elicited to list who. What's it medium you know. 4% focused it's incredible it's not gonna four point Brothers Alexander let's say let's say you've got red meat taste yeah. Somebody brings you a nice piece of seed that you may not be received food and you can at least appreciate the fact that there's great flavor which there goes an excellent receiver. I have as gonna say that this would make it killer food be it. I've very. It's got the a little orange peel and it is well and what gives it gives it not the phone that you get from an idea it's even just it's the justice to those in eastern. Right up against a break we'll continue down our flight and one some beer advocate turned the substance of yes this will be FaceBook live we come back at the top of the six. It's Mattie it's nick. It's Britney Jason and then from fierce advocate and that. It's rock and roll by the but because I'm sorry everybody it just is. CNN. Jason also found dirt here advocate along with my buddy microbe row Ben Kaplan. And it's pretty it's. And now from peer advocate. They are here it is Friday night flight we are all making our way through a flight of Belgian Beers then is dropping knowledge this team's teaching us. About the finer art of fear making beer advocate is available now. They've just about their new if you fifty of the best new breweries. Then before we get back into the flight sheer. Which New England which local breweries might puff of a make an appearance in your fifty of the best you breweries. You can think god. Not all of them as any other like family feud there's no wrong answer here are right I can I had an amateur I don't I don't pronounce it runs about a kiss and it seems very masses. In my world class Beers up there on the North Shore from Gloucester ma wow highly recommend them North Shore in some love. What would you say is the beer state what did the beer at the end of the year senator if you will regulate it says it's gotta be the Boston Terrier and we have over a 140 breweries in Massachusetts and there's not there's actually some great breweries out western mass right writing obviously Azumah treehouse for them. If your if you like hoppy Beers building eight's out there yet. And making amazing Beers with that and there's white lion in Springfield the exactly and I love every girl in any errors and in the eighties and quick reminder this hour's powered by Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned vehicles visit certified pre owned sales that you may 31. This second BR our flight. I feel like something's missing X it is between me intimate program for the caps of the Jesse I'm starting to get my music. Good music you play the event and now he's got to crawl Boehner who do. I'm really proud owners it's called the corona. Have yet yet again this that you does Chris ever ask about me let me backstage of them I wanna say yes but. Do you like that interview dividend you know he did know it was great it was a good we really got into about his death of his father like stuff you know isn't talked about you do great god. Those suffering. I saw this second beer here in our Belgian. First like a storm Cambridge hear words like and that was working class hero. Which is assays on include companies moved want to Alec cash white which is with here. I like I'm better it's it's an excellent here we've we've we went from four point 5% alcohol to five point two it was working our way out. Not record. Yes. This is a great fear itself very pale cloudy and appearance are due to being on filtered and high level of and very good this is the one's got a little coriander orange peel and you see some of the a lot of American bruiser or put him you know they're touched on this. Diligence done. Feel like if I walk into a bar somewhere new England and I see that they carry this by the bottle. I stop and think you know what whoever pioneer knows their fear they do even though I may not be the biggest Belgian beer fan. If this is on tap for this is available by a bottle I think all right I can drink here this is a great example of the snap I've been robbed tied up and our guys. 1990 Ford decided to start food Belgian style Beers and nobody knows who everybody thought he was crazy. And he's done very well do you guys get rock star treatment because your beer advocate if people stop you be like. Eight man every two guys go to I've never but we have to look at may have peaked out like you guys are like. Like I'm eight did you guys. Worked for Kenner toys. I mean not so much with Jason off from our founder right here him and his brother Todd. When I first started work Foreman couldn't go anywhere without people stopping them industry. Yes and you backstage with Chris Robinson hang around at the rock star like by the way us it was important it suggests that bed and I. That cro grows it was a call ourselves of the black bros on second thought maybe not. Thank god I'm gonna I've got to go I'd drink through that kind. Let's start at third and our flight is that okay we want to go by the way your generic radio voice bills coming up six when he that number 617. 