LB Mixology - KFC Gravy Cocktails

Thursday, January 18th

KFC recently released ingredients for cocktails using their gravy as a base, so we're putting them to the test. The LB Cocktail test!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Did you know as a former bartender. At me Greenpeace. And at. What was anemic ol' cowboy he obviously coyote ugly here as a former bartender would you like to mix up. Some of these KFC gravy inspired cocktails and may be greedy greedy infused her I was. Speaking of people that I have the pleasure and the honor of working. I was speaking with is the executive chef for for whole house group yes Peter yes. And he was asking me yesterday at work if we were truly gonna make. He heard us talking about the KFC ground beef gravy cocktails and he said he really make those and would anybody really. Possibly drink Ravi and I guess I've ever seen talented. Obviously I mean once he gets. If it's these shoes apparently that are make him look fat by once he gets in his shoes like it will grow the so. By the way everybody wants to know is it jogs and the Jewish next week is that it is that way what is happening in my thinking it's an IP Monday music organs and these days jet engines do show me. Jugs in the usual day Tuesday in ruins. I itself. Mike Hsu went to KFC yesterday and purchased a giant vat of gravy is that correct mr. issue. Yeah I ordered a three large re visa to me anyway and that is just agree to be just the grave in England plus degree now a pollen count in the three he's. A couple. And KFC has. I created some cocktails that the goal line so he won a mix these up in her. All right yes. We should I I did institute Graham all the ingredients. But I think I'm gonna do it instead grand story. View making the drinks so do you mind bringing the ingredients over this way. And we'll do it on this table over by over over bias here. My shoes my humorous this guessing with instances. Are started one. OK you got egg lights. Did you keep the keep the egg white cold by the way we want to end this on any Salmonella. Utterly they would and needles garage and on the open a mile and otherwise and weight loss program. The meal you have recipes in front of view. She she will and jewel in the moment. Shoe out of print it out they were over there it and I'm guessing that somebody is okay there they. And here we have the while we of the risks so much so here I stars soured Daniel. So and stuff is mr. against really. So these particular drinks. Who are these drinks were released by Kentucky fried chicken on their website yesterday this is going to be like this is got to be a worldwide different. I don't know all right I don't I don't like people like you know I don't know I think I think care season ranking people like me who you know live further. Food to but he. Live for their graves is what you mean this other gravy in their through Berrian on you know like I love their checked in Iowa you know I love you know that the chairman meal plan. When you always make an amazing thing you take the skin off the chicken yeah heart attacks now and you put the mashed potatoes and gravy in it and yet it back on the children. Which is delicate doctor Frankenstein nightmare scenario for what you can. This text there is correct. Why are we not FaceBook lighting swing mutt we must FaceBook live this process so that some who cannot enjoy gravy. Because they wanna live to be over 35. In a drank Kim can witnesses so yes we will FaceBook live this. We're digging out where should I don't know uttered where they're juniors martians if you nauseous. I know that I I I got a Sharia. I am I'm a little sketchy about. Radios odds are two of the lobbying to I'll be excited if it's good I mean like right now I'm I'm begin. I'm I'm bringing glasses half empty. But it'll I'll be pumped and you know it's glass is half full. Yeah. Hold on I think I hear her running here running back. Is everything okay. What. Where yet to 2.0 what's this what's happened miniature replicas of analysis so bad are you kidding me is can. I hope you can not know a year ago. All right so I want insignia in this life commute it can you share the ingredients of this first the first cut though the enemy if good. Would the with the KFC and throughout the wanna start it is this hour with them this hour. So that's got to Q and where sheep and me for it in metric directions your lawyer really out of Iraq. She might. To run and feet. And twenty take it from an elite runner up there and get some exercise for yourself for crying you know I'm not doing touched on this matches your on the market yet it's got to be trimmed up and re Iraq. Okay now. And. Hundred mills agree be a hundred milligrams of gravy and okay. FaceBook blog about it that we bears but life. Podcast awful so my guess I look live full full yeah oh yeah