Inside The Warped Female Brain - A Tickle Doesn't Make You Gay

Thursday, October 12th

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! Today we hear from a guy who's smokeshow girl friend is getting curious with his hoop... What happens if he likes it?!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it. Suppose if you want it cause it changes I'm I'm I'm not gonna be your next. And to go inside the warped female brain. All right. Danielle you ready I'm ready but if you are a man. And he cannot for the life of view figure out the way in which the female brain works you don't understand what is going on. Up in side there. You can text any and all questions to Danielle on the tax line which is 97107. And she will provide you. Waited a rare glimpse inside. The warped female brain and this Dexter is referring to the comment. That you just made. 617 taxer who says. For most of the month my girlfriend. Is very friendly and kind however. She goes into a I don't believe this is where with regard to a a PMS that whoever. She goes into a funk for a day or two where she is completely unreasonable. F why does this happen a month. It out of the pianists they might not be right before that and but it's at some point in the cycle you can eat an asset and it's and it and inevitably I'll start a fight about something like three days in her out and many like. The date and like it's a week a full. That's Manning and he's like he'll be fine can't you control your your emotion and a market teenaged boy the same thing that I hormones and then get back to me about. And so you think that's what's going on there I think and a percent isn't that just tiger closed a pattern ahead know that she doesn't mean anything she says. Here's a 339 text. I'm 27. And thinking about dating after being out of the game for several years. But I live with my parents while saving for a house in the next few years and repaying student loans a trio would living at home. Be a red flag for a woman I wanted to date even if it's very good reason. Not a 27. I think their people well into their mid thirties who still are living with their parents or went back to limit their parents. For the same exact reason as you know buying a house is so much more expensive now. That it was. Back in today no so it. You're at the challenge is going to be trying to find someone who has their own place and is not in the same scenario is you because you're Brooklyn with the parents. You late Chinese culture he did a hook up like when Jerry's parents were staying at the apartment and he had to look at this girlfriend during Schindler's List well off. Here's the text of which reads this beautiful woman that I chased for years never gave me a valid chants I'm sorry now that I'm wit someone. She else she sends me the sexiest snap Chad images with. Began to see cuts that she's happy sure do I tell my girlfriend. No but just know that the second you break up with your girlfriend and you try to get this ticketing happen. It's only alluring part of you is that you're taken. My winner senator of flights that that that that small temporary loophole of getting out of the friend zone with somebody go date somebody else it become wildly jealous. Because women are very transparent and sooner you stop paying attention to us like. That in the end. Here's a 617 Texas we go inside the work female brand I just started dating a smoke. When we are in bed recently when we weren't bad recently from whom she wanted to involve my hoop. In lovemaking and Jerry Yang she's super hot yeah I don't know if time off for wired why does she want to try that is as a lot of nerve endings there and it makes your orgasm in a bit I'm watching wall pieces on your jeweler on here that's not these asking why she wants to do it all the whole equation that kid that you view of the play sure. Well I I'm sure that he enjoys. Jurors listen and she's like no carrier that's where work we're going and I certainly nutrition and read this one will surpass the. Listen I tickle isn't gonna mean your gay but it's a girl it's a fine. That's the only thing that's a lot of goalies are. Let's see Mets announced my buddy invited me out this weekend toolbar so he can try to pick up women and he wanted me to com. As his wing man tour does the wing man system really work on women. Done yes but it that thing is that usually benefits the ugly friend which is the one your designated the hook up with you gonna fall on the sword and the guys he's unity rally on for the hot check. Which means that she's gonna have a friend with her who's going to be the buffer with a slightly less hot but we more abrasive checked. The there to step in if anything goes wrong with your buddy milling scenario doesn't Burke. Yeah in castigated Jackson yeah this idea design and out because he's just gonna stand there the whole time if you had to get things in the right on these again it's gonna crash site seven shots and start a fight right there at 1130. Blues are the wing man. This is that this is a bad one I recently had a one night stand while drunk. With a girl that one of my good friends is engaged to well. She wants to see me again saying the sex was ten times better than with her fiance. I feel like coach Gil yeah why does she want a seed me six. Equal equipment with a spectacular and they don't you don't be that guy blocker to shut don't always what the next guy. Why get married like what he'd act act and do the right thing tar not to marry your body. Yeah she's not analysts and that didn't like you know like that's a great idea let's get voted in person weekend. That and I'm really not even in Lebanon but at least you got our youth and still does. Got to get yourself austerity out of look dome and nobody. And Ossetia again. Isn't 978 text have been together when my fiance for six years and we've been engaged in majority of the but she's Dylan but she's never told anyone in her family that we are engaged. Should I be worried about that the boy cute red flag and I don't know what the reason why that why would she not the gala Regina. Do you weird feeling dynamic maybe she's not closer than that if she is an up close to him it's not normal and not. It's a big deal but how do you pull out operas she should do entering input on the other finger. Yeah maybe they don't see the family very often maybe she's just not close to them and it's like moon whatever but that's. I EIU panel to watermark