Marathon Monday 2018 - Rob Ninkovich

Monday, April 16th

We are joined at the finish line of the Marathon at the Capital Grille by former New England Patriot Rob Ninkovich who's taking in all the Marathon festivities shares his insight on what's going on with Gronk and the Pats!


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Thought. And there's our good friend former New England patriot Rob Ninkovich obese telling of the story it's also LB is telling this story. Hello I'm Tom let's get Ninkovich on the show here on museum showed up for the out party Ninkovich is of course. Now a a broadcast. Experts. Of course. Many of us believe. That should he be needed. You could immediate look at him being outlook it is seen Levi Seth I know I should be ready should he be needed he could immediately step on the field tomorrow. And dominate at a football field but how arguments to make of it I'm. I mean it's okay it's okay anything you know anything goes anything goes there is anything goes broadcast regularly and has come here because there. Yeah forty gallons in. Again this that's the first one let's try to get the microphones to use that service turn it on for the end of it all goes off. Yeah I was on the dollars. You know these are the same thing goes there and guess I need to discuss whether it was this weather can you imagine. I don't believe I played you played football in this weather yet on building laughing right now maybe because when I've been on the sidelines and I am crazy about water and anything in my issue. Right really so my feet deep way I'm. Really angry because it's sloshing around as a this bill does have been killed just laughs when he's dead because of like when. I'm like you know I got my shoes take them out tomorrow on the sidelines. And that put a towel on my feet. So that was raining hard you know I didn't wanna run down my leg and my sock shoe away so he just you know he's this animated kitty that bill impression again that was good. I mean c'mon like Jesus Christ. It's. It's an out group. Less than a should anybody feed into that act that work out underway today. And Robert mind tells him. I mean. I mean may be a little bit you'd you worry a little bit about that because you want to. You want rob to be there in full capacity for all the other guys on the team build the team and what not but. You know I think at this point rob. Rod didn't have to work out there is life you're still going to be the best evidently so it doesn't matter for me for him I would say hey rob. Pitchers over a year ago. I know you're gonna work hard there's a guy you know does is work outs in his basement by himself so he's gonna be in shape he's going to be strong. And he's the best guy he's the best fighter in the league so that's what I'm glad I'm not worried. I'm not worried about rob not being in shape was it that way so the only thing that you'd really miss out of that is you know guys CNN. This you know when you're young actor first set your guy you see Rob Gronkowski. Get that gas accused. You know you you kind of you look up to those guys and look at him as his role models in town so not having him around for the young guys seed you know that's by your your. Do what you miss out on so do you think in the case of grow on. I suppose we expect Tom also Thompson Qatar Qatar listen to taller well he's feeling like camels there introducing kids put it off. There are producing the best buddies thing. Two soccer. Down and so he's you know he's very involved in that yeah. He's he's hang him with her out France it's worth about 200 billion dollars while the army so so let's go to holidays like you know he's. The president likely that the Tom Brady if this guy. 200 billion. And my oil related in my book god these. Act. But do you re do you read anything into. I can lead yet to read into rock making a statement by not being there. You know I I think rob has. Made it clear that he still figuring out what he thinks is best for himself. This is the thing that I learned over the years of you know being a professional athlete. Guys go through a process mentally. Or the they've looked at. What they have left in the tank what they wanna have left when they're done and measure accordingly based on. What did their risk for reward wouldn't get a good return you know having a few super doubles having made a lot of money. Do you wanna continue to risk. You know your brain and your yeah he's in your arms and your action. You know I'm sure rob still wants to be able to do things when he's older you know similar to myself when I was looking in my career. My tip for eleven years. I've made enough money and good. Do I wanna continue to you know increase the tau protein production in my brain AK like let me just let me let me. Take your my kids my family. Enjoy my life and you know I've along the way I had a great time. One if you see rubles won a lot of football games yeah blessed with the best finalized so. Now it's hard it's a new chapters left yet respect guys in there they're their space to some guys they might need before offseason to figure out hey. Like myself why did the whole offseason worked out