7795. Or five or still time to sneak one in. You keep these comic con man well what I. And I don't sound like that it's I'm talking about. This this is actually what amount we found a five years. I don't have a show for like hill man. It's called what our third of our flight hearings on it so nick are you slowly being converted what you said about and so far they show is. You know what he's still getting so drunk he's actually enjoying The Black Crowes right now. Stay in your lane and slow your rolls on right and can't and it just came just. Now we're taking the training was more of an all over the emotional highlight that if you have questions for the experts of beer at the key to tax them ninety's that wasn't we have one already for you then. And team. 541 about the way we are FaceBook live. Honest as you look so having small that was standing around it's adorable suspends him for your time on late pop 541 Ben and team how does beer advocate feel about. Ginger ale as a Pallet cleaner. I mean if it works for you sure I mean I like to use oh at this hour here in fact we're gonna go move onto Flanders red. Soon and I think they really don't ever I think that's great palate cleanser what do you mean you Sowers in between Beers look especially with hoppy Beers in me personally I mean everybody's. Taste is subjective and it doesn't work for you try something else Georgian drill work through this person low one chicken a lot of hoppy Beers yeah I thought you were taken trademark well also if I did a lot of hoppy Beers you get this thing called out palace fatigue. Where he just you know you get so much in my wife and. Telco has that my wife Yoko has talent but he and he quit a lot if you go to think Pallet that G. I'll take. And most first world terms straight Saturday Alex. Hey I'm in the Gaza Strip have such palate fatigue a yoke of maybe united nothing but right now fatigue that's got to come with like. It's over flavoring Beers hop bomb them out like the reds and Justin washes out your taste intricate double IPA's you have two or three of them you know it taste anything after that if you goes like to remote that's why we started off. Later were working their way we went the opposite way by the time we got down to these peers when tastes all right got. How does that this is this is what my favorite visible to analysts that top three this call or volunteer group by monks it's it's an original Trappist oh my god this campaign to take take a fine Somalia that's why that's why it popped out its willingness of pop it's it's got to a while eastern and collaborative MIT's accused of that really dry flavor many that's the guy that comes off the bench to the Celtics are up coyotes want him like three and then last night. And I Jalen brown sits down by ten of these these kind of into the game for ten MI for ten MIC I'm due. Then once that's what the Australians spread on the sandwich in the tail lights that's a bad termite mounds are the Belgian festival tell us about that I fear fest we have coming up sure. June 22 23 at the psychodrama. Tickets are still available but they go fast neither the fault Friday night which is 22 is already sold out OK we have two sessions on Saturday the 23. Because it didn't stay inspirational tales and we still tickets available for that so how does one get tickets wanna be your advocate dot com. And he's going to put on events there's actually gonna do is little floating bar right there's visitor to student Belgian Beers click on this but. Tons of your advocate dot com slash events and can buy tickets were influencing. Me I taste like this and telling you get yourself to this festival. It's not listen to the American Keith Richards. Why you name. CR being with the fine folks from here that the kids are. Reagan Friday. The world burns around us but it's Friday so where on beer flight here on Matty and nick. That's the planet we'd like to live in fifty of the best new breweries beer advocates new addition. Go get it now what a beautiful magazine it is Britney. Jason and my pro roe Ben Kaplan here locking us to a Belgian beer flight converting nick nick. Three Beers in its out here counsel he's hoping a new idea Belgian beer and number four pop it's gonna talk about yourself on it's run on FaceBook lie. I. Then. The way it should be subject to anti climactic. This is our third or fourth. He lost him. Our client I hear number four it's a flight we're just taste actually spitting off swallowing. There's a joke there I don't know if so just there's other. Frowning faces in cars are now like c'mon what because I don't want to over do it I'm just right sampling spitting at thank goodness FaceBook live as an on and of course you can visit us at FaceBook dot com but WA AF rocks. Where everyone knows Matty has not been spending but while Crowe broad band what is this one on our sister and I don't want a butcher the pronunciation here right Brittany can you do it you know the analyst bring great younger she touches here wicked smile I'm not sure I'm gonna get it right and I can pretend like that bush insisted bush. When he got to support him. But I think also Morgan that's the thing is exactly Perseus at the and a clash of the titans that thing is wicket. I don't care if it was in the ankles pollen then probe of why try this I think something's missing I think quite. Because every sit now starts with his the soured displays to being hammered over their head. Right come on FaceBook here with me right. I didn't see flooding like give me applauding life. If a lot of hard. Which now you can play in the. Why have you gotten your life off well. Mickey good. Leon hostage. And stopped him. It's like yeah syndrome I know he liked what they eat eggs because he's at in his basement for six here is click that syndrome with the I am now on all of the stock of in this case that's. I what does this one. Stockholm syndrome. This is a Flanders room. Probably referred to read their read years of less pleasant. Like body reddish brown color. We're known for their over our students our wildlife that's almost as an hour. The take a tart yet almost as. Which I created by the special eastern that they use that OK now this is this is my palate we've that are specially especially eastern this is my favorite alternative and a college. Terrible to shame what happened there lead singer. This tastes like why did. The apple cider vinegar in my cabinet decided to do steroids. And just die. You're you're you're changing set of figures showed up but just get rid of devoted woman makes dates this is like. Is an order five intense. But it's a familiar flavor. Yeah the decision get that first note. Then it just like