FaceBook live pulls hopeful that in march of so. It's seven tablespoons. Seven tablespoons of greater degrees industry OK what else 400 mills of messed doll tequila tequila and and great but okay first of all how do you feel about tequila in green you it grows all. I finally just flicking figured out what happened what would she let out. I said we're gonna we're gonna go is applied but I was getting to rip into you and your blood and. Oh. I don't let you got yourself together that gets you like OK and I anyway enough time to do anything so when he did sob that just own up to look at this half an hour and a man that I'm married yet if you're married. So in the blasting Els the tequila the gravy and the lemon juice OKQ I know sorry Kerry look cooler yeah fresh lemon juice. Orange marmalade a girl salt pepper and away. And at pine times spring two guards. So you're gonna make it gravy cocktail with Kentucky fried chicken great. I. I'm just trying to find so he's been original US measurements every amen amen remove the garbage can closers. Or. It I'd by the way. Although practicing this is not the first time tequila and in cutesy gradient mixed. At least on the open in my stomach I it's not certain times yes of course so. By the way I just shared a story. On my ins to Graham Greg Hill 107. And that story is being I'll begin the process I'll share another one. I should be to create that. These agreed to heal and linemen are in the party in there. Yeah. Now. I just at that cocktail shaker app keeps coming up with the second time might not feel very fully urged. It took fourteen hours average ticket time to get a drink it agreed diesel and maybe it was my opinion I. I'm beating you up an extra 56. Your knees and toss. You need knees and lost I do any lingering thing and you're pretty incredible. Just eyeball. That's a real Martin's right. That was probably that was more than three count on the pour that RD. Two and a half count. We're we're trying to re I'm trying to cut down on path costs over here. Marmalade completed normally in the military strength. It makes him when you. Later. Like pepper she wrote in light it white powder on them it's hold on wall while the strength is being prepared. This is Jacko LoJack. Great little lady grilled once again. And you know you but you have faced lies somebody older and hear what she prayed to the fourth. Very slow and credit I suppose this is just listen this could be a ten day injury. By the way mark you did these people are annoyed the holding the phone sideways on the face what line did you not unlock it got a hold of them are young. And think if you are and I everybody's breaking their necks trying to watch the excitedly asked sideways sponsor its parent artist and I wanted to Mass Pike westbound is Jack. No wonder mark didn't get that producing gay he went for. Follow the ball well off. And I lead now in an excellent I don't know and you can drink that has normally Marmol didn't really show how much that it's got marmalade and pretty impressive because who would do seven spoonful Scotland. Or humor. They're usually read coupon mom Tammy normally don't post to sort of skirts. They're perfectly good Peter Byrne jam. So vitamins over there now knows that regularly over here she's gonna deliver it makes him aside and makes you to. When you get this thing now thrived don't try to break it would sure hope. Everybody wants to see you shake vigorously shake. Take it vigorously shake shake shake vigorously. It's all about the shake when it comes to a cocktail. I'm okay all right so this is gravy. And tequila. Kentucky fried chicken gravy. And tequila at the moment and orange Marmol also cracked in this aren't sorry now I just don't and he nurtured order until the answer an infant Zeljko get a little chip actually it'll Cherry Hill currently there are an hour and by the way I assume that. What KFC is doing here. Is working toward a time where they have liquor licenses who's out there at their KFC we call I got a warrant on an audible. I never understood what through children restaurants don't do you know have a beer warm wars and a please. I'm new taxes says. I was I was actually pretty stoked for this segment however. These guys have lost me at cherry looked core like they're upset that that sure gorgeous gives a little a little additional flavor current. All right so we ask that you agree he in my normally does not powerfully with Senator Kerry would you tequila gravy marmalade and Sherrill who work. What is this thing call does it have a name to the name it and garlic and now are the finger lick its power is that quote I think that's colonels kind. Yeah the colonel naked in the bedroom. Right so we'll win it at the ninety let's give LB a sample and any human the other one. The egg white and we have to do it waits. Where activities that