Inside the Warped Female Brain - "Sounds Like Someone Has Baggage"

Thursday, April 26th

Danielle helps our male listeners understand the women in their lives, this week a man asks why a woman started crying right before having a one night stand!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest because it changed her family. I'm not gonna be no art and. It's time to go inside the warped female brain. I. Right now as a public service. Are no all news lady will provide you. A rare look inside. The rather convoluted rather confused or rather sometimes crazy female mind if you're a man. He may text and you know questions right now to the tax line which is ID seven. 107. And Danielle will answer from inside that's it's very warped female brain. This is a 617 texting you know I took a girl out about a week ago we had a great dinner. And we went out to a bar and had drinks afterwards. She invited me back to apartment. And that things got hot and heavy. We were on the bad ready to. Do it. When she had a mental breakdown and began bawling her eyes out song I asked what was rog if she said she started I think thinking of something. Yes with autism and some baggage. I don't find everything she can be upset I choose not to have sex with a guy she just met she could be upset because she only went out with you. To try to make the guy should just broke up with Delis and now she realized that she's in the situation she could be upset because you had or she. Didn't James sheets for the last time I was there are now you're in a plate I think. And options no getting around and guys oftentimes you guys cry at the drop of that and a half yeah definitely emotionally to get out there can't be president grant that the closer. Minnesota period from a better sense of right right yeah. He should be an overly sensitive issue should give it a try and take around the dinner and it's sure she is being HE SP highly sensitive person yeah did he get naked. Before she started around. Actually I thought I don't know race card out check in on going battle Clemens look look at it and other I don't think she was concerned and general manager was crying for him if that's your op. Here's a good one. 774. Attacks my wife. Is we herded out that my primary care physician is a check out who cares right. Yeah that's like the women in that the watch porn. Via. I can never ever girl doctor. It's like. Yourself this question would you be a fairway then. Most of them car. Like most. 5050 split yeah yeah. Which do you I have a woman and in many years ago it now one. When you have a man. This weird place before. I am doing. On the line have you know you know if it quietly go on the show twelve years you know that I have seen you know I have a classic. I don't even I don't think that yet yeah you can't count. It right now when you have a male gynecologists yes grant and he was about to do a procedure yes Gregg did the efforts today. I'm going to numb the area and then go no no no no no no this. I. Really think that's at June. The debacle DC about how older kids. And I think if you don't keep that part of that is an honor for a 100% creepy every course that is flexible exposed Greek term last night. Here's a 603 tech's last night a guy. Was texting my longtime girlfriend she initiated the conversation with him on Sunday but she says there's nothing to hide yet I asked there. If she is texting anyone else and she said no to be worried in the first fretting and last night I think he discovered text messages basically she said she's not text anybody. But he discovered I mean it's if there are now gone in and deleted then he'll handle their yes I mean she indices she initiated the text conversation with a another guy's got a problem. And if they didn't. The diet via depends on what her. Relationship but the guy is and and what the text messages contained now. 978 techs have gone on about four dates with this grow. And when we tax she's all happy go lucky and even says you want last day so we planned it. Then when we go on these states she doesn't seem in the me at all. And like she is bored being. She wants a free dinner or. Not Al Unser her personality in person I've. I've met people like many am united in their romantic sense just an act like a friendly sense that I had great conversations with. Via text or email or whatever I mean even the pertained to animal rescue and that I get a lot of this person really well and you meet in it's the most awkward for continued ever elect. However communicate so well by attempt because I just weird only person via the sometimes he'd tell click in person. We are going inside. The warped female brain. As we normally do one there's days so if your and you're confused steamy text question to the text line. Which is 9717971. Ounce in. Since we're on the topic I had. A female. Primary care physician yes and she told me. In my physical. I had to stop master. I and I said Nate and I said why. And she said because your minds camera. I think and it was really amazing. I went after that I hope that helps us that it's gonna you know tell America's jokes to your children. Two thirds of grandfathered or don't say bad things here aren't there let's say. That what it's. Here's the packs I went 97 apex I went out of date with a groan was great. However. I feel like it was ruined because she mentioned. That either one of us should think about moving closer to each other known as the all she lives in Portland Maine and I'm in Bedford man. That's why do women feel a need to rush that was is too early after one date. After a great date and here's my thoughts on this because. It's. I mode George. She's she's either not certain wants to marry tomorrow. Are it's one of those if you're willing to eventually do that. It's a deal breaker like if you asked someone if they would have kids or have more children. Relic like after a couple of dates it's not usually get pregnant tomorrow it's because you're like hey if you know you don't want kids and I do. At the deal breaker so could be the same thing she's like can't really cannot put this guy. We live kind of are part let me see if he would ever be open and right and if he's like now than she knows that it likely wouldn't work out on the hundreds to eight cameras that first drink regular so I think. Is not to decide church to certain yardage did guns now Bart. Hardest you know when you meet you when you meet the hottest person be very dated in your life. Yet and probably a long nervous or near you you you you know you wanna lock it down. A stat O so she really shouldn't it may be as the first person that she really had a spark to did you guys let's hottest guy she's every Mac. We sure glad to have apparently. You might just sounds of the matter. He's slowly Andrea. I have my I own