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Wednesday, August 22nd

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll. And your special. Today asked dot com and now it's your turn it tough as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll nail a game. That would that wouldn't. On W a death. That accident says Greg. Please stop saying that you stand corrected we all know you're sitting in on. Hear a lot of scary yes I said. Corrected. I sick corrective. Ankara and for that Baghdad. Yeah you're dare here. Sorry all IQ of the thank you pulled out here on him I interpret it fire you what is it five case applies to a five case I've large. Hillary is also a five K street miles very can I don't know why they would want I just don't get the whole running thing. You know we live in America weren't there and your cameo wanna do core Amber's here. The word you know it's miles here. Well give it a 3.2 doesn't have the same ring is of my cap yeah. Our Idaho all sorts of mark three point one. Okay there by about I guess I don't do it so it sounds more impressive if you say you're in a five day and then if you ran three point oh and if you say you ran a ten K it's just disingenuous. Are right. It is time now for today's home oil voicemail messages as left by you over the previous 24 hours. In bowl 0856. To them. McHale whoever thought that they expect the world you're. All of that wet it'll act or it will be worried about all of it. There back. I think I hope they don't do. It is panic. And bring sailed back. Before it's necessary right now though the Yankees are now only eight games. New York Yankees only eight game lead pack. After a brief slide the Red Sox what year 781978. Nets now remember 78 at this. Point in 1978. Or maybe it was a week or so ago at this point in 1978. The Red Sox had a fourteen game lead on yankees and the Yankees came back. The force four so one game playoff and we all know what happened thanks that. Bucky yeah you know what Dan. I don't sleepy land. I'm out that need an elbow and go out there. Need me 813. Yen. 00 hoping he would try to fight but they all third or else they actually got a lot of but they're not all are so I didn't seem. In. The movie and you wouldn't I would do I would you. That is animal cracker company they completely wrecked doctor Liberia when you got out of prison. But are in new iPad into that. You're there. And move each and then come then the work today with the world that they have we don't provide any never get Denny back there and you know a carrying them. Narrated by the idea of Soria she's amazing I or she is the greatest gift in my life. My back is so sore I read. Sex acts as. And England Ian. And they are no quick on all of them say whatever you want that audio out while pregnant. My idea our OK I'll be back no more you got that back into that. Think but we won and then. There is no all I turn on my bed playing. We all know women are being in. And that message. Thank god pose problems. Would ruin the whole my whole life. 7-Eleven. AM. It wrecked. Ceremony in your thumb your foundation. In particular that played Connecticut. Lyndon you know from a body to get everything. I'm Matt and you don't hear it would be part of an amazing show with a bunch of amazing people over me. I. On separate clinic of Islam percent in the last meal before that I'm surprised he spontaneous candlelight vigil. Didn't break out on on. Easiest car world. What what is one on. On Monday is recreational area that they set up in South Boston has its turf. Yeah turf. It's get these elated over swings the have to wait six hours to get on to some basic pitchers on their ticket touts itself fees and and a drink in needs to swing the Tenet her friends and it's template of recreational area for advance. People that live in the area and regardless there is stable so it's gonna I'm bar. Know loan. Not open but they have like children they have like a life sized chests like they do it markings yeah reveals stuff like that up like that. It's really it's like anyone that sounds like that's what loved to down. And I meet you there I'm not going to launch on. You live in the third floor. In solving in like three fairly good they turned into condos. I'm so I only eleven of holding the concierge I'm really not sure you're coming out of the ensemble. And an elevator. Get Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Today's weather brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and it is gonna be cloudy and rainy for most of the day there's a little bit aside and that may appear. Magically really towards the end of the day in the and the early Greg. That's sunshine happens whenever sports are two walks into the room all. Sows so I get me today but and I don't feel I feel that's the next. Temperatures will be. In the mid eighties today. And at the city Abbas and credit union membership is open to everyone that lives or works. In Suffolk or Norfolk counties the city of busting credit union. Uniquely Boston. We are giving the way. The chance. Meet god smacked and shined down. On Saturday at the X Kennedy Center Austin and if you are the seventh caller right now. You'll win a pair of tickets and passes to go to both meet and greets so we're doing that all week all you have to do is listen all week. During Kerrey show listen during Matty and nick in the afternoon and during our show and looked you up but the seventh caller right now. Will be able to attend the got smacks shine down show. And course where. These this summer concert season extends in the fall yeah putts. But Tom there's a lot of I mean the Summers kind of ending with a bang you got yeah country Fastenal. Not a broad shots country that's the brochure that adds absolutely out there and Johnny bestow and add up show what Avaya single of course absolutely. And then he got. You know your program next week and then those there's some good shows good good shows left. Tom it is 907. