Inside The Simple Male Mind - The Problem With Texting

Monday, November 20th

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lyndon Byers to help you ladies deal with problems the men in your life are causing!


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Hill Man Morning Show on an. I always lines and yes so that's okay. And now and then it's only natural fraudulent naked girls join us I'm never going to stop going to pass to. I don't understand this week peered inside another got to work one on ones or want. This simple mail mine worker we're going to be surge and am an agreed time. I. Time now. Four LB to allow you a rare glimpse inside these simple mail mind if you are a woman. If you are confused by the way to very basic Neanderthal like brain of any man in your life works you may now text your question to the tech needs. Staffing excellence X line which is 97107. And LB will allow you inside that simple mail mind. Here's a 617 tax. My fiancee told me last night that he has fantasized. About a girl he had a one night stand with in college while we are having sex. I am ups drifts here I am I sat in a rookie I am upset and jealous why would a man do that more. What do you worry about. Yeah I mean now for nothing are you all right oh you've never even when your when your boyfriend's a word cure thousands of work. EU have been pleasure just soften thought somebody else mark everybody else. Talk about that in an opponent like him at that time means she'll look from the from the Netherlands dorm got down public maybe it's gonna be honest. Like I feeling like he's trying to be honest and he said listen I have fantasized about. That Rian though. And and now he's in the he's in the throat that was what they called throw cash cash and now I mean bay. Don't normally do any city is spoken aloud to you was thinking it need to not know he'll ever get a. I yeah I agree I say this all the time it's like Al bull Durham when nukes haven't sucks with. What's her name inch and she's she talked smoke crash and she's like would you rather crash. Beer on the search for me in on tiger about you work would you rather me be Tony how are you looking mentioning crashes and now Aaron here right. Just Putin's don't think it's a personal and amp it's like when your search tribute yet and people are searching imagine somebody else's name. And then people visit your. So are you saying that most the man. Yes are fantasizing. About another woman while they are making love to yield blogger if you guess every time not not. That the the the part you have to wrap your routers it's not the whole time. But at some point during the amazing session. He may have modified Mercedes. Mr. per from Vegas. Here is a 603. Texts my ex boyfriend has now blocked me on every single kind of social media perfect. Is it really that bad. He's your tax would you apparently did they give removal ran a I say this all the Harrington. Ladies. Parent asks for a reason and may get Mimi meet time doesn't mention why she broke up or once they broke now. Now what do you what do you carefully watched you from nothing to people get isn't about that. These are anti social media's real life they're losers. You left them for reasoner you broke up for reasoned and be happy. Or vacation ruled Wilson but ended. It is a 77 I'm runners all there. Here's a 774. Attacks my boyfriend and I've been together for a year and a half now. We talk all the time about our future together I know he's happy and not cheating. But he almost never wants to have sex and why could that be. Because I I don't even get back. If you're to yet every year and her being our Sachs will be wasting it on gas started to do it. She should get rid of let me go to this talk about your future what do you hanging with someone why are you winning it here a year together for your hand out you don't have sex. What are you leaving doing together my. I'm really I'm going to get there it is if this if this test was you know I've been with my guys for 37 years. You know and tired of his wrinkling knots that's one thing about a year and a half. That is so necessary for years and they're going to be all right while we've had sex once a year for the last four years so what do future. Here is. A 71 text a guy I have been seeing for six months. Suddenly wants us to stop using condoms. Why. Because it feels better rides or so and what. I mean is something big is this have a big boy discussion. If you promise you know not sleeve of other people. And then you know off you know go around it's I am saying to him just feels better among them. Certainly warrant is there any worse and getting all excited many after trying grabbed the condom. And get it on before you know and excited. Simply. I'm sure that with the pressures torture and then they staying. It is 617 taxed as we go inside this simple mail mine I have been seeing this guy for three weeks. Spending nights at each others places. Sometimes. He goes 24 hours without responding to a tax public and says it's 'cause he is busy. Is that true. Yes. Some people just on tired some are but I don't act on it it's okay I'm a faster. It doesn't mean he's doing some Darren shared the best thing the innocent just let the pressure of texting go. You know I I don't like. There's nothing worse number one because I have the Fabrice hands on the planet so trying to actually write something. In tax yeah overrated integrated sync for me is Guillermo Agee. On a hobby lobby guys smooch use your advice and they send out will this bill about the blue please. A busy day is 857. Text I slept with a friend who now won't return my taxes. But he likes and looks at all of my social media why. Won't return the tax per but. As he's got a girlfriend and and in no way if you displayed in the sub your friend