Jamie McMurray's Long Run

Thursday, December 7th

NASCAR Veteran Driver Jamie McMurray is in for the run of his life this weekend. Brian Nelson reports.


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Coming up I'm like there's no way on the beautiful soft. Jamie McMurray is ready for the road this life this weekend I'm Brian Nelson that story next on contracts by Ameren. M Orleans throwback Thursday the greatest races in NASCAR history Richard Petty company outside of any part of their latest data on it will be. Hey Victoria Finley esteem these guys and Thursdays at 1 PM eastern on him orange dot com for the MR. That's why today's Norma my mom demanded him hard dot com. On hard to. Five months. No well. On him or wind done gone. Why sports are the one true reality entertainment where a single dramatic moment had become time. In NASCAR motor racing network live broadcast elevate your senses to the sights sounds and struggles taking place on the racetrack. How did the right track practice I don't. Parents I don't have the power of radios to the imagination of the listener to an end to the motor racing network. Visit MRN dot com for an affiliate listed your local area. Four and a half months ago NASCAR veteran driver Jamie McMurray announced his intention to train for the fortieth keel while island marathon to be held this Saturday at the golf resort just south of Charleston, South Carolina. In his spare time since late summer McMurray who was already in physically fit condition. Began his distance running. And now plans to go the full 26 point two miles through the Q Long Island golf resort on Saturday. Sounds grueling but Jamie said he's kind of enjoyed the punishment of its. And a lot of fun it's a tremendous amount of work in and added fifteen minutes are trained for a marathon. He be that powers that it takes a week that put in Redding you know it takes three hours for and twenty miles and so there's there's lots along runs they're included in this for the past four and a half months she has prepared for the marathon under the direction of former monster energy NASCAR cup series driver Josh lives. Who is also a fitness enthusiasts he put together a plan like there's a spreadsheet of every single week with every race and and kind of what we were gonna do and I in the green and I'm like there's no way I'm going to be able to hold us off. And you know that's crazy and that what's your body adapts to and especially when you wanna be something. So I'm I'm kind of over the I'm actually at the end of a mile long runs now I think it's kind of downhill from here again I'm really that important. Last year's full marathon included just over a thousand runners nearly 3000 more ran the thirteen mile half marathon. Jamie had better like running in the cold it's supposed to be cloudy with a temperature in the high thirties when the race begins Saturday at 8 AM eastern time. Right near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Court Thursday December 7 this is contracts by motor racing network. I'm Brian Nelson in Concord, North Carolina.