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo Stewart dot. Com I love when. Self fulfilling prophecies happened in cases of things like I don't know. The drunk guy that gets arrested wearing the I'm about to get DUIT shirt yes yes or SEI and keep people as as the case with an elderly couple in Utah that have gun warning sign yeah on their home and a seven iron town Utah. This was the warning sign the warning sign that was Smith & Wesson spoken here hole. I write and prominently displayed in the front runner up for Yang. So this may and whom police believe may have been on something. Broke into the elderly couples well. Now they have. Barbed wire fences they have no trespassing signs that this I had to put forth considerable effort to get to the home and then into the home ya so when they got. And when the 24 year old kid got into the house he kicked down the door and confront the deal the couple I think they're in their early eighties. They both grabbed their guns and shot at him the man was shot several times. He walked outside and stripped naked where he confronted deputies when they showed up and I he was flown to a local regional medical center in medical helicopter was treated. The homeowners luckily were that were not heard any deputy said that they were within their rights in Utah do you defend their lives and their home out of them generate the sign guy. Would he probably will pay attention to design next time I would guess by the way after he was shot deputies also teased him and he still attempted to escape drill now and furthering the amount thing at a map streets. The super humans. All right it is 909 and time for this. And now LV I don't you know who would you like you Google to get to do with that WAF. Sports minute it's. Crusty by doctor Matthew prescient doctor Robert Landers the masters of hair restoration. If you. Are tired to be involved ladies if you have some hair issues call 1800 get here driven charity are docked around. Article on Tuesday morning there can. Emit swings and strikes out and that is still won't do. Strikes and to end at the time on deck in the U millions of command won the first move and for the second time this season the Red Sox have launched. Three straight. I wanna rub my body my choose Barack they're not going so kids are still gonna win it in a row usually don't answer the NC sultanate. We have a lot heroes your book. A second time in Los. And did think that this team was seventeen games not just a mere four weeks ago and now they're one game plan. Right. Whether you are yankees. Can you imagine. Yes. Can you believe it. What the Yankees are what eight games back. Mac it has an eight yeah they have no idea that yes this area. I. I I don't Schwartz applause everybody you know it's fallen to a little Lou good bit of group when your on fire they've been on fire. You know they were the best in Major League Baseball when the whole season there on fire not gone down in flames. They have the Indians are here tonight 75. You jets are NASA and EEI teachers Carolina Friday. Down south thorough way and Victor Cruz. Has retired. He was the G immense. Number one go to guy. As a receiver PGA begins ten million dollar FedEx challenged moral. Tiger's back in the mix what you would be the best in the game again and he's he's been doing here. You know week after week after week Little League World Series double in the nation Japan South Korea three. New York why it's 730. Bookings are on. OB it's in their sportsman. There is a brothel. That is offering Tiger Woods free services because they believe that he was playing better. When he was smashing. Lawful house servers and a and a porn stars and strippers and things so there Obama. They are offering him there free services I don't an off he'll take him. Pick them up on that and ninety's. Seems to be a guy who has somewhat. I've been somewhat careful of late with with who chooses as may. That where where's that brought. The located at Nevada Sharry he's ranch is the name and the code I think sound. Outside Dina is the madam and cherries rant and now on according to the statement given to TNT sports. She said we all love tiger here cherries. Aunts Sherry is known for keeping secret. There's no safer place for tiger to indulge his unquestionable urge for sex with a wide variety of women that's only slightly. The ball the cap and losses. You know maybe your fate here in disguise. Yes. This is Johnny jot. A turn your radio dies he could speak it's just one to Agassi got smacked and shine. Their job lead what do you do. I'm a conductor. The orchestra does it hurt the yeah of the support that they get so it made no. With the railroad. You know he's you've been working on the Rio. All the live long. What particular routes are you wrong. At apple. Between the it's itself