Mantown PSA - Mens' Gross Apartments

Friday, August 11th

A texter asking why men are so gross after an overnight encounter, where she found his crusty towel, spirals into a discussion on the psyche of men and how they are the grossest beings, especially their living space!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I got this series of text messages before the break. From a woman. And it it brings up an interesting topic about men so I figure we might as well talk about effort mom homeowner through here. So this 617 text message says why are men not bothered. By being the grossest creatures. On the planet amen. Hooked up with a dude last night in he had one. Crusty disgusting Powell was gains on act of I don't know what. For me to shower win this morning acts are you a quick. Maximum money for now here in Europe and it's a don't know that our men grosser than women when it comes to their apartments yes. Really yeah when it comes the public restrooms women hands down urban growth system when it comes to the way you live like if you're a clean guy with a clean I a one X who was that very night. The tick you loosely over the top clean. It was such a turn on. Because you knew that everything was always neck like golden shower there was an spotter mildew and everything was selected liquid drain cover was sparkling and merited nest toothpaste gains on it. Yeah aesthetic stuff whatever but when you. First thing a lot of women do if they're gonna have one night stand of the guys that eagle on the bathroom pull back and shower curtain. You like lack mildew and just got like that and I. That yeah aha I read a passion and I'm. Bottles are ruined emptying squares and we should. EU should text then if here a woman. With the the grossest. Things you've seen like this is a seven anyone Texas said. She hooked up with a guy. And he had used. Condoms. All over his. Bedroom in his apartment yeah an. And from like twenty or 25. Days ago now. Condoms. If I had dated within your approach to cry for a few months and they even did a couple of other guys so of course this is compounded now but they're bathroom is very sparks and then like you know you knew who had you know one got to seize me not what element of the guys using the axe body spray. He's like others toothpaste in the drawer like teenage using things the whole little side drove in the bathroom. And there was a travel sized tube of toothpaste that'd been squeezed to death. A used condom. A condom wrapper. Any slim Jim rapper. And I like what exactly. Let me tell happening in turn up something terrible. It appears. A 50 wait text from a woman. Who says yes dating now I dated a guy who's tub was black enough and he expected me to take a bath with and not happened yet and I've had like that the twelfth. That he around that wet white ancient Clorox what are. Just click the front of Wayland. Anyway toilets orange lit flares out I have I will say the grosses bathroom I have ever been in Q Simon neat freak yeah okay. I did they are you there grosses batsman ever ever been in wars past and current yeah author and wall now on here is. Text about the this person. Woman. Oh the guy had all kinds of garbage. In his basement there had not been taken out there did you get lazy don't Philip Green at the currency float down about a. Does that throw out. Now dies of a late obvious not an implied that guy yeah. The you don't do laundry you know if you don't have it in nasty I think there's a lot of guys don't do their bit on it go to blogger America so those yeah. The weighted. Here's nine send any text they dated a guy. Who shaved his pubic area and left the clippings all over the tunnel crash Spanish throw the separate comrades Errol do that too. What's the I love my boyfriend of over eight years. But he does the blow your nose without a tissue thing back. And that's the grossest thing you know if you de jour it's she's she's saying you know plug one lost blah blah yeah. Over here yeah that's kind of already know the guys that spirit took an. I did this rash to answer it because of hockey and so give I can do one nostrils had a plan without even plugging amounts from no no hands required. You're also pretty much guarantee that most guys homes either to. You're gonna sit down and no TP in there there's no towels Arizona they got rid you haven't digested average. Here's a woman who the guy had mold. All over his shower and wanted to shower or whether it's I spoke thought. Yep that's the biggest doctor yeah getter in the shower and a clean clean check prey on the right imagine hearings and a we're talking about the gross is if you're a woman because this female listener of Dublin Ireland that some sort of how whole issue he only had one towel that was the quest trusty crossbow and an egg on I suppose if you're hooking up with a with girls you should have made. A guest now it's ready brain right yeah that she's within it or somewhere what people don't really hear freshness for you oh. Hooked up with a guy who clearly always missed the toilet never cleaned it up. I mean that's kind of that's this. It's but then again we'll immigrants Uganda it's expensive but you should just get a cleaning lady for your putts writing these off now I don't waste