The Magpie Salute interview with Mistress Carrie & Matty

Friday, September 14th

The Magpie Salute were in town for a show at the Cabot Theater, and They were willing to come up to the WAAF studio to play acoustic, however we had to promise to keep Matty controlled, so as not to freak out the band. SuperFan Matty, promised he'd behave if Mistress Carrie let him sit in on the show. These are the interview segments, you'll have to wait for the videos to hear the acoustic performance if you missed it. They may or may not ever come back to the studio, it all depends on Matty and his creepy actions moving forward. 

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It's just scary and we both attended thirty until. Podcasts are always online. He's scheduled like WA AF dot com. I am Boston the only station that really well. My name is mr. Kerry thank you very much for tuning. And we were talking about it earlier the guys from magnetized salute are now in the WA AF studio and I am trying really hard to keep Matty from creeping you guys out and it's not working. So my apologies. We who's here yeah. All the other any notice you guys say our guys good good good good. Good to see you they also are coming guy is things and thinks we appreciate. You guys coming in and that bright guitars. Because you're gonna play acoustic force which is awesome absolutely so mad he who's on from 37 and as part of Matty and nick is as psychotic super fan. Which is why I asked Mike Hsu from the Hill Man Morning Show to be in here as well in case we need to muscle. Yeah he's made between the two of us I'm pretty sure we're gonna be a leaky and contain it if not the taser is going to be just high school or work. I don't have described as earnest and avert earnest person. And I have I'm a man of great passions now it's called Psycho okay death by definition of what he's doing. People guests tell you guys are in Tampa play in the cabinet tonight yes and you were just talking a second ago about this torn wanting to pick. Different kinds of venues. And normally when you come to town especially when you did before The Black Crowes the Warfield was the site of some ethnic show is there. But the cat it's a little bit of a different vibe right is that the kind of venues you're looking to do on the tour. Which is kind of all over check in and out you know. Like every. He never see these places until we show up sometimes. Though. But yet Cabot school theater a theater setting I like you know as it sounds skid theoretically should sound. And it's in on what we're used to. When the crows early on started we were had the opportunity to jump in Arenas but we were ready we wanted to do multiple theaters as we just thought it was a bit cooler Saturday. That's kind of the path we went on. The oldest they'll also theaters they sound really hours. He found it amazing the newer venues just don't see how it is good they know how to design I use that they're not they're just designed for basket owners or something and you know so it. Sound reverberates a massive way. PR records. They geyser touring on I want to one is incredible. I'll thank you and I wanna talk about this get ready here hog for a second as talk about the crow days Carrie if I could use a local analogy here you know like. Whoever steps in after Tom Brady he's grabbing the taser you. I'm governed even if the guy net after Tom Brady's awesome. It's going to be a tough road beginning to stepping into massive shoes and John Hogg doing anything with rich Robinson if you do anything locally rich Robinson. It's a tough situation to step into and I've watched you. Become a front man you your vocal lead you're you're controlling the stage your awesome to watch saying I love and a song like color blind on this album. Is a post racial anthem for new generation and that could only come from your voice your your brother couldn't bring something like this to me tables its special doing it in place the original. I I advised against. Much or go to war John the scene with the advised me not to you're pushing me to do regulate and it sounds like a great idea let him in any cameras Wednesday. A special song and a man and if you check it out how what one get the I'm now listen to all the songs have a colorblind thick stands out in terms of you know out of nowhere says musically. They're all my favorites but it's a special side. Personal stuff on the you can hear it when you sing it in. Miami haven't problem with your my. On I don't know what's going on the other Rambo will hunt we'll have them check it out by the way they'd it when you're talking about opposed black crowes. Project. When you have success in a band like the black Lewis. And you make it to the top of the mountain musically and then. For whatever reason the band disband it the pressure to reinvent yourself and get out from underneath that shadow the umbrella of something that was so successful. To come back out again that that's got to be really difficult trio. You know it's odd it's yeah like I mean luckily we were. Oblivious to pressure we never allowed anyone to put pressure on us just ourselves as. As kids I mean I was ninth team in major moneymaker and all of this success came in I was like to say that no one cared enough about us to have an opinion we made shake