basically an air group where I work in the yards. Okay. A so you can't I was hoping you could give us and upcoming station announcements. Like you know ten more or something on the news on. All of the hard and also the New York Washington. You know I take the train a lot. And parallel universe that in and I really enjoyed it took the excuse me. I think John enjoy the show hang on for mommy you're gonna get to meet both fans do as well. My favorite are certain. So. I want to thank you very much in my favor and you want to do maybe you matier and I did it one time. What does that give you know I don't know what you wanted him to do that train. As I used to date the Orange Line. So Gardner. More players. Whose. Own hours huge and. I'll now actually boo boo. Who. There are not armor and I took the train down whose seed Bruce Springsteen on Broadway if you remember yes yes it is not the same as the T it's not not even Acela is. They have a nice first class on that thing that's like. He's G five vs south west classic at the thought that the embarrassed. And I. It is. 915. And it is time after the news and the news this hour is brought to you by Barack. Mortgage it's simple seek and understand the details and be sure you're getting the right mortgage real as Iraqi mortgage dot com today licensed in all fifty states equal housing lender. And NLS number 3030. Brought to also buy cars for kids easy way to donate your cart donate today and your partner picked up tomorrow go to persecute dot com or 1877. Cars for kids. So recapping one of today's biggest news stories of course. Former trump lawyer Michael Cullen. Took a plea geely pled guilty admitted to eight counts of Asian brain bank fraud and campaign finance violations. I accepted a plea deal in federal court in New York yesterday and now will be facing prison time soon. We have some sound from US deputy attorney TB deputy US attorney Robert he's on the outside court yesterday. What he did was he works to pay money to silence to women who had information. But he believed to be detrimental to the 2016. Campaign into the candidate in the campaign. A long time since they've done some carnac but he wanted Doolittle carnac yes usually. It. Time for carnac was called you carnac the carnac the magnificent current active. Carnac parity at a minute and active. Carnac the magnificent. And my Johnny Carson used to be better not one of my better impressions. My most of my impressions are only one word impressions when you do more than one if you're not a impressionists you do more than one word yet in big trouble. There are. You ready. They're ready. Castle doors. And stormy Daniels. Paula. House counseled the wars in Daniel's. Mean two things with big markers. And I was down at the exact yeah its money than I have a big dude you're not reality and nothing. Well we'll see what happens when this we were talking about it earlier a lot of people think that this could be the undoing. Of this presidency. And it only hope and fortunately probably we are. We'll we will see what happens we will fall on what else is in the news today well there's a local how creepy is in the news Greg. And now his intention to go from yeah. He wanted Brandon Hill Man Morning Show prisoners and anything can some sort of smooth talking ladies man the truth is we're just. And creepy how creeping. Its activities this. Looking for a man accused of exposing himself in front of a woman in making them public. Like Barry oh yeah afternoon. Papers woman is twitching and your results and it hit on the second floor annuity. Oversized book section. Undersized. On section leaves. And there's a guy sitting on the floor. And expose themselves are insane thing which makes even more creepy. She left. Member. She went patching yourself again I disappeared and Maureen and 20 is it regular and there's no place for it or something like that to happen. But especially in a place that is so welcoming to him this I just can't imagine it just isn't this the right. Disagree there isn't please select anything that and it's called the or G dome as Bernie mad at. Of the donuts. And I love it and you request I want right now I don't ask the candidates on Internet and yes is and. What's hanging from the Pillsbury Doughboy yeah that's. An. I'm glad I don't yeah. Yeah I agree and go fly. This youngest. You love them I think our listeners like you confused about the debt that you're doing at the thought that the paper earrings with not an envelope that was a standard paper and yeah. Don't know Jonny Wilkinson is that kind neck isn't in the zone that's an unfortunate that I went to continue. Continue with the the news I was sent to Florida and not like the rest of it's far it yet and now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us who have been to Florida it's basically criminal population it's attached. Well you heard they drive by shooting but have you heard they'd drive by routing. Well. Yes I'd fall yes because I am Robin Williams and I remember this. Terrorist and that way. To. Run by side for them and thank you. So it'll county Florida if someone is evidently throwing oranges cars at an intersection. The woman who initially reported its shares to appease its liquor Karr was being shot that happened on Sunday night. She said you were thrown. Started. Teaching machines. Couple other drivers have also been affected by this and