Inside The Simple Male Mind - Strip Clubs and Men Are To Blame For The Divorce Rate

Monday, December 11th

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lyndon Byers to help you ladies deal with problems the men in your life are causing! This week LB reveals the two causes of the high divorce rate.. Strip clubs and men!


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Hill Man Morning Show on an. I always lines and your special. Day ask. And now and then it's only natural front eliminated girls join us a man ever going to stop going to institute. I don't understand this week peered inside another got to work when I want zoom while. This simple mail mind more who have returns and am an agreed time. Yeah right. And long time now. To go inside the simple mail mind so if your woman. And you're dating a man. Or you're engaged to a man. Or you like a guy. Or year or you're married to a guy and you are confused. A day about the way the very basic. Very Neanderthal. Like brain inside that man's head works you may now. Text any and all questions to LB. And he will allow you a rare glimpse inside the simple mail monitor. You give your name spirit stir in you wanna have an affair with America. It's yes that bit that as well like Twitter that he would like then yes I didn't get that indication from her phone call earlier but maybe maybe you did. I so you can taxed on the tech needs staffing excellence tax line which is 97. 107. That is 970107. And LB will allow you a rare glimpse inside the simple mail mines. I'm here is a 617. Tax. Hands. Let's see here. Met a guy Saturday at the bar and we had. Amazing conversation and a great time hanging out he asked for mine number at the end of the night. And said he was going to tax me when he got home I haven't heard from him since and that was Saturday night right why would he asked for mine now. Murder if he wasn't going to tax me. All patients number one and number two every guy's gonna. What guy doesn't ask for an armor our media has chatted up being hang in you know inevitably Jack tells someone asked for an armored. Just drugs. Why when he doesn't remember your name so he can't find your number and I own habits shall say was aspects. A hole maybe that's maybe it doesn't matter if the guy's ass faced or not matters how many times you meet someone 32 serial like crap what was a person's name maybe that's the no. Do wariness came down wages relax and weighing just relax and you you know again. Your singles he single you're out there he's so prepared me you know right now we are your and you're in the Max. So you think that he also also the source of the calls into each year ago are you sock Keating called me. Yet. Like last week may be no may be wrote the wrong number down or something like that is that a is that again rule is for guys we you know. We talked a lot of crap and never step up that's what we do. Here is a 508. Texts. I am new to tender. What is the Q what is the key to getting someone to swipe on you when it comes to then put a topless beach sharks. Pick your parents. Atmosphere. Via automatic I'm down after. Ol and remove the not looking for a hook up line from your profile. There are other people who were actually on Tinder for Dayton purposes a lot of them on their yeah. I think you know I feel like it's the people that that ruined the hash tag blanks strong thing. Like Boston's strong was a thing and then people are like Ahmed Jan hash tag Boston strong here Tinder used to be. I wanna throw this thing somewhere where the person eminent you to Iraq now it's like you know I know that's how it started but we're taking back and nominees for Dana. Lander used to be all right I don't even care local race. I'll leave the door open now that now Tommy and I am now it's like you're an engagement program. 508 taxed as we go inside the simple mail mind that guy I work with NI. Have been hooking up. In the work. Parking lot for a year now apps awesome and we love you are we constantly get street week constantly flirt at work. But is work getting in the way of us of being dot com. Noelle you or are you not having fun don't run a good thing. I don't yeah I think she wants to be coming out just not just yeah I don't know all of the bills are getting married. I guess we've been together for seven years serving he's awesome I wanna get married in the he had married your divorce and my fourteen month. So she should just leave its rewards they get there you. Embraced that. Here's a seven any one tax to my birthday is New Year's Eve and my boyfriend says he has it all planned out. In his mind what could that possibly mean. First applaud your shots. I'm warming. The guy actually. Actually have something planned way and you've got a room and you're already ruining what it what's it today. Like December 11 its December 11 he already has something planned for you is that not enough where. Chucky cheese uneasy look opera. Whenever an exam a buffet and currently I'm great cheese pizza yeah Indian a fight you're going to his his friend's house party would all of his struggled on your birthday celebration guarantee us. And played split whatever ends up being. At least your guy is already thinking of you. Now that is that's in doubts that sauce. 978. Texts. 