Inside the Warped Female Brain - "It's Taco Tuesday!"

Wednesday, May 16th

Danielle helps our listeners out by letting them inside the warped female brain! This week, a texter wonders why a woman keeps sending him "It's Taco Tuesday"!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. College I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when it's supposed to be honest cause change I'm. I'm not gonna be you know it's time to go inside the warped female brain. All right. When it comes. To relationship problems. We don't want. Used to go a week without getting some advice from Nancy Nolan also. We're gonna go inside the war female brain today instead of tomorrow. Because Danielle is off after the Saturday to fulfill her lifelong dream of seeing Kenny log and perform. And a public yet in Florida itself right now I think an inning I've seen him perform in private. It. If you're a man and you're confused by the way the mind of the female works. Then you can tax any and all questions right now who's 9717. And Daniel answer from inside that work female brain. And you'll be back on Monday night correct on the you'll be here for perhaps the most highly anticipated guests. When it comes to yours truly and one time on the show. I believe we are in 95%. Confirmed that we will be joined on Monday show. By DJ Lue oh who is the the eminent port ninety streamer. In the United States of America and I cannot tweaked. So tips from DJ Lugo on Monday so Hill Man Morning Show why here's a 781 texts. My wife. Two years now alive. Likes to air our dirty relationship laundry to any one who. Listen that bars. Why. She just wants validation that your being in a home so she can throw in your face and she's let you know I you know I pride got to people who don't even know last our situation and even they agreed with me the U we're just being ridiculous and I did. I hate when people do this moon and it's frustrating enough when people aired out to their close friends at C Dolores and I'll tell anybody that listens to make sure looked like it Dick. No matter what you can't win in your always position to be injured right so sorry that she's doing on how does have a track of their reckless. Into real channel. 978 tax I went on a date with a woman on Friday we had an awesome time we texted over the weekend but Sunday my I message. Never said delivered. Why would she blocked me on Monday I texted her again. And we talked as if nothing happens I don't think the message ever uttered her and if you don't think he was blocked if you want someone I message still shows delivered and I've found. Yeah hours every six. Courts and. Big Apple is the third. If he if it's going iPhone to android and you try to send a message to someone with a meandered from an iPhone you'll get the little message not delivered exclamation point to their occupants at the fellow iPhone user blocks you. It will still say deliverance on guessing. For whatever reason sometimes messages just don't get through an never show delivered. Because I've had that having many times in text messages and then. The personal text mean I'm elected when she responds my last text that never gets you and I'll say I never got it thing. You send a screen shot like that never came there's a sometimes just get hung up in the matrix. Apparently this person is. Commenting on the airing of the dirty public. The dirty laundry in public. And there girlfriend shares it all over FaceBook. Are wondering why somebody would do it okay it again at the Iowa high tide is it I want attention I want is the thing I want attention Alan. People tell me how great I am and what a jerk he is and what I she yes. I just cleaned up my FaceBook angered a lot people and I just don't really associate with very closely anymore. And three of these people that I that I have no longer than any dollars he quit or just chronic. Passive aggressive FaceBook beechy like it it's like it it's why FaceBook sucks yeah they all they do was complain. About their significant other and idyllic White House so you're never gonna believe what this one did today and I'm like no on that followed delete dot. 50 wait tax. Why are there are some women. Who are so into wearing dirty laundry day and some are totally put off by. For wind. Sorry what was the first part wire some women. In two wearing lingerie and some marked preference wire you into wearing a boxes vs brings her dirty to some people are awesome out of some people art I think luxuries a pointless this. I'm a frail but that's just me. With that is that. It's at the time is so elaborate in town and it's at Andres for her not for him. Why does my best friend's girl longtime girlfriend send me self be snapped chats that only last a few seconds. But she sends them every other day she probably. Taking you on a final long list of people is her name Rosie. This you probably descends into budget people like it would mean you have and be on the coach I don't know that she's. What do you think of these Apple's about it he's hoping Brayton and meanwhile she sent it out to everyone in her aunt and. Why does my