Lajon From Sevendust Talks About The 20 Year Anniversary For Their Self Titled Debut

Wednesday, June 7th

To say Sevendust are "Road Dogs" is an understatement.  For over two decades Lajon Witherspoon has fronted these Georgia boys while traversing the planet ruining the hearing of fans and making some amazing memories.  A few of those memories are discussed in our conversation below including their Ozzfest experience and friendship with Ozzy Osbourne and family, his favorite moment with the band, and what it's like revisiting some material from their self titled debut which they are playing in it's entirety on this tour.  You can see them do that at The Palladium in Worcester on June 25.

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Are you don't wrote I'll do all right man I'm doing all right I appreciate you check it and I can't believe it's been. I can't believe it's been twenty years since the the deal the the self titled album there. Freeze the stepped in and world also run but what a pleasant to Libya it would be doomed you can people you know. Do bigamy and man that all ought to. Yeah yeah I mean while the band's been you guys been gone for more than twenty years right yeah. So that's that's amazing in itself because you know bands in the like marriages now the average is maybe five years you know and and but it's just it's amazing you guys have been able to do wooden and in doing your way and I just can't believe it's been twenty years it seems like now back here that album came out. Did you guys do Ozzfest was that ninety's that was at the ninety's I don't know. Yeah I'm a 198 you are that it came out there are your. We're all my guys those along with tool and motor head in and oh in Seoul flying coal chamber. I was at Virginia at the time and I saw there it was in Manassas and I'd never heard you guys ever totally didn't know who you guys war. And you guys came out and house like who the off blocked r.'s because guys. Holy (%expletive) What the guitar lines you know oh victory care reform and you know that that really go the stalker at all beyond them also that. Just being around on the scene and the chair and then there's that whole excitement about you know you know who I attribute our. Yet you have any fond or maybe not so fond memories of that of that Ozzfest any kind of franks the yellow Yugo. I remember Utley in a little bit at the actual yes. And and not are remembered he'd come out of it meg is. Something we area it would limit on line. Or how would Knutson. Court security like Corey and our memory and Brian do you backstage but nick didn't take prosecutor I mean don't always funny at all. Yeah I'd be government rested so mr. ball up there every day whether it expedient thing board but you own. A major work to be able to remain cooler. Area Libya are. And just hang out there who want it. India but. A buddy of mine too so you really cool. To be around among people that I admire so much in the industry and to come rental equipment. Just great. Now that you've view you guys became friends and Ozzie to and he he took you out on tour after. Actually I'll be the seven dot there was this government up and Ali in Australia. They'll be able to sport bowl. Dealt crazy distribution point widget. And I'll be awful and its span and those old guitar that. That's amazing that's great and so you guys gonna be over the plate in Worcester June 25. You're players. I know Wes demand and that that's a great role in the palladium always a good time in there. And it so it's been twenty years since the self titled you know play the album all the way for oh. Is there any thing like when you guys were word said you're gonna do this I imagine their rehearsals you do that hometown that's special hometown show. Are there any Blake discoveries now. In that music and I even play in the material through the years of playing it all the way through did you discover. Anything new about doing it or ward. Maybe there's things that you're you're singing differently or something because I would imagine over twenty years you've changed as a personal little bit. Well that's a good question no question or you know. Some of the song you like to be really right yeah. And what we think about. It was so fun to go back and do all the wrong even. Like we did that shall we label. It art so that the bears special on that we're doing and Mickey Mantle so cool. So it actually Seattle along that we haven't played in. A good that the falcons great in school and not to go back and Aladdin and and he's on the basis that app being. That many years we've been also faces. All of its many years now you guys kept coming out and bring in their whole family values that are life you know we have to announce to the point where. The kid that they've brought out the last on the phone now Nokia decades demographic Ullman size it if that's the cool thing will be good or. Well. I've recently saw you guys recent couple weeks I think it was you were. You were on instead Graham lives in mom. Yeah. Okinawa that's it Yucca and it was 1 of the Pacific islands out there and all I got out and Okinawa. And I guess the gig was canceled that nine in and of you guys are jamming in your hotel room and it was a school to see the interaction between you guys. And and everybody laughing having a good time of the music and and what what is the what is the secret of of stand together. I was different for every