the whole offseason and is certain to say in my knees are small. Like. Can I get through another one in and feel okayed or are people an assailant didn't individual who feel he's looking pretty cool you know. I think would you retiring the way I did it almost made. My plea look better physically able Ninkovich was you know thinks that we made that we need and we need to we're he had yet as opposed to you go out there you don't look great yes. Give them off the field Ninkovich look terrible last year like that it's can't do it any more than that you are almost question retirement you know I believe today James Harrison is announces yeah. His retirement. Yeah he's James I mean look at that guy he's forty usable as a linebacker. You know that passed that's a lot of where terror and you know a lot of people they they Salem looked like you can still play it yeah I mean it's 45 year old guys that look great. But you go its clients. Every day. A lot and you're getting hit every which way by 21 year olds and dudes that are hungry because they you know they're trying to feed their family. And their own they're not set up yet so they're like hey your mind. Opportunity. So Kate let me let me take negatives and baptize them. I made an album let me compliment and Hilton head so. You're fighting that constant battle and then as you become that older guys like wolf. Man I really do still have it at that. Do it well hey I have an edge got to have that is so if you don't have the edge. That's and you run into problems disease you start. Not look like the guys that have room seats easily made me go to Ron in there and blast them now is like going to pile on kind of look at her. I grew as the good guys and I started very slowly walked. It's a and the 21 year old aren't getting any smaller older massive and they're fast and as I line minimum like. How are you 320 pounds you're faster there's a good half a dozen events like how does that make sense though you know I think. Given rob his spaces time let him work out let him figured out there and you know if if if he decided that it won't play anymore you gotta respect that you know he's he's played a lot of football he's put himself through a lot of pain and a lot of surgeries I mean. Most people don't realize some of the little things that you go through. And you could have a surgery I've had a few servers or have the surgery right after this season. I do rehab. And I'm nobody knows and answers yeah you don't say to them when those guys are good who have donor. There was a vote that split from surgery and because they suck you know it's it's probably had four file he sensors are usually yeah yeah I didn't hear it you know. We know about all of Greg surgery. That's after. Yeah. So yeah you know I don't know personally if you had them I just know myself I had I had to. That I would do right after the season and then you come back in your good you know don't miss anything humorous and you know what you don't. But for me that's an excuse you don't talk about. Haven't served as it did some some oh. You had a left shoulder let's let's test the shoulders outlets if he can handle this you know suits they just don't things go right into it and I loved. I love when he going through surgery and handed out by. Clipboard with a 32 pages yeah most of fill out now right. So list every injury or surgery that you had and then it just you know like there's too many until that's is. Note that the best when they put correct on the list that the I. I think they are there like dearest yell that right on your leg correct late did you did you include the penile enlargement Albion just how did tonight and I thought I was lucky enough to list. I had that I had that after the 92 season and that's why we have a great year and yet here we lost due out Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup list conference championships. And I went and I have disarmed not I wanted to talk about it as well it was a balance that I want to lower the senator finally listen to the circumcision and what are. Why why why wanna get circumcised it's an extra inch and she. And here they are getting AFL. That's exactly what my lip read it asserts that circumcision like. It's now. I told god rest his soul now. Why we're all literally when they're older if you don't have that years ago that indeed there right yeah so when you get older I think that you can have issues yes you know I don't know yet these. About the moose knuckle lifts the to this particular lift the did you did you have an emotional lift yeah. Good idea. And I he's got some hangers what I guy has got a real problem over there deadly mass I was gonna I was gonna get that done in 9 July 8 you know when you go we normally take a vacation you know we've taken July 4 week. I guess that plants reduce that and I'm proud my who bleached. Yeah ask and pray that we battle of the bleacher yeah well Rob Ninkovich. England patriots former New England needed to see you with us that the and it's huge to come down here marathon wise this my first time I first. I was gonna ask you come to any of the previous parties that yeah you know usually I'm in