your moneymaker. And then we sold enough records that no one can ever tell us what to do. So it was kind of like we were left to our own devices. Probably had much to the chagrin of people who made a lot of money off of us as we. It's kind of went all over the place you know coming off of a record like southern army Macon Erica. Thanks and just the journey that we took musically and so that's the comfort zone and I've. That I've been in and been fortunate enough to be in my whole life you know of doing this and so we put this together. It was really just for fun and that's what's cool about it it's just like we got together as. This is a this is a real we're better with each other so let's just keep doing this let's put a show up for sale. Let's put four shows up for sale was put a tour for sale and see what happens and so that the organic nature of how this thing was born was really cool. But to finally. Sort of be on tour all last year celebrating the music that we all made together. And then focal focus our energies on let's be let's do this for real you know I mean like it was last year respond yes but let's step into that. Moon and so we all decided we gonna make this new record and we wanna make into two and a half records worth of material and we remain high water one into but it you know it is. Odd to think about where we fit in because there it is a large portion of a siren that ban. And we're not ashamed of it we're not trying to hide it but we're really also excited about doing what we're doing now. So it says that that's why we went in and almost thirty songs camera on him go that's incredibly original high water to which isn't released yet but it will be when when would that be reversed on next year so if we hung up about anything else we wouldn't be flowing like that. Right what mark your mark Ford market from Ford one of the greatest guitarist ever walked the planet in this band on your prolific yourself as a songwriter and a great singer. In your own right thank you so this band really is like MM will you guys were first come around yet the three mics up front. You know even in it was like even know who has come in action that must be huge. Tool for you guys. And not a lot of bands to. Right it is school. Mark and and on and I's voices are very different but they blame really well together they do as we're about to hear yeah it does sound check a little amazed and I want to ask about that to you got faster and maybe your dirty little secret is because people like me who love you guys and love rattle your guitar band. But your secretly becoming a vocal band this album is very rich locally. No pun intended I got. You guys a show everybody what we're talking about so what are you guys can play first when are we playing guys I want us. Of course I don't think a quick burst of dogs are tired they just finished last night little mind huh. There's there's you know there's cow bell on the and other remind you and I generally that's down. Love doesn't have an. What are you gonna play first high water. Title track. Mad I salute live on WA LAW at Boston the only station that really rocks we needed a few minutes to keep Matty from hyperventilating. Because the mag high salute to our here in the WA AF studio he'll I got a direct concern on the text line about your. Mental and physical well being I can holding up OK I can announces right guys we are stuck up there tonight at the show I'm a dual one hour acoustics are just start Izod belliard now you're not known known not this definitely not happening. The band well. You're you or talk before. You played in you were talking about it you know this new project and whatever and we were I IE. Founded very similar to the concept now that on the newly divorced person about how. Having a band that that's successful and then creating another band that now you know you're looking for in a project and so it's like the second wife. It's it's the the post divorce second wife that's supposed to be the upgrade right is Nat. So it's suppose I am I gonna get your Mike a little bit there yes sorry yeah that's a painful. Yet it is you know it's me it's just. Gets the kind of they have the benefit of Tony Tony hindsight you know and to look back commit you know that's that's where that went wrong. You know sometimes you don't know what you're looking for but I know what you don't want exactly and not everybody. You write you know learn from station repeated. Right. I find it hilarious that all these years later. You guys are now in the WA AF studio he's had been a fan of your music for so long and then weed is legal in Massachusetts the whole world is upside down now. If I know that you're in how we wanted to add that to look forward to. And you guys got to you know Richie got it off Kerry's point like you got a set disrupt the way you want it. And and kind of do it the way with fewer vision in your voice always was like mark was just saying off off. Camera Mike. You know you guys have all done this before or some variation you and your in nineteen what's sane idea about that. It's a new Ager getting into so you set the tremors and how and as you sit here with this new record how do you view it's been going now you know this far into I mean and mean. What I like about it is just how it is it