bandit twenty years or more than twenty years is a longtime pals to me a band is like a marriage you know you usually don't take its you know. We're married we're Brothers. And now we started this I guess twenty something years ago a pick Rea we owe it to each other that this is something that we never thought would. Grohl. To the point it is wrong and it's it's you let it but it I think you have to I mean don't don't get me wrong someday we don't like to southern get Matic like Brothers. Like in the waters but up. It is we'd love each other and when we get in that room together or write music. It it it makes us feel like those kids the game and that's the magic could kill. A medical opinion and after the studio excitement about being in on the road and supported elements still. Very exciting law and that and to be able to do the show and do festivals. The crazy you know so many of our brands in the past few band about it. One year they're good they have a single they might do well with the demand what fail out ought to have him again so. Trust to be around it's. It really means the world. To us and that is something that ought to elect the truth we can't let people down at the. Yeah yeah absolutely and and and I never I guess did you ever think you'd be playing in Okinawa. In those two I hit records. It's an example while at which I didn't think it would be you know in a mallet camps wall on a rebate. Jam him. And it was great even open it up to the Japanese public and everyone's shoulder up it was a beautiful day. We ended up trying to connect today so we're really in the air along with him up we were in the. Yeah it is that's a long asked Floyd. Don't smell great cottage and also to get over there and beat people. From the state that now you know etiquette that was it down sick at 9:30 in the morning from Kansas well. I know it mother met him you know when he was younger or. He's air down cyclical. In a day like any man what a that's an endless line. Yeah they've they've not been right in the state like there do. You know I felt like that and one kick came to me and about three. You can deploy the next day in the league. You know it really. He had to see to have a that a little bit home. You know and that's probably has great comfort to those guys all the way over Okinawa from you know all over the states and that's that's awesome man. Alia I hung out with the cap have lots of them couple Marines that I hadn't been altered your ears you know really. Cool to give them that you know decent all in on that the dust at least that we can do about traction. Can share what they do world. Boortz what's probably the most exotic place. You guys have made it too so far. Anybody well like like it's just a really out of the way players like Okinawa is really out of the way your. Malveaux I don't know I think it you or a low. Austria. I think that place I don't do so interest to me it was. You know electric storm and we played any aid director of the name beat up somewhere but it was in the middle of these water fall in Austria. And if you walk down the Lorena if you wanna call this streak but all roll you ended up at the roles usually museums. Or at. And men that plate so I just remember walking down going to be waterfall. And the way the land is. Landed there at the heels the Calvin like I'm leaning. On these healed but it. It's good so I don't know that we had to bring it out at me oak tree and I remember the old lady come out she'd bring your corporate with the greens and it was like. Ol' country. The threat that for me I attribute all throughout the year. There's been so many ways you know of course you know we just recently you know played him. Turkey cake 00 here while that's nice you know I play world ship Ross who would start on the still. Pretty. Who'll match. If so many places they figure all that long and mainly like the apple. You know incredible beautiful four B&B. Order of our I learn about. Going to Amsterdam court that's just spot while it funds and you have to really you know a really cool what. You know which we can't wait for a maybe the next year being cute little against the tobacco these rocket firing up or. Able to tell us what you are so true. That all over man you know here in California. Everywhere. Often. Yeah DG a bag of hair lawyer going to be appear at the palladium Worcester on one that. Alia. Yeah we seen you guys a bunch of times actually the first time about a few times you know over the years here and then the first time I met you though. It was my first week working here and you guys were recording home. That's Longview farms. Along you are old girl what a great spirit yeah. And I remember watching and I was I just started here so is due in the overnights after mr. scary who's on tonight the purple there. The purple there that your boss and you remember her. Corporate it into oh she's still a great man yes she's she's on during the day now you know she's moving up as music director and everything so. A look at how well I will and then I remember walking in. And going oh my god seven dust is here. And their words by huge bottle of Jack Daniel's sitting on the control board and empty and full beer cans all over the place. And other contraband material I guess I should say at this point all over the you're worried and it does yes you you were I want to their go and I think I'm really gonna like this job let's discuss this is. Man