Inside the Warped Female Brain – Landscaping

Thursday, August 16th

Having trouble understanding the females in your life let Danielle help as she answers all your questions on Inside the Warped Female Brain. Today a husband is upset that his wife has just stopped landscaping (but it’s not the front lawn)

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Did Hill Man Morning Show on demand. College. And yes. She asked. This. And now and then it's only natural front eliminated girls join us a man ever going to stop going to institute. I don't understand this week peer inside another got to work one on ones and while. The simple mail mine worker we're happy to examine a great time. Rounds. Monday and it just being listened to. The guns there big guy. That was yesterday from the NBA I was out of public service message about smoking pot that weren't outline. Now we're going ball we're going inside the war female brain. Knots as Mike Hsu indicated. By playing the run into of the inside. Symbol not mine we do that on Monday. Here's a 617 tax if your guy or if you're a woman. And you find the way the female mind works to be confusing and crazy. You can text question right now did Danielle and you'll allow you a rare glimpse inside. That worked you know break. Here's a 617 tax I recently discovered. That my girlfriend of six months has been keeping a list of baby names. Okay we've never talked about having children or not. Married and I feel like this is a little bit weird and mean be creepy to relax to all women do this many women do they do yeah I have a listening stallions can't you can't really. If you think stuff and it really all we know I really like that name if it's not something you hear often you forget it I'll does that name I really liked. Just jotted down firm from amateur in what's on your list I'm not telling you know handling of the squirrel. So many slots at all I need your help. It is a completely different about it but a wanna create a LB. Related photo collage based on its obvious that a squirrel picture that was in the news yesterday I yell and yeah I. Don't talk. I saw the com women do people with a big names and it doesn't mean that they're trying to knock doppler time they did they. I don't believe. She is slowly then I would be worried about her attorney get knocked out. And then overly concerned about it here's a 774 text. Why do women. Particularly. A younger women in their twenties. Go on an app like hinder. And then get mad. If I asked them if they're down for a hookah is influencing the course. Not really. They're just trying to act man race and they probably will look up and direct about it yeah. The thing is you have this this'll subset of people who believe that hinders it dating not. Then again it they're treating me your fear and and good for you for the rest video hookup. Is in the minds of any tax on the 26 year old god what is the best way to get out of the friends down yet do it it's possible answer in different government out kick out of. It's it's a very rare. Very rare like it's also a genetic mutation if you successfully got out of the friends on the best way new temporarily even in fifth. You are able to start seeing someone else is once the attention it's taken off the the friends own person. Who's putting you in the friend zone they get insanely jealous like. He smelled of tension to me how we don't care what's going on in my life where she texted yeah where are you of energy going mutual friend shopping with me what's happening and then you be doing you'll be like oh my god this is great. She's finally Antony. And in the sec he dropped the other chick. Gonzo is the friend zone from there from the warped female mind perspective. Is this somebody immediately. Placed into that or is that something that develops. Over time like do you guys meet a guy and thank. Like men do well this could be a possible person and I'm gonna you know be with a cup or whatever. And then or is it what don't really know right not kill him right away do you know right away the most straightaway and that's going to be friends only. If you like somebody as a friend. But the yellow that there is used to do you not attracted to his knowledge they don't have enough money thing they don't have first anomalous yeah I mean. Any of that stuff you put it right in the friend zone and it's usually someone that's you know and it's always they always get that pitting like. Here's me thing like bush. Find it really need answers to kindness shots like you know it's like Hubble meet Sheila matter I don't mean you're not really my type no offense. And I think drugs are for batters he got married viewed in advance with the girl. Add alcohol to the situation and everything yeah. How well yes you know because everybody loses their inhibitions when you have a couple Jack tells her she still lives so my cube. Then you know earlier completely done. And I. That's the idea to go for six to seven years after buying the house she wanted. She decided to take off and go see what life is like without me. Five months later she showed up unannounced at one of my jobs and then at our old house a week later. Only to say that she's happier without me and doesn't love me why would she do that. On or what goes off class that's possible. Yeah right it sounds like. I don't know it sounds like maybe that was developing for for what comes. I treated very well yeah yeah I think maybe years year old little blind to what was going on their way boxing career what it should come back just to rub if this thing after you do need to know oh really need to know. Some inflation is trying to convince herself. It. Here's a woman who wants to go inside the warped female. I'm a female who has a female coworker. That I hang out with. Frequently and I have met my coworkers husband. And apparently. The co worker's husband. Is always making comments about mean and the female coworker hooking up. Or taking pictures