they're worried that it's gonna cause a pretty severe accident currency cute carrying ring Ferraro. Is one of the drive by treating victims. That seems like a object who have bought what do fault somebody would have shot. And made a good look this thing a year ago green ordered bottles or wrong. I think it was killed here if you break when you these were just what he'd be dumb a from the computers or somebody. It's scary. Very scary yeah the good with the rocks off the overpass and I'm an hour at Nazareth are bad news bear. About what's going on here in the city of Boston Greg with regard to the Docklands bikes and scooters its beak a big problem. That people are abandoning them in the city now the city of Boston has an exclusive contract. With blue bikes which is a bike docking system and no other competitors are out in the city however. A lot of people are renting the doppler spikes in other communities writing them into Boston. And then linking them there really they say according to city or they don't Joker get like a deposit backer something you're well when you're done using it I think when you're in the app or whatever you EEE it stops and then if you mean by Curtis you know he you grab you and your ride out and you stop paying for I am -- one I'm assuming that's how it works. Now according to city all 311 call records 211. Abandoned doc was bikes and scooters reported over the past year it's according to Pete Carroll today. And they say becoming a really. Big problem mayor Walsh had said back in July that you know there has to be some kind of regulation these bikes just initial appearance stay here and be left for us to deal. Is also a city councilor. From district six Matthew O'Malley. He said that the city should consider introducing topless school there this but that they need to do you know kind of a feasibility study to see how they work. At this let's that he. The C news that with a member yet. Well I mean it seemed could be that people use the bug bites here in front of the building here in Brighton. He's in people using non year bull in a moment common icy tones people use you do. That cost as much. Sir I mean I play I like. It's like five bucks for like the first half hour or something like that an additional three years something rights you know I mean membership. Here. Almonte carnac on is on the phone. Yes and morning. Don't forget the blow on the envelope I forgot the blow on the amble unidentified. Send us. So this law. What happened when the when they sheep that we know. I exude guy who's out yeah I know those during. A meeting and. And then when. I won before and I said yeah probably won't let anyone even on the front. Continue being five ships. What else is in the news today you know solution that I will remind you that tomorrow morning. Because it's Thursday. We will share with the use some of the horrifying crimes that or either locked in or called and to my life long home town police department the east though PD. During still five old that at 730 tomorrow. And at 715 tomorrow we will go inside the warts to female brain. And if your guy and you're confused about the way the mind of any woman in your life force humane asking Al for a little insight she will give it to you tomorrow seventh at the end and at nine. Tomorrow. Ballmer roast so old Jonas on this show now summer saint don't have Comoros on the show why. She's in the new routes. He hires it's it's topical. Issues she may have some things that. That she can. Do you think she's gonna get on pace he was he like she did with Italy was it Savannah Guthrie or Natalie Morales yeah actually what she was. I have to know how much time you had sent asking her questions. But none. Using. Ron's there. And stormy Daniels. And okay. Isn't using bronze and iron and stormy Daniels. Name two things Donald Trump claims he's never done. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It took nine years scary and exciting things they bargain hunting Alabama. You know I didn't. At that ceiling panel overseeing that he's and I I don't know I know I never can apply today show. Today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by the end goes store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you could go to echo stored dot com. Almost made it through the whole entire show without. Call from Scott from Weymouth things on he's on the phone right now on the premium Ford's deal line and I feel like Scott has been OK lately so Scott what's up brother. But would. I'm loyal to get some rough introduction. I told the. I'm just reflecting what I month. They don't reflect what the people's eyes god it's not I don't. Some people like what I call essentially to get anyone out there. I think I think there are people who do enjoy it when you call yes. Thank you they're two of the looking at. It's gotten this with the club conduct and I don't know what the called that you've been doing good. Jokes I've carnac you so Qaeda as the Johnny Carson ducks. I was going to produce certain literally side minutes ago before I call that I was in tears that is hysterical. That's to be a little bit on the show you should do like one a week or 1 every day 8 o'clock or something that it's hysterical. Well hold on hold I was trying to write wanted to go home I couldn't get the real creative. It's not easy. But may be your friend who is. Right yeah don't don't