Inside The Simple Male Mind - Work Advice From An Ex

Monday, December 5th

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lyndon Byers to help you ladies deal with problems the men in your life are causing! This week, we hear from a female who wonders why her boyfriend is recieving "work advice" from an ex!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right LB are you ready to go inside the civil Lil mind yes all right let me geez this is for you ladies. If you are confused by the way in which the very basic simple mail mine works CU may now. Text your questions. To the WA AF protect needs tax line which is 97107. 971. Of seven. 617 taxed I've been seeing my boyfriend for a long time all is good we both feel very strongly about each other however. His ex girlfriend continues to call and tax them for quotes work advice please quote. I've asked them to please stop texting where he doesn't want to why we not stop if it is bothering me. Because he's being dead and the deck. I mean who wouldn't stop if it was bothering you know even those just work advice of hash tag board or goodies and work advice she's trying to stay in his life course you can take your advice of somebody else yeah right. You know you have your heavily tour and other work people you can take advice from then you can take advice from new gasket nicely. After the door was in this 19 tonight text my boyfriend and I met on FaceBook through mutual friends before long we began dating in overtime he met my family in France. He's a little older than me but only by a few years he went to school my two older sisters. But claim that he did not know them very well but now I still lived with my parents but but my sisters both live out of state when their families. When I just recently spoke with a one of my older sisters and told him who I was dating. I was shocked to learn that not only anti dated one of my sisters years ago but he had also had a drunken threesome with my older sister and her best. Ran a year or two before that might dry spell on why would and he told me that and is it possible that he's using me. So that he can say that he is big and we're all of the girls in my family and having a baby unless. I'm up like that and cheese slices is it that. But it is that you didn't tell it because he wants to knock down the family and if you told you wouldn't do them zone of the guys in the guys didn't listen he went hunting any school ordered tightened and so he's got an odor you gotta zone this season is going for the triple India and it wants on his sister's that you better you better on. 603 text. My boyfriend would like to share me form my pleasure it turns me on but is it creepy. And we and I creamy very happy to examine. 781 taxed. A bit on my boyfriend for four years we can only have sex once a week due to opposite shifts life INS they're on opposite shifts. I've got to sexting other women three different times yet is it time to end this or should not be concerned. No I'd like we're dieters over there shaken it yet it's definitely. She's not saying anybody here asks in here saying yeah he did much and I can't be certain you know who once sexting meaning. Now I don't you know. One time yeah area and whatnot it's a habit it's not it's not a mr. Taylor's and enough wood to sixteen did you start watching some pork that is called for an all time record crowd yeah exactly whatsoever normal relations at 32 clips that architect and you know a 100%. Should I stay with the fiance was also the father of my one year old after finding out that he was stealing from me I don't know that's nasty. Stealing it and get out of dodge. A week and it. Yeah he's never gonna change and that scenario what could be someone out there and stealing your money I've got to believe he doesn't give dudes aboard. What should I do if my boyfriend what should I do with my boyfriend got immune to snap jab of his ex girlfriend but he doesn't know that I now. Don't sweat the small stuff it's just a nude. Now you know I mean it's just a news yeah. Or did he save it somewhere is there outgoing text and presentation I think one incoming snack and company that cannot be inclusive. Detective to the detective mark and I'll look at the other yeah around our area that. DelHomme little homework. My boyfriend 774 text my boyfriend she's coming with another girl. Should I stay with them he claims he still loves me but it was a mistake and I still love him should I stay with a and if you wanna stay in and trying to work it out you know good trio. You know might be just a one time thing by. In my experience. You'll never get over. She's never gonna you know and that occasionally we know so he says I won't go off and on the table my buddies and I usually three days from them. You know anxious and miserable think Jimmy's down there. Plough in some more. Here's a seven anyone taxed I'm not a smoke. But I'm also not a grenade. I can't for the life of me find a date or relationship where people meet people. Dating apps are out for me I get no messages that's from 781 woman. Linda you gotta get out about you don't know about and do things go to a pitcher's game moderates are standard go to a concert dollar golfer. I walked over on the Charles Nelson no sir right nearby commit Charles going to go for jogging with Charles in my bump into somebody that it likes is the same things that you like. Now you can't you can't you can't get a date certain on your couch. That in without using and and now. The people still go to the grocery store to meet again this spouses of the potentials that lake. To position rarely did they they don't offer a market after it wasn't like a big place for people testing on media ashore. And I was in the fifties and non non hostile area and click on the eighties there is still me in the checkout line somewhere I like the letter but it