Jerry-piece Theater - Ditched At The Alter For Red Lobster

Friday, July 28th

A new game to the Matty and Nick Show where the fans have to fill in the blanks on the situations from everyone's favorite day time smut peddler, Jerry Springer!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only I'm. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. I'm now not here mix show applause things up again. All springer how's broaden. It's Todd and all of jedi peace the F. Some very complicated replay clips from Jerry Springer and stay as less your question about said clip if you get it right you are qualified. To win the tickets let's start. With the knicks can get you ready to place and Gerri are there yet not you. Our record up so what's. It timelessness is carefully. All right nick in this episode called spilling the secrets. Female coworkers amber and police. Have some issues to work out. In this clip amber are literally still sticky syrup over her coworker of leisure while throwing food at her and shaming her. And they gave Brown's ass hazy and. I'm not on fully short on the plate. All the times you know me. I love Jerry feigning like he's in our I sent the whole thing out I broke the line and. Well that day in the food service industry there's nothing worse than coming into a shift in the person before you didn't do their job hopping around with them. Okay. Cell but then it's time for amber to steal her secret to her coworker and her ex friend. So nick what is Amber's secret. Is it a amber is actually a man called Andy and secretly serves in the military timely is it being. Police just boyfriend licked her and the liquor cause that. Are alienated see. Amber has been attending night school and have received her doctorate degree in eighteenth century French poetry Adam could be. OG. Hole Birdie Putt and go to go would be the day but a great call good call good guess. OK let's see if you're correct. I. Yeah you caught up like covering your. He was helping me close the buyer I'm Alina got an electric clock. It Mickey good job to hang on your qualified to win OK Buddy. Baker Iowa. New York I'll always love. When springer gets a literate it out old liquor liquor was absolutely. All right let's go to Paul Paul you ready replacement Jon peace theater. And come it welcome bush had been fired today. Yeah it is to you. So very lucrative ghost is taken away. All right so Ryan wants to marry the love of his life. But just dean has been hanging around Ryan's Guerrero come on just in there are in this clip just comes out and admit the truth. Yes he has been enjoying some who had time with Ryan's you. Your next one like hello yeah. Good good good little snow has got to be kidding me. His plan to create the old gold and that was the continent whole and yeah how can get right well yeah they're very Eagles. Yeah I. Okay. I know my. All that's went out to be red lobster broad. On that theory that. Probably the problem that you're familiar dated murdered there are certain player. Straight to the lobster I'll get out when Ryan learns that Justin has been clam digging with music of the does the way make amends to Ryan for blaming him for his own shortcomings and the and the. A busy. Offered and they Ryan the best man and have the wedding at red lobster. Or is there any take his shirt off and started the brawl that takes all of Jerry securities that. I knew I holed up. I don't blue group that negotiated if if if our policy if you correctly far. They. Surprising. I thought he was make amends to Ryan blaming a personal shortcomings of the man between noon and that they're not a bad or good. If they're right there and I. Volume to hang on you are qualified to win don't hang up okay let's go to boy. All right hang on the line now we have Nik holding Paul holding both qualified. And finally our third contestant. Will be. JEP. Let's see here describe that moment that Ohno wants are yes JJP. Is that you. Yeah and right TP listen this is take your waist is all right Dave page Akeelah and lane are. But when tequila told blame her secret. That her favorite song might be dude looks like a lady. Laying reacted by cheating on her with a do mood. How does she Kelyn described herself when confronting lane and his side piece does he and I are. If they pay. Does he describe her as a gender fluid. Being sexually slippery. Or C generously. Genitalia the. I'm gonna go. Certainly. Seeing generously genitalia. All right well. Gender fluid sex and slippery urgency genitalia. What do you think yeah me I can't enter good. Sorry it was gender fluid no one knows what that means but I'm sorry you are not often back to play enough characters. Our videos are your gender Lou reject every couple weeks the deaths. Happened a couple thousand mile with no we got nick and Paul yes all right let's spare a year ago one and soon. Pena. Herm. It's going to be either one or two. I have spin music. We're tickets. To see a great rock show and a great venue. Whatever school system 12 when it's actually coming up on tour. All. Going to see the Mac vice political Wilbur theatre on Thursday August 3. Paul looks like we lost you call back right now Brady you'll be waiting for you 6179311. AF. Great show great venue great rock band congratulations Paula thank you. To all of you for playing along Dexter in the 774 or somebody please get revolves never sidebar how we can actually do because he did get disconnected at the tens of horses somebody every Paul's number I think he's got some ridiculous. No where does that money.