Inside The Simple Male Mind - Family Feud

Monday, November 21st

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lyndon Byers to help you ladies deal with problems the men in your life are causing! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Time to go inside the simple mail mind are you ready Lyndon always are right here is the six war and seven tax that I got at the start of the show this morning. Interesting question I guess. I hooked up when they Rendell over the weekend and we got a hotel room. We were both drinking heavily and obviously. So the next morning I woke up. And I had to do number two in the worst way awesome I couldn't wait I had to. What do men think and that type of situation. In a small hotel Rome I was wildly embarrassed. Both know this woman and he never have to be embarrassed. Yeah I don't know onward I guess they don't know each other for right and yet you you just kind of one nightstand I don't but if the guy that guy was a delusion nozzle and gave two hoots. You know what the what he should maybe she likes that if you if you stand up guy. Would allegedly give you to daylight. How about it. And then get back in the rappers so we checked coating so what what's check go to thirty to imported eleven elevenths I mean subject until eleven and then you you have and others have another session we've heard about people women who won't do that for months right in front of our boyfriends like that's probably am comfortable over there and I don't know if I'm comfortable when you when you know somebody when you don't know somebody it's. Now they don't conflict just. Brandon police service you have like awesome hotel room socks on one night stand now being just just do your business and hop back in the rapper and get out. Should've gone down the lobby don't they have I am about to know our guys just should should should not just that I'll be right yes do you fully see usage stats speak salute. She's a set am I gonna go get the newspaper. Could. Is that Paxton says just do what I do turn in the shower on us yet. It doesn't. You know I again now when it's like it's like I'd never understood. Why people think that it's call Mike it's a walk of shame wire you share. Lady you know you don't you you did what you wanted to do you ER you went out yet a couple of cocktails you totally. Had a crush on it on a do or girl. And then it ends up being spectacular because again tonight when you go in our toll did you know this is it's been so awesome hang around you know. You wanna come back to my players are right about your person and the answer is yes. I've seen them as a testament god. The exact same thing happen to me before complete turnoff and I'm a very understanding guy. Randall hook up followed by that no thanks sees a thing easier person equity arm around the other man. All are right. Text your question now is we go inside the simple mail mine if you're a woman and you are confused by anything. I think Manning your life does he mask any and all questions right now LB will answer 401 text my boyfriend of a year and a half. Never wants to go to family or friend events wouldn't of course Thanksgiving is Thursday I'll be alone again down what to give and did. I live at her. I mean tick what I took I I didn't being mean gosh like four years before. I went to Thanksgiving. And then you know the first couple years knows you know I went there and slugged by two Beers and didn't really targeted by Iranian. It's just uncomfortable for the guy got to know our guys are they're just different people that are I don't even do like I I I've talked about this a million times. I don't even do my family my family lives in western Canada. I call. I checked. I don't go back I am you know a lot of guys just aren't people persons. And that I mean and in the afternoon than. Who wants to be a place with people you really. Just getting to know in there asking all the questions and new guy have that Jack and Yang ya get useless conversation. When he and get married when I got its sheer. Irony. Yeah. Let's see here's a 774. Attacks my boyfriend of two years. Barely talks to me if he's not win me. Do you think he's talking to someone else. I don't know what I you or your regular this is what his wife. Only. On what we know some years ago yet I think who early two thousands or whatever what do. I send any attacks in the morning that's it. Mornings from coaches and it's great if he museum OG within just smooch thing right I'd bleak and whenever. And I sent the opium OGT well yeah that's that's it. You know an easy guy during the day I don't I don't cook what we're we're. Call anyway there. 1 o'clock pay. I thought was up his work costume well you know we're throw it we assume we cannot do when it work this afternoon. And what what's your conversation. Here's a seven anyone taxed. Why does my. Or earth certain artists and that will make it was neat but I don't think they'll pop appease the government through some heroic ever get rid of it first thought he'd give me a favor. When he gets there and Freddie you're do you Baird has been saying listen just go ahead and smoke given permission to smile yeah. Certainly here shortly you're torturing yourself or your view of the wanna all. Well you know there is now open and anxiety doubt because he's pretending that he's if fairy doubt you know call mode on and I've never apps you want to quit smoking Sharma. Aren't. Asked my boyfriend to see his phone before out of respect for his privacy but the other day I asked