attempt and the supermarkets. Obviously I think yeah you know start. They haven't you know a glass of wine appear. An apartment and you know did take a chance once or twice a week that about. Here's a 774. Attempts. I recently started dating a guy the sexism is in. But he has yet to orgasm. Well he says that he has been he says he's been watching a lot of Warren and sometimes he's just too nervous or just plug someone else's like what do I do. Two and I do it now and that's. After appreciating I don't know why I'm like I mean I don't yeah I mean I I'd get whiskey and right now with Hannity yeah I wished he'd hero in my got irate. I'm 52 and I don't have a friend and hasn't this year and that's. I you know too confusing line that's a weird one man. 617 tax I have a friend who's getting married this summer. And his girlfriend who was sending nude pictures of herself to other guys. Should I say something to him or just let it go six under her. Is say Sumner. When you define a private moment products under in the Barbara you're saying listen what should not enough on what happens with this guy and the dogs in question deals to you know. Unions that going you tell. Epithet and let's see it at 617 tax. My co worker and I always joke around sexually. How to like get him to just take advantage of me already. Yet what you you you you it's good to go for lunch. And talent if you just tell what you want you gotta be by yourself some examples when you wanna grab a burger and and lunch and then say hey listen now for not about it I really want it and have that me. Yeah hazards and he'll hold on a lot of luck in nobody out in the workplace yeah. Just on the go for his and you know if he tries to stand here than you can just an area. Hello I'm Nicole. And wanting it everybody what's what's up Nicole. Well you'd be. Let me tell you gentlemen on Apollo I. Went out and meeting and I met and am I did inner Matt I'm raid there at the end. Everybody air top. Monday night and there it would I'm not at all. Well yeah I gotta tell you something that seems to be an issue because and I'm gonna have to go way back here but on Thursday. I think it was Thursday I got a tweet from a woman who was asking if we could please that are up. And she couldn't find the guy and she was she was beautiful. This year I'm gonna re tweet. Yeah it's I mean so are you are you having a hard time finding a guy as well. Get back how old you. I am in love with me are pretty 46 users now what do you you wanna younger guy older would you. At I hit it I I that the government at a very low dirt track that need an expiration date out of you mean because you're gonna get sick of them when they're gonna I don't know I wish I had our younger and I look. I didn't bite at a much of an age gap. Old. And out there are a lot of undo it why do that I. You go to push out and did like god I just wanna double play. Oh I. Are quite like it just got the ball hard. And it got an outlet the budget problem and you know it. Quite the challenge I'm at you might rant but then the chat apple Google bought it. Open at this weekend and I'm I don't think yeah you'd wanna do you would. Not not Ed about an and I didn't know where god LB kind of chapel air about the situation and it not. That simple. LB I thought happily there is not too cavalierly and I think. About it's about. Being aggressive and making it happen. If you see something alike. Go forward bill Ford it is go for solely a matter of time now. And I and I mean obviously if he can't finding out it's not known I have to go way back to find this woman but I promise you. That idled re tweet tweet and it was fine why can I it is an idea yeah I feel bad for Nicole note that you'd you'd taxpayer well let's and that there is no reason beautiful lady 46 years old probably looks like she's thirty. I'm sure that how to sharpen affair with and a fellow I don't think that's what she wants. And I don't believe that she is looking for I don't have any kids I don't believe that she is looking for that. I. Let's see here. I'm 45 and I recently started online dating had a short one month relationship. And it was the best sex ever is it beyond boundaries to keep in touch. PS I'm also good looking having hard time finding it god if they're either really young or tools. Not well I don't know he should she stay in touch because heterosexual cores when not rather order. You'd been up to keep date anti you know to get did you may have you know would dating is all about. What is there a time heroic trying to. Are just womanizer to a certain little. I think I'll magnifying glass he had a denotes the search box and continue. But I know what's I don't know how to search. You know I really annoyed by Ivan mentioned this yet but it. I got a very nice thing from my birthday from my kids they did on a list of the fifty things that they love about me yes. Which is adorable and Julie did this whole thing about how I'm. Not advanced technologically but I love social networks they're stuck under that I am stuck at a because the whole. Every single night saying they put it doing it yeah ask that your focus I feel like I I feel like I am very tech and what you're not at I guess I I don't. You first and I've seen you try to navigate through menus and settings you're not a I I I'm sorry they are your roster Tweety does not equate with technology proficiency Acer. Really yes I feel like whether it's the the instead grand more than or this now opera. Where does that Twitter that I am well advanced for somebody of my advanced stage that I am I think that's how life anyway. All right so this coming and find this person truly about man asked us today. Of Sulu that man as the art I am Gunner Reid Tweeter. And hopefully we will get a OK there and it yes. And if I'm tweets all retreat after you have you guys wanna reach out to her than you can do.