LB on Today in History - George Washington

Tuesday, May 22nd

Historian Lyndon Byers tellls us everything we need to know about the Father of Our Country, George Washington!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now the Hill Man Morning Show presents. I don't play on this exact date of the bank will be fun today eat in history. Our day. Our guys. Every once and awhile on this show we share with the LB a milestone. From of this dates in history. And he tells us everything that he does or does not know. About that milestone. In sixty seconds or less are you ready LBJ yeah Koresh and aren't under direct. On on this stayed and aid the issues at the clock at sixty. On this date. In 18020. Or. Martha Washington died out. Please tell us everything you know about her husband. Sure. To always present and yet would he need to. Paris totally cheated on her. Yeah Steelers. To was polish prisoners United States of America. Yeah. He was also is north and what was -- conduct. And Guitar Hero tomorrow is prone to tunnel is. That's out there all over dressed Oxford. Doesn't I can't even imagine lives and our parents salt Abdul clothing. And they for the white wings thanks. To I don't know what else to Arnold meaning I was out there America aren't ya. It was slumped as the news for a while. Rumors of her her it wasn't yeah there have been key on a string to construct politeness. To back down. And I don't think apple threatens us and Lincoln the tours with Washington's offense and I got taller it was. It was the largest loss felt Joseph. Told drinkable answered you're a painful hunter told the virgin jokes. Mourn our losses teeth he did have wooden teeth. Well documented. Of course you neglected to mention that he chopped down the cherry tree. And then the trio he was honest with his father about that of course when questioned but not all my father in total. He was you were correct when news guess that he was the first president Lincoln was not before. And I don't know that he cheated on mark the one yard and all that I don't know if there's any evidence of that last day. You know he did sleep then. In many people's homes. You've ever seen the George Washington slept here side. IE was funny yet he went on that. There's a place in Baltimore's lefty went on to victory tour Ian the French general. Via Lafayette one victory tour after they won the revolutionary war when you think they wrote it all down and enemies. Every ho at the ready and excellent shooters and after winning their revolution and on. My LL be. I guess theoretically you could call on them for father of America he's commonly called the the father of them of our country to watch isn't for a father and his first father. I don't believe he was Chalabi or jolly or 65 it was I think it was very well is actually make he would actually just. It's fun it's very very at all these guys. Yes he was pleased. He's. I do it was one thereabouts it was six you know everybody else loves everybody else is 49 everybody else is like five wanna talk. Now don't we get the problem and you get yeah. It's been a have you ever been an old ironsides he can't get the Becky had because everybody is social and historical home oh OK okay so it ceilings. Six foot to solve your 500. Saturn V or what's the difference that's like John Anderson is in the year 66358. Whatever. They want and good they want on the became. Yeah I want to be they want to be king this Dexter says that there was some snake oil salesman. Who tried to convince Martha Washington. That he could resurrect George. And so they were going to add some kind of chemical or something who is. To Islam you see any knowledge. Of that anywhere on the Google machine and you and I. I would be an amazing thing of death or true. Docked him a daughter or your big Mac community in the snake oil salesman's. You know we show up in terms in the middle of nowhere with the elixir. Of course now. And his day there was a. Friend of Georgia's doctor William Orton he trained at the best medical schools in Europe and after Washington died in 1799. He came up with the idea. Two. Revive him. Generation it's. Just bring him back because. He was such good friends with George Washington and he was so traumatized by is apt. I guess because it was so cold in Washington dyed his body was essentially frozen and Carrara. His doctor Thornton's proposal was Hugh saw George in cold water late in the blanket. Then get him warmed. Then give him this potion and open a passage to his lungs by which she could pre I suggest that the same. Thing for LB arrives at the correct at the corn hole tournament as a way to try to revive him. Efforts and that'll the drone. Sorry guys suggested that we trying to thaw him out and try to bring them back to life. That's. Notes the I rights. The last time I don't know if this is true anonymous take this techsters word on. The last time that the liberty bell was wrong. Was for George Washington's birthday while up is that when appropriate are and it probably well it cracked I mean yeah they're crown. An Achilles. I think it was funny that. People were saying