Inside The Warped Female Brain - I Kissed Her Sister

Thursday, February 16th

Once again we go inside the warped female brain with Danielle! !


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We are going inside the warped female brain if you're a man. And you are confused. By the way the mind of any woman in your life works humane now text a question to be in the Al. On the WA AF techne sex line which is 97107. And she will provide you who is a rare glimpse inside. That very warts are very crazy female were 978 tax. I had a threesome Saturday with two girls that are France is Treo. Both have contacted me since. And want to get together with me alone. But both of them said I could not tell the other girls. What should I do know. What tread lightly. I says the chance that. They decide to nobody's loyalty and a situation right. So at some point one of them probably get it becomes disenchanted with you were pissed off about something or have some questions or red flag is going to be raised. And then they're gonna contact each other yeah and then when that happens the essence the fan and that's not good for anybody's. If you're going to I might just pick one. But if you're gonna be like LBB that part of bank second juggle both of these women. Be careful and you may want to cancel and delete all of your social media accounts if. That's sticking with just juggled so you can't juggle anymore and then pick the best and juggle that he can juggle any more popular a shot let's look the other way. Business here's a 774. Texts. When I met my girlfriend. She told me that she had been with the eight guys. And and then a year into the relationship she broke down one day. And said that she had been in width thirty guys and then when we were in a break. She ended up telling me she was never win thirty guys that she just said that to try to push me away. Now I don't believer I think she actually was really width thirty guys what do you think. All of them are fifty guys and I don't see why it matters since I think this is one of the most dangerous questions that you than ever. Cover in a relationship because unless there's a question of I don't know like a health issue like in a TV. Who cares. She didn't she did you do that you did your together now the present is what matters is your focus if you thought hmmm she's Psycho you guys are Georgie. Well number she said she says she should I say thirty to push you away. He should probably feels bad about it is she probably thinks of that was thirty or more god forbid she got in India like you're home or get a big that she's that you have sex up by 200 women are a matter. We learned the other day. During the Newlywed Game on Valentine's Day that women are often not necessarily honest about how many partners they have been live that's correct until they have a chance to win a prize. As though if you never heard the world and no one judge you on your pants yeah could be up front about it. Unfortunately. That is not the where did did the Wayne which people are vitally tax the girl that I had been talking to. Keeps saying that she wants to hang out. But she always Blake's she has no problem chatting with me through tax them on the phone what's the issue on breaking when it's time to go out. Because the X isn't no pressure thing right. You can talk to somebody by attacks than on FaceBook message. An immaculate gracing the playing well now here not this person so much when you meet in person and hang out. There's a whole other level of pressure because. The voice that's normally coming through a text messages now coming out of my mouth that's attached to a body. And there's a sound to it and there's an attitude behind it and just a whole different things that either she just as. Really actually get them much or maybe she's nervous to take it to the next or she's Xia as a boyfriend measures are really true that your 77 port taxed as we go inside the work female brain. I had sex with a one of my coworkers and and now. Have been talking to one of her close friends from work who is also my coworker and you're an idiot I told the one that I had sex with the about it today yeah. And asked if she wanted to be the one that teller or she wanted me to teller. She said that she would what are my chances. That the one I started talking to doesn't care or in my completely screw your. Completely eastern because you've relinquished control of the situation and you had BK yeah also gave up the big token. Because you could have gone to the other one and then like paid by the way Sheila. From HR and I had sex before it didn't turn to a thing that just that one Juno we've been together so there is no link work hostility. Is our charity and she knows she probably already knows anyway it's when he yak in the workplace that's what we dale. You also get the badge of honor at C. I was upfront with you from the calendar here that. You have given the other woman control you have no idea how she's Hispanic she can be like I had my way you know. We hooked up and I just want to let you know that she's not gonna go up to her friend and be like. You know he told me that it was OK if I told you she's gonna completely take the reins in situation and. Probably throw some nasty stuff to the Bible text which is a weird one my girlfriend. Wants me to wake her up. By initiating sex was there while she is asleep again but every time I try it I feel like I'm essentially draping her right. Should I go through it and do while she's in her sleep. So she can wake up to. That's why she's not like dragon an important that she once you do that so I guess that's that's what she wants as its signing a waiver not romantic. He you know yeah you gotta get get your video evidence that is where technology all their tournament and if she snoring gets that might not be turn on and it is a roller over there here is 617 tax my girlfriend of eight years. Has started to send me direct messages of BBs and engagement rings. How much time do I actually have you have minus four years. Eight years mine accident off the pot I. Yeah and really that's now is that the problem. Yeah hairy ears you know whether or not you're getting married have kids some. Really. Speaking of numbers this is a 978. Text what number is who hide. To honestly tell again now this person literally use the word gets around that depend on Larry always is an older principled it's an older guy. I was weird one woman for 27 years but now I'm divorced. And the number is twenty plus asking knocking it down I guess he wants and whether he should be honest with the new gal I wouldn't let her know that he slept with like 47 women in the last six months so what would you see what would you do if you lie about it he should liner and a and a life and an Anemia. Gorgeous don't talk about it. Yeah K iron right after our last thing I wanna ask you do these gays as how many women have you slept and especially if I'd known him furlough while. I do not need any information. Thank you and the other thing about that. I wanna civet cat if you birdie slept with the new Gallup if it doesn't matter right now there's a relevant and I still