your money in between mutilating is that should that be. And like and non gender specific term these days the president at the time we need in his fifth it's just difficult thing statistical. They live with a couple other dudes not that hard to chip and you know once I obsolete they're a couple times a month like that is that my identity you're wasting no it's still inferior they think the chances you get some key isn't worth it if AMP security can be you've already gone to the apartment so you're good ago I dated a guy 978 text. Who peed in two liter water bottles and kept them under his bed and when I asked why he said because sometimes he didn't wanna get out of bed in the pretty heavily now there's a guy who's going somewhere yeah hold on the back he's got a lots of a motivation. Let's see. What about a guy we'll see this is. Resolves guys out of mantown what about a guy who as a cat I hooked up with a many it clearly never and they're emptied the littered. The question of the past Jimenez. Demand have cats when it's probably it's probably cat that was left over from a break out oh well that's immediate sacrament and that it. Here is that Texas says I love how Greg's a solution is to just hire claiming it I'm just saying it's worth the investment. An angry that really it is you can't take it toilet brush is given a couple of strokes and narrow it you know poor don't let loose stuff then or whatever else. Our toes if you do regular maintenance yes that if you let it get that bad. No regular man can tap Brad projects and right when it goes too far right and you eat it if it becomes a chore he'd go a lot of hours you know goes are you know continue to clean the toilet in town due to. I don't know I you know do whatever path they get a global are here and show our bubble we the the fridge our New York Jack. Similar to French. Bridges and other Petri dish of death yeah because usually open the free agent you've got like half a lemon and six year old Chinese food back to thirty racks about clay. I think a relish from 1997. Mustard and some strange brown substance on ton of the shelves. Here's a 617 text from a woman for you do and you know yes the creepiest thing is when the guy has lotion you know the bad. Oh yeah true if he noted he had Kirk it's not personal right. I am probably has. The library beckon you to think about it I left did you shower freshly energy prepped before we went out because then you know a and 125 year old. Best eighty dollars spent every other week is for the cleaning lady at our apartment those girls young girls come over and the place is clean and then they'll come back. Usually have a public slanted onetime great creator dirty apartment if you wanna check to come back and have great sex with you again and again you want her to respond that 2 AM booty call. I don't know if you're sexual prowess is enough to get it done. Have a nice clean apartment a also put some fresh sheets on your bad. Maybe buying a new set you can run home it's like 29 and you know get a decent that and just keep them clean that is that is and reduce and reduce the if you'd then have the mattress on the box spring with no frame. No mattress cover you know pigs feet. And there's like that quell that they they they had in college that their mom me and my old teacher never criminal art of the leak never ever been a bunch. An odometer and we're gonna wash your four and for the love of god if you have another girl's underwear under your bed get rid of it while that's like the. This girl here it says for goodness sake. If if you have a girl over. Empty your trash if it has old condoms in it the night before yes. As yes the the battle aura or other indication that a female has been there a I'll let you work on that one in your own. But they're. Well. This is Sean hello Shawn. They had a dog what's up John. I have to tell you have no electrician and I would do in the mark in the projects on time and time yeah good. You'd. Giving you back camp on those con them in their cigarette butt all over relief for this one apartment that we had to do was. Yes yes. Yes. Here's somebody who a woman who. Could tell there were fleas. Yeah. Football we don't want to hear yeah yeah yeah that's Opel. Outline how good Darren dilemma book. The sexes problem or a pretty good yeah your time your right here Romania feel bugs hop from. So callers today. At a friend's from the jet of friend that I'm not make. And who they hooked up with a guy. And when she did they like went out today met at a bar she went home and on and they got into bed like they started making on the catch is that you want in on that and again they get into bed she's like why am I lying in a wet spot music sorry. From the before. Well all right I'll tell you I like he got what they change she to let it dry out a couple of shots from the night he nasty and all Jonathan hay out of it's a. They drag your next than the premium boards studio line what's up drag. Good morning team how it everybody yeah are you happy Friday. Also let you know I diplomats say that it has been that PSA ever and all the doing God's work right now I don't. Now Dre have you experienced have you experienced gross things. When going to a guy's apartment and you'd you