Marathon Monday - Roseanne Sdoia

Monday, April 16th

We are joined by friend of the show and friend of the Greg Hill Foundation Roseanne Sdoia who is a survivor of the 2013 Marathon Bombings who recently wrote a book Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength and Recovery After Boston's Worst Day!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We are joined. Right now. By rows in the delay who is a Boston Marathon bombing survivor. And a friend of the great guild foundation a friend of the show and Roseanne has written a book which is called perfect strangers. Friendships strength and recovery after Boston's worst day. And five years to the day that that what happened here happened no one will cameras and to the show hey Roseanne. Greg are you. I'm good how are you doing today. That they don't keep we are you having me today. Well. It's that I think it's a day a very moving thing you know I ever since what happened happened that we've been we've been back here at the capital grille and I IE you know I will as somebody who was just a spectator that day and our foundation event. I will never forget that day so I can't imagine what it's like for you guys but one of the but one of the kind of the mean things about your book is about what it has been like for you over the last five years. And about how most of you have that have been able to turn one what happens in two in in many ways positive which I think is. For all of us who didn't go through what you guys have gone through it's it's hard to think about that that's sort of the theme of of of your book grows. It is doing the book wasn't. Doesn't that that everybody could mean that what happened not say I think we all know what happened not saying. So it would really marches here that good that has happened after the fact because those stories they make them out. Probably more so locally and nationally or you know it just import dependence here that's worried that yes it was an awful awful day. One and it what it. You know everybody in this area or the other but also that there's been almost Gooding and friendship and love that come out of it and you know if that's a marathon it's not April 15 that's abstract it's people that won't blend the meat particularly Marathon Monday case. They both represent something completely different she need. And they both say they're tough but it's more fellow of the good and what's gone on content from those two days. Well you're like a lot of people. Art today we in fact we talked about this on the show last week I you know might my father. And mother used to Pak us into the station wagon every year and we've go a lot of room to watch the marathon. And he's your your family was saying you would you would always go watch the marathon in five years ago today. You ended up not coming down here to boil since. Yes yep etiquette for I don't how many years I found that the same thing had I done so many times have. And down and not a front running such as. It would it what others say that's following along on the after getting notified where they weren't talking. About clean up front should have been coming. Within seconds of that second aren't going not Q let me. Q profit was you know was able to feel the impact that it but it was wasn't that close luckily pink pink slip. Is that one of those things you think about is out I would imagine that going through what you went through. You think about how seconds either way or moments either way or feet. You know physical physical distance either way couldn't make such a difference. Funny thing is Greg I I don't I don't the only thing I think about is different I honestly feel that I was lucky we err I black. Because and and I feel awful for the other people but I wasn't out injured at a lot of other people work out I Marx who guerrillas right behind the heat he's. Still having issues today not I would eat the mark Richard and then he blew. And you know those four people worse so injured I mean they I it it. I just. Don't think of what if I just think that I've been very fortunate. That I wasn't an injured and I wasn't. You know I am I would I'm able to how people now you know that if he can cure it so well with the people that came into my life. And that happened to me maybe we've always try to surgeon all the way up you glued now has been itself. Yes so what's a cock you know the book is really about three people who were there for you that day. And continued to be a big part of your life so that tell us a little bit about those three people. I'm very thankful that sort out there at the time of the college student yet liquid courage and am not going to. All of those yet he let under age I don't know finger at us. Cause but unless he was how old man and 120 years I think I think it is twenty OK I think you know it's funny. And so I you know Ali you're kind of mash together at that point but. Yeah he was underage any at a little liquid courage killing gone so I. He tried academy on the sidewalk it strike you gave me out of that area but I told them there was no way to cap could thinking to have a leg. Yeah handicap I meet in the middle of oil in street and then there were many other people cute and it come on Saturday. Not just these three particular people but he didn't read that for whatever beat really want to get tight aren't. There were several firefighters and other oil mystery how that it can come upon the need. As well as I appreciate it to hold who are sort holding the tourniquet on my leg and and you know credit technique. I got my feeling telephone numbers do what I can make a phone call to let them know. You got a bit injured they basically said it had a broken leg didn't really want to give you any eating out. And and and and out while the rest did that oil ministry out we're kind of working on getting people like to be transported. Make Nigeria. And over assisting a couple of the other victims scene if there was anything that he could do to help them. And as he was moving on you come across as to where that's the guy cleric eerily like Noah craft floating down in. They ended up voting me into the back of Tom. Firing at patty wagon and god and Mike came along with into the hospital. And you ended up marrying night. We. Which Virginia now is really good news because you can have you can even have the worst day of your life and you hear someone and so there's still hope for you to and you out like I you can still edged out so inspirational. Things are right over here. Yeah I've heard over here. So that it. You get that I act if I act like if I'm not that bad I haven't gotten here now what about. Well and so. In the case of it and and remind me again of the gentlemen and whispers there for you the source guy what's his name. Sort opera yes. In his case when you read the book. He was an able. To talk with his parents about what it happened that day and until until he got to meet you. And to see that you were doing okay. That's yes I'd. You just been such shock. What had happened when he beat what he you know went. He was actually in the middle of our note that northeast and it is so he was really trying to you know I think focused on on getting to the final thing. It was just very hard for you to verbalize what what I think you hit it band and he stopped. But