Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Friday, December 15th

Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Greg Hill join the guys on the show live from Erine Boch's place!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always. You schedule WAS. That again next belly of the borrow enough won't do we have a new ballot the bar here. Chris di Stefano and yes. Chris had to write your name high and that hype hype that has fanatically clinic fanatically yeah and you're still saying it wrong I know I'm. I don't know if there is no fury like I need to I got given one of those frozen pizzas. The majority you know yeah. The reason at a right now because we're time I knew a comedian now Leo yeah I do a late comedian yes no Mike DeStefano oh sure some studies is saying Destefano misty stuff and while. I still. Michael I would say not weekly anymore monthly bimonthly I get brought up to the stage as Mike DeStefano and people are like all these you know he faked his death and then instantly hit I know you're going that good guy idea. Perhaps thinks so you'll be so that that's it was the talk death article I've read half of my career has gone through yet you say you're happy you're back in the northeast. Welcome back to allows the attitudes Mo cap yeah that rat which I love the most I love this don't LA the hypocrisy and now. They'll all the happiness it's it's not I like it here are like New York Boston had two people are mean and I'm comfortable. Right that's a that at LA they're so nice it's like it's offensive it's offensive how nice they arts it's like to convey real I'll say this you assign it human New Yorkers. Yes are actually nicer than us wranglers and you know I worked in Manhattan I'm sure you go to the Bronx and Brooklyn new run as a rough start but in Manhattan. You guys are so much nicer having grown right here and then work their for fifteen years in my city you guys are way more considerate nicer we're we're just like we got no time we keeper heads down and I feel like Boston it's a nicer place now because you guys win a lot with sports now to what's that like I remember in the ninety's we like frustrated frustrated fans be held Little -- people would get beat up if they had Yankee gear on now to probably walk rounds and Yankee gear 'cause like to have more championships and oh generals fellow yellow colored. That's accept now like at the last couple weeks stand it's it's like I just Psycho because I'm such nerd of the first order to southern new Star Wars movie and it's like it's like watching the empire. Realign my act like they just don't you guys built the new deaths are now I get the troops and a at Stanton and Joseph again and yankees are going to be. Real good real good I don't have it in a city gonna try to get much on our prices are for its Dennett it's pretty gross but like. You know what am I mean I'm on this I'm on their side and it's discussing but you know it's there like Nazis but when you know I'm going to do on if I have determined what I think that these positive right. It's like if you're poured into originally we spoke to apologize for having caviar for breakfast I'm not sorry I mean I'm sorry I mean I think everybody else I mean what you know women don't mean Stanton hit home runs he's got great biceps votes throughout. Pakistan Jersey and yeah I mean the points will be good to write the reds. Yeah. You couldn't believe I think you have with you guys that was a nice run at me yeah yeah yeah yeah. Our needs and everybody was so adorable I say stop wait a year ago nobody's there had come to me just cherish the moments when you have them present at all today though did well they are caddy today about the. Patriots look at the giants have a giants fan what their policy about how it's bad that denouncing backed right giants are horrific you don't even know if you're signed memorabilia Israel I know dude it's so brutal I mean the way that we needed bent here's what I know about the Mac to do the coach was fired last year when he when they want to play offs he had like that you know and you know mushroom haircut yeah and number six from the lemon tree he had just don't vote like we'll get the play of disguise Nike's he's humble then when he came back with a hair slicked back this year and a mustache as that we lost them he lost the team. Looks of it you know I was calling it look like a pedophile putts to win outcome at the bill Forsyth if you look like we're fortunate than those routes asleep back there honest Steve is a damme movie I was struck we all hoping that he's gonna get busted for sexual harassment is something we like to get him out of the league we don't want him on the team at all like are you out at all he was feeling himself they all on broad rocket everywhere even in the rain with the aviators on with the little that yeah I don't trust anybody. Who wears that kind of mustache yeah now nobody it would it would it was disgusting and I feel like. Even as Boston guys that you can preach like what he did to Eli Manning was brutal there was a because I feel that way like if even if like. You don't even on the I've a patriots family could that happen to Brady had a you must expect the guy yet I don't you know you write like you Smith taught. I like Eli Manning literally like crawled through a portal and robbed my dreams twice like Jack I had night sweats and night terrors gas Eli Manning. Twice in this lifetime and even I think the giants didn't dare you to you know like as a patriots I am like what would bother me. It's like you guys that you had vehicle Brady's gorgeous you know like great appetite of Eli Manning just with that dumb look. On its face always just drooling always went out. All act like you would win super ultimate just. You know like to have to want to drool off but it's dead guys that I just nothing he just looked like a human football. You have what do you look like he looked like a big skip all Eli Manning always looks like someone told them that the ice cream shop closed ten minutes early tonight yeah yeah that guy beat Tom Brady twice twice that's what I'm saying it like that that that would bother me more if I was on your guys signed up I mean lucky that I feel like Boston you pick you up more championships than any other city in the past decade right and all your team's got -- at it's a good time of the year the time Chris forgetting some techs. My view people loved your people wanna say well they can't daylight we address we are tough but they wanted to grab what they got you I left Boston that's I hip popped after the show up again I think for the site. The Brooklyn and he is Muslim and 1015 tonight and Saturday a tip fifteen to have both nights left Boston good to 617 or call 617725. 