would EU says the guys are the grosses creatures. On the planet. I I would like ankle. Again no comment that a public ladies bathroom at gross. But amend private bathroom in a moment there are no words a so tired. So would you like Brett like you wouldn't. You wouldn't end up taking a shower there you just leave is that what you're saying like it's it's got discussed then. I don't even think I'd get it back seat time I I just be outlawed. Right out the door on that grounds you know. So gross. It's your shows some apartments are so gross that even if you leave something that you like or that's valuable to you there like in hearing or a piece of clothing and a lap. And Politico you're not going back liberal senator senator free and on the hearing next to the sob under the so. I am a vegetarian. And. Thought you'd be heads up OK you're the ring and now you're necklace. It on the different ethnic harmony which means I'm gonna I'm. Not coming back there. You got one catch in a decorator in the living at thirteen yeah. Probably not become a matter of our I regulators my pride and joy grade. It's in sheets. What about. There this woman encountered unknown substances. On the wall and I could not explain what. What they were it's some stain of its foods or not it gradually got the call Linux and. There and so spider spiders it's just that's fighters starts a web as a corner yeah. Ingraham that's behind the food time out and then there's like seven bugs that are in the Sparta where I've been and they start to. Mutate and get cocooned in them they're juice is rolling down. On the wall of a not an honor her here regularly it'll latter's New Hampshire you know get. If you saw the futon. What what eager to hear your living in the Enron sleeping in his country whose culture is to sleep on the floor and a very flat after I like many Asian countries don't have a futon what you got to. Rate from somebody who didn't want off the sidewalk what you got there mixed stain and it just the cushion known and if you got a from your older brother and his wife and they gave it to you because they want to get an atom without saying they're anxious and then go buy yourself a proper couch in the rear deck section at Jordan's like to nanny nine yeah right away furniture so expensive these days great. That's not getting everything there's a reason someone left that mattress on the curb. IIRS. Unit taken I cannot wrap my head around them back to Harvard the and let's play out of that mystery stain Amazon only people on that way thirteen yeah you know issues. It's just there's so many easy little shortcuts that you could take to kind of fate having a clean. And and organized in good looking place he it's it's that you don't have to do like the deep crazy scrub. You can you can do a quick fifteen minute once over if it's not too bad and habit look a million times better than it did before it's just to remove clutter. Throw a blanket over and make the bed make sure it's clean up your socks in your your crappy skid mark underwear can it be that very easily. Only then leaving underwear that's dirty out to. Unless you're seeing drawn hated super Smart on the honor particular non fan who's Kirby scrub business and obviously it. Here's a 774. Text guy here. I left my flashlight. In the shower. And all and they hooked up showered in the morning is that a bad thing. Well she probably you know it was I'm I'm hoping that elected in the shower visualizing it out that's good for that. Don't own a little Fella souls are probably chances are she didn't know what it lives is Elliott says. She is insane because we look at everything that shower we're gonna look at every single shampoo bottle to see if it's something like if you get the cells and blue. And like to have that keeping a shave gel like okay. There has not been a chicken here if there's a pink razor in the corner and god help me you try to explain you like to shape your John's clinic that does a better job than you shake ups and our airline knocked off. Well you be using coconut centers aren't like if there's two brand new component shampoo and conditioners and their like. You feel they can shower curtain this. That's. How it's minded. Mean excuse her culinary using the admiral womanizer and it's like about it and let him bargain oil shampoo and conditioner. Units would you not just yeah I'm leaving here Ariane. Program advanced but yet make up quite so why didn't make him over last month they ran out of wet wipes that this that the fiesta then yeah I'm sure the I'm stern this is Johnny has slowed Johnny. I bought locked up. Oklahoma and I literally walked out of apartment in my temporary and right now yes I walked in there and read it all right or wrong way to. Put it like locked out eight. And I. What you and I are going with a little. That's it. We owe it we have to dump out of outward but. He was saying they were. There order sex toys on the mental apparatus here right that is aggressive you know it's very it's that's there that that's your decorating scheme against you not watch. Eight IT TI. Pastor yes that's a rare in Russia and I think they were put there are a so upset of the applying yeah I have some fun and down and the image you know wanted to do a 5050.