Inside The Warped Female Brain - You Can't Ghost Crazy

Thursday, January 18th

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! This week we hear from a guy who is just realizing he might be involved with a crazy chick and asks if ghosting her will get rid of her. The answer is a terrifying No!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest because it changed her back. I'm not gonna be ignore it. It's time to go inside the warped female brain. Hartford being out save a few relationships. As we go inside the warped female brain we do this from time to time in the show if you're a man. And you find yourself. Perplexed. When it comes to the way. The mind of any woman in your life works you may ask gaining altitude translate exactly what is going on up in that east so. I just text your question to the tax line which is 9717. And you'll you a rare glimpse inside the warped you know bring. This is a 774. Texts. My wife of eight years and I. Have been going to the strip club religiously for the last four months. After she caught me there in person four months ago boy and a confession. She stayed and realized. That she actually loved it and that she liked women. As much as it OK my question is she keeps talking about wanting to have a threesome. Which I would love but I am worried. That once she sees me with another girl and she won't want to do it anymore. Should what should I do you could this actually mess up. My relationship. The chances that a three where in a mess up your relationship almost 99% doesn't it takes it very. Very strong bond and special people to be able to engage in that and separate from and he's invariably somebody always gets jealous whether it's you know. Getting jealous that your wife is paying attention to another woman which she would think. Why would a guy ever feel that way but when you get in the moment today Dale Cooper or the woman you know your wife being jealous of of seeing you. It's also still very fresh thing for months in the grand scheme of things is that what you been married for eight years Brayton. Plus whatever time you dated for a month for herded like well I really like checks it's a new. I would still keep it on the front burner and may be explore her feelings about it but I wouldn't push it to a three way just. A girl. This is a 617 Texan girl that I have been seeing multiple times keeps going back to her ex boyfriend. Who is in the military. And fights and and marry. Do I keep pursuing her even if she can't even if you want to keep going and Bates why oh why is she doing this if you want to keep your Jason tap and I would probably enter the relationship. And I she she clearly didn't know what she wants may be the situation with her acts it was a little Dicey and they return to work through some issues and steeply he's still not doing the things she's been nagging him about itself. She was like that's and then move on and do this but she still get ties side I would kind of cool your heels on that 1774. Tax I met a girl the airport in Atlanta. Who is from my area. And a super smoke single mom very friendly and seem to warm up to me rather quickly room we've been messaging and she wants to meet me again. Does this mean that she is deep Piaf. Am so Casey met at the airport you know. Which is part yeah. This strange the strange thing is ours and this so there is so big men in Atlanta but they're from the same area rest okay. There and she that's Africa who is if she was TTF. You and your DT after you make the plans like the next day and if you're interested in like actually like hanging out and getting no somebody you're hearing kind of really didn't like. I yell let's talk we'll go back and forth habit nimble planned for our first date for whenever but if you're just written down down to smash. People and tendered don't have a waiting period and like immediately sends a swipe where are you want to thank you and who could he ask critical offered drinker would that be sexually. Well yeah speechless that she's single mom tears social probably busy with the kid yes it's. Probably has all I had a lot of action here and she is all fired up and and for him here and you wounded jump in rural issue of port Sumner as the gimbal. Her here's a 617 Texas is an odd one but they often are. I've been hooking up with a girl for over a month I really like her last night I couldn't fall asleep. And I noticed. That she is a massive drew ruler dead. This is disgusting to me and I can't stop thinking about him is this a common thing with. Women I don't tablet I mean to women commonly drool when their when their sleeping and that everybody duels at I don't. Lot of women guys and it's and it's a student I some people say if you stick it now with a tough time Mir has its dry. People have like that lingering cold they can't shake their stuff that's so that to sleep at their mouth open with a lot of times that leads to it now you know I I'm. Occasionally drool and sleeping but it's usually get my head design you know got jest then it's kind of if faces ultimate shopping you wake up and elect. Both are not bad. Here's a 70. Two attacks and that we have discussed before the debts from a Nevada solo to in the modest 702 text. I met a girl online we got together at a bar she invited me home whether. We started to have sex and after she orgasms. She made me stop and kicked me out. And then she continued attacks since say that you make it up to me next week and she came over jumped on top meanwhile watching TV. Same thing happens. And I'm wondering. If she is just not interested in me anymore. It is and in general is somebody else human at the shower that much it's. Oh it's. So she's just basically concerned about her own pleasure like man often knock out his other hail has does that red jacket set that to do with the last person she was latency like screw you enact whatever and sometimes sometimes. Some women have this thing in every human defined sex differently most people think of autism. But they did some people consider you know maybe an elk hunt him. Sometimes women rationalize that in their heads that. Even if bear. Taking care of then if the man does not reach the finish line at the marathon. Then it's not technically sex. And so sometimes I'll let you don't get to that we didn't really Ryan do it so in her mind she's not adding to her number. Again they're to be a million different scenarios I just like to come up at the most messed up once his women and asked can we use another word besides marathon teams come along to sprint to sprint and I. And as credits her the FCC regulations creator is. We're going inside the war two female brain and then we are gonna player he'll Mel voicemail messages and after that. We're gonna follow up on a discussion that we had yesterday. And we are going to prepare