Inside The Warped Female Brain - Naughty Nanny Cam

Thursday, September 21st

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! This week we here from a guy, married with children, who was online looking at porn and stumbled upon a video featuring his nanny!


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Get Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is. Supposed to you know and it's closer attention on the front. I'm not gonna be you know it's time to go inside the war female brain. All right. Right now as the public service. Are her. Alcoholic these lady will help you out a list stand up and use it if I don't mind their business. It doesn't listen if you are busy you went along violence and the Mayhew and common man and does his island. So our. Here's the ninth symphony Texas says why its shoes so angry. I know he. They don't touch turns to her. And they saw her a bad being alive hey look like you'll have caused that accident on T nine. I told us I thought I would think at least. Yeah. And freedom are bad day in your life my body over years and am worried about I was just gonna say the guys get heavy guard he's distracted because I'm out of that I don't blame and you will be insular. And acted. Angry angry Mickey really gets upset when the equipment doesn't work right yeah in the wrong button gets pushed. Superb yeah but it. Magical. I. Do we just go inside the war female brain is here's a nine disseminate text. I just broke up my ego venom of about a year and I'm trying to be nice about it. But she just won't stop texting me begging me to give her another chance and it hasn't been working for about five months how can I get. Hurt to accept it I'm done. Without being too sure about it. I you don't have a choice but to be against about it at this point you've tried the diplomatic way. Nine you're gonna have to a severe downturn blocker on all social media forms is wells on your phone and eventually shall get that hadn't really you know he can take you can be nice feature being. Now people men and women are. They the don't wanna take no for an answer is something of little clip it licked. It and get back together and it sucks again and I wasted another six months and here. So she thinks that they she's going to be able to talk him into it and he. Chance via. Loves me just apparently and a. Whenever. 978 text on the tech needs text line which is 9717. My girlfriend is one of those girls who constantly freaks out over small things. I recently became friends of the girl on FaceBook and she freaks out thinking that I am going to cheat on her when I've done nothing wrong. Does that mean that she is cheating on. Mean me. Could be are more likely she's just one of those people that's gonna freak out and be like. How do you know this ship quite different at her FaceBook and she's in her quest current FaceBook and it turns into a whole big thing. And then they start communicating out of nowhere and you'd easily. Yeah this woman like a random business contact that you know or something Merrill's it can be an brands while with the guys. Guy plays and not speech patterns that occur right right because that she was fray if she were friends with a guy and her face I don't know maybe finally does bill she's let out a theory and number eight getting married now links are you seriously worried about that give me a break. Here's six on seven text. There's a girl that I work with that I'm crazy about. I recently found out that our boss used to be able lumbered as did two other I. As did two other guys that we work with yes is she some kind of office slam paired. Or do you think it's just coincidence that she dated three guys including the boss in the off. I wouldn't be the fourth guy she data in the office you were just asking for trouble right you know my Credo Credo no regrets. Never get your mining company and yet you snooze and lost yeah I don't wanna nine point created right he's now everybody's got to congress and later every Christmas party till the end of time now it's it now you're going to be sent to the sloppy seconds kind boat used to be like you know Dante in accounting. Now they come to an icon. To see you Xia son Carlo claws into this time could Brian over and receiving. Linda over their Linda Linda yeah probably if we got Linda over the limit could take care of that unit came over and told him to lay off yeah layoff it's a Linda says. 617 tax that work overnight to my girlfriend works three to midnight so we don't see each other a lot. She wants me to switch shifts so that we can see each other but I don't wanna know who why does she expect that I have to be the one who's going to switch shifts is that how it works you have the penis you gotta stretch and we. Strangers and catch that pass tax it's equality convenience now. Yeah exactly him on any an alumnus over here man my wanna switch shifts again about the but. Love cities. Can you back the text machine apple circus animal. Lithium and dating a girl for four months we both have kids we look up normally on Wednesdays and Fridays while her her kids are visiting their dad Lou I don't get my into the weekend. This past weekend should look my phone with twenty questions on what I'm doing when my daughter answered having fun. And it's. I've finally responded. The following to her text the following Tuesday and she told me not to bother her again when you went like two days without getting back to her text messaging human theater for four month. Sorry if I have to explain that to you. Guy oh out if you're seeing somebody for four months and you have a regular smash schedule you're on a daily text your daily text really. And then when you when she said what are you doing with your daughter and you say having fun. Mind exploded eyes bleeding yes thanks thanks thanks. It's in new Neanderthal idiots elect who who Fulham who. Well maybe the feel like you need to give an explanation of answer. And equities yeah it's a normal part conversation what do you guys Dylan. What what's gone on over there and happened. Okay you getting ready for work only at a coffee meeting up with a friend of the. Having fun I texted play Havoc I think he gets its reason our idea I'd idea what birdies tomorrow a million dollar and logic on most accounts for you say to send the smooch here emoticon you know the little heart smooch you again they send a hearts emotionally sit there and analyze it for Tony set an insight. Does that mean he's like engineer he's and that everybody here is like a different color her decisions and decisions in this is this is a this is a tough one. A 71 tax my wife can no longer orgasm we have sex we've been together for ten years and doing nothing different. It was never a problem before is she just not in the media anymore she unmet by any chance now. Maybe if she started taking antidepressant you know no matter some of the kind of medication. That can lead to in order as me up. Do you think that she was faking it. Before she wanted to put the effort and and then I got tired of faking an entirely possible you think that's what axle and why do women take it because they want they want. I don't already over with it's just not happening it it it's