together etc. Why is my female coworker tell me that he is saying these things fission bid suspicion she extranet scope out of here if you're in yeah. Is it you if you block and it's like well. That's crazy (%expletive) right now I hit it down over the top sometimes but then if you like real. That's the kind of interest things like really and then wouldn't. Let's see 39 year old this is a good luck with this 1781. Taxed at thirty. Oh well no that's that's simple mail minds I'm sorry that's my fault. Wanna go do what do anyway. I guess that applies to both sexes 39 year old woman here I'd like to an all time over reacting. But I am very upset and very hurt after catching my boyfriend. One and a half years. Pleasure in himself even though I am super sexual and willing to pleasure at any time. People answer me. That's it at all yeah. I never I mean if you get a sex. Then I understand you're being upset that someone is taking care of themselves that if if you're having so sometimes it's just more efficient. You've got regularly use it the equipment you know how to use it when you try to throw someone behind the trial later that hasn't had proper training there's a risk of injury and it takes. All of a lot longer than. 774 text from a woman I have a friend who is overly flirty with my boyfriend. She's usually god she's usually the third wheel because her boyfriend sucks and should I bring this up to her. Or try to stop hanging out with her when my boyfriend. She doesn't like it it'll it'll. I think it is so embarrassed and hopefully it stopped at nothing close that she's there really liked it. A necessary thing. And the women get flirtatious with their friends doesn't seem like a friend thing to do like you guys are so. Evil to reach. Her sleep at different points and what I thought but with her boyfriend sucks. It. It's like you know I think every time around to tell you that I don't need and it is in their refiners such. Rate testes like I. I. If they go to we have paused briefly for this. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to. All right coach at this hour is PIG like tell that to stay away from your boyfriend. This tax that. Text that Colbert the 78. Mile and a and you'll be entered for the chance to win 1000 dollars cash text the code word pegged at 72881. Messaging data rates apply an Iowa out. Bjorn tax code word coming up. 9978. Taxes we go inside the work female brain. What's the best way to talk to my girl about her grooming habits. We've been together for awhile and she has decided. Not to landscape as much as she used to. I find it to be eight off. But gently this is kind of like. When you want to tell your girl she needs to start working out there's no real easy way to get in it grooming his personal preference im sure you she she appreciates when you. Keep the base of the tree mulch nicely. Until the Wii's virtual tie that said. To Sam. Trying to make it a little sexy may be made junior in the throes of passion. You could now feel like you know you should go back to doing. Changing slash whacks and slashing her I really enjoyed when he did that you know it didn't do for me again. 42 year old male here recently. A couple of thirty year old by females. Who I only know socially. Have been dragging me back to their home for drinks and they wondered balls nothing sexual yet. But I'm wondering what is going on here. Cell. Are you assuming something's gonna happen because it's too by females and they just think that for whatever could've just media like two friends that are out that in draining it. Internationally it is a far different than a semi your veteran instructor wandered not gonna have to endure our enough I'd recommend that quiet night. Don't kill this man's hope. Writes a patsy us now just the army is somebody asks a separate talks are tolerant and drop your wandering. They sit there pretend you don't exist there and you you know I would go back for character notes. Here's a text from a 22 year old guy. My good friend who's a woman is someone I view is a really good friend. On some nights after a few brews. I've kissed her and it started to get hot and heavy before I stopped myself through now every time we hang out. She wants to get into my pants what is going through her mind F. That TV baby sounds they hear is the front of benefit during the mountain doesn't know hopefully nobody catches feelings like Kiki and via different. My wife thinks oh sorry ninths of any text as we go inside the warped female brain with some help from Daniel. My wife says that she thinks her best female friend has a crush on me. I know they've had some fun in the past. Is this situation a possibility. I think maybe you'd 3%. Again like the guy with the by females at Temecula penalty turn it. I'm good for you if it happens. Offered bring it up you know my wonderful little wink wink and and she does but. And and and maybe she's just saying matter of factly that is Tony every people's. Phones and facial expressions that she's saying and kind of like Macaulay air to it than maybe she started turning drag her friend into three Q but if she just feel like. My god she has. Think your brain I wouldn't win and we would you go there Julia eleven start pop in the C Alice. But but it did it in don't they say they're someone. It's attracted few touches you couldn't. Or like you know reaches out and grabs your doctor he's an armor. That dining on Saturdays through them now that I'll take that they got out in threes. Are there a lot of data is now today interests so a lot of us guys sent Sealy though in general. And you know and when you start hearing like handle that you even touching it. It's not appointment my wife of nine years was nagging me about something recently and I wasn't listening. When I saw her later that day she said don't forget what we talked about. Should I just flat out asked what it was and deal with it or should I try to beat around the bush to find out what the 480. In