ex we've sorry 774 text what is my ex wife. Insist. On me meeting her new boyfriend. Is it because mine new girlfriend is spot yes. According. To how well undoing and a camera that person is my person. Than a my fiance and I have decided. That we need to separate for awhile. Or should I say she's decided. She says that if we were to get married she wants to be able to give me all of her. So apparently now she is going to be giving part of heard somebody else yet you correct the issue of giving a few parts of your odds of an OK before it does that mean that's really kind of an unfair thing for sale so late -- just say it's over like that it's. Locker war when women are suggesting let's answer this question get this guy. When women are suggesting that. That you separate in a relationship what does that mean. That means I wanna go sleep with someone else that you can't say that anybody else that that's what I would Eagles date someone else and find out like a crash the plane a couple of times. Guy and a goat dates and then let's realize everyone's in Japan to meet a couple of great guys' legal feud dates that don't realize that they suck. Evidently kids and they don't want my house or whatever is and then coming back teal but I don't want you attach any other women. A here's the 978 tax oh god bless he'll ever known and here's said. There is a 978 packs I am forty something and divorced. And welcome to the club are women always turned off by a man who chased them. Or do some women really want that. All women really want that and pretend that they. It just depends on. How good looking you're in how much money in America and I think that that's fairness great beard accurately. Speaking for everyone. I eternal. I met ordinance here's an 857 taxes we go inside the wart female brain I met a woman about a month ago I'm fifty and she is 31 who. She keeps telling me she wants to go out with me but she always cancels the day before and why is that. Dozen people they cancel something better comes up. If it's going to be is it is usually something better came up like another guy. Or if here in the if you're heavy or hard court dating scene especially someone who's 31. But I think probably some wealth came. I'm married here's an eight. 60. Texts. Are married. But a good friend of mine I'd known for years is recently single room and she keeps sending me text messages that say it's taco Tuesday. And she keeps sending me taco remote genes. What is the outlook I've been dependent singled what are you again. Well I'm glad I'm. Not married I mean I don't he's my hero. But there's like sassy like that's like it here sending them in my belly that reminded you Tuesday. Please if she DTT paid. I'm the talker or I'm gonna let you know she really likes Mexicans or buy out by the way if I figured out. What our next bracket challenge is going to be yes. Appetizers. The single. The fool and out and the final or of all time appetizers. I was reminded this. As I demolished. For. Philly steak and cheese rolls at the obvious in Boston last night at our yes that's how I was will not be a good one yeah that Arizona is Danny scalp strapped and they assured I mean. I hope to classics but Danny at and yet buffalo wings Asia you've gotten them not shows it up routine and our deal although the full gamut and maybe sixteen yells out. We'll take tool will take your suggestions on our next bracket challenge tomorrow. C. You got Alan Murray. Now on you've got fried pickles and I am. Bulls. You got pretzels and beer cheese. You know when an anger Arabs view I mean honestly you have got so many opportunities when it comes to that piece what about the fried Mac and cheese bites from Cheesecake Factory right out in Oslo less hollow golf ball roll eyes and Cheesecake Factory. Go to votes are so many so many. I. Anyway. Here is a 617. Text from a woman. Who wants to go inside the war he now brings that's okay and the show absolutely there is a woman in our neighborhood. Who is constantly. Talking about how bad. Every one else's marriage is why. She's she says she's the neighborhood concept she's been busy body that she's got another you know. And I look you know that don't tell anybody insulted us but I was not correct averaging is the and that ain't she was telling me that Freddie had a problem saying on the on the day and I'm goes over the similarly house and and I'm telling him. Like I see them outside in the time commands like they have all these counties but I know they have problems. So she does is a busy body mind their humvees blacks is a look at it got us. It's I mean honestly. There's nothing worse is that have been there or what American neighborhood busy bodies first I'm not known just people. That want to talk tell you about other people. Stuff. Other delightful stuff I don't you you know what I get I get so much crap going on in my life I I don't care a right Bob. And his wife and she was toppled some of backyard in the neighborhood was over and I snapped and they had this big brawl at a time. I don't matter air you don't care that. That woman's husband is nude