make your friend who has coincidentally at every topical. News events might be right. I want to read some good kid due to the anatomy but I would audio Najaf to my best friend you have is certainly I would pick one of them a shot saying those crazy. What else what else to hold you have on tomorrow yeah. And gross yes 9 record 9 o'clock tomorrow. Omer Rosa will join us on the show. That's a big deal she did he try to bring down the president of the United States. Greg you'd better ask for a tough questions and be very upsetting you know OK shape immediate thought I was actively go to call can be. Quoted a source course. Well I'll be on the air I'll be calling. Disability like I shouldn't say a case of people listening judicial prep an answer but she's in the stuff and not physically mentally and morally she's got money hungry. Rhymes with door. It's okay jealousy bud. Jealousy LB we pocketbook and car and negotiated billions of dollars working for trump. I'll be some people have morals okay. She lets you rob the president well she was working for him and then realized you can look he loves the. Somebody ease award more what does she done. That was immoral. I bought my bought at target employee rudely interrupted me it is changing the shape is she would a true pro president pro and pro everything about them. And then realize that not much weight to be made if you like the president so she slept. And now she goes by EMI have dirt on him. Secure the recording them. Lying about saying beauty and where he never did if you did that people have been out there and election particularly trust me there's no such thing that she's a liar. Q. Achieved at the fraud she got them. I think cart stock call in the wild win on growth as well yeah oh what it. 9:9 o'clock tomorrow Comoros on the show not just committed one of my least favorite verbal gaffes the verse Hillary. Like person elected to beavers yes Nancy no others patriots vs Packers. How about Jon Bon Jovi showing up in helicopters to watch patriots for us and change. Well he's John bond movies second most talented prison ever other managers. First Frankie valley section tied for second Jon Bon Jovi there. Greatest artists of all. And hand. Now Bob and you're not Jon other good friends defeated in world that a distraction and Lance champ from the practice fellow backe took up the fake candidate we have there centrist but. The south a tone of the land of the racial or political person. At the other way there and helium helium job much of the best that he's there there are best tease. Hub hub of god markers on segment on the show it's in now. I guess here's a cocky news here's somebody's I did get an highlights guy. Yeah I'm sorry is yeah. Put them there now carries CO America here's somebody who says I know. Is someone able to stay home and called radio stations all that unemployment. Well there. That listen there are people. Let's see here is a 50 wait taxes says please shut LB up why is he really defending Omar Roselle. Well what went from first ball. Us army Meyer mutes my Eminem's moment. But. Who wouldn't want to be on morals. Program truck commentator millions of dollars. Rehired or six times. And then finally got tired number ire. I didn't I just I don't think he Peter millions. Yeah. Knew we played the audiotape where they're offering her the same salary to work. For the trump organization for a 150 grand or whatever. She did reality TV yeah. You make a fortune. Oh you mean NBC was paying her millions of dollars Charles and Charlie I try to own the Celebrity Apprentice trump owns celebrity here. Parents are so he was view executive producer he coughed up the corn to pay everybody that was on the show and then. Let you know are I'd I'd do I say the last week I I got to believe he software. And asked where you are broader the warehouse. Where Brooke is in his. Haven't heard that one I think there will mobile I'm not Maloney is not slotted more of them we all admit that right. We all think dude that's a share down. Now on bachelor will Sony Daniels in the and Daniel why aren't right now there are no deal but Larry 001 stretched their thing bit. Why would he rehire her six times aren't Celebrity Apprentice. And then bring to the war in house. Very. Saying I'm just saying I didn't then. Then what is the what what is this texts are upset about with regards to discussing collusion or something may have been all over here this morning. An Angel they think I dictate where that went went past the show takes out so okay effect that we discussed going to not think they want to just they would they wanted you to say that there is no colluded there they have improved inclusion. I guess I'm okay thanks senator. Aren't. Well listen we do our best to be trying to. No it's just my it's my it's my complete liberal agenda because on a giant liberal but you know hasn't gun owner and some things are gonna do. That I wanna you know I try to take over picture whenever I can look there's a lot of things we want Daniel to sing and she always says no I could cause trouble and why. And I wanna Holler com partner channel. All right LLB a text he wants to know if you'll ask all morose if she slept would the president of course afterwards of course like. I mean of Greg allows me your eyes don't you just roaming Nixon or Clinton it's only if you say and I asked the question. And here yes