then he he dig somebody else but still they each year owned until just didn't seem what you're doing and know somebody else your high. Yes I'm here because your time but he is went girlfriend Nina. In an analogue or chase character ever on guys in the fact that. I think your heart. And it's so awesome that we hooked up about a Warner I don't wanna be your boyfriend and I toy to sleep with the performance from now. After a real life under don't and other checks. My husband's ex friend requested him after two poking backed out of being oh yeah it's moving down quickly here. My husband's acts friend requested him after twelve years of no contact that should I be worried he said he would deny it if I was upset about it. I and I again I. Everyone passages where a lot. Talks on the whole social media's thing by itself as the media advocate I think in the social media and people think they can cure the world's problems are known that are say honestly. These are people panicking about us and give us their there's no emotion in social media football. So. You know it into its eyes. Is what's the unabomber was afraid I wasn't exactly in this is what the unabomber was wearing a reliance should not overrated people put a lot of importance on whether somebody who likes them I'm on the social media whether they're looking symptoms go to her when I need the friend request is immediate like pot maybe. That person campus as a suggested friend and they were finally like. You know what it's been twelve years lamb why does our country and I can't as the area. This is Jill on the Framingham forward studio lie what's going on Joseph. I have the quest and learn that the simple mail my guess. That I am really lag and yeah my name had been handed. He wants in that he had a hard time being and wrap around because he was prudent diet prior relationship. Where his ex requested him to. An excuse caddie during actual. And this way and and now he has a hard time. I'm focusing on and. Then being aroused it is less you call him daddy. No heat that got big and I tried that only. And I didn't Gatti and he's actually got up and locked out of them. We're pull. Hook. Well I'm in my wiring on the go see it counselor is that announced that's in February I mean I I don't. I don't wanna bring you to hear but I. The older guy. He. Three your cabinet in the. Three years younger than me. Well than any idea I don't want you there I'm not saying this in a bad way. When I wouldn't waste anymore harm so you guys hollered you've been married. And excellent. Yeah I mean obviously either he's not attracted you here as. ED. Problem which I would have a full. Year you know you're both adults have a discussion I yeah. Yeah no problem like that he. I have an appetite and it doesn't seem like you bet. It is that the same type the you do well then I know what I hear I gotta tell you when I hear appetite and I think of a completely different thing and I thought in a bath you are talking about food. And I'm not happy about. I had and that's been compulsive. Appetite I had he generally healthy appetite. Where I like occasionally relieve stress yeah. And it really difficult. Because. He got. Yeah well it's right now are are you are you the breadwinners did do disease living I think the fact that does it. Are you the breadwinner dizzy living your house Steve Perry moss the bills in is he Milliken. And I wouldn't be making milking it now. I mean I am kind of a control freak in that aspect. I have to be in charge of. They will know my my my my my my point is is and I am trying to be nice of appearances and your idea. From from where I'm standing it seems like he's just he's just using you know. Because. It's affordable. Yeah he he did not all and second. Now I'm. It is like a long distance relationship. And we worked together Ari here. And I wouldn't it aware of that situation and any cell. I think guys are gonna take this that you guys should seek counseling I think this is far too advance of an issue for this. Program and I qualified not now now apartment and I think nothing more than. Yeah I enjoy roll looked at the role that text message a little bit there was one there. 978 taxes we go inside the simple metal mines. My husband. Mentioned inviting a woman that we work width. To join us during sacks. I'm interested in inviting someone yen. But I don't think it should be someone we work width. I think work and private life need to be separate MI over thinking this brawl degree hybrid current. Carol from HR Paula enter your husband the I and then I hit it down. He's do you think no on the work everywhere. Chris why you're just young Deng out possible at all time it's it you know it's a 5050 shot I did you know they're out as the reason problem at three in the threesome is going to be. Good amazing or otherwise it's a train wreck and there. You have the workplace person numerous diesel all the eyeballs this daring the leaves are eyes and. And get time for one more assists 617 taxed I'm going out would they work acquaintance Wednesday for drinks. He suggested it. I am attracted to him but I'm not sure if he thinks it's just work related wrecks are going no. When he hit signing when it's gonna start swapped in spare it would be after her third vodka soda and I guess she's. Thinking that it could be inappropriate if he's just thinking that it's work. And she is you know similar in what people don't hang out if there's a chance you're gonna have sent the data that we hurdle. Now that's enough for John Clements from what I understand this I didn't even complete heads up he wants he he wants you that he wanted. Not a team don't exist there and grab a couple of glasses of warm surveillance of Charles your remote itself. Well that is inside. These simple mail mind here on the Hill Man Morning Show.