offseason so yeah today would have been the first days of you don't wanna go. You know running lifting and then you know feelings to him right now so. You know it's the first year figured I'd come out I did your ring last week invited me down this stuff it up to pass at a place that's next theme that I'm. I told them about it at all. Oh yeah that that's the thing I'm. I told him I reached out to my head yes try to find a parking spot them. You know you can yeah that's let's not be but let's be honest what happened he wanted to freak my next hour. Our guys Dow's lead the part he's that huge structure can find a spot January jobless garage. I was so excited I saw the moment in my. Put on a back seat and picked up. The part they notified very gonna know. I don't know a telemarketer they'll pull that goes yes it's it's amazing. To see these people put themselves homeless meter coming down the street. This would go walking down towards capital growth yeah. The wind is insane it is noon run actors and they're in the base to win in the hastily 1520 miles an hour it's raining. Your shoes are going to be way. Your whole body to be so good sense of that list now. How about you prune feet yeah. You're on your toes look like their brooms and let's. I and in excellent session yeah you get them it's Washington. Get a lot tougher bottles people run the next he has flashed. Didn't he help on the photos that I know this is an appropriate that you wouldn't do that some in the marathon but. You know how they have like the runners that run and it's hot and got the coastal water everywhere it was one of the poem for popular. Pages into did this someone stole in their face and seal it happened yeah you gotta go to Cleveland circle that was. I think out of Dallas downloads of college students it done now let's get a table full waters and you told one Hezbollah cannot get one box and just wants to see film that he gets it. You'll CEO he later on about 3 o'clock to seven museum splashing his face an article Janet. Let's see them here. Going to air this test that says I registered to him right there that is the giants decided that yes it can pull back 98 Johnny he's got a giants assure you mules don't and it's copper. I haven't that's and I betcha that's out of here it wouldn't on this I gonna put them back at it before you go because we're about to talk too late professional. Marathon investigator okay who proves that people who say they they finished well did not finish well he actually has a job investigating. Marathon sneakers. I'm put GPS devices don't act I think they do people believe relationships peoples everybody dosage everybody likes to have center right now from there. But what do you what do so and you've been doing some some odd media stuff but we're out what else is doing well I take mote rural school that morning that's. Blessing and a one some. The united yelled at a little bit more by the way through the clean things around my house does not having a job achieved it's more like K you don't have jobs of these jobs now so. That's that's will be difficult sometimes and I was you know things got to get away a little bit so. Didn't into the media thing been traveling a little bit ago back to my parents back in Illinois. My wife's from movies and so you know there are school Newser Fam I got a house. Down there that cost of living in Louisiana by the way is insanely cheap I'd but again it's. I'd say quarter but what it is and it is here where order is a house we have down there you brought appeared you know combine. Do you are studio overcome have a block away from here. Partnered to 280 square feet closer role 450. Green adds I can't do it you don't you don't off farm down on Louisiana when when I bought our house here in Foxborough is looking at his house might you one. How much for that. Doesn't have a brick on the second half full it's at colonial. The square box early and don't want that much money but yeah I guess you know. It's real estate thing up here it's it's a big deal so you know it wouldn't have been traveling. You know doing the media thing. Had a few opportunities around here in Boston so we're definitely I definitely am instead Boston all of this area and obviously the name and the patriots being able to have more opportunities you can live up to your whole life. That's fewer and less likely football it's funny that you yeah. Yes you can you'll be doing appearances that ace hardware stores all manage the years but I was I was in Springfield yesterday. I was at like like closed down Macy's is like a flat market they turned into a market. It was awesome at least Adidas who have lost their cool so heavy snows up for the opening of an envelope so don't worry about it he felt a hundred boxes sitting. Listen 500 I stood my fat ass dude gets 500 bucks an hour prayer that's pretty good I know her booking agent not bad or an hour late now for the bank whenever. I Rob Ninkovich great to see if things are coming out it is former New England patriot Rob Ninkovich. Different great guild foundation Boston Marathon viewing party what's which is gonna get underway. The end of our show today it is now.