punches the back here now. We'll stick Steelers two I mean this is just a lot of complex things going on here and these are these are apparently so these really wild. Long term cast. What's our percentage here about it in the fourth 67. Thing in the way that they get did you when he tutorial on whatever into Philly it's another with a taste kind of champagne. Right it's got a very effervescent very bubbly it's it's very. This is campaign after days this is actually blended here who younger years and older peers. What is it now looks all right so we're in a respectable number six Jason. Yeah we're kind of glad it. Might add after the first days if you have a beer like this. If you're not used to that little bit of Parker that comes with a second set and know exactly. Second set it was is it great we re very wise and life. We have the questions. Coming in the tech savvy experts are here's an interesting one this is a little controversial perhaps 61 sevens this question of the experts. What you think some of the people. Pretend that they like I PA's and very hoppy anti Beers as it were and and and not drink the Budweiser and things like that you think there's an element of that. I mean if anybody pretends to light Beers and and I think they're doing I mean I wrap Eileen just you have exactly I mean. Nothing against Budweiser and all that I mean I I I grew up treating bush like you know make but I think once you try some of the Beers. You get. You just hit convert that's what we're here to do that today he didn't like. Belgian Beers I look at it now perhaps look at look I don't look at you kidding me at at this and I'm happier man. I'm only gonna work till 4 o'clock I'm gonna open my borders I'm gonna be best friends with the French I'm gonna have. Fries with everything and did that man is Susan just with religious we veggie. Actually you mentioned earlier just a moment ago that you grew up and doing bush lite correct her. There is a viral video circulating. Through the Twitter sphere right now that has two million views as of this morning we would like to actually share with you on Josh I believe just loaded it moments ago. It's called bush like. He had that right there yeah Sosa I a beer fan. Wanted to pass along exactly how one should enjoy a bush lite I think you do to listen it's. They heal this exercise is now just pouring it out alternately. That's how bush lite is best enjoyed looking at two million views now everybody had everything everything has its season everything has its moment and as you wanna find out that gay sometimes and sometimes you want accord quiet sometimes cut away. Anywhere else I didn't want us we'd like that you want with a metal guard Jeremy we should we should yes because I we have respond to do that. That these are I generic radio voice mails were guys were the audience gets a chance to college and share their thoughts on life the world in the show today so. Make it go maybe we'll actually have some commentary on our Friday night flights if I hope so. Hey you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voice mail the place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the that's your message now. Brought you by the great out of this world legendary extraordinary mouth watering overwhelmingly delicious meets at the limos market in Worcester fresh cold cuts kill Voss and more 43 Mildred street and Lester that's 43 members Judah was there for whom would you him. No matter how or POT. Know people are no not of course. He can all our. Mineralized body. And the message popcorn. Pop corn popcorn pop corn popcorn potato salad potato salad. Strawberry ice country. Popcorn ATM but what I wouldn't pull him. Stabilize itself being through tomorrow night what's important article wiping it. I think what we -- with LeBron because gonna back. Load up or sought but now they're in there right there. I bit my lip. Like London that his beer advocate team predictions for the Celtics. And win this thing I think that we win this round about. Yes it tough. To listen to hit a series that is to beat him I think it is right now man. Who wouldn't want him. Yeah who. Would we be left you have the right message I. I. Did that it is important that you wait this is a lawyer for mr. Robinson Stanley Robinson brands incorporated. Yes good form and you were using does that hurt. Crow whereas they could have system that seems that there's there's immediately. Just going to get a courtesy call then for sure. Or you're so good that he's here and it's certainly not ever see a court order ever again. And that message I don't know I think the Robinson family. State weighing in no crowd or no chrome oh no pro growth is we have to stand down there and yet a Britney com. We're getting the budget texts asking about the festival again. People want to go to this thing how can they get year festival. Absolutely city got tickets available online at your advocate dot com we've got a banner read at the top speaking click to get your tickets. It's going to be fantastic Friday night is totally sold out but we do have tickets available for both sessions on Saturday. Session on his friend noon to 330. Says that she was from six to 930 we've got over thirty bearers are going to be they're gonna have over a hundred Belgian and Belgian inspired Beers from some of the best burgers in the country. It's gonna be a ton of fun resin and has some great food available through to get out and authentic Belgian waffle iron there in got grilled cheese eaten at a KO pie it's going to be. And. Well I think it's been a smashing. Success for our first Friday night flight like think for Burke he's an awesome in my crow bro that's right. Ben Kaplan I nick have you been converted so far but I don't early convert I'm I'm I'm Howard great job that regular good. Flavors cascading down my palate the rest of the way up late. The sheriff. Just a great way.