that. And on boot hill she look at this I wonder if this person would come on there's an update on the nanny story from a few weeks out there. If you recall that kind see if he'll come on yeah kilometer in order at the number now for issue. Okay. We are going inside a inside the warped female brain. By the way that that tech it. Needing any follow up text ends with a typically demand response I typically is an all male response. That is so I could CNET every little child and not. Jackets did I read it's now here's the number it went. And if I wrote them Indians. Libya ms. Place the number. And it may be may soon have those guys to have those guys go into Texas and intent in calling. Sometimes I think it's fun it's fun to get an update on the things that come up. Whether we're real time weather and inside the war female brain or whether we are inside the simple mail mind. Let's see heaters. Sixteen years ago this is an 857 tax sixteen. Years ago I walked in on my wife cheating on me. She is still mad at me Ford divorcing her and to this day. She tells the kids that Ayman jerk for doing that why is she mad at me. As that's so people donate this place their own. Short comings and we're glad you think that they do and they make it seem like it he especially with the kid thinking people do that eat that. Now the manipulation with the kids especially when the other person is the one who's at fault then they make you look to be the bad guy. At such an. Dick move. Man. Here's 774 tax. My wife just bought a bunch of new underwear. And and she keeps lark in her car. When are you. When I. When I. She also has hotels honors GPS and yes condoms. And he says that we went in for what. Well when when I confronted her she said it was a test to prove I'm crazy. Is now that's people who get caught cheating they when they try to turn it on the other person nice trying to. You went through really elaborate ruse to put hotels and you GPS and that Daniel hello I'm gonna put all this stuffing or just the few find it. It. Now I'll read text this is an any update. Member he texted in a few weeks ago about oh god bless you all the counties I'll be alert to monogamy. He Texan in about finding an adult movie of the union on line yes. And he the update is that he told his wife. And instead of being angry she laughed and said oh my god let me see it. We watched it in and we had rates X ray after. Is this a sign that we can take the next bottom step now with an idea that I recognized that. Yeah. I. Enjoyed giving away from losing your kids. Is a tax. Witnesses. Sentences. California number. On the movie executive I have an actress coming over to pitch in new moon is she DT. Yes. It. From the shower or one you know tax here's to a three tax that's from the home continent of Connecticut I believe. My girlfriend of many years just started school. Ever since. The sexes stopped completely she says she is too much work or is stressed what is going on. That in thinks oh maybe. There's just certain goals analysts yes gets he dressed as you know at school. Sit there were in this and especially he's working to ramp up time. Oh. At C 71 text my wife and I are on the costs. Of swing and we've been invited to a party few times and she seems like she's okay with it but then she keeps bringing up. That she believes I won't be able to handle. Does she really want to go hours she'd just trying to test me. Thinks you won't be able to handle. Well guys you'd typically get very jealous and those scenarios you act like you're not going to jail like yes swing and three way four way six let's do it. And then two weeks later elect. Food looked good question. And they go about that for a little while since we want to put out party in Brockton. Coleman. The idols seem to really. Another sum total different in my era I mean you with Phil and and Peter and and Ryan before that room and Jim and Keenan and Janine and then let you know I just noticed it was all fun and different with the other guy is there should be concerned. I think I think the misconception there is new is that you don't guys lose it because. There'll Wendell swinging thing and and they showed the house with Paula 35 people make it right and then he you know he looks older tonight why it is getting like grilled by a fat slob like me and she's a brilliant job. And you never expect to see them or. How brainwashed and can't handle what my watch you know. Here is a 508 text as we go inside the wards female brain and Danielle. Helps you understand what is going on inside there. I just held the door for a girl at my coffee shop and she yelled at me who's she can hold her own door. What is did bush what is going on there. Then on radical feminist keep Roland org I am proud you as the the days you don't it's gonna be someone like me. Was behind using has devoted slams and even the glass and passive aggressive fashion says I don't worry about it thanks. 50 wait text they just found out the my girlfriend goes through all of my personal belongings my wallet my a my phone everything in my house anything she'd get her hands on it and I never did anything unfaithful for her to even wanna do that why she invading my personals but you should call up any of her ex boyfriends and take thanks for ruining it for me I was so it is based on somebody else has behavior associate is assuming that he's cheating because somebody audio cheated on her. But it does seem to be honest if your guy needs a win win situation one well because you're you're off the hook. You can do anything you want you went through my crap I haven't done anything. And I mean that can't mentality that's ruling socialist doesn't golfing with my buddies I was in their new. Port with that smoke stripper. Here's a nine setting a terrorist. My wife and I have been married for two years and we just bought a home and we've been together in total for sex act. We have not been having sex recently and I just found out that she has been messaging. Girls to hook up with. When confronted. She told me that it was for a threesome for us however the conversations. Didn't seem that way. Is my life. A lesbian. That's kind of a that's the tough ones keep your fingers crushing could be bar and that's tough on him I mean. You have to do. Let's go inside like deep inside the ring for second with the I was setting it up for us excuse yeah. If your wife is going to contact another person. For a three way. You're not