gardening all I and a brief asking the kids out new era in the neighborhood area here you can imagine people waste their time the neighbors across the street art you know UPS Gary stretched me and Obey his driveway from an hour and forty minutes. Myself that I don't know I can't. Yeah. Element that busy body turns the conversation at the end of the night. You know and don't Tony Blair told us and Bob's impotence but what's going on Tokyo and. Like I tell you anything now. And not take Canada. And it was a mind here's a 978. Tax. Danielle a woman that I had in hooking up with the has suggested that we continue a Friends With Benefits relationship only I think I am concerned. That it is impossible for a woman to maintain this kind of relation agers thought that was developed. All of a lot of rain and up and our lack of I am out patterns are all back I'm so great she's gonna catch failing the inevitable. So it's not stuff please not a problem can women do that I'm women can have a friends have been at it strictly FW the relationship before really. Analysts at apple adored the guy it's the timing was up there is running out but it left it wasn't as a adore the guy yeah. Just our lives didn't line up in in you know the future you know we'd very different future for your priorities we had very different ways in which we. Leave your lives in socialized got a lot of great sex is great now everything is screening at school. Meaning cool easy no. Problem was it uncomfortable he was your boss on the on the radio show you you're there. Or was it puts it but that only an account you're not gonna say anything on them. That's okay you allowed to have any luck to laugh you know wealthy. Thing. Here is. Tax. Misses a 508. Tax. I got completely. Caught off guard yesterday. With a woman that I am only friends who is it that's too comical answer. Asked me if I would ever go on a date with there. We have never. Flirted at all. Is this something that she is testing me on ward did she just realized that she likes me. Tricky could be there could be here. I think a lot of people kind of flip the switch address bar exam like Clinton finally you realized. Or I think. I don't know art could just be something that was hidden for a long time yeah it's it's tough effect. 781 tax. I am recently separated. And I keep getting hit on by women. Who are not. Good friends would my wife but they are friendly with her blue moon will it cause a problem if I take the opportunity Boettcher has spread. Hopper a filly in her so easy now while they're pregnant now why are the people who are friendly but this woman. The women were friendly with a woman interfering when there are separated. This time interference in the election little secret and I really shouldn't do this for women signed it. When you wanted to test. The guy for whatever reason you don't go with a close friend his that's too suspicious man if you acquaintances. Familiar enough with your scenario. And candid discreet enough that they can pull the sock it to be like Cheney. You know be funny. If you hit on my husband. Before anything happens to be top aide so if you're not good enough friends and it's not a stranger. She still get control of the situation and she can test him and he's not going to be that suspicious. Mean they're not. Close friends so it's a while. Maybe they just you know they don't care enough is not good enough friends there and they would try to come after me Tucker out and served. And now this one is an issue at 617. Text. As we go inside the warped female brain. And we're doing it today because the union Ellis flying off to seek Kenny Watkins. In Florida as soon as the show winds. My girlfriend. Of three years. Just told me. That she used to work for an escort service rule. I was thinking of proposing. But I don't think I can get past this. Why would she had not. Me about this previously. Miss you don't think you can get past that that she wants to make sure the. Your really love gathered at the ring on the finger it's likely to get it tells a pretty bad news about your self for your life and your history your past you wait until they're hooked in the elect. Should tell does the forehand but I used to be pucker her home. I can't tell you what to do in that scenario that's an I mean that's going to be a personal thing I think you really can sit down never real heart to heart because that's. That's a real difficult thing that's terrestrial life. I mean is that any different. Then somebody that you're dating who has been with the other guys that coming at all not at all just does a little more money. Right after rabbit in Atlanta this is gonna come up during flights it's been all all the time resort Soledad so what is our whole our it'll be the last thing says it and somebody sleeping on the locker. 781 tax why does my wife's best friends and being used it's. Just first of all won't even bring it up. It's stuff tarsala. I just enjoy men. And and always remember enjoying then delete button. Com are all that's pretty good others I don't Dulles for awhile yes that is inside the ward female brain.