him. The Kentucky fried chicken gravy cocktails. They posted on the website yesterday. A couple of adult beverages made with their gravy. And if you're driving to work right now. And you're saying. I would love nothing more than alcoholic beverage that is created at Kentucky fried chicken gravy and then make streaky with that because LB is gonna tell you exactly how they taste. But this is a 617. Tax. I've been seeing girl for two years we get along great however recently. She has been getting phone calls and leaving the room when I am there to take the phone calls she says. They are work calls and I'm wondering why she needs to leave the room when she is taking the call sound suspicious in the doctors calling about unintended pregnancy or she's got a boyfriend. Is that we think it is like it if she won't talk in front of him yeah I think this is this the only thing that kind of. For me. Makes it not as suspicious the year very suspicious of everything Brian suspicious of everything you can play and everyone I didn't actually know to really one part of to people. The iron if another guy were calling her and she knew she was in abuse you. She probably put the phone on do not disturb or at least make his contact do not disturb in if he called she wouldn't take the call. She would wait until she was away from you suspect she's taking the call while you're there little weird that she's going in the other room that maybe it is a private matter. No one there are or. If she's duping that guy into thinking that she's not with someone. She's got no good reason to not answer the phone if they were just texting and he's like Tammany give your ring or a quick. So it's I would just step I would keep your head on a swivel and. Be aware of the seven and one text put up with a grow and had amazing sex twice over the weekend. I have come to realize. That she is potentially. Bat S crazy I want sex is carry out. I'm Ari. I want to ended. But I feel like she's going to do something physically harm a year somebody that I now remembering what house now what is the what is the best way. So I guess he wants to know what is the best way to end it with crazy like is there is there felt when Aaron Goodwin and it would that was. That was Psycho crazy if you Google and and the mean non emergency number for the FBI headquarters is. Yeah do you think he get into you know witnessed within witness protection. Coste added yeah and yeah you can't dude you. Posting a crazy chick is no worse. Possible thing that India. In nineteen briefed on discussions. What really there's no discussion she shows opener and your house and dressed to kill them what I mean is that there's no way to there's no particular had a bit knows it she's got the crazy and any any guy that listening right now. Is nodding his head if he's been the crazy chick before BQ Tino is. It took like nine years to get that pitch out of the picture. Like which act in like eight restraining orders problems at work. You know I'm gonna get your license to carry revoked and pretend that you did that the enemy it I mean dished out. I can't stand when they relate to these. Life ruining things because someone doesn't wanna beat them 774 tax or can you rule the text machine up a little bit because the text messages are coming in fast and furious. This girl and I had a great second date that ended with some fun. However she hasn't been texting me much since the Dayton who is she still interested or did she just want a piece of the. Guess it depends on what your definition of honesty she may have not had as much as you keep it probably your bad Iraq perhaps it sounds like unfortunately degree. This was that you know they're good for her is that what happened burning neither was just a spark me that there was no connection and she just wasn't feeling like sometimes you that haven't like. You you have a great chats with somebody have fun when you allow opening in the better Muehlegg. Al that was a giant model Vanilla extract. Let's see here's the Texas says there is truly no such thing is coasting a crazy chick I tried but she just show up in my house or I'd have to sneak. Out the window everytime she has that sells tickets there isn't. And I care about Ian Nolan loves you like nineteen. And then nineteen the ninth for in a kinda put a knife down. Here's somebody says they have used the pond her off on year on your friend bill and with pressure with the craze that I think you're news. You can put on the crazy for your friend William crazy friends like it'll cost. Oh here's somebody says Aiken STD. It it could cut the create an. Gouge your eye out with a KFC explore additional think he gave her something or smooth and she'll go to your doctor and just like I want proof let's get tested together and you so much and to be with you anyway. Yeah yeah definitely yeah they in a CD that very rarely works out the way you think it's gonna work. And isn't texas' you have to research the hell out of the state guest the because they'll ask every single men don't go out how passionately but apparently they've done that you also do they'll they'll tell everybody they'll post it online. And. Can you believe that guy exposed to nature an at TD would've come back and to make sure no one wants to be with you throughout your life that I can have you. Health. 978 taxed I dated this girl for three years she is a complete smoke. Broke up with a broke up for two. Slept together. Can you that. Oh you went now you Larry held on the list girl's school in. I hate when this happens. Broke up for two okay slept together for the time between. And then when she got out of another relationship okay and a couple weeks ended that she flipped out. And left again because somebody told her that I was other we have other people while we weren't together you know what is going on in her brain. She probably meant that she can you being the the people. Yeah. Let's talk about the standard doubles but I'll what is it actual adventure you know it's it's. It's always a double standard it's you know what's good for the goose is not good for the gander I can do whatever I want liking on women can have guy friends of reckoning out and one on one. Edmonton have female friends that reckoning with them on the the but now it's fine for her she can do whatever she wants that for you it's not it's it's a what about the email scenario would not emails and Hillary. Sir I just say I just wanted to dies impart her. Because guys only wanna just nail everything on the planet. But then when they get that chicken and he's just romantic. What do you thing of that I don't you lose. It's too soon and Elvis she sucks so isn't out of work but I can't believe the U went on the day it was something while we were broken. All right well that is inside. The warped. Female brain.