that they had no idea that 76ers got their name from 1776. Yesterday. Meanwhile they ring the liberty bell before every second he's sixers game and I though. Old independents bell rang its last clear note. In February of 1846. And honor the birthday of Washington now hangs in the great cities people Iraq verbally cracked and dom. That's a quote I believe. Finally texture is LB dropped. Not at all here when we're what you did this hill worked out of northern Saskatchewan and I. Lot more aren't you nailed it not me when I wasn't a lot going on back and that wasn't of the American way of talking about. I don't know I can't ever again I love you guys electorate may mean look what you don't. What what would what people do for fun back in nineteen whatever was. Just bring airheads you've got it. The stupid so I can't I sit kitty corner in the studio so I can make eye contact with Greg. Much Michigan and you're constantly winking at me I am your lips at slick looking a little chips and some new high. And that one of them little syllables from my desk fell out so I went to retrieve it and subsequently whacked my head on the phone. I mean I totally I was able jokes for home hill tomorrow night you had an LT opinions I yeah I just pulling Mildred did George Washington thing. Well I mean the fact nearly a wooden teeth is that an accurate nothing good on my new user and knew it was the first president is that not good enough you can get crossing the Delaware Howell Paris saga picture on the tunnels S amber is Tom Brady on a ball fasteners. Let's see this is Jeff hello Jeff. They got paid all at what's going on jobs. Hey you wanna have open backed our regular more correct and you work and which one elect their first three collection. And it would key did not shut down that cherry tree that's in there yet he made a whale well. And you need. Echoing she'd at all like where you where you get that information that she one of his ancestors whose lack. Can Trace their wounded and we've got to George Washington she thought and now you're not he is you're not using him. Thomas dealers are not a recession George Washington yeah he'd been yeah if he's in very. During the sixty seconds albeit not if you live to work. Record purse. Is key coordinator will loan and the cherry tree that's that's an episode the third safely but still purple bliss the first pulpit. It's breaking news. Tell me ask you this answer when you and let me ask you this sincere your veering into. You don't know Jack territory here. What about the death. Washington. Hands. Geez I might have that it now might and might be wrong about this type. What a ball what was there and comment about the death of Washington and Jefferson. Let the bloodletting and ultimately well. All I want something out of it or chart patterns in your Adams and Jefferson died the same day and night and yeah and I think. Almost consider first side. They are arch rivals but yet defined yet Walton says at least Thomas just solicit and then Thomas injunctions are like three hours later. Yes it's yeah Jefferson Jefferson lives because he hated them and it's and well hey don't keep and so imagine right. Pushing Clinton reference. Ride it right new arrivals right. Yeah yeah as the difference there by the way this guy says you worried George Washington hard though and they love it possible on the business of. Might might this is as terminator real peak my sister. Passing mention her name that. She actually look at it he wrote a book about ten K and all right guys. Those guys were so it's different it's you're yeah. We. Healthy correction he was actually write these guys were so quite revealing back them. I would never want to know the guy that's accused of being urged opting actually right. What we need stuff we like kind of English aristocracy type thing or something yeah. Well it. Probably yeah like but she did not want to be a here's the good humor great music great Washington story this is probably one that makes what the cool guy. Its first battle. It's in the soldiers killed. Sixteen or seventeen British soldiers. And not one of them has stretched the body in the continental side. He did it. Well because they were sleeping. So he'll let everyone know this is how can play we're gonna play dirty. Or take off your officers. We've you guys weren't right for crying out loud. So network is what people thought cute picture or get what is. Central lesson if any Republican strategy that oratory skills or as a general that he told her that front yeah this is our role. That's understandable. Now listen where do you stand on when you win when you calling me out on the fact that LB believed that. George Washington was also since Franklin. Yes it knows about and then there'll be and we'll they were friends with. Everybody's rates and time simply said yeah yeah I mean you know here you're here you're all right around and I think they're helping him that is it less. I just. I appreciate I appreciate. That you have confirmed. That when I get mocked for saying if you're not cheating you ain't trying it started to. With the father of America huh.