2844 or. Www. The last A lot of they were texting about you we're talking of the song there. They loved you on the OP's radio Sharia. Now out of you know this but Opie and it became from the station on this shift three to seven rilya on the aisle so we've got the ball on the show OP called up and Anthony called up on how was your time and open what's he up to now we know we afire from that now animals to. Open it was great being with hoping now to gives a janitor. I'm so didn't I cannot believe like Al isn't man of the people now he's I don't know I've I speak to open a lot we text he that we didn't he does these pop up videos now on FaceBook live so it's kind of went on the toilet for him but I'll come panic helping my man I hope he's listening probably not but I don't. I open and I I know of that time was great I mean I got to meet. Look at some comic I did I did our economy in 2009. So it's like. It's long but it's really not that long we're like you know but all these guys like David talent Colin Quinn and body Kelley in Gary Coleman all I metal these guys coming into the radio show is OP. Would have me come in every day towards the end and even Jim Norton like all these guys are respect it's a much. I got to know them to have critical for me. They see rights of obvious come by the show a couple times another local guy Pakistan where a lot of death he's the best you know not dead yet and I can't. Have you ever tried to have you ever the thing about Bob it's so awesome is just the who 00. Judgments no apologies for the fact that like he just wants to eat everything just have you tried going meet with him I feel like you that everyone has that drink and for and the like. Don't try and drink but Matty like you to crush you. What's the most amazing part to me about Bobby is like he's like an Irish guy. From Boston but like fifteen years don't you look like up up Puerto Rican man and now he looks like a fat Samoan woman. Just like I thought but it's still an Irish type from. It's not like the transformation. I've never seen a guy who look like so many different things and be something you never think he wants. But Bobby Bonds and other guys give me opportunity after opportunity as I feel like he's. He's down. He's a great guy he he never forgot where it came from Leo out of the younger comics which is great but yet he eats like it's disgusting it's a tsunami and it was so ball like he sold out cleanly ball aspect a little like crew got a little he's so it was like a giant baby yes I got to clear and one time went on eating like a full like full long Baghdad outside Atlanta. I topic of the dark at. No I mean no butter to Baghdad in his bags. Matty you know people may also know Chris from guy code I'm TV too so. Maybe you only come back if we need some nice guy likes related national aren't quite on the up and the best Christie's. F though you have so wrong again. Lower how would still be a vital we do have Crist is definitely studio here. Grange. AF the only season that really rocks coming right up this hour in just minutes we got another. Gift for you because it's our twelve days of tweets miss. Yeah these should. Right then and right that I know from you wanted to you could tell when like the producer wrote something you can let you tell when I dry heave you mean it is that easy to tell you see we play a lot of extra rock songs in. Rocked over the via. You don't know what I get it and we sell they guys in liberal member. Today. Day eleven of the twelve days of Christmas or treatments as it were we ever. Treatments can you could give you is can't respond to the Lipton a turn right cough also we got USC tickets anyway in the 5 o'clock hour and also very special guest celebrity collar. With local ties rock legend. Will be calling the show in the 5 o'clock hour so don't miss that. And right now with Christie Stefano. Mary is drawing NN. I guess it right CD it's de Stefano just a I understand the date all I worried about the accent on the rise above right. Stefano to step. Get attention or no to step in hell could have done now. Who ironically I'm a big fan of medicine say he'll guy's name. Listen dude it's all good time slot when I was in my life nobody you know no slam like even out on the kind of guy on the personally like sometimes. People feel like they'll stop mean machine on the Lam and maybe and but by then the other people walking bile duct had no idea you are evil when I got industry presses like I think I know Leo yeah and I was like yeah may be from TV like that's not that I'm like that's it I've never met before but they're like nine to get something else we let us do you got to pay a bridge high school if I'm up I thought I. Putting the idea that what what's the move with the tip I mean because when people say like where do I know you from an if you know. They've watched you from TV or Internet stuff what do you suppose to say like I've I try out if I have a familiar faces on because I don't know I don't wanna big dummy like. Oh you might be a fan in my YouTube very is or maybe see an NFL network like such a Dick things. Heck is that it's like you just aren't naming things and like now that's an ad that's and it. But it's like oh I just right you know ma I've I picked my friend knows your sister or something on her at all. No I don't say I just I just I I'm just honest about it unlike unlike those three famous some like not I was famous you know I am Mike actually got a you may be seeing on TV but like I do I have a coral island in the basement might not come out have a little left so it's like you you know I mean like you if you wanted a picture like I'm glad to do that but it's probably worth more like their time is worth more than my picture. I'm not. Through I guarantee you that he right people recognizing you well in the straits doughnut this industry does it depends who I am but it just happened to me actually in my house. This past week got recognizing your own house asks why that's why I ask you right holes I had a guy. Doing my curtains became into the measurements we're getting good lines put in. Any goes. Didn't. Sell out is in Thailand are beginning to them and I apologize that I donate time and so are Chris so Chris he had this guy working his