Massachusetts State Police Benevolent Fund - Dana Pullman

Friday, October 20th

President of the Massachusetts State Police Union joins us in studio to talk about the new limited time state police license plates that proceeds go to the state police Benevolent fund. Check out to see and purchase these great plates!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Let's bring Dana in here. Yeah. Our good friend Dana Holman of the Massachusetts state police. Has arrived here this morning on ray and obeying Friday he has the greatest. Potential radio voice whenever Dana is on the shell. People talk about how he should not be in charge of the state police union but he should be on the radio because of his voice. Dana good morning thanks for immigrant issue ol' USA. Literally I don't think he's a bit better. Radio is mandated that a responsibility. Effort to stop what everybody does that rate may now. Did you hear that voice blew an out of the speaker on top of the cruiser I'm like yeah. Only adds yeah yeah. I drive into the ocean Paula and all of our. Well it's good to see. It's great you can now. There's big news. Because you guys finally have your charity license plate which is available from the registry of motor vehicles here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It isn't just came out. Basically it will roll Saturday. The registry of motor vehicles web site and people would preclude its history it technically it's now plates of being delivered to local registries where you tools that were delivered. Can't thank you enough for taking one and then yo little family members and Slovenia eight. By the way that number 107. I don't know actually ready often expect it was a guy that goes just the look and it was yeah let me ask them as a matter if it's. When I. Coincident mean I was ran oh I'm sorry I meant to say I meant to say it was a random drive and that number and I got a number one is that I was the only unavailable. Tell tell everybody how they can't tell everybody how they are in get one of these plates and support there law enforcement. People will was dismembered Evelyn fluently and it. Registered website which is to be masks can be dark which. I have to read abuse it's as little. That's only. Offer that that. The plates commodity forty also plea twenty tools of your initial. Contribution ghost movie on and renewal please forty. Years which opens when. And shows people support from what we've. That's awesome yeah. And the benevolent fund helps families. Cool when an officer is lost in line of duty were is injured and all that right that's what the benevolent years. We put this articles to prison and personnel first who. Exhibit in the catastrophic. Loss or serious injury. Or medical listen we'd be able to. Be because of support. Foundation. We re Ottawa policy groups and people of excellence and you know what's known. Hope this feeling crosses the people. A 100% of this is going to. People. November 4 we reload if you look at the Renaissance seat or so and pesticides are you going to be a fundraiser. But he two months. We do. And I think it's. Are there any particular plate numbers that are not available how many do you have how many total are there any of these old. And so purchased at an event that's all we specialty loan. From one. Wolf. Extremists. Auctions once one. Is is is too seldom get plate number 121000. Army physical media. Hey here's radius. Will jumpstart. I don't know its arms it's pretty. Networks. That are in game. And they still. Other convicts still making license plates. How does that weigh and I imagine it's the candidate and usually the rule to me Beasley for us. I'm looking yeah I guess a couple of months certainly there everybody would run about Ben Johnson played so. I got. That's what's necessary wrote about it right. Now here's somebody who wants them though is the fourth when he played and still available. This. You can ask for and has the outcome of one can come to you repeat after me. Luke I'm your father and that Boehner and that. We're talking with our bow Dana Pullman from state police about houses the new state police license plates on re in broad day and Friday it's a window dang. For the license plates. Pelé. Oh yeah what's going on. Out of my way to work I just wanted to ask the officer if all these planes are available for commercial vehicle. Plates available for commercial and us and are okay it's it's a street and hopefully there's no vanity personal initials on. Letters excuse me as well as might play it was going to be. ID one who. Yeah yeah I was very disappointed that it wouldn't. And into every computer wouldn't do it and that politically about and unfortunately yeah. Here is a tolerance to Rouse the faster before I'm back and I don't think he can continue to get the putter and I can't get the letters and definitely it is a very. Here's a taxed from a former. Lee in the coffee shop employee either wrong any plans to have a felon a license plate in the near future we'll. I was kind of retreat under coffee with cops yeah and these. We will look into it he goes what is a. Plus yeah in my. That Lance yeah definitely agree exactly if sensor and a half hour how the moon ago. Obama. He goes through troopers soundly in could that could be that could be. A good artist. I well. It's it's a really really cool way. Honored those who have. Have served for the mass state police and that helped the benevolent fund out and so go to the registry of motor vehicles web site reset read that one more time for its. Like to have information about benevolent fund event that you go to www. Bible one actions on. Always slash. Low and wait gala. All right good and everything that's. It's not nailed it though that. Good work by you guys in and that's what State's forty dollars is Ellen yeah. Portable illumination and it's. It's nice. Support. My outlook and forward to the big bad. You know kind of food you're gonna have yet that the event yes I have a testing. Protocol based. The apparently the wanna me Greg you'll be dual boot to the door. After careful what little noticed and I lost the last posted up and I usually post up right by the kitchen that's like at the first server. All right I am much psyche that is in Pullman. Massachusetts state police and the benevolent fund and and the union and they do great work.