the service and as David are your go to guy. If they don't their. Stepped up during got their collective we got people waiting by Terrence. A lot of things in this is Joseph on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's up Joseph. I am morning guys aren't important after nobody out cute look whatever it is you're currently under the you so. That you brought the soap soap I'd be now. The tied into the shouted it's the iPod challenge and I mean we live in a country where you have to tell people. Knocked. To adjust laundry detergent writers Deborah is that we're we're not right now although we're making this cocktail yeah instrumentalists. All right I'll be. I want on a scale of one that man. I wanna know how the gravy cocktail pace. OK I I'm stirring the burnish out of balance during the burnished in the garbage cam which is very close to me. It doesn't look very appetizing but you do have to Q and you do upgrading all of. To go live. You know it's bad it is LB is telling us you know only for a lot of years now I have a lot of good glad you bring a lot of it has happened never TO this I think the only -- you're delusional homeowners small that you not ferret theory goes this them what you think call to. The finger at Ellington now eagerly consultants out here's here's to my idols scarcity. Now on hold. While he doesn't cut it doesn't retire those shot oh wait a minute I think he actually all would get on FaceBook life. And nothing good matters it's good. I swear to god has rocket hits eight you don't feel like getting sick or I don't know and indeed taste great and it smells awful yeah Abbott argued that it had put LB you taste the gravy yes everybody degrade in its it's like drinking gravy and cocktail and it's just hours that's a that's our suite and then the saver and then the grave worry that the rays are now it's savory and great you're right it's actually not. Oh my lord and now the exaggerated giant one time. That is an unbelievable. If you like that I think this is one batons and savory mix I've got one of those things I think it's like your frozen mud slide you have liked to death and then your parent over warm wood everything on your adrenaline is fairly subtle. Now it's. Darling that's how I get disagree be any at this hour and you this week and get degree being that's our idea that if I will give that to thumbs. It's. So KFC is not something. With gravy cocktails. Greatly confused Minsk now yeah greatly infused beverages. Unbelievable Ellison. I demand that none of these be given to our that president all right I want guys at the wrong guy who doesn't drink anyway but did not do not allow the president anywhere near the Kentucky fried chicken gravy. I yet another great EB infused KFC. Adult beverage. And that's when you're making is called this is the southern. Southern twist in what's in this thing. This is urban. Gravy. Black pepper. So it's pretty simple but the rim is garnished with brown sugar and parsley the rim of the collapse can I virgin gravy over here just feet after. I think it's tough crowd really are on the run pretty neat yeah and urging gravy or the side of the goal but that might be I'd like that they meet. All right well that looks like this does. OK and Daniel I'm sorry could by the way if you're just joining us let me just recount before you drink that. Patient zero. Pay. We are KFC came out yesterday we did some. Cocktails that use their gravy as some as a main ingredient right and people were saying yesterday on my god how disgusting how can people drink rabies so we decided to make them and try them we are FaceBook live right now so. You can check that out and watch and and take a look as LB samples the strength and again one more time what exactly is in this thing that obvious drinking right now. Urban gravy black pepper and a parsley brown sugar rim okay. And so the finger there at the finger licking mortars the finger we can sour. Two thumbs up yes that they have that the bad aftertaste and relaxing and it did Atlanta where Ellison I have an ice coffee over here could you remain. All right I anyway go ahead flatly yeah. I had an anomaly isn't what are its upbeat talk about a possible at. What to say golly and other twists and twists. I drink rail Barley flight automobile is it less now there's outrage is important question is the gravy warmer COLT called NightCall it's underneath Osama is it's cold gravy you're drinking cold gravy if you drink one in the strength Allison and I was. You. All know yeah. Now as islanders rivalry now that is. Allen has not that's not working for don't know oh my god he's going down electric soured that half of what it would have been like that in if lactic. All right I want that now. Don't do it he says is that it's not under the law now. Oh god. Melodies I had holidays are all valid horrible. And