45 year old smoke show who is married to a guy who is twenty years older. Things have slowed it down and he works constantly. I'm lonely. And found a female friend with benefits. I'm debating on telling him will he be mad. I doubt there if he's if he's given company our deputy care. In other acute care or obviously intersect Sox and he doesn't like cute disease more he feels like works more important. I mean taciturn at this hearing in Kenya and it caught but. Yeah he but you don't think he'll be mad if she says have foundation and I asked them. As just an issue of Kobe happy. Here's a 774. Attacks have been dating this guy for a few months. But he constantly ignores me when his friends are around even when we are together what does that mean. Personally. I'm confident today it doesn't always happen that a desert that is and that's what guys do there and. Orders. There also are small so I mean the best scene you used for generally doesn't matter. And then he'll come you know you know you know Buick puppy dogs chase Manhattan. Yeah. Let's see here's a 978 tax my fiance didn't do anything from my birthday. Because my birthday was on the night of McGregor Mayweather fight and we had plans to go to his friend's house party. I'm still bitter about that is that bad yet. It is bad to still be better about it and it's it is and that is over the summer that was in July or August I mean get it. And and in. He's your fiance. And yes crazy silly your fiance and positioned coast from there used to each. Over. Not night there right he didn't do anything at all. What does he asked what did dues you wanna. Candidates. Gosh somewhere America. Gap now for another you know I I again that's that some new. You shouldn't being historic. Here's a 774 techs have been dating a guy for a little over a year not sure what to get him for Christmas what does every man want. For Christmas whatever sport favorite sports Siemens is is where teachers Jackie zoo were bruised Jared is where cell projected. There were Red Sox jacket get a doc yet unfortunate units saw him as Smart as you grow and asked faced. Anything's sports related data that is that is a win win it's an automatic where he gets to be away from you know. No pressure them you know don't give my curfew Tommy you've you know me on Saturday afternoon Red Sox game. You know he has afterward Beaubien onto old Monday morning to go to work. And here's a 617 tax I'm asking this from my sister. Her fiance was just caught by a family friend making out with another girl at a bar over the weekend apparently they were all over each other. He claims nothing else happened but no one in the family believes them my sister is to warrant what should she do compound. She should dump them when you. Even though it's. A few Isaiah do you think you think that's the only chick he's Mano with the cost but since what year so that's or she should and it or if her sister obviously didn't. Yeah. You guys your guys darts are sort of happens 50% of the planet is in his divorce for a reason and always because of the guy. This guy strip joints this guy I work with a here's a 603 tax this guy I work with flirt Sudanese so much that everyone in the office says he's in love with me. But when I asked him to go have drinks with me after work he always says know what's his deal. These are knob. Is playing here. And in some religious right is trying to you know he's trying to be dug guy in the office. If you're probably the hottest chick in your office. Any sort or there are many rounds around. But they're already think that you are you dig them. And he's enough for the girlfriend. You know he's not into as the marriage is learning in the office that doesn't it doesn't really mean and in some guys like him and it's just not disguise some please just like the chase. That's about it and wants announcer thrill of the chase in an essay let's go for Jason and my job's done here. We'll see 978 tax this woman is wondering whether she should get upset about the little things. She's been dating a guy for seven years. And there are some little things that bother her like when they pull into a gas station. He runs inside and then he brings. A coffee out only for himself. And doesn't want doesn't ask if she wants anything enough. She is wondering whether or not she should and it base system map. It is record. Is that real yeah dismay at a prayer is not real that's seven. Years years snaps. Am. And you know why you might wanna get a life. Does that his dead and seven. Years. I don't know that yeah like it really yes today. Today you you you just. Jackson held side. To say you've been with a guide for stabbing. Years and it's the little things that bother you got us this whole opening north here in my view you might wanna go to analyze. Let's deal low and get selfish and self and here is caught up well I hit it I get it though. The first year yet. If he keeps on the guest agent coming out with a copy for himself a hole that you people will tomorrow he try to give them the benefit of the doubt and I thought that he dare try to change them you can ask why he's our number six months maybe isn't trigger. A year would be putting up with the seven years if you're beaten. You're beaten down here is 770 happy. 774 attacks and in. Great relationship with a man but at the beginning of our relationship it was hot and heavy couldn't get him away from me and now we are fairly intimate. Why is this. You know what we go through this a lot on Mondays were guys just duster girls on the whole sex thing I did you know I think guys just get Lee easy and then you shouldn't let them get lazy. In a you know we're you know I talk about it with double time there if you're reviewed or have a great sex life. You're darn. I mean I should be me that should be the number Warren. Thing. You know you don't work on it I understand you're you're located Dole's. You know I don't put there are 910 hours in your nauert commute. Each where. We got to find you don't find time he would after. Otherwise. What's life here's a 774 tech's thirty year old female and I just started seeing 821. Year old. What are the chances that he's honest when he says he wants to settle down the minute. That its chances are it's. Minus candy doesn't wanna settle I could live via. All right now quite well when he when he when he says he's gone the he's got to go away to work for the weekend he's in Newport circuit and bang new port 22 year olds from New York are right. That is inside. The simple mail mind.