ride. Recognize how you ask well what we tell you idea curtain rod but yet we've worked in the rod yet the Mets are in the windows you know. And go look at those drapes he starts going to the progress in the year's summit in Rio school together I know you I know you and any he's walking on the stairs I swear on my son's life he goes. It's funny as you just look like his diving into skinny be him but I my son I'd love to show the personal value Greg they'll host the app the show and Mike. Where I come around here and I want to grow as there's a picture me on this they gently in the Senegal it's medium anybody else. Yeah. Oh my god. When do we get to try to look at. And it goes nuts. Criminal penalties from Brooklyn you have guys and apparently on the wall why make it funny I was at their house how'd you get 1979. John Travolta would play after her. Blah blah blah blah. Reno so. So yeah I too weird thing it says it's a death from anywhere yet dude I know wolf it's sometimes like a little creep piecing it happened means once on the UPS guy. Came to my house and like he recognized me and he's like and I was like that then it's like you say in my house but now it's not make the right now it's she'll I see your name gets you a name. And then like. A week later he was like dress like him like regular clothes and he just rang my spellings like I don't know who I know I know we're electoral economic report on the court I'm a victim wanted to be here and I was like whole. So my advice to every year and yet I think that's super duper green I like belted in like my heart I went with them I'm just. Yet that was like I let them as outlook I'm gonna gull like right on the corner where like I know everybody at that bar. Films and incidently honesty just want to have a beer like cool guy he was a cruel and I guy out and I but I told the vital casually while drinking those like. I was like yamana I was like I'm moving from this place you know I don't. Come back because like it's it's a little it was like little wit is a non and I know I just is going through divorce and I just. I'm your comedies grade and Bubba vote upon my time is going to appoint a gun and kill me and himself and then you've got married and then if I was where my guy was work in the Rodgers got us came to work your package yes. I Pago Pago turnabout fair play right. You literally wanted to go mica of a mini mandate with a so bizarre thing to read his thing like one time there a guy came in fixed the dryer. In my house and then he recognized me in any start following. Mean and my girlfriend on like social media and many like message. My girlfriend was telling us like how beautiful like our daughter was in the volatile. Just like what like stop food like a couple like I was like way way way like really famous guys that you know like that I know from. They will never answer the tournament they'll get Pete so whatever like. It's like there's a couple of do it's like I'm really different the practical jokers and like those days are like huge everybody knows now they never answer the door they're like no we got somebody. But the wife for a bit like mountains like that they know. I don't want anybody in my house know where I live is going to comment. Like that and I guess I get that even out like I'm at a low level where it's like I mean if somebody killed me I mean I Dillon read tweets offered right now like my camera with collect a guy and I think like I do for my kid right as violent viral at all. Politics was the guy kill me in my favor bar yeah mandate yeah I just wanna pay for my kids' college and TV is working so my life insurance policy might. I mentioned a daughter you're doing all Christmas any approval yeah yeah damage being deal might didn't on Christmas and on yet duties on rates she hates and a Obama tried to take Republicans are scared of UCL she doesn't want him at all how she's two and a half two and a half she speaks English and Spanish so I don't know what she's talking about she's handed she's she's beautiful when you're going to be here yes there's Monica. Fix my driver. Not surprisingly well rested for somebody you just came in from Elena wonder why he's got vitamin. I'll I'll I'll always look hostage tape record and got a Sally Field you always look like brand new ice this recruit we begin though I. I just like. Somebody who like the FBI to like let's just get him on the list if he throw I get patted down for battle with I don't know I swear to god I love America just have to a six month old like I restores an answer. You know I I I missed like it's a much knowledge I had been gone for like two weeks now so. But facetime itself but she does you know she's two matches there you see other little kids the airport oh yeah you had kids use the other kids the apartment alone can don't know who now you see them and you like all yeah test which he gets older too and you see young kids who might they be look like your kid and you miss delegate mr. kid literally yeah but you miss the age your kid was again and worse like at our house. I nosed and much and I feel like you like your parents. Where not if you don't wanna have children that's totally your call but like I was talking to a guy. And he was telling me that. He's all like he was like on the world both parents and I was like OMC picture too is a alive I'm I've taps I'm like you're not appear I love us now what you gonna do and then complain to me about the state of the world a Mike are glad you are behind. Do you realize what a good old saint that's important shot is a path that this was 600 sale and get burned for being whipped. Because you can't talk to the animals and produce as your children or what is worrying Europe illegally appearance to an animal your television of a problem with the world through 700 years ago node would had a problem with you just pulling out like a hammer and beating that yeah I would kill to crush them Christmas break Christa Stefan. But Jan oh my guy a stuffy nose and yeah. If you Crist is Stephanopoulos good. Old now it's like a thing like I'm being purposely dismissive like normality called him Marty but it's not that Christy -- we could be two hours with you thank I don't know you have to show to do you two tonight 81015 yet. And then to tomorrow 81015 men read the beautiful left Boston 61772. Laps 7252844. Or go to. Www. laughed Your awesome Chris glad you're able to come next I mean boys and a comeback union town OK but yet. Common planet and planet in our hero and attack us.