don't know if they're not enough back. There is 774. Attacks. There is a cute sweet girl lives behind me I went to high school whether her brother is my friend. Would it be creepy. If I left flowers for her. And posted it and she posted something. Commenting. Asking whether it was me or would it be acute mystery secret admirer type thing also I guess he wants to leave mystery flowers for via. Do if you women find that kind of thing creepy guesses what exams and they do I don't think it'll be adorable when it's somebody who is my admired must be flowers I think it was. Nothing I was like you know. Weird an attractive again down there and superficial. And I don't I noticed that still is grind me. Left you a Valentine in our office the other day was that okay you'll visit my day okay is this is your neck. That's cool until you reveal that you and ago. I'll. Well three. Hello I'm with and I'm down in history well at least you in the the flyers well our through the card in name on. 50 wait tax. Me and my best friend were hooking up. And after awhile she caught feelings. So I made a move to end the relationship. And now she's being a slot. Why. She. Hates you when you broke her heart. M and he did the worst thing ever you broke that you broke the friendship there hair we take it. He sent it's so rare that you can have a good male female friendship. Neat take it to the sex level you have to know your risking losing the French. Won't listen to this one. 781 text. My new Tinder friend. Has a great bod. She's lots of fine. But she does this weird thing where her face is ten times darker than their customer yes how to wipe teller to cool it with the cake face. I mean he's a kiss me even now some women aren't the kind touring the highlighting the makeup artistry the hook in the making the foundation but it's just he got. The key is he just getting to write down your neck and. And tumbling out of it now. There's nothing worse American government bureau of where is the economy company and you get east or get into a session your kids. Canada and and they get all of your Ramallah headquarters movies Oakley. Blank and you hooking up with Tammy Faye baker right I'm like yeah there are a lot of the girls they used that unaware of that power order is to keep everything yeah. In place in Japan yeah. That is just pushing for artistic. Are you dating women from the middle wages and I I don't agree to any of the French princess what is when he something that would in the north and you know I was last week and just too much makeup yeah. Yes that's a weird. Let's see. I told my girlfriends at 978 tax told my girlfriend we are friends at the time three years ago that I had sex so by best friend's mother. She didn't care than an hour dating. And she is holding it against me why would she hold that against me now. When she wasn't it wasn't an issue before. And she says that IQO I feel like I can't have my best friend around her because if she's drinking she's going to tell him that I had sex. His mother first of all shame on you for telling and that inflation in the first place. That when you're friends it didn't matter because. It wasn't a thing you're her boyfriend and it was like how I do and I completed sex Netanyahu John's mother and that's ridiculous now your boyfriend you know I it's like really. You have sex with his mother. But it could go visit the wrong with you a bit and it reflects poorly on the table I guess it does generate a bit of 978 text my ex and I were on fire. All over each other like wild animals for three months. And then her ex asked me if we had been hooking up and I told them that we had the next day she dumped me and got back together whether acts why. She was and he was never her act. Or she was using year rule to get him back at him Barry Allen Orleans yeah. And you are the unwitting victim in this thing you are yeah. Three to great yes Paris the bonus you know sometimes he just can't get that. Speaking of that. You see the news today. That Harvard University. Has passed a rule. That professors can no longer have sex with student I don't have a great affect me. That's a Isaac and little waves luckily it on that when the latest generation is that they're going on for a long time to be you know your time care to light is that like a fantasy thing for women is that sex is there. They're college professor and a friend dude who was looking out for very long time with one of her professors yeah ability to probably listening right now listening right now. That you get great grades out of it or I don't remember if she really turned out to be it usually did so we don't like him by his. Oh yeah I know we don't like it examined and that is Virginia earlier to announce not not them that's not a standard rule what college colleges I guess that's right now I'm not against not a campus everybody's adults. Yeah and you can get people are adults right. But then. All right. I'm going out of date with an older woman can you please ask Mike shootouts with the a little woman's dentures. During the answer is yes poly gentlemen the last innate standard France and I want more here and I as we go inside the war female brain. This is is a tough one and I guess kind of a sad one vitally text my wife slept with another guy. She told me about it. And she says that she made a mistake and she really loves me how can I be sure. That she really means it now. You can't every shortest is saying that she can't be sure about you and it's it's complicated thing and be very easy Billick screw each he'd walk away whether it's the man or the woman that it I think that if you love each other and you have a lengthy relationship there are some things that you need to try to work through even though it sucks again is people say we know everything that provides a dump them I wouldn't you know your married. It's a commitment especially if kids involved. On not the greatest thing and it sucks and it's going to be really hard but if you love each other you know seeing just in the trust factor is going to be real problem on time yet and that bank. You know lied one more because there really don't have. 617 text. I recently made out when my girlfriend's. Sister. We were extremely drunk and I regret it. Do I tell my girlfriend her sister has promised to me. That she will keep it quiet yet you're here on on the phone I have no idea because there's no guarantee. That the censor is that she might keep quite for awhile until you do something and in the sisters trying to she's like. Asia it doesn't cam Michael Graham I mean like that's and he and I meet at. All means she will probably wanna avoid. Any kind of a problem with their own system she'll probably keep it quiet while he kissed her sister works if you were hammered what theater we know don't even a little clearly don't have the vagina I bet you I'm it's a problem first of all. Fidelity he struggled tells tells his girlfriend. If decision tonight that's a went yeah that's great thanks and we haven't we were hammered it knew more having your mom's birthday partner remember we're sort of an email at my wedding. And then he's given this broadcaster.