the dozens for men and orgasms were two completely different plan. And then. There's a general structure there and if you apply certain stimulative effort. She cigar you're gonna get results right. With well and model player and child growing wind can blow right and you get a result ninth I mean you can have a that you can have a bad. I can't get too descriptive pretty FCC immediately got a bad mouth hunger that he and experiences that great but it's silly pizza it's still works in the brittle that says a hundred right we and in giving up then diagram I'm blueprints and models. Atlanta well they have yet on the ten years. Sorry gotta ask yourself. You just don't care anymore well into it ten years and so it's SP you start the same way. Smooth things and paying the same thing to the same thing to the same thing that worked for a couple 34 years. Yeah change it up to crazy. If you give to give pseudo. Okay do you really I know it's your hip. But you're really losing quality initiative where was the LB had WA AF dot com to help this woman I got nothing in me oh yeah. He can't I can't answer did you even do it the economy did did get a life together and tried to get to my punishment and fortify the moon that's ultimately appointed. Yeah I guess not than with deal you don't you have to comedy behind drive. I don't dried vines are vibrant and on oh yeah. I think of that. Here's a five latex I just bought my girlfriend one of those he's never. She's never owned one before. Happy now will this make our sex life better or her or worse there if you opt to use it together like if you guys finished a session and you roll over and she says guess what I'm gonna do now and then wedged it out and goes for another one that's great but it could. Could effectively be like the robot uprising and replace seal it my patients here letter. Enjoying a comfortable my ex wife's new man. Looks like he chubby shorter version of me why. I loved ones who cares pat himself on the back lighted it looked like you are life's gonna watch revelatory and I know why is she going for somebody who looks like him. We physical accident skewed it keep all have a tight. People have a tight looking like yeah let me do that dated at the next chick they dated after me Michael looked exactly like me or I looked just like their ex girlfriend. It works the same with both sexes it's just you have a tight. And of people fit into that type it. And now this happens to be like the George extensive version of you are she knows me so much unity noted garden will choose to Lloyd yeah exactly get off your pedestal only won the ball wasn't you know. But there is a lawyer her ex husband there. Realist and I. And why you care to its first of all it's called first come first serve gambled on Wednesday and. Can you go back to the one where the guy said he might be out of mantown because he's turning down the threesome. It's pretty far down there. I can summarize legacy to keep going keep going down in began. Well hello my normal story errors in Americans there's. You know it would be creepy if I was not talking about the text machine you pre effort. Now will be previewing diseases and next month center out of. Let's say the my girlfriend. Wants me to have a threesome I might be out of mantown. Over this because I don't wanna do it because the girl that she wants to have the threesome when this is hideous. Should I go yeah. Now that's a good sign in 1990 you have to be in the other person is and it's just a grudge match and the chick thinks that she's that his here's the thing they're Crawford finally wants to have a threesome. Sounds like in this scenario this is the only threesome you're ever gonna hand. What's funny is that if you don't enjoy the other person in the threesome that she's like well. The bring it up again in nearly Cano that will be great if we can do it again with you know somebody different she's like well. We did at that once time so hoping Internet. Is it possible that she has selected. Quote. Idiots and quote looking person. So us tonight had to be attracted yes it's hideous person after 3 if I am happy meeting at a Faneca a solid sixth. But that's the concern are part is that the threesome is gonna turn into the twosome and she's not in the twosome I have news premium. Men are very basic even that is against the threesome at least check. If the hideous chick is better in bed and his girlfriend is that you know better how ugly issue he's gonna flipper over and after an army yhency you know now we're just giving him over with the unity is your acumen and or alcohol. Oh my lord listen to this one yes 617 tax. On the tech means text line as we go inside the wart female brain. I was exploring the Internet. And found an adult video. Of our near me oh boy she is great without our kids. Do right now mine why nobody knows who dared get creaky with the nanny either what you mean he mentoring that's yet to sell your arm yes that's something like. So rule I was on line this afternoon. And she. It's gonna sue you for her Alice arm and I and analysis look at ask the question as looking at some real life. Foreign beauty news. Ever look at loops and says that not that and I hope Urquhart and whatever that is a hot Russians. I mean all what is she could be you know what in neck I had this is very hopes that goes into rings and Allman glut that can't believe you saw that the Internet. Please don't tell anybody about that what I have to do to make cannot speak a half here. Insert noises Belden Buckland. Let me take care of you you know I've always been attracted to you mood and they Agilent human Marlon. I don't think I've you know the guys hundred series and whatever shoes shoes weren't in the video and he's got to buy those four for Christmas. Is this. She's going. Well he should not ever bring that up could shield that she'll be very upset about it and it ends they'll lose the dollars and they need anyone signing new nanny and a visionary and now. Parents. Let's see here is a 978 text obscure reference does he pull in ozark and watch it while he's talking to our. I've got so angry. 27 year old female here 978 text three sons have kept my relationship alive let's begin our clearly can handle it most people can't handle the pressure threesome. Then. Or an open relationship. And our proposed my girlfriend finally texts. But I'm not sure she's the one because she fights have been constantly over little things should nightmare no. It's never gonna stop so if your cool with the rest of the stuff just know that that's always going to be thing and it probably heavily is gonna to deport personal they can pretty Russian energy announces have a ring which has the power on hand it's gonna right deployed by 2000. Strict act and you. See if it really little things that she snagging it matters a step that she's brought up 99 times he gets into the future that's just maybe there has to be possible that it's little things that she's about nine million times that don't need to be run out maybe early on it was a big thing maybe it's not news every little thing that maybe she thinks is he now where they have reached the probably wanna fight at the issue all right well that's thank you.