them sluggish on something on this program. I like to search something inside that his most searched Wes is acts. I trust him completely until I saw this guy he immediately took his phone for me and didn't say anything ever since and he hasn't been. On his phone around me anymore. Do you think that he is messaging her on in its program of course it yes the as of yet ideas. As of just the fact. Is the wood it's wants to look in and out of sentimental reasons and see what the don't tax looks like no they're. I've got two ex wives I never have ever wanted to talk remember. I am an edge you know me you know you wait for comment and a I dumped my boyfriend of three years about a month ago. And he still contacts me almost every single day sending me a funny picture as yours and you aren't great so why is he doing now and it gives you the dust such she's. Let's get back there and just chance you know and ill if he breaks up with his new current girlfriend. Maybe he has a shot. Mean. 781 tax I just started seeing a guy. He got locked out of his apartment on our first date when he buzzed his neighbor he referred to me as his girlfriend twice while why. Is it possible he just didn't wanna explain to the neighbor the drain on a first date any disabled friend because why I mean what could well. Maybe didn't need to explain that I act mixes these guys know what if anything yet just how did it go with a sack I would go about it you know that's that's. Yeah or when when like you would why I have to explain aiming to anybody else for. Oh. Nice of any tax my boyfriend and I have been together for two years. I felt like splicing things up. So I asked my best friend to have a threesome now awkward she said she was okay it was hooking up would meet. But not my boy Aaron she said he couldn't watch us. But that was it there do you think he'll go for that or should they find another pearl. Nobody donated first look at gold baton and find another way AM if she shoots the puck to brother bingo in the two fer ya ya Z does she needs. EI NG last year are an awesome girl I guess soul yes. The I didn't you know multiple girls it would do if that would act act. A Ireland. Here's a 617 tax my husband of six years just got upset when I told them that my best friend's husband wanted to flying me out. To see her as a Christmas present he says it makes him feel like I don't appreciate that he would like to take us on a trip because we never had a honeymoon. But it should she be upset but why why did the husband. Why is he said that the best friend's husband is paying for her to go out there does it make him feel inadequate. Does he can't pay for it is that an immoral than it is local pork I mean my first question in view of Tyco case so so papal event created video the threesome well that's how I got. It's the I mean. I would be like and I don't think so that if. We are going inside the simple mail mind. As we do for you ladies every Monday. We are on Thursdays going to go inside the warped female brain and that is when those of you who are male. All get the answers the year questions. Let's see. Is it possible for a guy this is a 603 texts. To have cheated. In all of his past relationships. And to not cheat at all in a future relationship. Or is it and Deirdre I wanted cheated Utley. I don't know exactly yeah. And apply it though is that why Danielle. Not just men. Xena. For everybody finds that there are differences mean and I have fun and then it could be both. Maybe you're the 1%. My 978 text why does my boyfriend of almost four years. Constantly asked me who I am texting I arrived in particular is the worse in security issue and just it just he just enough. The there's there's like what's what's your point. Late age it's been I I talk about the sought power Mondays are my. There is no sense in wasting that might think about how it makes you feel all that the effort that he's wasting. You know just Tom and apply it now. You know if punchy Narnia and she Kanye united you don't know where or children actually act quite. That late in years leader in the on line. 774 attacks I love my wife for a married or fifteen years ago she was a smoke show since then she's gained some way. How to like go about asking her to drop a few pounds while that's a guy that's an accident early that say that thing there are you don't know about it then I didn't let yourself for the very first it's like you do it side by each naked photos of yours yours tomorrow computers. Everyone then I think shall gather. We harness. Yes if you really if you really really lover. They say listen let's go to the gym I want together on out if I want worker with the USC lose weight. And get back to your prime won all five you know five for two hard bounce and today is a final 1 this morning why does my boyfriend never planned a day if we wanna go anywhere it's up to me the plan. He says appointment. Because that was my that's because he doesn't hasn't he doesn't want a plan things I don't believe that's when we elected I'm sorry don't buy what you like to do I try to do whatever I wanted it all right yeah I liked her here are routine. In Iowa so I don't know like going home watching TV and you've got a phone call is as you do your business during the day anything at all what do you want absolutely HBO on Netflix Syria Mario. Watch TV right issue if you'd give Jen never says okay let's go for dinner I'm worried about it's it is what it is it's. All right I'll be thank you very much like you kid that is inside the simple meal.