remember that paid the. Just dirty the raid broke so whatever you think is gonna be passive happen we through this and if it were me I would just. If chief if you try to do to beat around the bush met that she figures that out. I feel like that's going to be worse back up the man Billy you know like I'm sorry wasn't listening to bringing gifts when you have this conversation. On and say what what exactly did you need me to know what. You glean how do you spell all the thing that you want to me a little laundry here's the 781. Tax. Why do women hate on me for playing softball. As you go out and you get hammered with your idiot friends you come home estimates. Three hours later than let's say you're going to do next thing you know you're out at some sushi bar having Mike Tyson you shut your phone on off. And you know like our brand gave. Fair game around guerrilla LA then how to drive Jim hum and then McCain lost his skis. A certain Perry get your three kids to graduate in three days a week is quite soft soft so I don't have to take care beaten us at you know this is. He's the one thing they'll ask you for dissent within the football draft pistol league if nobody had its plan how to seat there are good players are important. Here's a finally tax. I am wondering what percentage. Of girls that are very forty. RDT yeah. I have a lot of friends that are women and more than half of them are very flirty. Would err on the side of caution my friend and I am going twelve to 15% annually yet. So there are women that are very flirty but they're not the idea. It is flirt ETF that next level maybe next DT at any and say they're DT but when it comes to the actual. F they're not DT. Yeah I think that you know that the women want to be told the beautiful as a horse we do shower me with compliments are no such right. Well that's pretty good stuff yes thank you dig out and people think you 01 more here. Animal get home now I'm a female and have a question regarding my mom didn't turn my dad are looking to move south. And they have wanted to do this for a long time now. But recently when we were just hanging out. Me and her. She was making comments about how she isn't sure if she can deal with being alone with my gap. What to ice they'd heard reassure make her feel better or what is going on inner. Once they once they move that she could you know supply find some friends and maybe should pick up a new hobby do something that she enjoys and she wouldn't be. You know stuck with your dad the whole time I think that's. For people who love a busy family life in a busy household or Hitler is coming going. The fond of being one I want along with someone all the time is terrifying beaten so I would disagree server that like you know what you guys want to do this for a long time yeah I he might driving nuts for a little while but. Get out there and go do something more to the salad bar journal softball league hit. It breaks just draw on an aborted shoe that Google. Real quick 11978 text thirty year old thirty year old guy. Finally got to hang out would they smoked that I've known for ten years. And I purposely didn't make a move to make sure that the line of comfort wasn't cross. Now. I haven't heard back from her in a week that I make a horrible mistake and I missed my chance. If you're looking to have sex once may be feeling candidate are probably not retreat back and casually and McCain ticket and locals while. So don't be passed about it to be written and she wanted him to make a move I mean it's so hard to honestly he hit it you have to be. This to its retail yet he had you have to come out well you'd just you'd just don't know. You don't know it and you know unfortunately in northern Los serious incidents obviously but then there's this big gray area and all that stuff that has made courtship and showing your interest to someone almost reportedly keep key you just you're terrified to do it you articulate her she accused me of something I price shocks pretty looked AM. I might end up online against him Graham audiences she's accusing me is something we just got a list yeah exactly and life my friend's wife finally text I lie keep lying about having children. My friend's wife. Is constantly talking about how fat she is we can't hang out whether. Without her bringing it up three or four times why. The defense mechanism you wanna say the thing that you think people think about you before they have a chance to say Celek if you have a pimple. He wanted to acknowledge him like yeah I'm. If you Feeley had a weight problem you're probably pretty insecure that I mean it's something I've always done in the shop you know my apps in a text messages they get a decent Cilic studying at. That picture. It's a defense mechanism I wouldn't read too far into it just displays over. They're not the donor. 35 year old male here I recently. Recently a 46 year old female coworker. Found out that dynamic combat veteran. And she is asked me to teller some of my stories from my time over there when I Astor why. She said because it's a turn on is this a thing. Or does she have some sort of underlying agenda and and remember they worked together based on your previously. You. There could be a legitimate element to turn around there I think it's you know it's simply you know calm them. Who. Tell me what happened in the trenches again I will. You know you think you've GC six tax returns. So that a plague sounds like you'll earn a date but literary and yeah. Maybe she's got a weird fetish thing I don't know maybe she likes. You know party parts that are not that I think I federal and comfortable there. Let's. And even that time your mom pigeon in Boston since you cross country hoping. Fortunately campaign had children with no clothes and wallet. When LB meets a woman and she wants to hear stories is a problem because she's already heard them 75 times on this show. He can't teller and there's no news or be good at the old everybody.