Kyle's Unbelievable News Thing 8-29-18

Wednesday, August 29th

Associate Producer Kyle brought his brand of news to today's show. Now, we all can admit that it's not the best news, but he tries. And hoepfully next week he can actually talk. Listen to the stumbling, bumbling, Kyle's Unbelievable News Thing here! 

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Legal opinions 37. Our families I'm. I'm your schedule and WAA asked. News is constantly changing why a even our mission to keep people entertained and informed. My kids were killed if you. We turned a quiz reins over to craft a man who will be. Welcome to Kyle's unbelievable new sting. An end. Brought you by luck Otto plus whether you make the big bucks or your credit sex go to lots lots of other plus dot com that's Lux auto plus dot com. All right Kyle. Yankee lover. Are you ready. Yes I am you've concocted this quiz. Let's see let's go to our contestants. Tony hello Tony. But that's good though it shall be issue brother recalled from. Let them Tony you have stitches. I admire that as I always get the beavers second Tony's that a bird bad word but go ahead she watched I'm. That's why it seemed to let right now hollow man. RI II heed the warning and I hope you oppose listening which she has no issues are Tony it's this is playing you hang somebody. Christina. Yeah. I'm playing so you've got mad. I might add it all Mikey. That's my girl where you call from Christina I'm calling from Connecticut. All right you believe in me I believe in you gonna do this together hang on the line you man let's go to Johnny. Johnny. That well they did it for Johnny. In the outsiders and nick Stephens gonna do for you like the outsiders get a jolt for judge. Rare air that's right. Maybe stay gulf pony boy at stay as you said you've got Matty says whenever it used to be. You've grown frail. The. That's outlying area let's go out. Is that you could we Wear and up against the heat widgets we got our content and you'd think we should just bang through this thought that real quick so we don't have that they elect were rushed our right callers hang on it's just another four minutes 34 minutes and we'll be right back with the game. Cristina. Johnny and who was eland Tony. Greg Jenner and bill there aren't Smart idea until Rick dad Diane in lining hang on here. We are playing our game with Kyle your chance to win tickets the Aaron Lewis going to be a great show. Missed his love and best artist ever toning. Is he still is is playing for you. Lovely Christina I got you babe. And we're doing it for Johnny at least nick Stephens is OK Carl and you compile a whole there's no rule against it I'll take it away you freak. All right cope. I thought I always get into the fun stuff. We have within the Greg caught Red Cross blood drive tomorrow yes and I when was the Red Cross founded a 1981. B 1865. Or C eighteen. Give me wartime record that is 81881. B 1865. Or C 1890. Right three. And down on the go B 1865. I'm gonna go and I believe was and it hasn't Florence Nightingale mr. helped started no great nice job without that though I'm gonna go see. I. I went because I feel like could be response to like the civil war some of the old one. The civil war helped inspired it but it was officially founded in 1881. That's her right I only hit so many things wrong it is damn because you're you're all stupid. Let's check in with our let's check in with Tony are you feeling it's 000 you feel Communist is. That's their purse and I really wrote it. I go there let's go but I got him. Christina were you impressed by my logic of using the civil war. Of course that's my girl. Johnny blood Nikki feel good about them. Ma. I really do culprit. Kick rocks Johnny. And street and it's a winner and John hang time ago present. Aren't. There will be a paper view golf event on Black Friday this year Tiger Woods verse know Phil Mickelson and now it's mill circles of the complete and completely they'll Beckel and I checking your hotel under that name off the read option and built the culture. The great debt I don't think this is why don't like the cook's library so there will be a paper view golf event golf and guess not I guess Jason. Golf dammit next stop. Though. Sorry I'm glad right. Let's parties together Tiger Woods burst Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson complete looking games I bet that the tea and fifty bucks you can't finish this stupid question. Think the how much will it cost 83999. B 2499. Or C 69. How much will the paper of UConn yes right of the things element. 830 A 9992499. C 69. He's trying to give me an erection. Three do lines and down and down. Like the goal law Obama can't beat a month to moan point 199. I know how much Matty would pay for but it definitely cost 1000 dollars they. This was unfair like I always complain about you getting the comic book questions from the F Allen the answer is yes the answer is yes. That's why that's why I'm. And that's why Yoko will be getting nothing for Christmas this year to right you know lobbied on Black Friday. Don't say a truck that. Opposite Tiger Woods nick and I are right. No need to you've got to feel sorry comes armistice of bytes or 3101011. Or politics. All right a fan of war. New York sports team sold his phantom recently for 3500. Dollars. Was he a fan of the Yankees. The knicks or the island. And instilled collection and not be sold his band he's no longer and that's my agents is now and another team. Because someone gave him again the Yankees the knicks for the islanders. Right the greens are too terrible. I'm goal at the next yeah I'm going to makes to their off. Our lumps and then try to break rank here and try to take an early lead I go on go and see justice you're mad he is now losing the answer is he than I had. Trust trust your guy did. Christine I try to game strategy there to do more harm to come up with an answer that would. Put in the lead well what's going well well is hot right now. I'm sorry Christina out all I can make a comeback I've done it before I've come from behind my back thinking well I'm. Did Christina what did you go back to making those upsets announced yeah. It's more of us. Because when it's been a while this is like in most offensive match game ever. I've got. All right. So like today Quinton Tarantino has completed the cast for his newest film which will tell the story of Charles Manson and what is the title of that film. Hey the Manson trials. Be helter skelter or seat once upon a time and how. Winnick did just that bottom I got back to that apple does not I'm not. But pens down very through. I'm gonna go see once upon a time. If he's pulled kooky which is good enough for VC. It is seam which Christina does us no good because I'm still won back yes it is C yeah. I'll once upon a time in the studio Matty would need a hail Mary just to tie. That Eagles tickets we can't go back on how to cristina's upset sounds like Christina Cambodia Christina. Be upset. I'm. I wanna cry. I can still do this kind of you know looking love you too. Our. Hurt Red Sox player from today had to explain a pro gun into Graham post from five years ago. Is it a Brock COLT. Beat Justin dinners Martinez. Or see you can't. Fifth. It. And you wonder if our sports guy no no cry that's while we'll get out of I had no idea on the go brought cold and just stingers. Answers would be but that means even and I got the right nick wins by a map hold on hold on hold on John. Hey he tempered shoddy or yeah. Well I'll still say hey I'll just it was 28 to three wood 200 plus in that third quarter. EO Bob. Johnny you're welcome. You are going to see Aaron Lewis that this about eight theater Saturday September 8 tickets are now available you didn't win like Johnny Christina you're listening. Www. Chevalier theatre dot com log on now get those tickets congratulations Johnnie and hang on the line can't body. I joined the pills I apologize to our Christina I'm sorry. Yes I am I don't. I've I went on I went on they blitzkrieg of getting them right but they were getting the rights it was there was nothing I could. No problem yet and that they sellout yet thank you to stand him and not Tony I'm sorry past is any ones that Tony Blair. Tony I'm sorry and then I don't know don't cross over somebody outside we had our lady knew it yet to show meant all. Nice mandate to operate a web site Kamal and if you don't win tomorrow Tony don't forget www. Chevalier theatre dot com if you wanna get in the old fashioned. There you go Kyle great job yet there was topical and have relevance of marijuana and full of only a couple of mispronouncing agents right and only a few people were offended which is. Unbelievable for us real.