Inside The Warped Female Brain - A Man For Everyday Of The Week

Thursday, October 19th

Danielle once again helps the male listeners try and understand the thinking of the woman in their life! This week we here from a single guy who gets blown up by a girl he likes when he' not available but when he can hang out she ghosts him. Maybe she's playing the field and his day hasn't come yet!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when. He's supposed to be honest closer attention I'm I'm I'm not gonna be no right. It's time to go inside the warped female brain. All right. As a public service. Danielle is now going to allow you as a man inside the crazy convoluted work female brain if you have any questions about what is going on in there. You make text them to the tech needs text line which is 9717. Here's the texts 617 tax I have been married for six years and faithful to my life and knives before her. I dated my cousins sister in law for two years. I was stationed in California for six years and moved back to Massachusetts and the sister in law lives. With the cousin and my wife refuses. To go to my cousin's house for a birthday party. As the sister in law lives there if she overreacted. You know you wanna go there this is interesting because usually I see this behavior more in men really where if there. Wife. Wants to go to a place where a guy that she used to date is going to be a flip out about it yeah like I'm not I'm not around him screw that why do you not I'm not. Both sides get like jealous of the X-Factor Chris there's always the threat the person's gonna go back to the well. Now our comforts for sex for money whether Buddha the panic happens. The weddings and yet that you can't go to awaiting what is unit tried like it does the guy gonna try to get one last and at the wedding blind you from these steps to the altar I think some woman among the line yes he is I don't I'm a hundred that would be yeah. Yes. One more time do it again so. Is should you throw is he gonna ever be able to convince her to go to the birthday party that he wants to go to two daughters now if he goes he's going to be able right. I just started dating a girl that I like a lie. But I know that. She was married and after her divorce is the whole time she has been sleeping with some of her female friend is now. Her ex husband didn't mind but that's not something I can handle. I don't wanna share with anyone male or female and I don't do three cents. Should I continues seeing her and hope that you'll agree not to sleep when anyone. Horry is it's something that she is going to dudes wanna lose our cook a decade regulations are the one guy left I don't. I bail them. Literally you can have a very serious heart to heart sit down talk but it sounds like mrs. Something that's in her life that she's okay with and she enjoys. And there's an established pattern of behavior. And nothing wrong that you're not into it I think you both need to sit down never realistic chocolate do you think like I'm not cooler than if she's like yeah I'll I'll stop. Great mate your both. This is a pretty serious dynamic I if it were me I'd be like and you know what we're a little a little too different and I. I think it's while users wait just tried out. As soon after was it that you shot hit the 978 tax. My wife told me that one of my guy friends recently tried to Kessler. I got. Violent with him and now she is mad at me why. Is it she told me that. When Rome's hit it very especially could touch it and that's ya. Just expressed its heated they can't what you know about this so just FYI that not expecting that you're gonna confront the guy because that's a whole other thing maybe she didn't want and bring his attention than it upset her just like trying to tell you like hey Bob just come back. I know what you don't Alibaba minister club anymore. By the way Texas we go inside the war female brain there is a girl that I have been talking to for awhile that will constantly hit me up. And when I go to set up plans she always has an excuse is that why does she keep hitting me up. If she wants to see you on a particular day when she has time for it when there's no other better dude around. And if you're not available on that day doesn't work for her so he's not the death not the best option is now he's mr. right now. Meaning that if she has nothing to do she Reynolds like on Tuesday should get the afternoon free so she can see. Wednesday. She's got a plan exact Thursday she's had a plan with Brian. Friday she's got a plan the Jimmy. Saturday she's a changed people of the be patted on the back. Right they threadbare throat attached Arthur throw some out just so would you get some back there like oh yeah well he still thinks I'm it's validation yeah correct. What soul sucking. And let's. 53 year old divorced guy I've had many gates. With the women in their thirties and forties and sometimes. I don't complain about sex on a first date. But when it is someone I'm interested in it kills the pursuit. These guys coming from day is every woman now DT aft on the first. And sex in the first Stater. I ain't never do it says I. I just don't really like Yale and feel really come to are always you know an Anaconda nickel mine I just made an exception at one time I never do that. I'm eighty seat damned if you do you damned if you don't said the other day we had a guy that Texan in the that is check was waiting like three months and what the hell is wrong and are now that is I want you know chick at a given up on the first day you can still persecute someone this guy's in general and I does. He doesn't wanna against may be doesn't wanna have the Dayton wants to wave of paint on there here's here's the thing yeah. How let's say in no. How are you saying now yeah. It didn't tell like you're saying noting anyway. They're DT app so you know what put up the sex is great credit and we feel uncomfortable your whore. And Linda both city. I've taken this girl out after at least six or seven times we always have a great time she really sees the light mean. She wants a relationship with me but when it comes to the physical aspect I've been to her house three times and we have not even kissed. She says she feels awkward and she always moves slow on these types of things should I be patient or just get out of the situation. Issued for a little longer occasion don't know what the reason is that she moved slumming 33 successful dates without even so