and I I don't Comoros LB here. Can I ask. Big asleep with the presidents was eager and a rapper. See here's a finally text where does LB get this constant notion that executive producers pay for TV shows us. The right thing and does he. You're such a rookie bakery immediate way to do some homework. Pilots. The owners. TV shows and movies are listed as executive producers. Pay period. Don't act on an and it who are and what he buying. I was wearing a powerful board where you don't because I am logic polls rely on my you know my father the late Barry hill. Was an avid jigsaw puzzle doer that and he tries need very it was a big brain guy I feel like yeah this sets a very greenery meaning he had he had a big headed or you know he did he know he he adds Gary knew all the names of all the senators in every state yet desolate as I guess he is good. A person that kept his brain mindful and going but he used Abbott card tables set up. And he would have a puzzle going for for months. To me seems like the. The most. If that meant non interesting activity of all time however if if you're a young child. And you knocked said card table over all it was a it was and now salutes you we wanted to hide and and. But there are people who like the people still Bahrain who drinks I think you're putting very well if you enjoy puzzles. Highly encourage you to try ravens burger what's what's it just got does that food now that's it's not a bird man of us out burger made out of a raven. She's a very high quality materials that the pieces. It together nicely they have a nice feel to then they're weighted well in the photos. The layouts are all really really beautiful Marian Washington's been senators. Put proposals are there a lot of it was Marmara. It appears that Texas says Greg just wanted to interview Comoros because her name sounds like a Sox. And it sure I feel more us on the side and I get home. All I was going to text you over the weekend and I said just reminding me about this I was in Stop & Shop. In these two little kids were with their dance. And they were probably like I don't know. Foreign sixth. In the global actually mean like street the little boy dad was picking out system from the shelf and the little boy sitting there is kinda twisting back and forth he's like you know like dad. I love Max off and I. From what I try to get my own outsider get a little sound. Cutest thing and it dad goes what goes. Max last night on him her as my whole arm and I still a little that little fellas gonna go far in life. This is Steve on the framing him forward studio line what's going on sleeve. Hey guys I want to talk about LB's stance on whether or not the producers they've ordered. Finance the show they talk about. I don't know like that jemaah archive that is exactly right. I wanted to give up you'll order. You and executive producer or. What do you view what you would mobile or what would you do. No I've been sales well I got a lot of research I was curious. You know the umpteenth time that you talk about this. Yeah oh to look at it came up about the rose and and then it is news. We're gonna crowd fund for a. The other bringing back DeRozan and show without rose man. Know he's going to be awesome it's Aerosmith though Steven Tyler Ukraine behind the bet show my I don't. He'll be fine it's just it's I feel like she's such a big problem. Andy I'd uniter fat shaming the absolutely not she's lost blatantly crichton's. Citizens. All all they want even want what's up all day I'm just wondering if you're dead and it did appear were sort of so please solve puzzles are all just one solid color to make it even more difficult now. Yeah Billick 1012100. Pieces and just a solid color. Believe that in this day and age people that would that it with the attention span of people that has been. In on I think. Drastically reduced due to. The instant gratification from social media and and technology it can't believe that people can still sit for hours into rejects applause. Decompress. Is it an app for example is just us. Pretty crossword puzzle this did people still do outsource our crowd at times crossword puzzle on Sundays there. It's pronounced huge huge huge huge huge we used. Here's what he wants to know if the high pitched what that LB does is on. I'm LB bingo I think it did WT and there is an equity on LB lingo and what. Higher rates. Newton what's the. The devil's dilemma is an insane jigsaw puzzle. All the parts are the same shape. Y coordinate. If their own same. Well I guess they're not squares if they were all squares it would be pretty easy to do that could hit that she eggs and do more puzzled as an assistant at Boise docs plain old. There is are you how did our business yeah yeah. Did you say you mentioned the news is that the chick that did I think it is like it was like 181000 piece puzzle and I think it was a ravens burger. And she put it it's like this big tropical floral things she's standing in front of their arms out and then the whole Internet jumped on the fact that there was one piece missing here. And the unaided but what a sense of accomplishment out yeah. That's amazing blow job. Eric got on got the morning. Allied plane got those lucky and so the other day on I think it National Geographic. Got back in the 82 or a book out called secret. But the secret of the other one McCain put the movie but you get a budget. Jan. And