ICYMI - Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare

Wednesday, February 14th

Laura and Cam drop by to share some behind-the-scenes magic from their live show at Laugh Boston!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. It's Matty and Exxon is nick who has broken my low heart and left me. Go Newsome in New York City I can't really bitch because. I've left him what three times ago my History Channel show and leave the show and do my on camera thing. So like I threw in the self congratulatory one to mr. if I can. Get creative on how you plug stuff jury and speaking of plugging your stuff. But raise awareness. Not to let to our lives are looking for soft button windows live with me now. Are lower and cam from past faced Shakespeare company hello Malcolm little total wow what a reporter rousing. Internal well all right annoying everybody yeah. Thank you so much for being thank you thank you now tell our audience of shower heads what ass faced Shakespeare issues. Well. It is a one hour adaptation of a Shakespeare play. And one of the actors get inebriated before we go out. And the audience that has to guess who it is yeah yeah we did Antalya now much of a guessing. The traffic that they're putting on a good show right right yeah this is so fantastic. So I assume all you all are classically trained Shakespearean actors we are the most part yeah. If you need that base if you're due to you know thirty something and away or have fun with it toyed with it. You gotta know your stuff when it's Harrison at the end of the so someone. Amongst you who during these shows is wasted basically yeah we got that tells you what kind of things happen. When you're doing Shakespeare and someone is wasted I mean obviously thought lines but. There's a lot of com a lot of clothes tend to come off like accidentally woman theaters hot. You know let his panel makers hi we have really comforting knowing heavy dude anything else. A lot of diversions from the scripts as well so. You know last weekend Romeo and Juliet lift. I've got they they didn't die oh yeah I really analyst Robert wants it to go yeah. If the drunk wants to go one way and the other actors in the show that sober ones have to improvise. As best as they canning character and take it where they want it to go so that's. That I mean not being the drug is easy but I always say that the drug is kind of the easy part it's when your sobering like. Oh this is. Delonte yeah. That's phenomenal so become an improper exercise at a certain point oh absolutely absolutely. I mean as being more of 150% of this of the now does it depend on the cast member. How you get them drunk. If oh yeah it is a regimented they like every time it makes it Beers or whatever it dealer's choice yet you can drink what you want hydrogen. And I tell ya I used to do that yeah and now I do think there red wine with how do you guys have trouble on the tax line ninety's and won a seven Romeo and Juliette thanks this boiler. We actually did have the lineup I'm a couple weekends ago. Rovio diet and a guy in the audience very genuinely said. Heat to high schools caught you looking at lives it was really it was really great outlet and a gas sorry. Text line well and it's funny how what are you guys ever get I did this movie couple years ago called hits those strict about Dave across and one of the characters in those played by Derek waters. Who does drunk history yeah step and I wonder you guys that are crossed paths with him or any of those people of approached you guys because it's very similar in away. It it it is and it's funny because we we talk about that all the time but what would happen if both of our worlds collided again we would love to do that but we have had snow and we will we've done over the UK we've done this thing called asp based shorts and they assume we do you like this somebody rules that lets big leather chair. Go to violence. Vodka for half an hour and then basically had to recount the story with a full plot is enough of a story and I sort of drug. Drunk history style will acted out in like a soundly on onstage with a post up so similar to that yet on YouTube. They didn't pick up their and speaking of it being Valentine's Day yes and the aforementioned. Romeo and Juliet wooden you guys do Romeo and Juliet act. One of nick and I's favorite places in the city. Left Boston and that's yes it on Sunday nights Sunday night's laughed Boston Romeo and Juliette US faced Shakespeare yes that sounds like a blast it's a pretty good time as soon as. The tax Arsenault has anyone ever thrown out during the performance. Great question quick question great question would request and I would I would agree on a medical records yeah Kattengell can't. What it limits which at times. Don't we get we have a we prepare for that that is that's not on our radar when and we've got any. We Canada and implement that we use to ensure that that well I don't know. If food is typical it is you know it's better than instruments right. If we get a bucket. Yeah yeah there's there's someone in the audience a lucky on customers' test how it is how do you choose. Who is the drunk person amongst ourselves. Well that's not disclaimers we know ahead of time each you know right I mean I was I was gonna say it was a dead polling fans don't have that you what you. 21 told the truth yet I am that you guys is is it a random draw or do you likes to avoid some getting two weeks in a row how do you handle. Got so their there's a rotations that you don't have to drink you know. Three weekends and around an honest you know I mean there's a lot of preparation that goes into it to you wanna make sure you're eating and sleeping and drinking tons of water and like I you don't have to open a coffee shop at 6 AM the next. And just how drunk do you Gatling. He drew remorse so quickly as soon. You it's like half a bottle in Tianjin and allow. Because it wouldn't be there be no danger too if you wanted to raise my right ankle yeah that was when we put you guys yes. Little behind the scenes here by and we didn't realize nick nick yes devising New York City and it didn't come up to last minute our original plan was we had six lake. Eight point five IPA's in the kitchen easy and nick and I gonna go in the kitchen and not tell anyone including standard but who is gonna drink them on these and heroic under sixty residency the oddest aghast and assume that it would have got a they would probably say it was either me or camp right in your. Both of them that text Scion also wants in on the seventh some Fortier duty shows a near Worcester. Sometimes we take it on the road yeah we do those are tougher because and unity to bring the whole production with a special have done shows in Providence. We did a Pittsburgh home show and we didn't Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh room photos who have and it's amazing mental eight drunk people. Let it not that we were all drunk. Horrible drunk people driving in a minivan and I know it's just he's Friday night. Ask the S faced Shakespeare goes see these guys what a fun thing on next show taming of the shrew yes yeah yep taming of the shrew and plays at the Rockwell in Davis Square. I'm all right on Friday and Saturday night so Somerville yet on Friday Saturday and and then if you wanted to see him laugh Boston Romeo and Juliette. You guys know that Boston Boston did go to social you nugget tickets. And goes he Laura cam and the rest of the S face Shakespeare. Cast it's a blast and you guys have really grown and it's exciting doing this in the city we love that nick and I'll be issued by pro issue across the middle guest spot don't know that and if Democrats on. To get guys they've kind of out of last thank you yeah.