much as a kiss that to me seems a little on it. But everybody get their own speeds so weakened they did not get a handle on her and then if things don't seem to be progressing and that's important you know maybe she's not the Alfred. And we hook up the previous girl with this guy. It's something we cannot vote and I'm happy it's this is Donny load dining. Eric got to respect the non. I got to make quite sure the united are the lesbian girlfriend that scared a response yes. Easy definitely dumb bird and then also you'll pretext in which you and now. Stick. It isn't he down 617 text I have a friend who says she wants to hook up with me. And sends me pictures and videos student she is engaged and she just bought her first home with her fiance and I cried when he Dylan what does she want from me I don't know that stuck textainer. OK okay and women are not texting or that you have you have freedom of choice. You know the freedom to wrist. Bond and you have the freedom to not respond to exercise the freedom to not respond you have to you have to you have to respect affected if you wanna go there and get some more you could get shot of that order and I ask you a plethora or whatever. And things here's a 774. Attacks when my wife and I get together with friends. She likes to talk about all of her sexual experiences in the past some. But our sexual relationship. Seems limited to me when compared to what she used to do lose. Should I just look past this. Nation bill like where did you get it down and all that stuff he told the right now about last night how could we ever do that I seriously ask her that night I didn't you know. No I'm not mad money but you know you keep bringing up Wallace doesn't think the may be fun if we tried that Richard getting cancer that. Imation dislocated have sunk and on her hand and announced that it is an injury. I've been married for twelve years and we've been this is 617 Texas we go inside the warped female brain and we've been pretty happy. We generally have divided up the duties at the house and my wife would generally focus. On the laundry and clean house. Last week out of the blues she suddenly just stopped doing my laundry and didn't say anything to me about it what is going on. Maybe this had a bad week captain high expectations. And Jeanette is an industry cannot be like do you need anything. Maybe you should just passive aggressively not clean the bathroom. Or whatever your tour is and see if she notices don't hold the line why do women not say things about because we expect you to know because we had the thing is. We may not say it in that instance when we don't do that particular load of laundry. But we've said it. In many different ways before. I'm giving you many different looks. And we like hey honey Bernie. XYZ hi honey XYZ and Daniel tea but how about XYZ. Yeah not catch magazine and then she's like XYZ and done I'm not getting it clean underwear and I'm about it. As a source of Fischler. They'd be do whatever they want and them when the woman gets upstart like. What you are upset war by the way text and acts that I haven't been wind in six years text me. Every year on my birthday why is she doing that she's. Anglican birthday I let my next big things you want to get back together I think she's just ain't happy birthday. And now. Let's see this is Angela on the framing him forward studio live what's up Angela. And it doesn't thank you don't look at me now I just wanna say if you. Indonesia upon it to anybody else curiosity is gonna kill the cannot only the most definitely it's like windows box what you open that you can't shut it. OK had a threesome and enduring great. I'll let you know so the twins on lowered bad everybody on the planet pandora's box is dollars opener now here's a good question this is a forty something guy who's divorced yeah and dating a lot. And I'm. And juice bar he's older so he's currently he's he's still talking to invading. Three to four women simultaneously. Extremist championed social media all of them are potentially. Relationship worthy should you ever tell a woman that you're dating multiples. At the same time he wants now. Op frankly no because the chance that the chicks are all gonna stick around is very slim. I would just pick one and try to focus on the imminent spreading germs around. But. Cole with the finding out the year dating other checks whether you'd tell them or find out on their own just know that if you don't tell them and they find out. There will be more severe repercussions it's gonna be much more. Why does a woman that I used to hook up with keep hitting me up and telling me that she's miserable in the relationship that she's in right now. Is it great sex and she wants some. Let it. I mean issue miserable in the relationship early ms. Roland that you just feel like a high cant stand my boyfriend slash husband slash whatever it is endemic part of that you get rid of the boyfriend slash husband or whatever relation if there's an energy guy and everything TV there and pray. Accounts are mixed together at somebody's pain in the insurance for this thing get the thing a wedding. Trip what kind Rahal Christmas is like three weeks. We can't do that so she just wants luncheon make us feel better and sexy. My girlfriend of two years recently lost her job. I gave her 2000 dollars so she wouldn't fall behind on her bills. And all I got was attacks saying that I'm awesome fully expecting group sex and Anna yeah sound fair but that's do you expect them. Gas sorry I mean it was very generous and nice and you definitely should. Little more than attacks that honest and that the gun violence sounds like some little ungrateful 617 tax have been married for twenty years and the past five years. The sex is completely gone from our marriage no birthday sex known anniversary sex qualities that plus and greens. I get it when I asked for it but it's too much of a pain to beg for all the time what's going on here you've been married for Tony Harris and that we need you really don't do it any better than that it was a hard. I mean not that I could lose some weight go to the gym and you know it happens sometimes people like after that much time your great together and you love each other but that that element is just put. Debbie you shouldn't want that slide. Yeah H and not have sex. Don't let it slide don't sorrow. You know have a nice life and don't murdered girl hammered big board conversations. It was implied