that's awful this this experiment. It will hurt KFC with the second one yeah estimated Dawson. Ha ha yeah. Our area. Apparently smashed its Madison thought about him and. Okay and intensity fail that without almost fell the other one you liked yeah personal and you liked about gas Nellis and what about that if a guy. If they have like a drum sticks with the stick and just started when that would that we're back and I'll never thought I would mineral that is now don't Jews actually that would make a pretty good wings sauce and lacing a little because got the brown sugar now. Well I think what's your balance off downed it made me to teach her good idea. Any chance I cadet while you're while your making drinks stimulus or any chance I get a few. Gravy excuse for not for my eyes comparable average could you make me if you gravy ice cubes. OK well. That's still the brown liquor one is not the kind of tequila. That the one miserable thrill that I care to see you moment. Have you ever had done the drinks sex with a kernel. Excellence and now I've ever had I don't know what is expected of prison. And I dig them back I don't know back. I checked. And I own independent. And. That room are more I was happy that was another thing I can see our I was all fired out there now once this guy didn't buzz on before 10 o'clock. What is this one can you shake over your shoulder like it do some flare at some freaking flair to your shaking and at this all the data is not the takers compromise -- of shakers compromise aka what does this one you're making the gravy Mary. The great be married on this sounds good OK so we got tomato juice or is a bloody Mary mix it it's it's it's a cost and next up in mere it's it's made it used to it. Best best bloody Mary mix mister t.'s. I read our yes OK glad so as bloody Mary mix Worcestershire sauce Tabasco celery salt celery salt paprika and dollars and horseradish cream actually I think it. I think this one's going to be really good I think the gravy for good. Drinking a cup I. My. Blanket and upland. I don't know I don't. ST I think gravy sounds good in a bully Mary yeah an exit status like an interest in slavery to now that's our media you know thirtieth splice. Oh in this previous eleven herbs and spices apparently. Yeah him. That last doctor artery and I mean teased him that was on the rim. Now now this is supposed to be garnished with popcorn chicken. You know themselves into initiatives. To create a featured on the way in the sports or create so elderly. If you're just joining us is a 48. And today's Hill Man Morning Show as presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Kentucky fried chicken has released. A list of some recipes for her cocktails that are made with the gravy. We have tried two out of three and this third one is the what's called Kentucky merrier to marry a great team. There have been married gravy marry. And it is one the gravy Mary. Oh she saw all right let's give that a world. And that one looks like is. That is tasty looks like if you're watching on FaceBook lives that Linden is really enjoying now one that's outstanding does that stand out are yeah stand as it fits if I don't like that is off that's good right fits with the taste of the bloody Mary ED get a little taste the gravy. Yeah he's again in the area that to me and yeah at the pepper that's and that you know enough or not and to be honest. The popcorn chicken would put an old right I'm sorry the a little bit of a snapped a monetize it. A lot of guys that are only two rank among the whole blue on earth that's address only drank once a week now I'm on. Yeah that's good Zaza. That's outstanding defense overbearing that I sound like Belichick Carolina. You know and you know to recall a time with the chicken the popcorn chicken it would add the chicken lever yeah you're gonna have all our crazy scene got to stick all kinds of crazy awesome to predatory not to bet. Not to I. Went to a carrier have used it touches and their. So yeah gravy Marietta materials arching their back to me there may be selling my activities gold come out with some recipes and go oh hot goal infuse Danielle and vote. There are reload that would little replica. I. It tired and get drowned in good stuff thank you. I notice he used the new Amsterdam black issue that's good vodka nose cheek that it adds well well. Well Rosie it's I want to name the other one it's a well special there was a you know there's some cost American city. Our citizens mr. Ross Nolan and hang him like on handle Rudy our noses next shelf up. Are right well. There's only one thing laughed. And that is somebody. Needs to. Give them just the tip the bartender who worked hard so. That charitable and operate like services for free appreciate the tip that happened is that the thinking that it we no tip policy in the park.