Inside the Warped Female Brain - Should I be Concerned that She Chokes Me During Sex?

Thursday, December 7th

Every Thursday Danielle helps our male listeners understand the women in their life! This week, a man wants to know why his girlfriend chokes him during sex!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is what it's supposed to be honest because you change I'm. Not gonna be no it's time to go inside the warped female brain. Are you can tax now if your man. And you find yourself confused by the way the female mind works in your whole allow you a rare glimpse inside it. Text on the tech needs staffing excellence tax line which is 9717. Here's a 978 texting Al I was recently put back in to the friend zone. I'm zones only only temporary seat he got put back into the friend zone which means you got out of it successfully initially why why is she still sending so please. She needs validation and attention we are creatures that enjoy a while we Internet unsolicited attention of the man and sometimes a woman depending on what you're things. But it's. You know if you start dating someone and start ignoring her she'll come around real quick. But again once you focus your full attention back on her you're back in different sounds very tricky place in my apologies. Will he be able to find his way out of him. I haven't done it out in Ohio and you know monsters there it's kind of like being in the upside down you need like it you need a team of people to drag and. This is a 617 techs that think we may have gotten a similar attacks when we went in inside simple mail mind. On on Monday about this text there is being asked to attend a family Christmas event. Where they girl that he has only been dating for three weeks and he thinks that it is inappropriate. Eight do you think it's that it's inappropriate and ease asking what the best way to get out of business. Learn you have anything else going on that day or urges tellers and Leon it's generally an early comfortable doing family stuff yet. I think a lot of it depends on the family thing. It with the introductions have really casual families that if you bring somebody around after a couple of weeks and I can make this big giant deal out of it like oh hey Brad nice to meet jet. We'll you know can I get to drink policy at the buffet but sometimes it turns into this big formal like. I just started dating that's amazing guy and I'm gonna bring them to press the hard way you guys are totaling analog and man and then he's talked to that so much that ever and relax I'll burn when he got to popped the question you're like I don't even know what blood tape she is personal. And even got like the sex read them down pat has now let's fist pump the brakes and. Let's see. 34 year old female here married for a with a female chief duties she's gonna have the he's probably gonna protect them on Monday yeah to go inside simple moment yeah can you back that text machine to shoot him I love my girlfriends. Where I don't know I told my girlfriend. Who like Planon proposing to one day that engagement rings were cool. But wedding bands were scanned because why do you need to rings she doesn't understand. You don't understand why does she need to rings she probably wants four ranks Egypt if she probably wants twelve innings is isolated and having catering and her wedding band via. Sorry I cannot be assessment that's ridiculous. You know you know it's been nearly as much and Elaine and she's looking for some kind of crazy eternity band all the time and I want them yeah in. Mean in my X growth and a been talking recently we have hung out a couple times without any problems she keeps talking me every day even texting me first but she now won't hang out at me. She always changing the subject when we are texting. And she says Seattle can hang out the sometime this week but she never follows through what is going on here. Lisa was an ex girlfriend got extra for. And I kind of back together if she knew she's leaning on you for the things that she needs. Which is comfort I placed events and you know you know all of her crap so she neo you get her. Handle it comes to get together she's like have. You don't have sex he's going to get together is going hang out in aligned reconcile the relationship and she's just not into it by the way tax the girl at work keeps giving me. The faces and it's constantly flirting Whitney yeah. But when I try to have a good conversation whether she shies away what youths ages just shy person yeah. I would not go for any unsolicited groping why not keep that it is not them and they're trying out. Persistent. Keep on a creek nine. Wants. Cities. I have an ex roommate that recently. Cheated on me. She is on the lease for our apartment how to like kicker out without pissing you off what she cheated on you that should be enough. Well but but it's a roommate thing okay it's slash almanac slash remain as the slash there OK so it's an act slash firm yet. So few lives together but now she's your roommate has your whenever. You just gonna sit down have a tuchman decades if it is what it is you want her out she's out and a. My wife and I 617 Texas we go inside the work you know bring my wife and I were out with friends. And one of our female friends was really drunk and when my wife went to use the bathroom. Our friend grabbed my crock child boy or should I tell my wife and what was that about probably not gonna turn into whole thing and let someone else saw it happen. If you think is a chance a woman will remember that she grabbed your crotch and would dispute that piece of information to yourself. What