what a great studio it should be able to ride court that we act or. What do we know that we actually got to tell which I don't know now. The ultimate death zone came out. And did Bender assault that would mean without them everything what a great experience outlook and he was able to rise one of the white horses. At the studio. In our remembered back. Like it was yesterday we have a pitcher and I wonder I had to do after the baby Abby to be followed by now. You know him right. Now. 01 that had anything to do it. Why all of that you normally see him rotten or act. Now is usually. That's why I never enough right wipe you a bigger court act. Honest I'd talked on and it does about. Who yoga we got a great you know they have in Al ship there. Bond. What would that help the pedals on and so it was really cool we need to go over there but it was always so much fun and stay in the cabin. Match what do what do guitar. So. You guys have been doing this for over two warriors. Can you remember or describe a moment where you relate this is just magic this is like the best life on ever living. Right now can you remember a time like that while you were playing with the band. We talked on non reality. Yeah you know I pray that when I'm in mine were all lies in a couple of bucks are wrought but. On the walls I have. All of the brand raptors. Provoke a crappy year what come with it right now the let I'd be let the. I'm now able to music of the weapons to war. Europe 2011. Is starter. Don't Zoller who each agree with but excrete. A PO cricket ball to doubt him. But yet it meant he it's a great deal would walk again but with. Woodstock I mean opera that was incredible man Alberto right there got to wrap it but not all that. Sunday you're likely it won't you'll. Poll was it was just the the massive amount of people in the delegate who is America amount of people. You know will help us sort bought all man. I've heard some stories that once you've if you step onto Willie's bus you you walk off a completely different person. Outlawed. Lou. It is in what an incredible experience here to be all of that in Canada. That whole day and our member. The kids on the all they know is that artist is like young lady who. And a reunion usually yell balloon popping he'll. Remember us ripped magnate Charles and some odd hours. Chart of black. And hundreds on the achieved and it ought to populate ill man who had made ought to be at our good outlook statement what so many other ones like that. That's the first came to mind so yeah well yeah that's awesome so now you guys gonna play a few days you play the the self titled album in its entirety in like a sit up 25. Of the palladium and then. You as he gonna hit the studio. Actually we actually being time writing back and look at and look at the studio set up there Al the we've been trying to write in long been on ideas back and what not really in rust Padilla to the well. Actually if you want to go back to Atlanta together to do writing that it would just break it up right balance and and earlier about you know real include. Al. Lenient with me now you know we and we product we all need to take the ball in it being good being home and be bad. He might gain it all actually in the daddy daughter bares. Nice the attic in order for daddy don't. Take school it would record bear seeing a man. I had to learn the mood and I hurt my back several times. Hope more nervous that I had anxiety about her performance on wall you know I was more nervous than I've ever been put forward in front of people spirit. The best I can understand and you review daughter. You know bill and daughter on what we mom about it if it's right it's directed drop it like like the group. That. Oh ball. That's awesome and so it's it's I. Think about twenty years now. What you're just saying OK well we were were all we all have little studios we all like we're all writing in different parts of the country but back like twenty years ago. It's just amazing how how that kind of thing has changed public about it and did record a whole album like in their living room Boren and Reich. And just you know just put it out themselves now. On. Its current we know that not everyone but I think the tactic to try to. I'm old school duke also talk joke. I we had to grow with a sign that but he. Social media and in this world that he changed the way we do every. Street greatly. The day goes. Do an album and. And tour and and and and two article wow. So you know you don't see that very much remote code where they're like you read what you can do an album you can. I think it earmark out right now to do a whole album and everybody being late to work together body makes it. Nodding and feet so I can apply not on I mean that's all bombing and tell Australia. We'd love to get together we and that apple that's what we're looking he. And summed up and we were like when we get back in studio and we do well in twelve big night. Monday through. Saturday and we Monday through Saturday it would take Sunday off they get back in a month. Whoa I'm looking forward to the new stuff and I'm looking forward to see in the the size tell celta dom played all the way through. I don't have to we look forward to get the ball the man enough. Thank you for a segment on it was really cool on the orders and it. All right miles it that you very much been a priest and you'll see at the palladium June 25. Well I don't doubt that it.