now parks all across the United States don't chew them up and down to one foot in. And Boston park. They get that called secret if you drawing. I ain't got drawing where it is and then there's words that don't exactly where it is. James Reiner is that author's name yeah yeah. I don't I mentioned this before but I was given a book when I was he would. That was supposed to have the clue to where treasure was varied like this big popular book in the seventies. You could probably look at. And I only know how to do grant I don't. I know of anybody I don't know of anybody uncertainties I don't know of anybody ever got there as the joy of sax now and. And might have been me it might have been the eighties but it is like late seventies early eighties. And it was. I mean I don't like T-Mobile as the treasury. It was cash I think causes it was probably like. A bag of cash Shelby at those like one large and I was a lot of money a lot of money back in the days. Hello Jeff. Danielle I just wanted to let you know that. Marchers will probably trichet that Steven Tyler not now that the Joker project. Yeah mr. Purdue and now BitTorrent and Edward. All right anything else in the news that we needed to get to that we didn't get to this morning you know. Yet there some concern with the hurricane supposed to be hitting Hawaii who'll hurricane Helene. I think lean Blaine I say okay I'm down so they say that says it could be causing. Up posing excuse me some pretty potential. Hazards they Hillary category is that if you can't find okay I choked halftime so in the next 36 hours. The big island under a hurricane warning and seafood verse arrives. Oahu and Maui county also under hurricane watch. They expect hurricane force winds up to. Big states it again extend outward from forty miles from the center tropical storm force winds up to a 140 miles from the center so they're expecting heavy rain flash flooding in very high surf. All those places that are beautiful live and yet the deal with a volcanoes. Hurricanes and other natural process there's a couple of how long until the first surfer rested and that's an hour period of an earlier eras and all of the hello Jason. Eight Zorn what's going on other book you are referring to was called secret. No. Secret treasure or believe I don't. That's not called in and out and now this single note was yours one treasure. One treasure OK one treasure. Them. That's all play caller wanted to pressure now I just don't defend the childhood address of an ex boyfriend from ten years ago as parents house and can't find this book. On line up again. I am debating one more conduct before I doubt it my arm out and do it with anybody its own steer money. I don't know if I can I don't even know if I can do it on on the on the on the on the family on the on the airwaves of the families should I didn't. Would shut LB down if he started saying that's that you that they can get down now because at some. Of their double lot of time out tomorrow morning I'll do one more minute Mark Connor before ago. The treasure. In the book. And the blue Taurus. I. Well yeah. Mean two things great couldn't find as a young man. Well. You're the laws. Of life and you hate this. That would be jeopardy. Us. This is Mike hello Mike. Our color all of left. Yeah away did you see him there. Not quite good corporate project up although bird yet appear it will read your column. Yeah I don't know I'll put yes has ever. We outsider yeah. Yes and this text there is correct the book is called the masquerade. That was written by it earlier. And came out 1979. It got to forgive and I tried forever to figure out where the treasure was but it and they couldn't figure out. And they couldn't I spent that's probably if I hadn't focused on that and studied my a anatomy and physiology would graduate rights. This is Paul yes hello Paul. Very good morning everybody. I bet that doubled Colombo and shape your shot also what the actual old site. Birdied. One site that's what makes it hard and I am. Let there and the Pacific Ocean that Caltech who are part. And easy. Under a storm as the storm can't obscure reference hundred year storm yeah. Point break going to a point breaker here not like would break. That I'm sorry he loves what he's uncertain czars and then you listen to it and man and I believe they're typhoons in the northwest Pacific they use hurricane in the northeast just in announcing it and. I want to our rights as an additional with a noose and make up the terms for meteorological. Things like Air Canada. Here. Yeah you know and into action and I just yeah. If. Not an option and I figured I'm under yeah warrants. Were waved at a hundred footwear and a is an ass is not a show I currently. Why is because that's you know everybody. Technician turns of modeled off or. Are getting to tie fool out of her win yeah. And every guy's house got ripped off the ground yeah I think violence that's name it perfectly. Yeah certainly we have yet ago that if you miss anything this morning you'll hear it. As a part of the full show podcast and you can download any time at WA AF dot com that's our one hour to hour three hour for. And will be back tomorrow morning at six at certain and this star. Is three years now. And and I'll still viable force in miles and we'll go inside the award female brain and Amaro sold its nine. Next it's W were they bullets over an hour.