that's an appropriate by the way. Shouldn't be grabbing people scratches yes. Now ladies do it too apparently so that the N double standard here can't do it but. What was it about what she. Or Jewish history there hammered yeah. Talk to and make out with and have sex with and marry people they know when they're hammered that they wouldn't ever do so yeah. Policy here or beer bottles 978 text. I've had a massive crush on a girl for a couple years. Out of the fear of making things awkward I never hold her own sorry quality to she recently. Dot aide boyfriend and right after she started flirting with me you lie. Should I tell her how I feel even though she has a boyfriend or should I waited out and try to build the courage. It sounds like a nice guy. Yeah I would I would we did out just a little bit what the relationship flesh itself out first is if that's not gonna work out. Let it die in its own and then when she comes back around and is available you can now consider her hey I have a thing for you wanna tracts. Am. It's tough because you know maybe she does have feelings feeling you wanna jump on it right now and get ahead of it tape you know break up but that's to be Gareth students back. And I am I would I would I would just pulled off a little bit maybe like wait till after the holidays. Permanent who happens with the new guy. It's December. Taj is a text for you grew by examining texting Al do you really like material stuff that much what percentage of viewers joking. You do not seem like somebody who cares about the rings and stuff. If you that's fine but I'm definitely curious. I don't I I liked to have a few nice thing. You know so we joke like you know I have my name Louis purses and my issues like. I don't happen I'd rather have a couple of really nice quality of one thing like a good pair shoes are good purse. Are nice pair of earrings verses buying a Democrat than a minute where once and and breaks never wears again. I don't place and act like it in real life I don't place a ton of value on material things so if you're not buying me. Things every five seconds it's a you know I'd there's other stuff I'd rather focus on but on our letter I'm I'm recording that and yet giving it to stagnant and guys. Snow gets in trouble at Christmas knowing that you usually what you asked for he now I have to cut back on that even guiding the purchases happen now he's he's for next but probably happy financially. So anyway SI it. Depends on the check in if you like you know if a person's materialistic and they play slot on the merits of. Here's a Texas that is is that a new listener. If they don't you don't know comments were clearly the Q are not really here's a 978 text from a guy. As we go inside the war female brain this new girl that I have been hooking up whip. Has been choking me during sex or should I be worried is this is this a usual thing and discolored or else the deal O event. It's fun to go there yet again. Fellow layoffs fashion when type but it is she using the Heimlich maneuver what planets of the hand under the chin but got little mix sex exciting this is a horrible 1617 text. I'm an engaged man. Recently in a drunken state I slept with a tax. I'm torn I'm not sure if I should tell my fiancee my family would probably kill me do I tell her or do I take it to the grave. It's all dependent on whether or not you think your ex is an implant at some point and that's the and that's really the deciding factor if you look. A loose cannon for an X and you know if you have a loose cannon and I would probably have that conversation that means if not. And you think you and keeping your pants for the rest of time and move forward mixture Asian give you anything and now via what's the waiting period. I'm whether she gave him something as this though for weeks or how well I mean I would probably go to the doctor and get a supply doesn't matter how eloquent and raises. Couple other ones to get away a little while to see if they pop up south. This is this is Tom on the framing him forward studio line premium Ford normal cellular Ford for less what's up Tom. Good morning everyone I'll argue. I'm OK okay. We I'll acknowledge that women. Women have EMS and can. Much sling yeah. Isolate any help. And your reference let you loving everything about you thinking of being you know being. But that's a really great. Lift it guys have a demo I think to the DNA testing in the end it now. If monthly bank but it. We're feeling Randy. And we kind of I thought I'd call it a body but look we go we're fired up at all. A unit. You stayed obscure reference to break out he the fog of war this is the fog of being corny is that what you're talking about. You know that was the is that the word hectic where it be double what really Randy. We can get we can go out of our our our mind a little they have a little bit experience entity until until we're really. Why don't women understand that and why don't women understand that goes there and get Andy. Or opt in their limit. You're much more effective at taking care that problem by yourself than we are so that's why they don't turn it back and it's usually you do it in the usually it's like in the middle of the appetizer course of the news whoosh moon and you like Hank. One notable family restaurant and you'll like it dude where that lake campground in the ninth and now we put it away. Someone's Tennessee style and commute back to the nines and made text that 25 year old male 25 year old male here. I am in a three year relationship with a girl that I recently realized is not the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. We