is gonna happen it was natural. Growth nervously as. Posters notes mature its maker record and I think that that. In its nature. And lend itself. More. Healthy and you know because there is it's just how like taken into step at a time there's no five year plan like of domination. We're gonna do yeah it is in attests is just like with makes music and that's. There's no sort of there's an and that's the pressure that we're putting on ourselves and we are able to make this record the way we want to make it. Yet the vibe you can feel on the record to this type of carried on it translates acoustic lease so well did you write it on the acoustics first or what most of the songs I write on acoustic. Or about market on but I mean if this song can hold. It's water in its most basic form which is on a piece of art and it's. I mean not backhand than you can put anything on it. Also we didn't have little acoustic. Run the three of us in Europe for a week or so when that. When we were forced to figure out how to perform these songs to a whole club we're just us. Mean we really got to learn these songs and how good songs. Are you know besides all the musicianship. It just just the tunes are really nice we get to understand a little bit better. We a lot of bands come in the WA AF studio and end. You know whenever anybody says we don't know filled translate acoustic that's the kind of thing I think because you can always sure I mean we anthrax play acoustic in here of anthrax can play acoustic. Anybody can figure out how to pull it off but you can tell with the way that your parts all flow together that it was written. That way it its origin because it sounds so good yeah. There's there's a lot of people on the tax line that are wondering about the name of the band and I know that's got to be one of the most difficult things. When you put a project like this in you feel it was so much passion what. We colleges like you pick in the name for your kid ray. And movement and and as you go through the obligatory really silly names for years narrowly. Enough with. We get him a note because it was organic the way camp now. You know we're not enormous trying to hide the fact that we most of us are in The Black Crowes. So we like and we decided to put up the shows in new York at the Gramercy for sale like. Call it something and I always personally like the word Mac prior to start a school. And then just looking into it it's a cousin of crow. People in the UK in different parts of the world salute the Mac tied to have a good day. Ward off bad luck whatever way when you salute you say we come in peace the ladies we demand buy by saying good morning captain which is gross on. So I just are all of these things made sense to me. You know I don't send it every one minute they're rooms and onboard. Well now it's very cool they did good morning captain on Letterman as well as the all time greatest late night TV performances I thought. This Letterman slash Seattle guises Hewitt did kill your really good job with his performance it is a big music yeah yeah yeah you you could tell them he knew what was good what was but tonight Beverly. The Cabot Peter mag I salute you'll be doing all the songs in this album just gonna have the show's gonna rockers talk about now people are if there rocket you're not playing. Well yeah well there's that they play I'm not here. Yeah but we're just say like guys you know people are learning he sought to other knowing these songs and it just it just makes because you guys played I was telling his being a summer. Wears New Bedford I think and alma just came out. And rich as I came and we're doing them and the people who love you of course like yeah and then there's a contingent of people are going to rock show how like on an only son examine you guys have RD knows that change of people know these songs and dig him yeah exactly. Can't wait. All right well. I I know that I speak for everybody here when I tell you in all seriousness that Blake he's not gonna shut up about this for about a decade. So you guys have made mad he's lives by saying yes oh in his life by saying yes to coming up care playing live for us so. Thank you guys so much I know it's a little hectic on a show data M and you know grab all your gear and come down here you got a bunch of us in the studio Garth can match again. Were videotaping it seem to be able to watch it later WA AF dot com we just really appreciate you guys coming in and I must say it sounds fantastic as a black crowes fan. Two to see you guys all in this new project and have it sounds so good it's it's awesome to see. This new project is so well. Then comes in guys I can't thank you enough this is a dream come true for me literally I envisioned this when I first got the gay again and so I just I appreciate I love what you guys are doing. It's rock and roll carry. God forbid a big fat rock and roll band is playing rock and roll tonight. Yeah I don't know I'm angry act like I'm theory I don't know I don't know from over stimulated ridge who anger. It's something. IP sexual thruster is yeah yeah I did something. At all rock that has Kaufman. I want applause for the match. He'll pick you guys so much. It's just scary we both attended thirty until. I guess I'm always online. You schedule like WA AF dot com.