gonna come right out mile per day. The fact that they might not cut. Especially if you're not potted the other person in into that she might be testing the girl on girl waters first and if the chick is DTF gene. And then. She might be like hey what are arrayed like would you be cool if we involved another person my knee is hurting not having sex so that's kind of a little bit Avaya cog in the proverbial. Wheeler rancher and down eighteen years. The retention on good and. It's 805 feet and carted out and the conduct a hard guy in the content. It is total lot a whole lot to read this I mean. I mean. It's a total plot twists. Mean. Leave it at all want to add. I'd been seen a girl for three months but we have never had sex you. I've tried many times to engage her but she says that she wants to wait for what is she waiting for now maybe she's had bad experiences that the first thought that. Maybe she's a little bit more puritanical or British maybe she's got sent an. And needs to have a conversation about it. And I don't know a lot of heroism and number I can't. And our girls have a three months are Smart and. Lot of girls already have a high enough number that they like I need a way to make sure this as a real thing before Ireland and Elena craft that parents aren't. Let's see 617 text by. My girlfriend mentioned in passing. That she wants to give me a pair of her panties. This was a week ago didn't and she hasn't brought up since would be weird to bring him back up because I'm interest in him. I. Paid a memory hanging innings and I regret the blue checkpoints on the court opening up about the gonna happen. 10978 tax kind of sad one here my girlfriend of three years just came out. And told me that she has a date planned with somebody else in two days. Things haven't been going very well that's but I didn't think it was that bad. Was she cheating and how should ideal this I feel quite betrayed because we never broke up. Yes thing sending telling Monica she's been dating record mogul Simon yeah finally came thought that that. I have a date planned pistol were breaking up excuse is gonna fly is it true you can't just all of a sudden one even when things are going badly. Badly poorly. There does happen and make it date in two days that's that's that there's some buffer time before that. I can give me your pace after acted more toys yeah I just so you're saying that unfortunately for him. The. There's something that was going on it's not just like in they put us is now go find a slump buster make yourself feel better for a little while and then a meeting and that she realizes that as a schmuck why couldn't he just tell him. Nobody and nobody won so much to have that conversation I mean you know I know it when it comes down to it you're like oh. We both know this isn't working and let's go our separate ways in two days later you're having dinner and sex in a piece of legislative never really me and you know. That's a tough man. Here's a Bible way text I had a chick who was my F but he over the summer. But then she got angry because they didn't texture for a few days and she told me she figured I was all set. Isn't the whole point of doing that. That you don't have the responsibility. Of texting and talking all of the time. Not all the time but if you're a regular. FW being. There needs to be at least some touch point of communication periodically. So if you guys were talking a lot during the FWB scenario and then you got after four days that's weird. Matthew Kirk if you would routinely. Have breaks in communication and the like pay forty Gillen. Where's the Larry. Is leading may keep it sent a little give. Her a dirty certainly me and auto. Happens it's there it's all everything's perfect perfect human somebody's feelings actually get stronger for somebody. We should go day to this great way yeah not yet nothing around the. All right finally. My girlfriend this is a 774. Attacks on the tech needs text line which is 9717. As we go inside the war female brain. My girlfriend would like to involve a guy friend of mine in a threesome. She has done it before I have not yet is it a good idea to go through and now you're saying it's not do it once and in the name for a guy that wants to watch another duke sex. In those rights and years nobody nobody. Now it's. The most dudes when presented with the option threesome are not in a check off the additional mailbox. What about women like here's a 978 text my wife of 23. Years. Keeps telling me she wants to watch me hook up with a our female best friend is that it trap we are both forty. Could be that many Americans to link. It's as though after winning or herself and her 171. Being from west there and you have to and now. Amendment that is it a trap. Mean this could you tell this early. Danger of being trapped whenever we want you probably want to displace yeah does not and probably her she's not travelers at sick of having sex with him and he will go have sex with somebody else she's like fine also they're not out. That's like it is incredibly trap Ozzie let me fitted. Nothing you can't infer tone from Texas and his head. You know Q he was in probably heard this now he knew he can be found grant human Martha and and it until one team and can be a high and then in hurts is like a yeah I mean a humor I think it just like get after rarity he's and so second use and you're touching mean you breathing on me they're disgusting and he is out. Fine if I have to be there to make you go through this leave me alone that I well Dayton has turned a box of wine while you're doing here and now we're friends yeah. The one mortgage squeeze one more here and I used to be within a this is seven anyone tax they used to be with a significantly. Older woman we were together for eight years. Recently. Her niece who lived with us for awhile. Began texting me late night out of nowhere. What's up she was dry issue is that I think for you you want video really Anna yeah. Maybe not. Is not anywhere in the doughnut but it's late night is late night texting does that indicate that a woman is. Buyers allow alcohol and get us out Kyra. Miserable you upset sad edition bottle but yeah that's a good usually take it usually wake up like 1130 year 130 mile. A Texan I tried to tie Steffi I like him and my I see you know I. And India and you know it. Can't (%expletive) nine guys that don't let man of immense numbers I cumulative non political my hands around it.