live in my dream home and I am afraid to break things off with her and lose my house. Ideally. I would like to live with in this house would my axe but I'm not sure how to go about this situation that never works first off I want to lose the house if she's on the deed. Or call it support a house by himself financially may be low. Or if yet any Caribbean multitude of different reasons. When you buy a house on just throw somebody on the deed can you feel like if that's the nice thing to do he just he can tell you have everything ironed out with all lawyer. And you figure out who's that therapies and who's at their cues. Not to start growing your name on stuff because it's convenient visual element make a big gesture and pitch UND did a house not on the mortgage and that she takes everything you want. For the information of the caller just moments ago hundreds of women are texting and. Expressing that the word Randy is extremely creepy he should never use that effort during Austin Powers that the term Randy yeah should should never good news yeah should never be used again by the whaling that shares your reference and breaking bad for one quick second I started watching it again yeah and IE I wanna do that by the way really from god. Now for him and links calendar I hate Skyler when she asked him if he spent fourteen dollars staples in the MasterCard is like war. We don't use the master card that that's the one we don't use. I cannot stand there. I am I would prefer to be married to who the wife on ozark. Yes Wendy when you learned Bert what Wendy Larry Bird. Over Skyler white any day I cannot stand Skyler import Walt sick and and chew and she wasn't there for him when he neither. Who has lived Ted panicky below eight. They were going on what's like they did the Guidant while I slip and it does offer engage. Buddy you're going to be calling him like three months she met the article is all gone. If he's all done that guy out there just jump ship a peaceful and missed the first couple was technically in 1953. Danielle you've spoken many times about sleeping in separate beds and that kind of thing do you think that the entire institution of marriage will be different in the next ten to twenty years. I think the entire institution of marriage could be saved if more people in separate entrance. And I I think it will be different I don't know how exactly but I think just even the way in which we communicate with meets date interact sleep with people flash robots. You know it's all very different than it than he used to be even five years and I'm. So yeah I think I think that the I think fewer people are gonna get married. They fear peddling and have kids. Need a lot of people are waiting until later in life to do a lot of that stuff so I definitely I definitely think the institution of marriage and for big shake up I just don't know how. Here's a 617 texts with Christmas approaching. Why is my girlfriend OK without having sex with her parents house but not at my parents house. She's probably done that their parents session she was fourteen and so she's comfortable with that she knows exactly what her parents here and how the acoustics are your parents' house is a whole different but like. If her parents got it made her parents are equal with you guys get in on under their roof and don't care that your parents it's a whole different thing that's very embarrassing. Here is attacks I don't know if they're asking about wearing them or giving them as a gift it's a 774. Attacks. As we go inside the warped female brain and it says in yell your thoughts on remote controlled vibrating panties in public too much. For me and under your career that you wanna play a little fun at the she's great tag Yankee game with your your loved ones and honesty in a chair that's yourself to stay component of vibrating panties of the degree Friday and it. I'm in public yeah and I mean like yeah like I can't wreck you don't get groceries or clothes you know during the priest's sermon and she's like. A and that's the this is Brian hello Brian. Ryan yes what's up. Tiger Woods era in Britain that yes. How much away and he went. Home that went in and he. That is inside the ward. Female brain several techsters say it was very fluid. Where you and I here and LB not chime in with a two cents on inside the work the people thought that about the whole shot. LB of course the six computers to audience the audience. Woke up the knee was suffering from the white out of Gaza we describe that migraines you realize how much you paid child support over the years. And Mike Hsu who is on vacation he's actually on vacation today. It and also I believe tomorrow polar bear out right. All aero. You wanna do one last one here sure. Why is my wife upset that I am going to the patriots game in Miami this weekend with eight bodies by the way she is not patriots and it wouldn't wanna go and nothing to do with the game whatsoever and has to do with the fact that you told her about the time. If frank did the thing with the stripper at the bachelor party the champagne bottle and the ping pong ball and she knows you're going down with frank any kind of this gun baggage she doesn't want you into trouble now that's what the entire. Shouldn't give her make up trip should he say I'll take you to Florida after it back at them and you know again that it's not about her not going. It's about who you're going to win. By the acting in this week and it's going to be EV percent patriots dance in Miami yeah everybody acknowledged early going and and it's and its monetary it's money yeah money.