John Waite - Missing You

Wednesday, August 15th

Rock legend John Waite arrived at the Hill-Man Morning Show where he performed a live acoustic rendition of his famous hit song, "Missing You."

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I'd listen let's do this. Earmarked unplugged. And missing yo number one hit from 1984. This is John way. It's I think your view. I am always cats and I have been. Sounds those sandy needs. And you know miles away. And I want Brandon were I you. Then that is. That's strange yeah. Zuma frozen. Tonight. I hear you name. Instead he circles. And it always makes his and I am. I spend months. They did or about June. And is almost. Strategy that you were. And yeah. Sprayed. Long distance that's. I can miss ten year. Again. I miss and. Yeah. Slam match. This in this age. Knew who I am. Now say they knew this into tonight's. You don't know. This package. And it looks like I'm those in this fight. In you balloon. Don't mean it. Though I'm giant had to. On this day. Sprayed. This distance lines and. I. I miss seeing you own. Slowdown match. And as soon as soon as they don't send them. That it shows they grabbed. Studios so. And then I. And rich as fast as. Listen you. Since she. I think it is and. So I'm I'm friends. Say. Home as soon. I didn't zoom us. So they've made. I mean this. I did Zuma is. Team as we. Okay. Here's I'm very it'll give me a moment I'll give me. There building umpire John that was a fantastic performance that's on.