Entergy announced another let's make a little program heralds of some action program and a while stretching or thirteen you know sure you charge. You know who knows what bear situation is read here Monday afternoon and have a new owners you know what's what's a little bit. 617 text 39 year old guy here I have been dating a 23. Year old for the last four months and on Friday. We both said that we love each other phone won't. Since then. She hasn't talked to me once I haven't heard anything not even a text message what is going on here. He did you like check with people and make sure she didn't die. Like second issue track as he kidnapped as she go to prison if any of those options have been ruled out and and maybe it'll free delegate thing. Speaking of speaking of that at 905. This morning we're gonna discuss. The news today about what researchers have learned. About gen Z and millennial salute when it comes to how you communicate. And why. It could be the downfall. Of humanity nevermind the robot uprising but wolf if you are gen Z. Or your millennial gap and make sure you're listening in 905. For that this is this is John hello John. Good morning everyone what's up John. Excitement in a text ask about the multiple partners and it should be honest and all that. Personally I was divorced two years ago and I wasn't actually there was multiple people. I was honestly more about it and they actually appreciate it back honest about it. Really. Yes one in three million women now and yet I wanted to make all you know honesty integrators and value that most chicks it is going to be like. Can you maybe you play outlets and you're not really that they rent the cap girl last name. And like we're sitting there in like chat making me it's beautiful cocktail all of a sudden neat telling need dating Rihanna arraignment. And even at that. Did you back up I get tested now back up and that he finally grants. I am okay where been dating for awhile why is it that the few girls that have said oh my god you are such a catch power use single. Are always the one that end up ghosting on me or submarine on me guarantee that happens within the first two to three weeks of said dating period and then at that point. You start to get to know people better and they realize you know I have some corks and I actually don't like you as much as I thought as. You're kind of a weird Al and I said I'm not gonna talk to the aren't ever again. You're makes noise honeymoon period Guidant president. Are you the best thing ever she's great she's wonderfully attacks in everyday and you hang out a couple of times and it's like. You put your team and Hilton have been in the same block and chilling honestly. What's gone on there. So why except waving it may. Used my toothbrush. I met a girl. Here's a 978 text and met a girl when she had a boyfriend and we started talking all day every day almost instantly. She recently broke up with him how long do I wait to ask her out powerless the other thing. Does the sale of say that the guy. But she had with him and I'm. Ask out now does know that if there was a link the relationship she minute cooling off period your problem in your rebounds and they want us let her sleep with a couple guys first union it is their. Ex girlfriend and married 71 text. Ex girlfriend is married. And talks would meet through snap chat only we are not friends on any other social media why. Is she doesn't want. And to find out the she's talking until we got some two Geithner has Texas who. Nun who who yeah yeah I am not tech at an age thing because I find it on people in their twenties. Treat snapped jet like. It's texting not for any nefarious purpose because it disappears but that just because they're used using that platform science and asking someone for their number than that all what's your snapped and that's how they communicate though I I think also varies by age but. If it's just one of those exclusive you're not friends anywhere in used to be together it sounds. B takes its artists. I hazard yesterday he's probably good rapper but can afford to buy a house and sanctions into Arizona health supported by bows. The Sox and a rapper who visit to looking back it up please the 24 or zero taxed worse was 240. I've been married for eleven years. Sometimes Meehan my buddies share porn through text messages can Maryland my wife has a that's Maryland hello Maryland thank you for listening my wife has seen it twice. And each time she thinks I'm Cheney. Why. Is it that's not it's not like a normal Hydro dude thing to doodle like drew and there's a lot of there's a lot of guys have sent that have like group text messages from Arnie and an appropriate gifts and pull aren't so I. It wits certain women are just wired to think that. Know that it if anything sexual as being sent. It doesn't she see that it's it's it's all dudes named Miller both direct your call that put the thing college. It's even name any name college students might do it's. Mine now girlfriend cheated on her acts with me. And we are day weather and idiot and we are. Moving. In together. Now I think what happened was he saying that. Does he wants to know if if he should be worried that she's gonna do it to him so yes. I think what Wendy's yes those is she gonna do it to him as she did to the acts and she is you were the other guy yeah. Aaron well now she's gonna have another she's now other guys you know you'll be now you're a guy so you're saying once a cheater always a cheater cheater most likely cheater again you cheat the easier it gets all it takes is a firm in a very cashew cheese. Dudley wonderful Jericho you're saying we're so. First Sony do anything nearly get a psych yourself up like you think you over think the crap out of it and they cheat and summing it up the right I feel bad but I'm over it and then the more people do it. And he did the easier it gets the better they get addict but eventually the sloppy and yet. None what's the lot sentences. We're that tax now I live with my buddy and his girlfriend they constantly fight and say how they want and it and I feel like they wanted to take a side. I'm friends of both of them but I'm thinking. Bros before rose applies here what way do Indonesia in your apartment yeah that's outlets and snapped a nightmare when you are losing or with the couple yeah that's going to be and I never would never ever ever ever ever do that. All right Daniel argued is inside the warped female brain this week.