my own company's image and Trevor BMW. Number of former stripper turned CEO I went to a fiscal economic. Well I mean it seems like that's just a little bits and to be talking about moving closer together. And a little bit little bits. Let's see. Here's an 860. Text from the continent of Connecticut yeah buddy. I'm a woman. Dating a woman. She is only in the girls. I like man also. Should I pursue this relationship or will it be a problem down on the line with her. I mean are you planning to like skies while you two are together this year be it she you know the type of woman. Who looks down upon women who are buying instead of full on lesbian I don't know I mean that's I think that's. And Iggy to feel that out throw a couple of hypothetical stories and there and see how she reacts the remaining if some people don't having some. Some people there by don't have a problem at their partners buyer just like 11 sex or whatever but some people get very tight about its oats personal preference. Have a big board conversations. Or girl grow. 97 indirectly. Albeit WA AF and in there and 978 text are a lot of women. On dating sites. Just looking for a free meal slash after and yes they seem. To all go to the same way lately and I'm not ugly. Where else do forty something divorced people go to meet people. I'm so yeah there's market. I thought oh god I'm so yours and yes. I mean they are unfortunately just looking for a free meal and. Absolutely I have a friend who is now married but when she she was a serial match dot com Dieter firm right before she met her husband. And she would always talk about who may be like 23 dates a week this is not singles order if you elect to not like 23 dates a week. And would always complain about this is settlement why excite you that you had nothing in common and she's like and you know somebody that works in XYZ restaurant in the north and near this place you'd like I just want the dinner I want dinner in line and I should like I'm sick of paying for it she works in and in and out fields. And that is it if they difficult field the ad doesn't pay it's employees at time. So teacher. I don't they ask. I I just. For their heads up tonight Jack. Dock forty something divorced. Hotel bars onto it and import and it's a new pools and yeah I Amber's parents are Rachel's Rachel's in the Marriott long war. People gonna want what can I speak of the is that it wasn't the the memory outlaw. Our minds giving me alone are not pretend you know yeah I don't know the dark but we did the bar I got your sorry about your present great souls your go to will. Out throughout the eighties was champions in the Mary an hour gusts apple that's down on the side of downtown you strode in and it would send it's you would stride right here as a Bruin and Kennedy you. And I'm and her. At the chair appear to chip it. No bargain if if if your if your arm haven't amid light. Grace's divorce dude hotel large hotel bars high aired. There are wharf champions 9978. Text are have a casual thing going on with a coworker. Sometimes. When she blows. She laps. Other times she cried. What is going on here you probably governor wanted a rod. That's okay so there have been a big physiological. Release when you have DO and they ate a lot of your other bodily systems can be affected us. All types of people react all differently if that scenario the giggling he shouldn't be alarmed by the giggling and laughing. After the funerals are right you can't help but it's history tight tight call. With Don that now everybody. I don't think it's a 50 wait that's my girlfriend recently got angry at me. For having dirty text conversations weather but not doing it in person. It's not always appropriate for instance. Out to dinner isn't the place for them what gives. Why is she all I mean is she got the kind of person if she always been my belly is she into the exhibition a stuff and you know it doesn't have a problem not tapping the conversation lawyer in public. Yeah step up carrying a oh my god I'm jealous. Everybody's comfortable with blue with with acting like you're talking in a certain way in public some meaningful call are better kept private. Here's a woman who wants to go inside the war female brain another woman moderates which is fine I have a friend who has been seeing the guy for almost two years now. She she consistently thinks they're going to get into a relationship together but he has told her to her face time and time again. He doesn't like that way and doesn't want a relationship movement she is always getting upset about this why is she going back. Because she thinks she's gonna change him. She thinks eventually he's gonna realize how great she is and all madly in love with her because she's watched so many problem comes with Kate Hudson and Renee Zellweger are all right. The end of the movie everyone turns around and is in love lives happily ever after an portal Crowe couldn't get the kind he was up. Matthew McConaughey Hayes character was insistent she didn't wanna relationship but in the NB may. Greater aren't very good looking do unarmed in congress are jealous I'm jealous. 978 Texas we go inside the war female brain a girl was sending me picks. And we are fifteen years apart in age wise. She never insinuated. That she wants to hook up when we hang out. She has a boyfriend. Why is she sending me pictures what does she want. Tell her that she's really attractive visual arts grade in the system while I wish you didn't have a boyfriend. So than she went she. She puts it in the ball to put it like the little text blocker in your head accidentally in the boyfriend fight their but sometimes that we you know lack. I at least appreciate. When I send him pictured and tell me that I look and saying OK so it's all about attention for her that resonate here you're just propping up making her feel that she has no intention of being with the began as of what is that it missing completely Alec obvious signals when your weather that she is ETF but yeah I think in this case it sounds more like it's an attention grab. And it. Well. 617 text I have a girlfriend who gets angry at me frequently if she sees me looking at other women. I don't like teller this is normal rate technical without targeting timing right here. I don't I aegis. He had to watch yourself it's people like that don't change. They're always going to be up your ass and runs rampant it's you know it's where you could be turning your shoe into that home. So you kind of start the old woman in the deli line that's nice I Kenny be bringing to the supermarket now. Because when I never check out guys now. No of course not now not when I would never know when there was somebody never I dig out my sort thank you that is inside the ward female brain we do that on Thursdays.