Mantown Crisis - Side Piece At The Funeral

Friday, August 18th

There's a story about a man who passed away and at his funeral, his mistress showed up to pay her respects and a fight ensued. Moral of the story, if you're the side piece.. stay away from his family and the funeral!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. WAS. Hill Man Morning Show presents mantown. Crisis. What is today's mantown crisis to India. A man's widow. And his girlfriend get into a fight at his funeral. Oh gosh. The mistress was why and why would issue is not welcome if you. Now if you're heavy side he think he dies and a you'd disappear slowly into the night do you do you grieve on your own yeah so what you do is show up at the fit in with the family around. But it that it isn't there is that disrespectful. It is via. There's no like I mean doesn't care I deserve some closures I'm additional operating. Was she along top one time mistress or where where did this happen happened in Dayton Ohio okay I am on Monday. They have in the wake. Viewing was going on a woman showed up and she said she was his girlfriend on mine when she didn't know about the one possible that part don't you check feel a bit. The bone leg. That type oh so she shows up on the shelf that can't that's our receiving line at all in the recently yeah I think I'm all my. Talent people that she's his girlfriend she's making a big scene and the white consent receiving line and she's like I'm in Disney Oreo. So the two of them start brawling golf course gets better it gets better. Two guys try to break them up that they couldn't so they had a pepper spray and well back up and to stop the police came but no one was arrested on charges will be filed a moment. It's like somebody showing up to pick up their phone charger. And a funeral. That or what your friend's house on a different never did. High ranking president quite well I producers get adjustment he's just got to let it go. He should know lied to you about bringing its total but why not and cannot. Police he said he's he feels an incredibly lucky to have someone that puts up for this crap out so he doesn't care if there's an errant phone charger in in the his bedroom area really is he said you know there's. The bigger Christopher eyes that would reset your friend when he served with a 99% dead absence. Looked today her IM LB funeral is gonna be like fourteen chicks that show off. And it Florida jail in Tehran and found lying but yeah but the best part of an international brands. I mean I answer your offer and I isn't the best I am. I made me wonder if he and three French three or strippers from Montreal. Sums SaaS. Some smoltz carried around you Bironas healers are always show up thinking that they can collect the money that. Nobody knows it on them there'd be nothing left there's going to be bill collectors and mistresses and your funeral I don't understand effort. That's good. A wow all right so that mrs. good life advice given mistress. Not the deal and they don't know. I think related to the ice your. Conversation I had at times yeah if you're dating somebody who's married and whether your man or woman doesn't matter if you listen. What happens if you get to a car accident and you're in a coma with a DNR in the hospital. Can I visit no. It isn't he can't visit if he's in a coma can pretty good idea of how do you tell the family's not there not only isn't really all aim owners are in the. Discuss go to grave it's done and I just gotta tell ladies listen you know you have to be honest with yourself. I I know you love the guy if you've never been a big guys if you're dating a jar and you've never been to his house. You've never met his parents but you never met his best friend for a long time you mean among dating for a long time. Well is it your relationship and that's what I'm just I'm I'm explaining why you don't go to the funeral he is not right if you're if you're if you're someone a dates and are you never reduce Oz never met his family never met his best friend you don't ever taking to a yeah rat don't go to the don't go to the Fianna. Obscure reference obscure ozark reference yes. When Wendy's son when the guy that when he was guarantees Gary selling so well yeah awkward was that yeah it was bad enough when he called there and that she hung up on him like I. There's no way that's going to be the end of that and it shows up about when he says my dad never gonna continue once and manner and you loved him and he loved you certainly. Don't own ideas like did you love them and she's like. Now though a polarized bank I. Wendy patriot anti.