LB on History - Anne Frank

Friday, March 10th

Once we discovered that LB is not only an animal expert, and relationship guru, but also a history buff we decided to let LB teach us a little about history! This week LB tells us who Anne Frank was. 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And though we're being the largest eye candy I'm also bring yeah. History history hurts my brain. Yeah. Announcer guy to go a little bit of a different approach I like that. Ruling you know being really care if I daily history at all. I think. And now they're defining his niche of the human and Elba again new announcer guy may have nailed it. All right LD. I'll be ready we're going to do put sixty seconds on the clock. And during LB on history we share with the LB and historical moment or a person from history and he tells us everything that he does. Or heard does not know. About that event or that person are you ready you backed by a okay. Sixty seconds give us everything you know about in France. How well and our number one Gene Simmons was on our show hoped and it went to the air and frank house. Not because it was the there's incredibly. Tees in news. About. Emotional story spirituality should say yes and spray it. Saved. I don't know thousands of phone people during the Holocaust. She she needs to his kids Jewish thirty now and what she did Jewish families children and people in her house and out through underground. Tossed him out of dropped out of Jermaine and Hitler's. Lunacy. And if I mean I mean that's pretty much means I have to say it means more to me she. Yeah dance dance she's an amazing team has been estranged and that she righted and things that you read a book is the best parties that it will I don't know what I. Sure and ties battleground Iowa. I don't read I'd I'd read one book a matter of honor right was nine he now optional. She had the artery you know the diarrhea areas are areas in my. Now. I think you're right about Gene Simmons ugly incident was the our show discussing the age has been there now we took a trip yesterday it was a huge part and you grandparents were a part of the Holocaust yeah he lost his grandparents. Several Texas thought you were gonna go with her having something to do with the invention of the hot dogs and that is not. You did not tell you this I thought about trying to be potent pull a couple of like funny or CIA idea the right to know not not no no I'm totally the right time out of amazing respect for someone that. I have to agree yeah I mean I I mean the courage now to do what she did was instinct of course believe that. Posthumously. One of our one of an American the one of our American treasure recording artists did declare that in frank would have been a believer. Yes five firemen police acted. Number when Bieber went there and said that in frank would have been a believer. I wanna dumbest dopey as disrespectful things much most anybody is errors that I wish I never knew that and a. You by the down I think the movie also be I don't know if you've seen them not to watch that Sony get confident I met named. But I'm just was. It was run somewhat on point about processing you know arrested and frank and her family were worthy of the German Jewish. So they had to hide in it and on and an annex about her father's office in Amsterdam writes that she survived the Holocaust. I don't know that. I don't know if there were multiple families chicken everywhere you are. Were there others into that museum there how's that you have here out you know of course it did Richard downs there but around yet the relate to or three families okay. In an attic section on the whole day because there was an office under there. The whole day they had to stay silent he's evil in the office yet because they won any money out here that there were people walking around upstairs. Really yeah to your references Arrested Development George Booth living in the attic of yes it's. Yeah success you actually it sailor and I had. I love that I And there but there are so bad. All right so. That is LB on history.