LB On History - Clarence Thomas

Friday, November 17th

Once we discovered that LB is not only an animal expert, and relationship guru, but also a history buff we decided to let LB teach us a little about history! This Week LB tells us all he knows about Clarence Thomas!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand and I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule that's WPA. So now we're being allowed just died candy I'm also brings yeah. This jury just three hurts my brain. All right. From time to time on this show in an attempt to provide some content that is educational and perhaps worthy. Which we normally are not providing on this program that's. And we give to LB without any advance notice and event from history or a person from history and we ask him to. Tell us everything that he knows or does not know about that person or that event in sixty seconds or less in my mind is a whirling dervish is is Andy is the clock ready residents are Jewish hero to Belize. Put sixty seconds on the clock. And LB yeah please tell us everything that you know about. Clarence Thomas. Talked all I had this similar data is probably take my chance Josh pull up on fumes here put her on a coach here to crack. And it didn't and seen. The other is diets are you really need to now. Completely sexually harassed and checked. Out originally and Aaron McKie and I don't remember a bit and didn't get it now he's like I want to adult women judges he was daughters are just in America right on he's on one of those like seven people that he's tired arms you know whether we delivered direct. 36. I I mean he was all right I think he's a warrior. Using media apps there's American follow. Acting version was and and she was. Nothing warrants on whereas sentiment and management or just think. People in this room. So Danielle and you know thank you and you know I don't know till now there I mean yeah. And time time time both so I don't know yes what's her name hell yeah Saturday was I don't. I'm well what's your name alone I put us through some fact checking as we always do and chaotic Clarence Thomas was alleged. Who have pointed out that there was a pubic hair on a Coke can in his op idea when Anita Hill was a professor area a law professor at the same time that he was whopper yes she was employed as his assistant LB said that Clarence Thomas is one of those Dali Lama judges. I think what he means is that these as supreme. Court just writes this people wrestlers have seventies not a bad for a close eye on the amount fully confident in this I believe it's 99. Subpoena or whatsoever. You might be right I and I could be wrong I'd get off your arm usually are. I'm I'm right sometimes. Mostly Narnia where there his 999. Supreme Court behind us. So I mean not that area close now anyway I know it is scary is that pretty well. News and she sued him right. And wants. Ash are only game or Baghdad. She pitches it's not snowing and it was basically. During his confirmation hearings and it was used. Dude try to. Events. Clarence Thomas from being confirmed as a Supreme Court justice this I bet you that what was the ninety's. It was the ninety's. That I'm surprised he didn't bring out the the porno guy. It's in the porno plans he's these ads now on silly yes absolutely yeah cars that are I talked to her about porno movies in the and in the in the office and allegedly a luncheon. For the youngsters who don't know lines are and merits to rulers no place you have to mention you know it is definitely riding here you know and it's friendly living rooms and doesn't reek of for. I don't see any low hanging fruit at 639 by no plans for all time I didn't. I just I Adrian and I told you that it's.