they didn't know the expensive of what he did. And which. I I couldn't have done it at first when I turned to run I don't know anything about going to see what happened out of our site I would almost one out of there. And down and he ran and it and truly amazing and you know you can constituent that he needs to run it and how that day and you think it's actually. The youngest. And you know honor. Joseph Carr where's he is saving eight college student and he chewed Q. Trying to inflict such pain and harm people but I think. Get back and really kind of helped bring more love him individually you keep this city Bachmann in the sense you know I can't. You know the tragic tragedy that happened that day in and that's every a lot of people are doing a lot of good stopped for a lot of good charity that and then. I don't know it's just truly amazing. And I hit it exactly like that he'd actually running. The marathon today they had lost counties in which we settlement GAAP one of the gentleman asked the beacon street buyer whose body out of it firehouse on this front and ostentatious as though. If marathon he's not around there and I just played that he does okay. We guard joined right now by Roseanne. She's Boston Marathon survivor in America I'm bombing survivors she's written a book. Which is called perfect strangers. Friends I've friendship strength and recovery after Boston's worst and I I wanna. Touch on something lead as mentioned you you know the book title says Boston's worst day. But do you think in some in in some ways that. In light of what has happened afterwards and and what you experiences also may be Boston's best and. I I look at it in the end it and like I absolutely absolutely could I have got your. So many people do so many good that's good yeah. How attic and he is it getting prosthetic the people who can't or. You have the Chilean many foundations that thing strong that helping. Doctors try to figure out how to connect content that you people brain that he serves so that you can almost walk naturally and it via the art I don't party at its student so many different people trying to eat so much good out there that. You know I think it's just it's it's added it's also brought a lot of I not specifically the bonding that. I've just noticed that there's so much more attention to the stability in the media and in app tightening in it and seeing all of these. You know things that people wouldn't believe how about before I feel like. Even the media or ancient to the opposite I'm in that they believe a lot of these other people buy it just didn't. And that meeting dirty block here. What will you do on a hot do you are you somebody I know that there is there's some survivors who do come here today. And there are some who still can't what what what do you do today because Mike is running will you be down here in and what do you think about if you if you are coming. If you think the bonding. I've gone back every year since but I've worked my way into a crowd a little bit out. We just evolving watch party in 2014. Batted behind the collapse and injury all and I kind of know what the crowd. Second here Greg I was that here I was that the capital grille a little bit right it really go into the cloud so much. With a little bit by the fire Asia and it. But what I wave back in in a lot to your source green jacket with a bit that I get bored about it foundation. With no way to kick in the crowd waiting and watching and cheering for him. So yes I will be get this year I would be apt to have that the saudis to watch again because I have done that I've given a hit it to run against a car. And and like learning how can I I don't I'm not there. Exactly you're black if I went there on the docket it is. But I have credentials to get the finish line later today so that's odd to be in and around town and it's done. Traveling with my family who's going to be there to cheer him on it immediately as that are coming to protect kids in. You know I just thought and Ali on rain or shine no fleet you know it I've always been there it's art we eat there. Well what you know you did a great video for us for our foundation day's events. A few weeks ago. And I'm just always. So you know on the big day like I you know I get older something I get a cold and I'm in bed for five days mining. And I broke my ankle and it was four weeks on the whining like a man on the radio so I'm. What you guys have been able to do what you have done since that day and and what all of you. Are are able to do I think is an inspiration for the city and it is chess and it's it's amazing to me your story is amazing. And your your courage is amazing and the the courage of everybody on that particular day who as you mentioned earlier. Who didn't run away they ran they ran toward what happened. Whether they were first responders and that's what they do or whether they were spectators who were there. That's the kind of people they are is just it's so inspiring so. I think there's a lot who you know where it's it's hard to believe that it's been five years but there's a lot that we can look to. On on Boston's worst day as as things get inspiration from and I mean is it. Is it amazing to you that it's been five years. Yes after I pay you really into thinking it had gone. You know that quick and then it also seemed so long. I honestly don't remember what it was like at this point to have to lag though yes I did that seem like a lifetime. But then I'm still learning different thing every head with the rest of my crap that they didn't. Still trying to you know build muscles that has kind of scary read it didn't it just out of Dayton today aren't. You know it just something that is different so it's it's just kind of really still very surreal. Yet it's a lifetime. Are you it's interesting there's there's it kind of a difference of opinion among. Survivors that I talked to with regard it we don't use the name of the of the two guys on the show who did what they did but. Are you. Are you still angry at families still are you you still is that where you've been able to to put them out of your mind and move on. I've always put them on my mind I don't know that yet they get something it to a lot of other people. But it if I'd really focus on that particularly the anti that I need to move forward. Or the energy that I need to use the paid back first so many people who. That's got to help us they want it and within minutes. You know I wanna focus all of my energy on helping people. I've overcome certain. Situation that bad I didn't elect whether it you know trauma at birth defects or whatever. I wouldn't have that energy if I focus on them I don't really even think I don't really think about it I honestly don't. Good for you and it's that that's an amazing thing to do so. The book is called perfect strangers friendships strength and recovery. After Boston's. Worst day and it is by rose and the and it's it's been great to have you on. And I hope that Mike does does great time wise today the guys eminent an amazing day and if we get the can't come on down here if you want and say hello co angler that would love to see it right. Thank you can't take it thanks for having me on it like I left him. Good luck. All right Mike good luck good luck might all right thank thanks Roseanne. I'm.