Marathon Investigator - Derek Murphy

Monday, April 16th

We are joined by Derek Murphy a Marathon Investigator who cracksdown on those who try to cheat at the Marathon!


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And we are joined right now by Derek Murphy. Who is it's a professional. Marathon. Investigator. Derrick good morning how Mario. Good morning there aren't. Let. Mike Hsu brought you up to me last week and I was amazed. That we have enough marathon cheating that goes on and there is somebody who can in make a living from this hot. Cut it how did you end up getting in this. Curiosity. Then my second that I don't get that it thing that the first not a lot happier now have a job. I'm that they put them out. It it and let them into an open date it's basically an outlook and that certain. When you know how many people she met on that they're you know I crappy and that kind of blew up Andre Medvedev that the court in the bag and she did. Can get into the popular at another qualifying. Little levity it is yes it got to. A he got the principle I think here if you got a it's very kick you in the pop watch them in better out here that he's after that and all that went out and that she did it met and or Iraq. I was wondering how many more people like they're out there and so right it and I called down results from looking at. You know I mean split not let. Increased your public sector most races are the united what you out at and I cake and even beyond that label that determine just based on. But he's the eight that it on the part of the courses. Or otherwise she. I've been ordered that you have in order to get into the pot odds that that's let's focus mostly people who cheat their qualifiers the possible. Com what percentage of the people would your guess be. That she's in a qualifier in order to get into the Boston Marathon. My bad that that that that was advised there's probably eight you know every area partly. I bet that we're about 400 or so runners. This is that those who like that and hit it where like copying in court in their voters opting to get on the course at people who. You know qualifier or I mean I can of course they're hump is I think I'll beat me all. Where somebody paid it gives them up after running that they go back and accurate if they are I had made the magnet I'm told that up. Bat hitting into a no it doesn't really do yeah I feel like that I couldn't do that what you can pay. Can you do for a five K like yeah I've got an idea that for a I hear that really only the Padres now. Yeah I need to act that might not admit it did somebody would report it reports them every local I've is out but everything but I. And yet. And in. Now over the last year you you've busted through at least fifteen cheaters like legitimate cheaters. Yeah Latin left hear that in a bit fifteen that's a little edit it I knew that that would let you remember a good bet. Originally were issued. It for op then. Then that those big hole because it you know. Turnout they cute equality I think they want it initially. And they see it at this all of the rub off. I'm bad at top hundred all of our net didn't get disqualified before they ever get its hands that are up there but I'm Nicole. But once they get it at the time it clarity Internet. Somebody out of what are some effect. People dig into an and then the first place. If there's any given you know market I mean I get I've. Yeah. It's ten or so runners would pop up on time eat it. And then the Laporte and backpack and a run it let ya but here are Americana this you may get about the you cut off after that are important you know the books in Oceanside city can't go to that or that different than people who lets you know you that I'm gonna and. There you know what fascinates me and this is what the famous or infamous Rosie Ruiz did they took public transportation. And get fascinates me because it's still goes on quite a bit people like jump on the subway train or whatever to cheat. And actually what subside amazement as that it runs and they're runs on time that particular. Company product top what is the percentage of people who cheat that way who like run to a train stoppers subway stop opening quickly just jump on there for people. There are very hard thing or what would the political one case that. I'm applicants. About their there it is I hadn't moved up from somebody that that others cannot. Joining me now look like you implement our primary that is yet determined I checked you wanted to say. So it doesn't get what sport or BC he got. First serve me now German runners you don't like coma photos of your presence on the attack. I didn't know what the UST under our well right now that he. This idea because you're going to be in time you putted with a recall tighter off the ballot. Plutonium based there to calm down conduct at a web site he won the right and all that may get married and a different hours. Then you're on our faith and enough and it went out. You know what you're doing basically you took the waiting to pick up because if you're an article about real quick accurate here shortly here as if he added that it would be it. I like this autumn marathon. Some guy gets on these exit persuade he's got a bid bonds affluent Ronald young people today. I don't know it's not what we see it all day every day people walk to Werth to captain how many people walked by and running gear you know all over it to do was bring out. A couple of miles. I got a normal blood coming up in quick funny Matt if it's up at it's they act it says. He can eat it up as they you know yeah proper platform rightly so that you think that it. I got a corn hole tournament coming up for my foundation like to have you investigate everybody's disappointed and I kept it. There was. What. I'm now happened woods Serena Williams. What did she accused of cheating in the New York marathon I remember correctly. The unemployment Serena and I got them at that. Ascent in the road and I didn't think he equipment that you get there and they beat down. On the case have made it yet opportunities are there about it I did not know about her. I'm. An odd yeah I've gotten out of violent you know. Yeah let me get it yep it marks an impact paying him. You wonder yeah what's the what's the worst case what's the worst case of cheating. And that you have investigated. Whether it's whether it's in Boston or else. Well back out. Probably. Relate to update its thumb and it happens to hear there's. This family is out now. I mean. Never thought that that would love that's out you know out of you can't. In hand you know what they're doing it now playing you know pretty qualified they're up look at travel program around. But what if I was doing. The first year. Into it maybe about half dozen rounds as I would imagine that he has coming out of it runner. That home in the South America and perhaps monitor are things that it often questionable. I'm turned out to pay their travel agent got it right to edit that baby up after the fact. If he told them out of it including about the country that you have. Are quiet work with the director. It's always you're like. Better. They only in Q&A with a number trying to visit every move seriously they're. I'm here I'm. Think that you could ever tightening quote I copy that he's not that. You know artificial satellite of love that DA so I'll look that kind idiot out. I'm a marathon in Canada NEC oh the tablet even thought cropping and in this market. Will it at the same exact time at the other but he was scaring their decline pick up and suck yet. But I can't whip that he would put the Democrat and I have a short while remnants and under what do something in another couple other. If they're very multiple of the crop is well. And so he's gonna be a bad day you a couple of runner so this isn't so you know maybe two weeks diplomat. They you know. You're there at saddle on and make it a bit yes it was that that I think that most egregious that I. You bet there are big they're mean. That's that's the package and I would lie if it's that applied in Boston run the marathon and finish in under three hours and thought if that we advertised it. That's amazing all right well I'm sure he'll be paying attention today and that out there and and ready to bust anybody that's cheating so. It's it's been really interesting to have you on Derek Murphy I'd Derrick if anybody thinks they see something today should they reach out DN how to they get older you. I get up get them there get it unless it and that's the very day brick go to net and that is that a man written and well. Ike Derrick thank you. Include. All right you have an easy that part well I'll let me I don't yeah well I like to be done is that not right. It's a me you know what's amazing criminals. You know you have to be so breezing. You know you have to believe in what you're doing soul mutt she wouldn't think it would be important enough to people that she'd. In the Boston Marathon to get him to get right Hibbert that qualifier I mean it. It's it seems to make money kid that's the million dollar in there. Is yeah marathons is known Katrina because now you get under armor deal hill blog how I guess so all right.